~ Pasul / Bean


You can easily address things you are beyond from.

Science is the first misunderstanding of academics.

Inspiration is a saying without expiration.

State is a boat in the desert, filled with people who are told stories of a great storm outside.

Me t’rastîs m’i fôl përdôre naj politiqarit, duhet m’i lâ dûrt 7 here me sapun, edhe me harxhû 1 shishe anti-bakterial.

If it happens to shake hands with a politician, one must wash the hands 7 times with soap, and totally spend out 1 bottle of anti-bacterial.

Nuk osht marre mos me dît. Marre osht m’u bo kishe po din. E dyta osht mjeshtrija e shumicës t’njerzve t’shkollûm.

Not knowing is not shame. Shame is pretending to know. The latter is the mastery of the most schooled people.

Kontaminimi shoqnôr ka ârdh n’at nivel, q’i veç gaz-maskave iu ka ârdh réni m’i vnû.

Social contamination has reached such level, that only gas-masks have remained to be used.

Nji popull injorant përher e idealizon nji vend n’lindje a perëndim.

An ignorant populace always idealizes a place east or west.

A good work brings you home.

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Titles that the system gives you, make you heavy……..burden you……….until they drown you.

Titujt q’i t’i jep sistemi, t’rondôjn…….t’rondôjn……..derisa t’fundosin.

Today’s society needs to look more at animals, in order to restore the basics of life education.

Nuk mundesh me kôn ma i mîr se koftlargi n’lojën e tij. Prandaj, provo m’u bo njeri.

You cannot be better than the devil in his own game. Hence, try to become human.

Appreciate what you don’t understand.

When you live for illusions, you will be disillusioned.

School is the unspoken concensus to make everybody feel that they know something.

The most inhuman thing to do, is to call the person by the profession.

Njeri n’rreth q’i fôl për drejtsî, osht si bylbyli q’i knon n’kafaz.

A person within the circle who speaks about justice, is like the bird singing within the cage.

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Vetdija osht vazhdimsî e syhapjeve. Pasul

Awareness is a continuum of eye-openings.

Pjesa ma e mîr e monologut, osht dialogu me veten.

The best part of monologue is the dialogue with the self.

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You can run from all the world, but you cannot run from yourself.

Prej krejt dynjâs mundesh me îk, veç prej vetes nuk mundesh.

In a healthy society, enlightement is not exception, but rather a normal natural occurrence.

Kur mungon féllsija, çdo buxhîll e keqkupton për deti.

When one lacks deepness, every pond is mistaken for the sea.

If you can’t stand the truth, stay squatting……so when it hits you, can safely fall on your ass.

Nëse s’un e duron t’vërtetën, ulu galuc……..n’mnýr q’i kur t’qepon, mundesh me ra leht n’zuz t’böthes.

Nuk ka vetdije kolektive ma t’ult se nacionalizmi.

There is no lower collective consciousness than nationalism.

Rrethi osht e vetmja dukuní jonormale shoqnôre. Fatkeqsisht, ma e shpêshta.

Circle is the only abnormal social occurrence. Unfortunately, the most frequent.

Komplikimi osht e vetmja gjâ e cila e bon injorantin m’u nî i menqëm.

Complication is the only thing that makes the ignorant feel smart.

Deepness is immune to the time.

Kur nuk je vetja, kuptimi i jetës osht, keqkuptimi.

When you’re not yourself, the understanding of life is, misunderstanding.

Belief that “State” is self-correcting mechanism, has led all revolutionary men and women into self-slaughter.

E vërteta nuk i konvenon shumicës, sepse shumica jon t’korrumptûm.

Truth doesn’t suit majority, because majority are corrumpt.

The price of selling your soul in Capitalism, is the net value you get.

The price of selling your soul in Communism, is the ideology you buy.

The price of selling your soul in National-Socialism or National-Capitalism, is the flag you prostrate to.

When people talk about the people, are they sure they’re talking about humans?

Dy rregullat bâz t’suksesit absolut:

1. Mos përzîj m-t.

2. Mos rri aty ku përzihet m-t.

The two basic rules of absolute success:

1. Do not mix sh-t.

2. Do not stay where the sh-t is mixed.

The question is: Fuck or don’t fuck authority?!

Language is the shadow of light and the wall of darkness.

The newest definition of the schooled: Formal Fools – FF.

Those who do not have access to the mythological content, are absolutely blind to the systems they serve.

Ata q’i nuk kan qasje n’përmbajtjen mitologjike jon absolutisht t’verbt për sistemet t’cilave iu shërbêjn.

The system rewards the worthless. So the unconscious hint to those around looking is: Become a worthless fool and you’ll surely be rewarded well!

Well….time will tell who will be well and who will remain at the end of the well.

Praise be to GOD. The Lord of the worlds.


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~ Kick Ass Words


Principle is a leading thought or belief put before the others.

Hence, Prince-iple.

Parimi osht mendim a bindje e vendosun para të tjerave.

Prandaj, Pâr-im.

Noone can do a greater good than a true artist.

Nacionalizmi osht Patriotizëm i Retardûm.

