~ The Song of Letters


Njerzt q’i i përkulen zotnave t’përbâshkt, i bashkon i njejti rreth.

People who prostrate to the common statues, are gathered by the common circle.

Trust focuses the energy.

If you want change, bring some coins.

If you want the changeless, forget the wage.

N’Kosôv nuk ka papunsî. N’Kosôv ka papuntorsî.

In Kosova there is no joblessness. Only worklessness.

Mos e anko hâpin e têt nëse shtat hâpat e pâr i ke ndërmârr vet.

Do not complain the eighth step if the first seven you have taken yourself.

Disiluzionimi osht filtrimi i shqisave.

Disillusionment is filtering of the senses.

Sferat shoqnôre jon placenta t’padukshme për zhvillimin e individit deri n’rilindje.

Social spheres are invisible placentas for the development of individual until renaissance.

Komplekset jon vêgzat e koftlargit.

Complexes are devil’s hooks.

Gryksîja osht tregues i zemërmgushtsîs.

Greediness is a pointer of stinginess.

Konformisti osht sirovîn e ripaketûme.

Conformist is a repackaged hogwash.

Nji gjâ osht e sigûrt: Konformisti hin n’kofer.

Tani kush e bân, ai mos t’kân.

One thing is sure: Conformist enters the suitcase.

Then he should not buffle for being a duffle.

Sa ma i mangët njeri, aq ma iftijâq për pozît shoqnôre.

The more lacking the man, the more needy for social position.

N’kët vend budâll nuk ka.20170419_104725

Veç t’tîll q’i i konvenon poshtërsija.

There are no fools in this place.

Only those who comfort in wickedness.

Shkolla osht vend ku krêhen komplekset.

School is a place where complexes are combed.

Music has a purpose: To touch and awaken humanity.

That’s why true musicians are rare.

Instrument is the best mirror of your personality.

Musicians who cannot talk thru the instrument, try to compensate it with their mouth.

Ma leht blehet e shitet ai q’i e ka valût ideologjîn, se sa ai q’i e ka valût paren.

It’s easier to buy and sell him whose currency is ideology than the one whose currency is money.

Commentator is a weak spectator.

Spectator is a passive actor.

Actor is an interpreter.

And those who Experience are none of the above.

Because they – are.

Sferat shoqnôre jon kushinetat e injorancës.

Social spheres are the rolling joints of ignorance.

Shoqnija osht njerka e qenjes.

Prandaj ata q’i lypin pozita shoqnôre, kan mangsî burimore.

Society is the stepmother of being.

That’s why those who seek positions in society, have essential lackings.

Njerzt e korrumptûm e kqyrin sistemin si katapult ngritjeje, po n’fakt osht kunxh me kaktus zbritjeje.

Corrumpt people see the system as a catapult of ascending, while in fact is dildo cactus of descending.

Servili osht skllav i profilizûm.

Servile is a profiled slave.

Army is not made to protect the population, but rather the vice versa.

Nji çast i njerit t’lîr osht sa dhêt jêtna t’robit.

A moment of a free man is as ten lives of a slave.

Kur t’ngrît njeri, t’zhdryp terri.

Kur t’ngrît Pérenija, t’mân ditunija.

Whoever said “the sky is the limit” knew about the flat earth.

Fools cannot listen. Ignorants do not listen.

Kriza e identitetit s’un shnoshet me forma.

Identity crisis cannot be healed with forms.

Sistemi shkollôr osht karavan i gât i dêveve, me t’vetmen zgjedhje:

- Nji gûng, a dy gunga?

Educational system is a long caravan of camels, with the only choice:

- One hump, or two humps?

E parândsishme nuk osht e pavlefshme.

Unimportant is not without value.

Albanian BaSs BaLlad: https://t.co/Dcd6mN3xJ1

Rrethi osht shuma e papastërtive edhe interferencave shoqnôre, t’cilat e pengôjn sinjalin hyjnôr.

Circle is the sum of social impurities and interferences, which block the divine signal.

Institucionet jon kafaze ku viktimat edhe s’dôjn me qëndrû, edhe tuten m’i lshû.

Institutions are cages where the victims besides not wanting to stay, are afraid to let them go too.

Librat jon mbresat e eksperiencës.

Books are the impression of experience.

Muzika osht eksperienca e dorës t’pâr.

Music is the first-hand experience.

Gara për fôrm osht përher qorr-sokak. E njerzt q’i mbledhen aty jon penda e injorancës.

Race towards form is always a dead-end. And people who gather there are the dam of ignorance.

N’émên t’mirës mshefen tana t’kqijat.

In the name of goodness, all the worst are hidden.

Intellectuals ride the bike with helping wheels.

Emotional people ride the bike without them.

Spiritual people don’t ride. They fly.

Education is nurturing the wings to grow, training them to endure, and flying to get more educated.

It goes without saying that the toughest thing to do is to think with your own head.

It’s pathetic when a circular person talks about justice and solution.

The only reason why corrumpt systems thrive is because the majority are corrumpt.

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I menqëm s’osht interesant.

I ûrt, osht interesant.

