~ Pasul / Bean


You can easily address things you are beyond from.

Science is the first misunderstanding of academics.

Inspiration is a saying without expiration.

State is a boat in the desert, filled with people who are told stories of a great storm outside.

Me t’rastîs m’i fôl përdôre naj politiqarit, duhet m’i lâ dûrt 7 here me sapun, edhe me harxhû 1 shishe anti-bakterial.

If it happens to shake hands with a politician, one must wash the hands 7 times with soap, and totally spend out 1 bottle of anti-bacterial.

Nuk osht marre mos me dît. Marre osht m’u bo kishe po din. E dyta osht mjeshtrija e shumicës t’njerzve t’shkollûm.

Not knowing is not shame. Shame is pretending to know. The latter is the mastery of the most schooled people.

Kontaminimi shoqnôr ka ârdh n’at nivel, q’i veç gaz-maskave iu ka ârdh réni m’i vnû.

Social contamination has reached such level, that only gas-masks have remained to be used.

Nji popull injorant përher e idealizon nji vend n’lindje a perëndim.

An ignorant populace always idealizes a place east or west.

A good work brings you home.

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Titles that the system gives you, make you heavy……..burden you……….until they drown you.

Titujt q’i t’i jep sistemi, t’rondôjn…….t’rondôjn……..derisa t’fundosin.

Today’s society needs to look more at animals, in order to restore the basics of life education.

Nuk mundesh me kôn ma i mîr se koftlargi n’lojën e tij. Prandaj, provo m’u bo njeri.

You cannot be better than the devil in his own game. Hence, try to become human.

Appreciate what you don’t understand.

When you live for illusions, you will be disillusioned.

School is the unspoken concensus to make everybody feel that they know something.

The most inhuman thing to do, is to call the person by the profession.

Njeri n’rreth q’i fôl për drejtsî, osht si bylbyli q’i knon n’kafaz.

A person within the circle who speaks about justice, is like the bird singing within the cage.

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Vetdija osht vazhdimsî e syhapjeve. Pasul

Awareness is a continuum of eye-openings.

Pjesa ma e mîr e monologut, osht dialogu me veten.

The best part of monologue is the dialogue with the self.

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You can run from all the world, but you cannot run from yourself.

Prej krejt dynjâs mundesh me îk, veç prej vetes nuk mundesh.

In a healthy society, enlightement is not exception, but rather a normal natural occurrence.

Kur mungon féllsija, çdo buxhîll e keqkupton për deti.

When one lacks deepness, every pond is mistaken for the sea.

If you can’t stand the truth, stay squatting……so when it hits you, can safely fall on your ass.

Nëse s’un e duron t’vërtetën, ulu galuc……..n’mnýr q’i kur t’qepon, mundesh me ra leht n’zuz t’böthes.

Nuk ka vetdije kolektive ma t’ult se nacionalizmi.

There is no lower collective consciousness than nationalism.

Rrethi osht e vetmja dukuní jonormale shoqnôre. Fatkeqsisht, ma e shpêshta.

Circle is the only abnormal social occurrence. Unfortunately, the most frequent.

Komplikimi osht e vetmja gjâ e cila e bon injorantin m’u nî i menqëm.

Complication is the only thing that makes the ignorant feel smart.

Deepness is immune to the time.

Kur nuk je vetja, kuptimi i jetës osht, keqkuptimi.

When you’re not yourself, the understanding of life is, misunderstanding.

Belief that “State” is self-correcting mechanism, has led all revolutionary men and women into self-slaughter.

E vërteta nuk i konvenon shumicës, sepse shumica jon t’korrumptûm.

Truth doesn’t suit majority, because majority are corrumpt.

The price of selling your soul in Capitalism, is the net value you get.

The price of selling your soul in Communism, is the ideology you buy.

The price of selling your soul in National-Socialism or National-Capitalism, is the flag you prostrate to.

When people talk about the people, are they sure they’re talking about humans?