Nationalism is a Retarded Patriotism.

When you see, you don’t have to think.

When you sense, you don’t have to see.

Kur sheh, nuk ki nevôj me mendû.

Kur ndjên, nuk ki nevôj me pâ.

Njerëzit e mëdhenj kënaqen duke bërë punë të vogla.

Great men enjoy doing tiny stuff.

If you want to understand the role of Spiritual Cleaning, physically, do not wash yourself for a month.

Instead of pushing your limits, drill them to penetrate their hole.

Burst ‘em like a balloon.

And you be free like the Air you don’t see.

Shkollimi n’rastin ma t’mîr prodhon böthqa t’zyreve.

Schooling in the best case produces office wussies.

In the Name of People seek to speak those who cannot speak in their own name either.

N’Émën t’popullit lypin me fôl ata q’i s’un folin as n’émën t’vetës.

If you want to find the true idiots of a society, seek in the midst of schooled.

Nëse doni m’i gjêt idiotat e vërtêt t’nji shoqnije, lypni n’mesin e njerzve t’shkollûm.

Sot budâll nuk ka. Veç t’poshtër e t’prisht.

Today there ain’t no fools. Only wicked and rotten.

There is a difference on being a free mind and free from mind.

Shteti osht msiti i dobt mes popullit edhe mîrqenjes.

State is the weak middleman between population and wellbeing.

Ka njerz q’i mendôjn, edhe ka njêrz q’i dîjn.

There are people who think, and there are people who know.

Those whon think that the State brings a better life, are the same as those who think that the middleman finds for them a better bride.

Ata q’i mendôjn se Shteti iu bjen jêt ma t’mîr, jon nisoj si ata q’i mendôjn se msiti iu gjôn nuse ma t’mîr.

State is the only Secular Religion.

Ata q’i bashkndjêjn problemet, bashkfundosen me to.

Those who sympathize the problems, drown together with them.

You cannot expect from pagan people to be thankful for Lord’s guidance.

Shteti nuk osht kurrgjo ma shum se poshtërsi e mbshtetun prej forcës.

State is nothing more than a wickedness backed up by force.

Shteti osht feja ma e përhapun n’mesin e paganve.

State is the most spread religion in the midst of pagans.

Believing in God is one thing and living His Presence quite another.

Belief in Him is a mean to arrive at His Presence.

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Rrethi i Shoqnîs osht bashkimi i njerzve n’bâz t’Antivlerave.

…q’i doken si vlera.

Circle of Society is togetherness of the people based on anti-values.

….which look as value!

The highest height of Ignorance is when people believe that life cannot happen or function without the State.

Rrethi osht struktura ma jointeligjente e shoqnîs.

Circle is the most unintelligent structure of society.

Another Albanian Etymology: Structure – Strûk = A place to hide/shelter.

Not Latin: Struere. Because even that has the basic meaning in Albanian: Bedding.

Either the world is dictating who you are, or you bring yourself to the world.

And don’t give a fuck.

People of the system do not have access to intelligence.

They may try, but they don’t.

A good prayer is like a piece of art: You cannot stop looking at it, while its beauty merges you in the Divine.

Good prayer brings joy of aliveness back.

Koran is the mirror of your personality. Albeit, your flaws are all in it.

You don’t have to change the system. That’s utter BS mistake.

You have to Release you from the system, so you may get free and fly from it.

System cannot do without you.

You begin to THRIVE without the system.

If you want to improve your attitude, increase your altitude.

A good work is Praise to the Lord.

To make the moments count, you shouldn’t be counting.

Sissy is someone who tries all the life to prove the self in front of woman, in front of family, in front of the circle, in front of society.

Burrec osht njeri q’i tan jetën i jep zorr m’u dëshmu…..para grûs, para t’shpîs, para rrethit, para shoqnîs.

Man is interesting until you discover who he is.

Nëpër rrâtht e shoqnîs mungon Prezenca e Pérenîs.

The Presence of God AllMighty is absent within the circles of Society.

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No matter how good one is at camouflage……….it Will fail to uphold.

E vërteta osht hobi i hipokritve.

Truth is the hobby of hypocrites.

He who agrees with everyone, doesn’t know what agreement is anymore.

E mrrîmja ma e madhe e konformistit osht përkulja ndaj formës.

The highest achievement of conformist is bowing towards the form.

Weak musicians like to talk about music. The rest, play.

People want to Experience the Presence of God. And that’s what masters offer to them by their deed.

First find the Heaven, then do the Earthly work.

Njêti i mîr me Sistemin e Gabûm, osht Rezultati ma i Dështûm.

Fakt i Dëshmûm.

Good Intent with the Wrong System is the most Failed Result.

PISA n’t'vërtêt i ka çmû ekspertat e Arsimit, e jo nxansat e Kosovës.

Truth is like the lightning breaking the sky.

Then the rest may thunder.

E vërteta osht sikur rrufêja q’i e çân qiellin.

Tani tjêrt mûjn me murmurû.

The question that shatters every democracy: How many referendums are organized within a month?!

There is nothing democratic in democracy.