I menqëm mundet m’u bo secili.

I ûrt, s’mundet m’u bo secili.

Smart is not interesting.

Wise, is interesting.

Anyone can be smart.

Anyone cannot be wise.

Video BaSs Instrumental: Is there water in those springs? https://t.co/RmzCGKg67J

Vepra osht hija e qenjes tonde.

Kallzom çka ke bo, t’kallzoj kush je.

Your deed is the shadow of your being.

Tell me what you’ve done, I show you who you are.

In my mind is whatever is in my heart.

Parasupozimi i çdo sistemi jonjerzôr osht – çmendija.

Presupposition of every nonhuman system is – insanity.

Critical thinking is an attempt to compensate the ability of observation.

Nuk osht “Mos me kôn budâllt, t’ménçimit s’un jetôn”, po mos me kôn budâllt, t’ménçmit e kishin pâ q’i vet jon t’tîll.

It’s not “If there weren’t fools, the smart would not live”, but rather if there weren’t fools, the smart would see that they are that way.

Instead of going in circles, go in one line, and penetrate each circle as a needle.

Mréna rrâthve jon njerzt q’i kan lînd. Jasht rrâthve, njerzt q’i kan rilînd.

Inside circles are the people who are born. Outside circles, the reborn.

Listen to those who do not seek your trust.

Trust is the currency of the untrustworthy.

8:22 The worst creatures with God are the deaf and dumb who do not comprehend.

4 Rregullat e Suksesit Absolut:

1. Leje interesin anash.

2. Takoji njerzt veç kur s’bon hiç pa i takû.

3. Kontakto me njerz veç kur s’bon hiç pa i kontaktû.

4. Mos puno veç kur s’bon hiç pa punû.

4 Rules of Absolute Success:

1. Set your agenda/interest aside.

2. Meet people only when it’s a must meeting them.

3. Contact people only when it’s a must contacting them.

4. Don’t work only when it’s a must not working.

Shoqnija osht maska ma e dobt e individit.

Society is the individual’s weakest mask.

The difference between opinion and observation is like the thorn and the flower.

Talk through your deed, and we can have a chat indeed.

BaSs Video: Papa Was a Rolling Stone. https://t.co/z6j9Ds4jea

Eksperienca osht kuptimi.

Experience is the meaning.

Njeri i paditun osht përher i kompleksûm.

Ignorant is always full of complexes.

Pûnt 7 – 17 jon për njerz jokreativ.

Atyne edhe me iu dhôn pushim t’përjetshëm, s’dîjn çka me bo me to.

7 to 17 jobs are for non-creative people.

To them even if eternal holiday is given, don’t know what to do with it.

Democracy is a fancy name for regime change.

Fretless Video: The Storm of My Love. https://t.co/1Y1Ga3s93V

N’vend se me luftû sistemin, pastroje vetën prej sistemit.

Instead of fighting the system, clean yourself from the system.

Ideollogjija osht idhujtarija ma perfide.

Ideology is the most perfidious idolatry.

Kapitalizmi osht sistem ku njeri duhet me ngâ për m’u barazû me gjôjën.

Capitalism is a system when the man has to run in order to get equal with the cattle.

Personal programming is something that appears normal to you, but it isn’t.

You can be either static or, ecstatic.

Every problem is some kind of violation of the first commandment.

Elaborati osht laborator konceptual.

Elaboration is a conceptual laboratory.

Demokracija osht konglamerat i sistemeve t’korrumptûme.

Democracy is a conglomerate of corrumpt systems.

Artisti vlên aq sa mesazhi q’i e përçon.

Artist is worth the message he transfers.

Bindjen e thêll zavendsoje me observim t’pastër.

Replace deep conviction with pure observation.

Lavdu kôft Perenija. Nji Dashni, Ditunija.


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~ Bubbles of Society


The Divine Presence is Only for those Chosen by the Lord for it.

That’s why those who are not meant, cannot comprehend.

It’s like trying to explain orgasm to people before puberty.

The difference is that eventually all pass through it, while those who are not meant for the Divine Presence, NEVER get it.

They remain as the game snake in the old “Nokia” phone: Spinning within the walls of limitation.

And the best they can do in life is……poor imitation.

When people learn to swim in the mud is not a problem. The problem is when they live for that kind of swim.

Nuk osht problemi kur njerzt msohen me notû n’flliqnî. Problemi osht kur jetôjn për at not.

Freedom doesn’t hurt. Slavery hurts when touched by Freedom.

the Two Greatest Idols in Life are Religion and State…….then the School follows with smaller ones.

The more limitations, the more imitations.

Chocolate Mountain melts from the fire of Joy.

Try some Honesty and get some Mastery.

Only the bees of knowledge find the pollen of Wisdom.

The first mistake most people make is by thinking that Religion is Scriptures. In fact, Religion is Anything BUT the Scriptures.

Nearness of Sky depends on the Plainness of Earth.

Honesty Works Miracles.

People are layers of impurities covered with a good mask.

Once the process of being true starts, you’ll have to be patient for all the farts.

What you’ll find is what you wish people didn’t know.