America is the easiest lab to study.

It’s not the rythm. It’s the Life that drives the rythm.

Knowledgeable man who’s not enlightened kills you more than the ignorant of darkness.

Njeri i ditun e i pandritun t’merr n’qâf ma shum se njeri i terrûm e i paditun.

S’mundesh m’u ngjît n’kodrën e njêjt e me pâs shikimin ndryshe.

Kto parti’t politike kurr s’un e kupto’jn.

You cannot climb the same hill and have different view.

That’s what political parties will never understand.

How can an untrue concept such as State, provide anything truthful?

If you can teach without authority, you have the authority to teach.

Shteti osht msîti i panevojshëm ndërmjet mîrqenjes edhe popullsîs.

State is the un-needed middleman between wellbeing and the population.

Tradition is the leaven upon the unleavened Scriptural bread.

May we meet in the space between all circles.

Referendum is the health of Republic.

Concepts are forms of thought, which either contain the thinker or are held on the palm of the observer.

Konceptet jon forma të t’mendûmit, të cilat ose e përmbâjn mendimtarin ose jon n’dorën e observuesit.

Formal school is a gradual process of bowing a straight human into prostration towards forms.

The highest title a human being can get is being human.

Listen to your deep silent voice.

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Man is either surrounded by sins or followed by light.

NEW Presentation – Voting / Votimi – https://t.co/6Y8q6dJgzj

Tell me in which circle you spin, I show you the radius of your intelligence.

Easy answers finds one who asks the tough questions.

Truth does not have congregation. It has human individuals.

Voting is the modern way of selling your own soul.

Those who ask for your vote, are asking for your blood, your sweat and your energy.

Don’t give it to ‘em.

When the mind rests in peace, the heart blossoms in heaven.

Ignorant, unconsciously manipulates the self, consciously manipulates the public.

Injoranti, pavetdîjsisht e manipulon vetën, vetdîjsisht e manipulon publikun.

If State is an intelligent concept, why the fools get stuck on it?!

State is as the wrecked car which needs constant push of the population.

Bashkimi, në të shumtën e rasteve e fuqizon budallakîn.

Togetherness, in most cases amplifies stupidity.

Whatever you look at, is the second.

For God is the First.

Referendumi osht buka e Republikës.

Referendum is the bread of Republic.

There are important people, and there are enlightened ones.

The important people, are drown by the weight of their importance.

Ka njerz t’rândsishëm, edhe ka njerz t’lehtûm.

Njerzt e rândsishëm, pesha e rândsîs t’vet i fundôs.

“A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar” ~ H. L. Mencken

He never lies…….exept when he talks.

- Instrumental Albanian Song – https://t.co/XxWStfQSTp

Praise be to God, alone.


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~ Flowing honey


Feja osht 80% kanalizim, 20% ûj t’pastër.

Religion is 80% black water, 20% pure water.

If any musical piece doesn’t have the purity of Classical music, it ain’t Mastery.

Circle is the shelter of the weak, which gives them the illusion of power.

People who remain stable and free no matter what happens to “their” State, are truly stable and free people.

State is a structure which is set in the name of the people, against the people.

Mastery is something you can only explain with Mastery.

The pattern of Matrix:flowing honey

1. Keep a good mask.

2. Pretend your work is valuable.

Before making any change, find the Changeless.

Change is the test to see what’s not real.

When you turn-off your senses and the mind, what’s the world like?

Border is the dream of Limited.

Fjâla e ûrt t’mshon n’krý e t’shnôsh n’zemër.

Wise word hits your head and heals your heart.

True sheep are those who have gone through the system of education.

Keep yourself busy by being free.

The question is not are you trusting God, but who or what else beside Him are you trusting?

State is a Colosseum with the people in Arena and with spectators politicians.

State is a nightmare appearing as beautiful dream.

Para se me integrû shoqnîn, duhet me derivu njerzîn.

Before integrating society, we must derive humanity.

State is nothing more than a concept, to fuck those who trust it.

Tatimi osht grrepi i manipulimit t’përgjithshëm.

…edhe kunxhi i nguljes individuale.

Tax is the bait of general manipulation.

…and the peg of individual nailing.

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The more you see, the less you mix.

Shteti osht trauma hipnotike përmi shoqnîn injorante.

State is the hypnotic trauma upon the ignorant society.

New Name for Kosova: Paganistan.

Tri përgjigjet e skllavit t’bindun:

1. Qështu osht sistemi.

2. Krejt pi ia bôjn qështu.

3. Kërrkun n’bôt s’ka kshtu!

Three answers of a convinced slave:

1. That’s how the system is.

2. Everyone is doing this.

3. Nowhere in the world is like this!

In the choice between friends and the truth, choose the truth.

For there is no better friend than the truth.

School’s approach to education is like women’s approach to getting slim.

4:79 Any good that befalls you is from God, and any evil that befalls you is from yourself.

If you don’t expose yourself how you truly are, someone will expose you how fake you are.

Sincerity is the key to open the heart.

Kânga e zemrës osht kuptimi.

Meaning is the song of the heart.

Human knows next to nothing.

Mîrsjellja përmi poshtërsî osht hipokrizîja e vërtêt.

Politenness upon wickedness is the true hypocrisy.

2 modes of communication: Either you’re filling the balloon, or bursting it.

To fill, you gotta be someone’s pump.

To burst, you gotta be sharp.

Praise be to the soul of David’s harp

2 modet e komunikimit: Ose je t’u fry ballon, ose t’u shpërthy.

Për me fry ballon duhesh me kôn pumpa e dikûjt.

Për me shpërthy duhesh me pâs mprehtsî.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendî.

What do you do for living?

- I breathe!

All are complaining about the system, yet all are serving the system.

(Well not all, only above 99.99%)

Keeping silent is no maturity.

It is either co-corrumption,

Or fuckin’-fear to be exposed who you truly are.

Ateisti e idhujtari nuk jon larg njoni-tjetrit.

Atheist and idolater are not far from each other.

Bravery is the shadow of truthfulness.

Shteti osht shpresa e mediokritetit e poashtu edhe dëshprimi i tyne.

State is the hope of mediocrity and their despair as well.

Most get exhilarated from the title – Intellectual, yet at best it describes a crying bird inside the cage.

Freedom is the currency the banks cannot seize.

If someone can f*ck the limits of society, that surely got to be an artist.

You are free to the extent of what you do for free.

Feja edhe shkolla t’i zbukurôjn pendlat, po t’a marrin kângën.

Religion and school beautify your feathers, but take away your song.

The most wicked non-human systems screw the essence so badly, yet the surface seems so normal…….even well behaved.

Get the money out of equation and see who is bringing it back.

Each time I look at the nature, I know that the situation is already fixed.

NEW Instrumental: Mos u largo / Don’t Leave me: https://t.co/xeCTZQwg9L

Disaster is when a circle meets a circle.

The proportion of what you for money and what you do for free shows how human you are.

Idolater is one who trusts God a percentage, while the remaining percentage of trust has got busy with the own beliefs.

Idhujtari osht njeri i cili nji përqindje i beson Zotit, e përqindjen tjetër e ka t’zanun me bindjet e veta.

In every society there are two kinds of thieves:

1) The Aware thieves – the State.

2) The Unaware thieves – General public, who derive money from the aware thieves.

If the school is not treated like a punching bag, soon you’ll become one too!

If someone pulls the gun in your head and asks for your wallet, what do you call that gesture?

- …..


The Tax.

Academia is the religion of ignorance polished nicely with not-standing titles.

Making an academic do an original saying is like finding a child who doesn’t like playing.

Me shtî nji akademik me thôn nji mendim origjinal osht sikur me gjêt nji dru t’izolûm n’mal.

I think that thinking is not healthy, until a healthy person does it.

Academics make even your pubic hair go white.

If you don’t break your idols, someone else will do.

If you want to know what a soul-less intellectual is, find an academic.

….or was it fuckademic.

N’rastin ma t’mîr, feja sa ka sevâp ka edhe gjynah.

In the best case scenario religion has wellness as much as it has sin.

Jewish folks are like Albanians, only a few have value.

Human is a social being who has to get beyond society, to become human.

Njeri osht qenje shoqnôre i cili duhet m’i dâl përtej shoqnîs, për m’u bô njeri.

Fuckademic. That’s it.

~ NEW Piano Instrumental: O Lovely Sun  https://t.co/otg5W1igFJ

Artikull: Leter “Akademikve” t’FB-kut. https://t.co/Znc7SK9P8E

Article: a Letter to FB’s “Academics”. https://t.co/lqmTEkPpXa

When you are hungry, you eat.

When you are horny, you fuck (hopefully).

What do you do when you need to express yourself?

The brain-castration level of Kosovar wannabe intellectuals is seen when they take the Statue of Scanderbeg, for Scanderbeg himself.

Sa tru-trêdht jon wannabe intelektuâlt e Kosovës e sheh kur e marrin Statujën e Skenderbeut, për Skenderbeun.

Feja edhe shkolla jon glleti përmi injorânc.

Religion and school are the facade upon ignorance.

Mîrsjellja osht kurdeli i hipokrizîs.

Politeness is the ribbon of hypocrisy.

Pagan is a wo/man who bows to the own beliefs.

Pagan osht njeri q’i i përkulet bindjeve t’veta.

Etymology of “Secular” is not Latin, but rather Albanian – Saecula – Shekulla – Shekulli – A Period of Hundred Years.

Kush ô me Zotin osht leht me pâ: Kreativitet ka pa dâ.

Who is with God is easy to spot: Creativity flows non-stop.

Shteti osht budallakî kolektive e pranûme verbnisht si zgjidhje.

State is a collective stupidity accepted blindly as solution.

Institutions are seen as a chance to heal complexes…………….which only add upon them.

Institucionet shihen si shâns për m’i shnôsh komplekset…………..e q’i veç i shtôjn.

Perëndimi osht Lindje e pshtjellt me nji mâsk t’mîr.

West is an East covered with a good mask.

Religions glue their slaves to their perception about the Prophet, while creating a total amnesia about the way of The One.