That’s what unconsciously makes you bow.

No one pays you to be true. But, everyone pays you to remain false.

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Each should plow the own land, so that the Earth becomes beautiful again.

Bubbles of Society are fragile as Soap, for People with Hearts as Stone.ChCQxpPWIAAcc-u

Capitalism Never works. It – Seems – like it does.

Imagine what would be to imagine imagination.

What’s your favorite school Subject?

- The one without any Object in it!

Everybody wants Change, but few want the Changeless, who brings all the Change effortessly.

Working quality is the best pointer of human dignity.

Kualiteti i punës osht treguesi ma i mîr i dinjitetit t’njerit.

BaSs Alone: Une Ty Moj / Always loved you: https://t.co/gHWm5cjI3C

People less than Straight, have sinusoidal fate.

NEW Video ~ Uniting Scriptures, Uniting People: https://t.co/zHwkIqotVV

Stay Beyond the Context and you’ll find the right text.

God Willing.

Public Media are the Criminals of the Senses.

Drejtsija pa bole osht kotsî.

Justice without balls is vainness.

Reality is bitter…….for the bitter.

Sweet, for the tasteful.

Jewish people cannot uphold just Torah, let alone combined with Koran.

BaSs: ~ Mikeshës / To a Friend … https://t.co/N9olwGGbW4

Vendim-marrja e mîr vjen mas vendim-dorzimit t’mîr.

Good decision-making comes after the good-decision surrendering.

Ma mîr nji ego e lëndûme, se plot gjenerata t’paedukûme.

Better a hurt ego, than many uneducated generations.

NEW Video ~ The Model of Functional Society (c)  https://t.co/xisHlX7Eps

The greatest Catastrophe of Matrix is the illusion of working.

Change the soil of the tree, where it grows free.

In the humiliated societies, the question – Who are you working for? – doesn’t exist.

Only the poor: Are you in working – sunk – relation-ship?

Revolucioni osht atrakcioni i pubertetlîve t’vonûm.

Kqyrne natyrën: A zhvillohet najhere me revolucion?

A ka far kuptimi revolucioni n’natýr?

Aty merrni shembëlltýr.

Revolution is the hope-remedy for those in late puberty.

Look at the nature: Does it ever develop by revolution?

Does revolution even make sense in the nature?

Revolucioni osht m’i mshu plages grusht me ymyt q’i sherohet.

Revolution is hitting the plague with punch, hoping it will get healed.

Leximi ngacmon ndërgjegje, për me gjêt përgjegje.

Reading teases the unconscious, to become conscious.

Koha osht shâns me arsyetû hapsînën.

Time is a chance to deserve the space.

There is No Evolution nor Revolution. Only re-Turn to Genesis.

NEW Video ~ The Solution ~ Liberation of Population: https://t.co/QRE4wcEOaM

Problems do Not exist, if you in your own original way persist.

Problems do Not persist, if you in Your Original way Exist.

Greed is the soul-lessness of Capitalism.

The more idols, the less power.

Jewish community puts 2 things before the Lord: Money and the Own Circle.

The more wicked, the more diplomatic.

What’s considered a successful case in the Non-human systems, is a humiliated case in the Divine One.

There’s no need to fight the system. It’s enough to stop its feed, and it starves itself to death.

If a damn computer can be reset, why can’t a human be?

Brain is the instrument of the heart.

Pyramidal systems give to their slaves the illusion that they are earning the money honestly, while their source is totally dishonest.

Can a river have a drinkable water if its source is black-water?

Sistemet piramidale, ia japin iluzionin robve t’vet q’i paren jon t’u e fitu ndershëm, derisa burimin e kan t’pandershëm.

A mundet lumi me kôn i pijshëm derisa burimi osht kanalizim?

State is the People’s main enemy. And as long as the People are not its absolute emperor, the State shall be their slave-owner.

Shteti osht armiku kryesôr i popullit. Edhe përderisa populli nuk osht sundues absolut i tij, shteti ka me kôn skllavo-pronâr i tij.

The true knowledgeable are those who can express themselves artistically.

T’dîtunit e t’ndrîtunit e vërtêt jon ata q’i mûjn m’u shprêh n’nivel artistik.

If you want to know what a fucked-up, massive scale manipulation is, look at America.

To see the same manipulation in miniature, have a look at Kosova.

No matter the name, the servants of inhuman systems always end up as a heavily used menstrual pad.

Police and Army, are public Mercenaries.

Njiher mut sistemi, përher mut sistemi.

Once system’s shit, always shit of system.

State is a quarantine of Society.

And the source of sickness at the same time.

To set yourself free from the east and the west simultaneously, take a globe, and as you make it spin, pee on it.

Thus you do yourself a manifold favor.

The lesser time you have, the less human you become.

Freedom is the absence of mind statues.

State is the sum of Statues of a place. And that defines its Status.

See the idol?

Status = Statues = State.

No wonder slave servants are first class idolaters.

They salivate before the bell rings.

Shteti osht paraziti i vetëm i nji shoqnije.

State is the only parasite of society.

Religion is what’s left from the truth.