Is it not that the devil’s party?

Peace, and may the angels surround you.

Praise be to God.

Thank you.


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~ The Pattern of State (c)


Ignorant – is a compliment! …because it presupposes that people can see, then ignore.

In reality most are far worse off.

Were Albanians ever anything but a good fans?

Ever heard the phrase – People’s Chosen?

The question is – Who the fuck chose them to appear for that position in the first place??!!!

Idiots are worried about the money.

The focus of the wise is how to serve the own purpose better.

Ku ka pare, ka edhe lavire.

Whores are where the money is.

Only when the herd is cleared, your path is revealed.

Until you say or do something original, you’re asleep.

It’s easy to spot state idolaters by re-lying in 4 words: law, state, government, institution.

Mîrqenja vjen prej qenjes t’mîr.

Wellbeing comes from being good.

Instead the New World Order, try the Natural World Wonder.

NEW: Flej Zana / Sleep Zana  https://t.co/k675gaEmV0

Shumica e njerzve tuten me kqýr, prandaj s’mûjn me pâ.

Most people are afraid to look, that’s why they can’t see.

The First rule of Humanity is to say things as they Are.

America has already become a symbol of Educational Helplessness.

Jews are Dramatic People of Wickedness and Intelligence.

Mos t’ishin kôn përjashtimet, moti kish krîs kijameti.

Had there not been exeptions, the Judgment Day would’ve happened long time ago.

Vocabulary is a palette of Color.

Without the black, there is no shadow.

The white, comes abundantly from your heart.

The second part of America’s help is called screwing.

When the true muslims rose on power at the time of the Prophet Muhammad and some 200 years after him, all the world got in light.

When jews rose on power as in today, all the world flooded in corrumption.

That’s a clear indication of the terrain.

Spirituality is hiding in the bush while escaping the forest.

NEW: Ancient Talk for the Modern People. https://t.co/BK46EL3ucF

Universe is the god of spiritualists. That’s why those are among the last to lose their soul.

Observation is the shadow of truthfulness.

State is a forcefully stupid organization.

Human capability to make the unreal real and the real, unreal, is staggering.

Titles are the Amplifier of Ignorance.

State is a tool to play Pinball with Society.

Religion is everything the Scriptures aren’t.

State Delusion is the Most Massive hypnosis accepted as reality.


The Pattern of State (c) Rinon Hoxha.

Titles are the keys to enter the closed system.

…but not to get out of it.

NEW: Behu Engjull / Become Angel  https://t.co/GO6S63PdjX

True Democracy relies in Two referendum Questions:

1. Do you prefer the State to take the money from you involuntarily?

2. Do you want a TOTAL separation of Education from Politics?

…that’s why there is no Democracy anywhere in the world.

Kushtetuta osht kapsllëku i miletit.

Constitution is the Constipation of Population.

Koran is clear to the clear.

Where are you from?

- I am from God.

And you?

My nation is humanity. My language is eternity.

Constitution is the sum of unnatural laws imposed upon the natural existence.

The new Parrot-hD. Phd. Looks good, but doesn’t know how to sing.

The nearer to God, the more instantaneous the response of Universe.

Army is the Rusty attempt to replace Education.

It is based either on fear or greed…..or the combination of both.

Superpowers are Stupid because they invest in military.

The Quickest impact on Society is to break its idols.

Whom you fear, that you bow to.

If you don’t question the system with your mouth, the system will get exclamation marks from your ass!

If you don’t question the system with your pen?, the system will get toilet papers thru your mouth!

Don’t fuck the system, you’ll get aids!

Don’t count the moments. Make the moment count.

Everyone should vote: Select Every appearing candidate!

State is an unintelligent solution for the unintelligent people.

Reform is the failed attempt to transform.

Wisdom is the Absence of Fear.

…..and foolishness too!

JOY – is the only difference between the two.

The Tough hinders you according to his criteria.

The Weak hinders you according to your criteria.

I forti t’merr n’qâf me kriteret e veta.

I dobti t’merr n’qâf me kriteret e tua.

Jo nënshtetsî, mbishtetsî!

Schooling is the amplifier of complexes……..without which it would cease to exist.

Soccer fans are the honest approach what sucker Institutions do sneakily.

Any idiot can graduate, get PhD, and become academic………..Any!

School and the State are two lies which most eat deliciously.

Religion is the coat of winter put in the summer.

Searching for the truth in religion is like searching for the needle in straw.

Ramazani, Bajramat edhe Kërshëndellat jon majat e paganizmit fetâr.

Ramadhan, Bayrams and Christmas are the peaks of religious paganism.

Masters, re-program.

Grand-Masters, de-program.

State is as the whore: The more you ignore it, the more it serves you.

Shteti osht si kurvat: Sa ma pak ia rrâs, qaq ma shum t’shërben.

The only thing the sheep and humans agree upon is the music.

That’s why I play it.

Antartica treaty is the last border set by the New World Order.

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LAND – Not State!

State is a concept overwritten upon the Land.

True De-programming of the self is possible Only in Mythological level.

All the rest is Re-programming.

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Life is all about expressing aliveness……..whatever form it takes to give release.

Do be it.

Ignorance is all about not sensing anything, until you realize……..it has gone too deep!

America and Kosova are two signs of fucked-up Society: The first, Grandiose. The latter, miniature.

School and Religion are sects of the State.

State is a plague of Society which must be peed on so it may heal.

Shteti osht nji vârr e Shoqnîs e cila duhet m’u pshûrr n’to n’mnýr q’i m’u shnôsh.

Plow your heart with the seed of Love.

Atheist and Philosopher? – Double Mediocre!!

Tradition is a fancy name for Stupidity.

Each word has a burden, which drowns the speaker.

For the Ignorant the words -Institution and -State, have the greatest burden…..which drowns them.

Për injorantin fjâla -Institucion edhe -Shtet, e kan peshën ma t’madhe……….e cila i fundôs.

Masters can go deep to the kernel.

Grand-Masters are the kernel of the kernel.

Money is a highly addictive drug.

Shteti osht Maskarallëki ma i madh Shoqnôr.

State is the Greatest Masquerade of Society.

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State is the most known yet the most hidden religion.

Creativity finds those who do not spin in the circles of society.

State is not fought. It is peed on.

…so that the plague of Society may be healed!

Shteti nuk luftohet. Ai pshurret n’to.

…n’mnýr q’i m’u shnôsh vârra e Shoqni’s!

If an artist is not a good cook, his art is tasteless.

A e dini kush reinkarnohet te Shqyptârt?

- Ata q’i jon t’marûm me çû posht edhe nji jêt.

…me naj përjashtim t’vogël.

From all Religions you know, one is hidden and right in front of your nose: The State.

Prosnjaki osht paraziti i shoqnîs.

Stingy is the parasite of society.

New York is the best example of America’s Soul-less-ness.

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Praise be to God. The Lord of the worlds.


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Wisdom Beyond Circle


Fanatizmi osht hija e injorancës.

Fanaticism is the shadow of ignorance.

See photos – The Metaphor of State: How it firstly appears to be complete……….towards how fucktually is.20160212_220856

Hapi i pâr i lajmaxhîve osht m’i ballansu lajmet e kqija me t’mira.

First step of newsmen is to balance the bad news with good news.

Heavenly altitude brings the right earthly attitude.

Attitude is the beauty of truth and freedom.

Blessed is the one who is free from what the eyes can see.

Speaking Academically, if you serve what can be conceived with mind, no doubt, you’ll get fucked by your own service.

The difference among the traditional leader and enlightened path opener is that people follow the first to get what they don’t have,…while the second, more of who they already are.20160212_221056

Enlightened people are the bridge between the world and Reality.

I’m literally pissed, and illiterately happy.

~ 10 Komandat e Perendîshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAwrpBCmG-I&feature=youtu.be

Philosophers suffered in their thinking. That’s why they remained philosophers.

Hiding things is a sure way to suffer in silence.

Experience is the twister of Expectation.

Linguists are like those who split every hair on the head, but lose the woman on date.

Hypocrite is always willing to be part of two whore-houses.20160212_221106

Show to the Jews & Christians Koran, to the Muslims Torah, and see what dissagreement about the same things is about.

God is everything you don’t understand, but Experience………………..that Brings understanding.

Zoti osht krejt çka s’kupton, po e Përjeton……………..edhe e bjen kuptimin.

Servants of the Matrix actually think they’re working! Isn’t that an ufortunate case for the whole plainness of the Earth?

The reason why we’re here is to, become human. And because of here, failure is a HUGE option.

Fascination of the intellect-stuck is on the brain. Fascination of the free souls is nearest to the heart.

School ought to be the most fun experience you ever had, yet is neither fun, nor experience.

…just ask any kid.

Truth is not sure. It is pure.20160212_221140

Mos e prish ato q’i e sheh, me ato q’i je t’u e mendû….as mos e ndreç.

Don’t ruin what you see with what you think….nor build it.

Ankesa osht kânga e viktimës.

Complaint is the victim’ song.

Vepra t’a shplon qenjen.

Deed uncovers the being.

NEW: Simple Song of Freedomhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gbxxWdrF2Y

State is the blackbox of society sold as concert hall ticket.

Corrumption begins when the silence covers the freedom.

As long as the best individuals are in function of the state, the state turns that function into a dysfunction for the own people.

I don’t play with people. I play with their idolatry.

School produced stress-masters incapable of any mastery.

Fear guards the truth. Love releases it.

The idea of free mainstream media to-day, is a successive, dependent, fear-based behaviour between the parts of the same enslavement chain.

Stupidity and fearfulness are the left and the right hand of ignorance.

I like basic questions. They always solve complex problems.

Truth is attained only when you surrender your mind, together with your senses.

State is the most unintelligent structure of any society.

That’s why they need intelligence agencies, to remind them what they lack.

To-day, every teacher of every educational level knows that getting titles and diplomas will not get you smarter nor wiser.

If that is so, why the f*** does school even exist?

Words are the shadow of experience.