School is what’s left of the wisdom.

State is what’s left from liberty.

Just keep going – Leftover Society.

Skenderbeu nuk o kôn hero Nacional. Ai o kôn hero Univerzal.

Scanderbeg wasn’t a National hero. He was a Universal One.

Musical Theme: Skenderbeu / Scanderbeghttps://t.co/ptD1jtUTdG

Senses are interesting things: When you focus at their end, they’re not yours. When you focus at their beginning, they are.

There has not been a bigger experimental lab than America, last 200 years. Hence the diversity…..and the ever diminishing liberty.

Capitalism is the source of abnormal family units.

The bigger the circle of society, the dumber.

Any modern society consists of the majority of fooled, and a few wise wo/men.

State is the biggest circle of society………..and the dumbest.

The truth is always right in front of you. And that’s its main paradox. You are hidden from it.

State authority is like those families who impose titles upon small children for the elder ones.

“Call him uncle, abey, bac,…” only to later see now how much full of bs they and you were together.

Religious people like to talk about God, but God rarely talks through them.

Idolatry is the answer.

Your deed uncovers the best how far or near to God you are.

When you realize that there’s no authority other than the Source of All Intelligence, then you’re free from all stupidity.

Praise be to God. The Lord of the worlds.


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The Meaning of the Word – Religion.


If you check the etymology, you see its arrival to the latin:

Religare – to bind.

In fact, the deepness of that word goes further on:


In the old Albanian it means:

Re = New.

Ligj = Law.

On = Our.

So, from - Re-ligi-on - we get:


Our-New-Law = Re-ligi-on

So, the real meaning of the word Religion is:

Our New Law.

Praise be to God who removes each flaw.



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~ Hije Drite e Hyje Nate


Shfrytzimi osht frytzimi shterp.

Prandaj sh-frytzimi.

Prân – Vera.

Vera – Vena.

Vjeshta – Vneshta.

Dimni – Dîm-Nji.

Culture is the human rapture in the environment.

Te Mjeshtrit e nîn Mjeshtrîn. Te Kryemjeshtrit, Perendîn.

E vërteta s’do ân. Ajo osht e paanshme e e drêjt.

Komplementimi e bon kompletimin.

Perendija osht momenti i përjetshëm………………edhe përjetsija e momentit.

Veç njerzija komplete e mundson përgjigjen e duhun ndaj çdo rrethane jokomplete.

Kur t’ki pûn me koftlargj duhesh me kôn engjull. Perndyshe e han!

You can find no worse combination of existence than smart and wicked.

Njeri nuk osht për punën q’i e ngarkon, po për punën q’i e lehton.

Cila pûn t’lehton?

- Qajo t’bleton e t’blerton si fusha me plot lule t’mushta me polenin e

I bekûm osht njeri q’i osht nûr i Perendîs.

Për ngarkesa jon shtâzt.

Pendesa osht rruga pa lakesa e shlirimit nga ngarkesa.

Lshoje ngarkimin e përjetoje shlirimin.

Barra osht veç për shtatzana.

E mashkulli me bârr osht shtatzân pa bârr!

As s’mundet me livrît as me kry pûn.

Si lumi me shtrat e pa shtat!

Shtât jon ditt e javës qysh Perendija i ka krijû.

6 me punû e 1 me pushû.

Ato me respektu.

Bashk me 9 komandat tjera q’i Ai I ka urdhnû.

Zoti kôft livdu.

Koha matet me hôn e me dîll.

E kur t’a ke kuptu trajektoren e ekzistencës tonde,

Mô s’ka kôh.

Sepse ajo i ka çêl kufîjt e hapsinës.

Shteti e pushteti osht diferencim prej pubertetlîve t’mendumit.

A pendla a korbi?


Plllumbi i lirîs e skyfteri I Perendîs.

Kur vetja nuk doket, çdo gja leht rroket.

Kur vetja t’doket, prej çdo gjaje leht rroket.

N’nivelin terciar pytja nuk osht – Kush po na vjen?

Po, kush po i pret ata q’i po vîjn?!

Ja fôl për vepër, ja fôl me vepër.

Straight line is a complement to any circle.

There’s no choice but God of all choice.

Kur t’a ke shijû burimin e ditunîs, mô nuk lahesh n’buxhilla t’injorancës.

Mjeshtrija e momentit osht momenti I mjeshtrîs.

Lavdu kôft Zoti. Burimi i ditunîs.



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~ Penda e Pendûme


Penda e pendûme osht kang e paknûme.

Njeri i pendës osht zog pa pendla.

Penda e njerit osht syni i skyfterit.

Pendimi osht vendi ku vjen pastër mendimi.

Ai osht frymimi, i Perendîs frymzîmi.

Lavdu kôft Ai q’i e bjen ngjyrën, pendën e parmendën.

Veç kur tjêrt nuk përmenden.

E Ai jeton, e nëpër male ditunije kânga e Tij Jehon.

I ditun osht njeri q’i për Te jeton.

Ai vet’ton e nuk murmuron.

As bubullon.

Nji fjâl e tij – nji Ton.

Sepse për Zotin punon.



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~ Who do you serve? (2)


…only You we serve, only You we seek for help.

Service is the act of doing in function of something or someone.

Basically, mathematically is f(X).

I have rarely known anyone who serves the Lord, only, and nothing else besides Him.

The reasons are the clustered circular systems of any society. All these work mainly in the function of money and/or ideology.

One system at work, one system at home, another one in town, yet another in religion, and of course whole another in school. If we count, 5 systems so far.

The question is which one is true?

And more importantly, which of them is designed to serve the Lord, only?!

The answer is – none of the above.

It’s very easy to read the latest testament which confirms the word of the previous ones:

-          Serve only the Lord and do not serve anything beside Him.

-          only You we serve, only You we seek for help.

One way to find the failure of the system you find yourself caught in, is to ask: Who receives the final credit and merit for all the work being done in the “lower” parts of the system?

In whose hands is the control of that system?

Can any human influence it so it ceases to exist?

Can any human change it according to his will?

One thing is for sure, you can get old searching before you find someone who serves the Lord, alone and only.

At best, the 5 abovementioned systems may have isolated values which are in harmony with the word of God, but the problem with an isolated value is like the lamb which loses the mother sheep. It will suckle just about any tit along the way.

And so do the people who are trapped in the exampled systems.

Most work for money, but not for the source of all wealth.

Most work long working hours and short productivity.

Most lack any creativity and elixir for the own soul, hence become as robots. Run to show at work in time, and get out drained and not having done anything that makes the own soul sing and the own life worthy.


Which is the solution?

-          As with any problem, it begins with a prayer, said in many ways and more than dozens of times:

 My Lord, whoever and whatever I am serving besides You, please forgive me, thank you.

You have a body, and what keeps it alive. Only what keeps your body alive can bring aliveness to you. And that’s what matter, feeling complete and living fully as you are meant to.

Only God can do it for you, given that you let go everything that you are serving besides Him. The second part of the previous sentence is where your weakness is and your limits are built.

Once the antenna of mind tuned to the source of all knowledge, the heart will receive the guide what to do next. But before next moment comes, the now is present for you, and you are a present from the One who gives this moment to you.

Use it wisely and set yourself free.

Praise be to God. The source of Liberty.

f(Infinite) = Zero Limit.



P.S. God, Only You we serve, Only You we seek for help.

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~ Seaside wisdom / Urtsî përskej detit


Nese politika nuk i çon dûrt pi edukimit, Kosova kurr nuk ka m’i çû dûrt pi dështimit.

Nese edukimi shlirohet prej politikes, muzika kthehet n’shkollën e muzikës.

If politics doesn’t let go education, Kosovo will never let go devastation.

If education is set free from politics, the music comes back to the school of music.

Life becomes expensive…….only for the cheap.

Jeta osht shpenzim, për njerz q’i shiten lirë.

Do everything, always, from God, thru God, for God.

Nderi ma i madh q’i mundesh me ia bo vetes edhe botës osht, me kujtû Zotin e botnave.

The greatest virtue you can do to yourself and the world is to, remember the Lord.

Format jon hija e esencës.

Forms are the shadow of essence.

Jeta osht shum e shkûrt për m’i dît krejt, e shum e gât për me msû krejt çka duhet.

Life is too short to know everything, and too long to learn everything one needs.

Psalm is the heart’s balsam.

Education is when the letters sing the song of knowledge.

Nëse s’je pasqŷr Perendije, përfundon si drrâs e kalbt njerzije.

E si mut i kelbt shoqnije.

If you are not a mirror of Divinity, you become a rotten board of humanity.

And a stinking shit of society.

I vetmi status i vlefshëm n’shoqnî osht, njerzija.

Lavdû kôft Perendija.

The only valuable status in society is, humanity.

Praise be to All-Mighty.

Jeta nuk osht lûft, po lufta osht pjês e vlefshme e jetës, sepse përmes saj e mson nji pjês t’vërtetës.

Life is no battle, but battle is a valuable part of life, since thru it a part of truth is learned.

Kontekstet jon puzzle-i i Realitetit.

Situatat jon gjuha e Tij.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendi.

Contexts are the puzzle of Reality.

Situations are the language of All-Mighty.

Praise be to Divinity.

Me çfar vshtirsije hjek nâna për me nxjêrr fmîn prej placentës t’dashnîs, e me çfar lehtsije shkollimi e rikthen at fmî n’placentën e paditunîs.

Veglaria pa tôk s’ka kuptim.

Lavdû kôft Zoti, i vemi pshtim.

What hardship a mother goes through to deliver the infant from the placenta of love, and with what easiness the schooling returns the kid back to the placenta of ignorance.

Sa ma i cekt osht njeri, qaq ma shum e rrokin vâlt e injorancës.

The shallower the person, the more gets hit by the waves of ignorance.

True value is self-protective.

Vlera e vërtêt, vet-mbrohet.

Sincerity is the breath of action.

Njerzt i blêjn hallucinacionet e veta.

People buy thee own hallucinations.

Ekonomija osht sipërfaqja e mîrqenjes t’nji vendi.