The truth is the virgin experience of your being.

Schooled illiterate is the man who knows reading-writing, but does not understand anything said. That’s sad.

Nepismen i shkollûm osht njeri q’i din shkrim-lexim e s’kupton kurrgjo.

E vërteta nuk lypet me mendje. E vërteta lypet me zemer.

The truth is not sought with mind. The truth is sought with heart.

Wise words are streetlights…….of different streets.

Inspirations of the Prophets are the sun and the moon themselves.

“Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex” ~ Frank Zappa.

NLP as a model has failed since its beginnings, because it couldn’t replicate the essence of what was set to model.

Hence, it ended up producing much, much more monsters than humans. And for that, the credit goes to its founders.

Too many people spend time on what others are doing. Focus on what they’re not and there-in put your dot.

There’s no political philosophy. Anywhere where politics enters, it gets rotten-ity.

Hypnotist’s dilemma is when Awareness knocks the door.

My pen is music, my ink is love. Each word, a world………..all towards Reality.

When national enemies talk about international friends, one must stop and consider who is who.

Kur armiqt kombtâr fôlin për miqt ndërkombtâr, duhet m’u nâl e me shqyrtû se kush, kush osht.

Unfortunately for both, except the already dropped bombs and the fake independence, US cannot offer anything of value for Kosova.

All Kosova needs now is what America lacks, big time: True education and content people with decent living.

To remember humor and for the sake of humanity, every academic should be made for: 2 snorts, 1 fart and 2 loud belches in front of the audience.

Stupidity is contagious, wisdom is purifying, ignorance is terrifying.

Praise be to the Lord of all healing.


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~ The Story of the Letter


Let me tell you a story about a letter that didn’t fit in a word.

The word kept kept ranting over and over again how the letters within make sense only through it, yet it was that letter that was keeping everything intact.

It had a grace through which all the other letters shone as if the truth was holding onto it. VM

Howdy! ….said another sentence.

Why don’t you tell us your meaning dear word?

- That’s because I cannot hold the meaning, yet the meaning holds me, replied the word a bit humbled.

A word bragged and another was dragged by it. Both were thinking that they made the sentence smart, yet it was the wisdom that they were seeking, but not finding……yet.

It was hidden in between letters. It was precisely that wise letter that stood apart since beginning yet chose to remain hidden in between the rest.


“Stand up” said the meaning.

Get up and surrender the rest, that’s the best for you, if you knew.

The word stood silent for a while and the letter kept its mouth shut, while in between letters the meaning came nudging its purpose.

It was thinking whether to let go the word and pray to the Lord, or keep the word and brag about the world.

It was a tough decision. All of the life it has been swirling among those sentences which made one look dense, but kept things tense. That’s because rotten things cannot be mixed with good stuff. Like oil and water.

The dream of the letter to get mixed as the sesame and honey made it hope to believe that being and living were among those words. But, sentences and paragraphs kept pushing the fake stillness between the lost.

So lost that the needs and desires were mistaken for guidance.

So lost that the forests of beliefs were mistaken as forks of the railroad.

The letter kept remaining silent and pondering while wondering.

It had a little time to wander more, cause the life of these ages was pointing towards old time.

Old time and timeless grace. The letter’s shinning face kept blooming like spring’s waterfall.

It was resilient a bit whether to let go all and let G-d of all, or remain within the rest of meaningless sentences sounding as intelligent nonsense.

The timing keeps ticking, and every soul shall taste death.

To the rotten sentences the taste shall be bitter.

To the blessed words it shall be a delightful continuum.

And to the one trick pony letter, ……. well……….

It shall decide alone, after the Lord alone decides.

Peace, and Praise be to God.


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Words without key / Fjâl pa çels


When you talk, go soo deep, that only those who have sense, the meaning will meet.

Sa ma shum që kushtetuta i afrohet ligjeve natyrore t’ekzistencës, qaq ma mîr ai vend i ka pûnt, t’u ia nîs prej njerzve t’atij vendi.

The more the constitution approaches the natural laws of existence, the better that place shall be, beginning with the people of that place.

Krejt forja e edukimit osht me pshtû prej msûsave.

All the trickery of education is to get saved from the teachers.

Solution is a weightless problem.

Zgjidhja osht gjendja e problemit pa pêsh.

Who is afraid of dying is even more afraid of living.

Ai q’i tutet pi dekës, edhe ma shum tutet prej jetës.

A e din ku osht çelsi i suksesit?

- Me gjûjt çelsin edhe me thy derën!

Do you know which is the key of success?

- Drop the key and kick-slam the door!

Njeri e përdôr trunin qaq sa e ka çêl zemrën.

One can use the brain to the extent of opening the heart.

What would you do in such effortless way, as the breath that you take?

What would you do so effortlessly, as the breath that you release?

- Breathe for a while, and do.

Awareness is the opening flower of knowledge.

Only in the Presence of the Lord of grace, are to be explored time and space.

Emotions are the cover or Reality.

All manipulation happens in the deepest brain, there where your true content resides, then emotions are used to cover it and make it real by the limbic brain, while the cortex – rationalize it logically.