Economy is the surface of a place’s wellbeing.

Prezenca e Perendîs osht jeta. Tjerat jon veç pengesa.

The Presence of God is life. The rest are only interferences.

Rastsît jon qëllimet e jetës.

Coincidences are the intentions of life.

True worthiness is that which endures without the circle of society.

Circle is the circus of life.

Presioni osht norma e sistemeve t’korrumptûme.

Politika osht poshtërsî e legalizûme.

Pressure is the norm of corrumpted systems.

Politics is a legalized wickedness.

The secret to a great tone, is a great soul.

Derisa konteksti e dikton sistemin, ai sistem osht jonjerzôr.

E aq ma pak burimôr.

As long as the context dictates the system, that system is inhuman.

And even less sourceful.

But, unfortunately very forceful.

Kusuret t’njekin n’lloj-lloj forma, po ma s’shpeshti n’formën njerzore.

The sins follow in many forms, but the most in the form of humans.

Shkollimi osht sistem i vlerave t’devalvûme.

Schooling is a system of devalued values.

Edukimi qenjësôr osht kuptimi i edukimit formal.

Essential education is the meaning of formal education.

Mîrsija osht e pavarun prej kombsîs.

Goodness is independent from nationality.

Respekti ma i madh q’i mundesh me ia bo njerit osht mos me ia respektû budallakîn.

The greatest respect that you can show to someone is not to respect his stupidity.

Drejtohu, q’i me kuptû drejt.

Straighten up, to stand and understand straight.

Absolute justice doesn’t know relative connections.

Nëse nuk rrnon, dije q’i ke dêk.

Nëse nuk des, dije q’i nuk ke rrnû.

Perendija kôft livdu.

If you don’t live, know that you are dead.

If you don’t die, know that you haven lived.

Praise be to the Lord of both.

Robi e don robnîn, e i liri e don lirîn.

Slave wants slavery, the free loves liberty.

People do not have problems to get convinced, they have problems to get conceived.

Njeri osht i edukûm, kur t’ia nîs zemra m’i kuptûm.

A person is educated when his heart is understanding.

Perparimi matet me jo sa ka grumbullu material njeri n’kohën e tij, po sa osht thellû n’shpyrtin e tij.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendi.

One’s progress is measured not with the accumulated material of his time, but how much has he deepened his soul.

Vepra e vërtêt nuk matet derisa osht njeri gjâll, po sa zgât ajo masi vepruesi t’des.

True deed is not measured while the person is alive, but how much it lasts after the doer dies.

Muzikantat kur t’bôjn muzîk, jon t’u e lyp Prezencën e Zotit, për me bo muzikën q’i i knaq.

Musicians when they play music are searching for the Presence of God, so they may thoroughly enjoy the music they’re doing.

Zoti jem. Mjeshtri e mjeshtrija jem. Perendija jem.

My God. My Master and Mastery. My All-Mighty.

Paqe, Peace,

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~ True words indeed / Llafe se jo mahî


Shija ndaj jetës hapet krahas frymimit t’vërtetës.

Taste of life opens along breathing of truth.

Nji bashkpunim osht i suksesshëm, veç kur lirija osht baza e atij bashkpunimi.

Only when freedom is the basis, a co-operation is successful.

Mjeshtrija ndaj momentit osht mjeshtrija e jetës.

Mastery towards the moment is mastery of life.

Kauza për ngjÿr, t’a ngjyrôs kauzën.

The cause for color, colors the cause.

Drejtsija ose osht absolute, ose nuk osht drejtsî.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendî.

Straightness is either absolute or is no straightness at all.

Praise be to the Lord of all.

Jeta osht veç qëky moment. E kalûmja osht aranzhim i kujtimeve. E ardhmja, aranzhim i Perendîs.

Lavdû kôft Zoti. Mjeshtri i ditunîs.

Life is only this moment. The past is an arrangement of memories. The future, arrangement of the Lord of all record.

Pytja q’i e shtron t’a kallzon kallëpin q’i e beson.

The question you raise shows the couch you lie upon.

Njeri i cili vlerën ma t’nâlt e ka kufî, ai nuk njeh Perendî.

Lavdû kôft Zoti, pafundsî.

Man whose highest value is a limit, knows no Infinite.

Praised be the All-Mighty.

Materialja osht sipërfaqja e shpyrtnores.

The material is the surface of the spiritual.

Kur t’vdissh njiher, krejt çka mbetet osht veç jeta.

Lavdû kôft Zoti. E vërteta.

When you die once, all that remains is the real life.

Praise be to the Real.

I vetmi tregues i mjeshtrîs osht lehtsija.

Lavdû kôft Perendija.

The only pointer of mastery is the easiness.

Praised be the Lord of smartness.

Sistemi i cili funksionon veç n’fôrm t’izolûme, quhet laborator.

The system that works only in an isolated fashion is called, laboratory.

Vlera e izolume osht valuta e njerit përmes t’cilës ai shitet edhe blehet.

The isolated value is the currency of man through which he is sold and bought.

But no light with him is brought.

Qysh osht materialja sipërfaqja e pasunîs, qashtu intelekti osht sipërfaqja e ditunîs.

I bekûm osht njeri q’i osht nûr i Perendîs.

As the material is the surface of wealth, so the intellect is the surface of wisdom.

Blessed is the man of freedom.

Çkado q’i nuk t’len me kujtû Perendîn, osht problemi yt.

Çkado q’i t’bon me kujtû Perendîn, osht zgjidhja jote.

Lavdû kôft Zoti i çdo bote.

Whatever prevents you from remembering the Lord, is your problem.

Whatever makes you remember the Lord, is your solution.

Praise be to the Lord of both.

Pa e nda politikën me edukimin, Kosova kurr s’ka me gjêt pshtimin.

Without separating politics from education, Kosovo will never find liberation.

Wisdom is not a circle. Wisdom is straightness that pervades all circles of existence.

Inferioriteti osht shtroja e robnîs.

Superioriteti osht mbuloja e pasigurîs.

Inferiority is the basement of slavery.

Superiority is the cover of insecurity.

Çdo sistem njerzôr osht sistem jonjerzôr.

Any human system is inhuman.

Edukimi osht puna q’i potencialin personal me shëndrru n’rrjêdh hyjnore.

Education is the work of transforming the personal potential into divine flow.

Rrâtht e shoqnîs jon si ringishpilli. Kaniher bon me hÿp sa për fun, po kurrqysh me mêt aty jo.

Circles of society are like play-land circles. Sometimes it is worth jumping in for a fun ride, but stay, in no way.

Kur e njêk udhën e zemrës, kurr s’e din çka ka me t’prît, po çdo moment e kî me drît.

When you follow the path of you heart, you never know what is awaiting, but each moment is illuminating.

Kur edukimi funksionon qysh duhet, politika nuk ka pûn.

When education functions as it is meant, politics has no job at all.

I don’t stand for what I see. I stand for what brings my seeing.

Praise be to the Lord of being.

Institucioni drejtohet kur njeri me to nuk identifikohet.

Institution straightens up when the man doesn’t identify with it.

Idhujtâri osht si futboller q’i tenton me lûjt me topin e hekrit t’ngult n’tôk.

Idolater is as a footballer who tries to play with a ball of steel pegged into earth.

Gabimi osht vegla e mjeshtrit.

Mistake is the tool of the master.

Edukimi intelektual pa edukim shpyrtnôr osht mbret pa kunôr.

Intellectual education without spiritual insight, is a king without a crown bright.

Koncepti mental i besûm, quhet idhull.

Trusted mental concept, is called an idol.

Korrumpsion osht mos-shërbimi ndaj Perendîs.

Corrumption is not serving the Lord.

Most people will try to find you solutions according to their problems.

Stupidity and Corrumption are the left hand and the right hand of ignorance.

Njerzt nuk kan problem me iu mûsh mendja, njerzt kan problem me iu zbrâz mendja.

People do not have problem getting convinced, they have problem getting conceived.

Faza fillestare e urtsîs osht rrebelimi ndaj budallakîs.

The starting phase of wisdom is rebellion towards stupidity.

Njerzt e korrumptûm q’i punôjn për sisteme t’korrumptûme jon si therrat q’i rriten afër luleve.

Corrumpt people who work for corrumpt systems are as thorns that grow near flowers.

Sistemet njerzôre e ngulfasin jetën hyjnôre.

Human systems suffocate divine life.

Te komunikimi, pastërtija osht thelbsôre.

Veç ashtu e observon situatën perfekt, edhe e gjen përgjigjen perfekte ndaj saj.

Purity is essential in communicaion.

Only that way one observes the situation perfectly, and finds the perfect answer to it.

Idealizmi osht kur për shkak t’poçit elektrik e hûp dritën e dîllit.

Idealism is when because of a light bulb you lose the sunlight.

Pema e madhe bon hije për krejt, po dîlli q’i e mundson at hije osht i nji Perendije.

A large tree makes shadow for all, but that sun that enables it is from the Lord that has created it.

N’emën t’organizatës fôl njeri i paorganizûm.

Perendija kôft livdûm.

In the name of organization speaks a disorganized man.

Sistemi nuk ndrrohet. Prej sistemit, pshtohet.

You cannot change the system. Eventually you can save yourself from it.

Veç njerzt q’i jon zbrâz prej budallakîs jon instrumente t’ditunîs.

E veç nûr i Perendîs.

Only people who have gotten empty from stupidity, are instruments of knowledge and dignity.

Jom armik i budallakîs, po jo i njerzîs.

I am enemy of stupidity, but not humanity.

Manipulanti ia u rrâs krejtve.

I drejti s’ia rrâs kërrkujt.

Manipulator screws everyone.

The straight, no one.

N’Emën t’Zotit osht ai njeri t’cilit i fôl nisoj sa qetsija, qaq edhe lëvizja.

In the name of God is the man whom the silence speaks the same as the movement.

Mjeshtrija, dinjiteti, drejtsija, pastërtija, jon nji Prezênc, q’i osht Perendija.