Braktisja nuk osht kur nxansi e lshon shkollën. Braktisja osht momenti kur nxansit i hûp interesimi për msim.

Lavdu kôft Zoti. I vetmi pshtim.

Drop-out is not when a pupils drops out from school. Dropout is the moment the pupil loses the interest for learning.

The brain is the flower of the heart.

Either you trust, or you lack thrust.

Do not trust where you can thrust.

Ose beson, ose böthon.

Human stupidity is measured with the vulnerability towards the dark forces.

Në nji institucion te korrumptum, puntôrt jon zgjatimet e drejtorit.

In a corrumpt institutions, workers are the extensions of director.

Testi i vërtetsîs për secilin njeri vjen veç me 2 pytje:

1. Çka je t’u bo?


2. Me çfar kualiteti je t’u e bo?

The test of truthfulness for anybody comes with only 2 questions:

1. What do you do?


2. With what quality?

The first rule of every language is to: Screw the Grammar!

Me mu jon krejt ata q’i jon me Zotin.

E ata q’i jon me Zotin, s’kan nevôj për mu.

Perendija kôft livdu.

With me are all those who are with God.

And those who are with God, don’t need me.

Praise be to All-Mighty.

True friend is the one that remains when the circles end.

Corrumption is the vulnerability towards the circles of society.

Campbell’s work is the second best option for those who do not study directly all holy scriptures.

Praise be to God. The Lord of the worlds.

Let the moment beautifully express itself.

Replace the word – becoming – with – returning -, and you’ll find the way home much easier.

God willing.

Kur qenja kupton, perkthimi s’ekziston.

When being understands, translation doesn’t exist.

The transition from academic writing to writing academically is done via gradually denying the references.

Direct understanding of the scriptures is done after the metaphorical experience of them.

Then the verses take place as the dew in the dawn’s grace.

Straight and direct understanding is done by the straight and direct people.

That’s why hypocrites end up spinning worthless phrases.

Because, they’re musicians without tone.

Praise be to God of the Eternal harmony.


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~ A few words …


imageKa njerz t’bindun, edhe ka njerz t’ditun.

Some are convinced, some know.

E vërteta osht eliksiri i pakicës.

Truth is the elixir of a few.

Njerzt autodidakt jon vërtêt njerz t’edukûm, sepse kan pshtû prej instalimeve t’panevojshme shkollore.

Self-learned are really educated people, because they are saved from the un-needed school instalations.

Kur njeri i korrumptûm e definon korrumpsionin, korrumpsioni e definon ato.

When a corrupt man defines corrumption, corrumption has already defined him.

Kriteri i koftlargit osht me kôn njeri budâll. E veçanarisht budâll me maskën e njerit t’menqëm. Ata i qet n’pozita udhëheqëse.

The criteria of devil is human stupidity. Especially the stupid with the mask of a smart man. Those, he puts on leading positions.

No religion is the system of God.

Imagjinata osht poligoni i ditunîs.

Imagination is the polygon of knowledge.

Do what you breathe.

You have to be empty in order to live fully.

Ose i zotnon format, ose t’zotnôjn ato ty.

Lavdû kôft nji Perendî.

Either you rule the forms, or the forms rule you.

Love God, thank you.

E vërteta nuk osht hobi.

Truth ain’t hobby.

Autoriteti osht hija e ditunîs.

Authority is the shadow of knowing.

Cut the bullshit and bullshiters.

…edhe iu përgjigj: “Pshtofsh prej emrit tond!”

…and the old new man answered: “May you be saved from your own name!”

Emocioni osht pjesa e dhimbshme e iluzionit.

Emotion is the painful part of illusion.

Shkenca nuk osht kurrgjo tjetër veçse pasqyrim i sakt i dukunîve q’i i ka krijû Perendija.

Science is nothing more than precise mirroring of the phenomena created by God.

Njeri osht kompletû kur asnji rreth s’mundet me përthekû.

Zoti kôft livdû.

When human is complete, no circle can compete.

Sa ma shum rrathve iu takon, qaq ma fminôr osht njeri.

The more circles one belongs, the more infantile is.

Ose bota t’a dikton kuptimin, ose kuptimi t’a ndriçon botën.

Either the world dictates the meaning, or the meaning illuminates the world.

Shkolla edhe politika jon t’njejta: Kurr nuk e japin ato q’i e premtôjn.

School and politics are the same: Both promise and don’t deliver.

Njeri, ku e ka pikën e përkuljes, qaty e ka idhullin.

Man, wherever is his bowing point, therein lies his idol.

To a meaningful man, everything has meaning.

Shkolla osht poligoni i kerreve me baterija, e cila shitet për pistë t’aeroplanave.

Livadh ngujimi ku edukim osht konopi i kopêve.

Me kullôt, po se po, po edhe limitin sa me kullôt.

Lavdu kôft Zoti. Mjeshtri i dijes.

Kur un jom = un s’jom => shpyrti knon, jehon e ndriçon.

When I am = I am not => the soul sings the light you got.

Praise be to the light upon light.

God of true insight.




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