Ai osht esênc prej kah vjen njerzija.

Lavdû kôft përjêt e Tij pafundsija.

Mastery, dignity, straightness, purity, are one Presence, which is All-Mighty.

He is the essence from where comes humanity.

Praised be always His infinity.

Idhujtari osht njeri i cili vlerën ma t’nâlt t’tij e ka kufî.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendî.

Idolater is a man whose highest value is a limit.

Politika osht ngushllimi i njerzve t’dȅshtûm.

Perendija kôft livdum.

Paqe, drît e dashnî,


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~ Freedom of expression


Freedom of expression comes from expression of freedom.

Inteligjenca rrethore osht mungesa e inteligjencës univerzale.

Circular intelligence is the absence of the universal one.

The truth comes clear, to the clear soul.

A kombi a feja? – Pyesin ata q’i nuk e dîjn se ku osht foleja.

As kombi, as feja, po Zoti i krejt kombeve edhe i krejt fêve.

Religion or ethnicity? – Ask those who mistake the shoe for the foot.

Neither religion, nor ethnicity, but the Lord of all religions and nations.

Njeri kur mirret me çashtje lokale, lokalizohet. Kur mirret me çashtje universale, universalizohet.

Man gets localized when dealing with local issues. Man gets universalized when dealing with universal one.

Parasupozimi i pyetjes t’i tregon kufîjt e përgjigjes.

Pressuposition of the question reveals the limits of the answer.

Peace and praise to the unseen.


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~ Drejtsija e vlerave (c)


Lideri i vërtêt nuk t’len m’i shkû përmas, po t’a mundson me hêc paralel me to, sepse ai hêc paralel me ty.

Lavdû kôft nji Perendî.

imageShkollimi nuk osht edukim se jo veç q’i s’t'a mson mnyrën e gjykimit, po t’a degradon deri n’at pîk q’i mo nuk e din çka osht drejtza e çka osht lakorja. Çka osht drejtsija e çka osht paditunija. Çka osht idhulli e çka osht lirija.

Lavdû kôft Perendija.

Ndamja n’baza fetare osht ndamje n’baza idhujtâre.

Kur kriteret vnohen n’vîj t’drejt, ato ia nisin me qarkullû prej njonës n’tjetrën, sikur unazat e shtyllës kurrizore. Njeri drejtohet edhe osht “in touch” me prezencën e Perendîs.

Derisa jon t’shabllonizûme, vlerat jon si gotat q’i mushen edhe derdhen edhe shkaktôjn dhîmt e dhûn t’panevojshme.

imageE kur jon t’rreshtûme, rend, athere ato jon ên q’i qarkullôjn prej njonës n’tjetrën, t’u mundsû rrjêdh hyjnore, me bâz e rezultat Perendije.

Paterna e mjerimit osht paditunija.

E paditunija osht idhujtarija.

Lavdû kôft Perendija.

Shembulli i profet Jezusit kallzon q’i mosha s’ka lidhje me ditunî.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendî.

Njerzt e ideologjizûm jon si hard diskat e padefragmentûm. Nuk e kan asnji informât mîr, e me sektora t’damtûm.

Njeri i ideologjizûm osht rob i ideve t’njerit.

Ma leht osht me marû mâsk se me pastru bullshit.

Ideologjija osht smundja ma e shpêsht e njerzimit.

Lavdû kôft Zoti i amshimit.

I menqmi pa urtsî osht injorant pa ditunî.

Lavdû kôft nji Perendî.

Kapslleki mental osht për njerzt q’i intelektin e kan zot, e nuk jon t’zotët e intelektit t’vet.

Program lypin robotat.

Udhzim, gjôjn njerzt.

Prestigji osht smuja edhe idhulli i njerzve t’paditun.

Njeri i paditun bon çkamos vec me rûjt prestigjin e tij.

Sepse ai prestigj osht maska ma e mîr q’i ka mûjt me ndërtû gjat jetës.

“Le t’mendôjn qysh po kom qef” osht moto e njerit qenef.

“Le t’mendôjn qysh t’dôjn”, osht jeta e njerit q’i din me mendu.

Zoti kôft Livdu.

N’hierarkîn e poshtërsîs piramidale, sa ma “pôsht” jon përfaqësuesit, qaq ma shum zbehen vlerat e rrethit.

Prandaj me nji rreth ku qendra osht trim budâll, ata q’i jon kah perimetri jon tuca e ma pak budâll.

Përher përkrahsit e skemave piramidalo-rrethore jon ma t’dobt se qendra e atij rrethi.

Sepse përndryshe do t’ishin kôn qender vet, ndersa ondërr e kan idhullin, q’i osht maja e asaj piramide.

Mnyra rrethore e ekzistencës osht për njerzt e përkulun ndaj botës e paditunîs.

Prandaj secili rreth osht shuma e piramidave t’padrejtsîs, ku zakonisht vlerat siperfaqësore jon “t’ndershme” po ato t’thella, t’verteta e reale, jon komplet manipulative, krisma e t’cilës nihet veç masi ajo vorbull budallakije ia nîs me vepru.

Zoti kôft livdu.


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