Dy rregullat bâz t’suksesit absolut:

1. Mos përzîj m-t.

2. Mos rri aty ku përzihet m-t.

The two basic rules of absolute success:

1. Do not mix sh-t.

2. Do not stay where the sh-t is mixed.

The question is: Fuck or don’t fuck authority?!

Language is the shadow of light and the wall of darkness.

The newest definition of the schooled: Formal Fools – FF.

Those who do not have access to the mythological content, are absolutely blind to the systems they serve.

Ata q’i nuk kan qasje n’përmbajtjen mitologjike jon absolutisht t’verbt për sistemet t’cilave iu shërbêjn.

The system rewards the worthless. So the unconscious hint to those around looking is: Become a worthless fool and you’ll surely be rewarded well!

Well….time will tell who will be well and who will remain at the end of the well.

Praise be to GOD. The Lord of the worlds.


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~ Necklace of Wisdom


The worst variation of human is smart and wicked.

Expression is an impression waited to be heard.

People who don’t have what to do with their lives, thrive dealing with problems.

Letters are pearls in the necklace of a wise sentence.

I’m always amused by religious people who put nothing before God, exept the government.

By not mixing with the crowd, you find purity. Then you may teach the crowd harmony.

Democracy is the art of fooling people democratically.

42% of Americans were bright. The rest were left and right.

Voting is permission to let people step over you.

America may have been founded by righteous people, but surely has been hijacked by foul ones.

Social matters are so attractive to the personally unaware.

Don’t expect a sane man serve insane system.

State is the first cause of Society’s disbalance.

State is a conceptual conditioning of society, which contracepts its development.

Whomever you fear besides God, is your god.

Kujtdo q’i i tutesh pervec Zotit, e ki zot.

Know what Joseph’s name given from Pharaoh means?

In Albanian – God came near us = Zoti-erdh-pran-ne.

State is the Greatest Thief of Society.


Definitions are models that serve understanding, yet not the exact understanding of things.

State is always a sickness. And how can a sickness cure anything?

The only Case Study question remains: How come the energy of a Nation remain in the hands of the few?

No matter how bad those few are. Because in the case of State, the goodness scale is inexistent.

Only the worst, worse and bad.

Fearful man is not capable of judgment.

Accepting the limits of Society is not Socialization. It is a programmed stagnation.

I shkrêt osht njêri i mîr e i pavým.

Language is the shield of the unaware …and the sword of the aware.

Been warning Kosovars about Soros’ puppies among Albanians for a long time. Now they may smell where do they dwell. Newsdiaper, TV, anyone?

These 17 yrs Kosovar Albanians were working all-together for repeating the past. So now their diapers need change from the own investment.

Funny listening supremacist Semites crying Anti-Semitism.

The system has power only upon those souls who have within them parts of that system.

Language is the color of the blind.

“Everything the government promises is an illusion. Everything it says is a lie. Everything it has, it has stolen.”~ Nietzsche.

Words are lenses.

Either light aligns the words, or the words distort the light.

Now you understand why the language is the color of the blind.

You know why politicians never mention real quality education?

- Because they’d be left without congregation.

State is a placebo drug which masses think they cannot live without.

Education is nothing else but getting conscious over the unconscious processes.

…until you surrender everything you thought you knew.

Edukimi nuk osht asgjâ tjetër veçse m’u bô i vetdîjshëm për proceset e pavetdîjshme.

…derisa t’a dorzon krejt cka mendon.

It’s not that the people do not believe the Scripture. It’s that they do not understand, to the point of believing it.

Ad hominem is a must when all they have is Ad populum.

You’ll know the enemy after you know yourself, and your friends too.

Long time Slavery leaves far more hope for a bit of its reduction than for Liberty.

When you invest in an one sided system, the other side of the same system rises parallely. What makes it apparent is its hit.

Let go your children in the love of God, and God shall bring them to you enlightened.

…as Moses’ mother did in the stream of water.

Let our deed be the bridge of our communication, and not our communication a talk of other’s deeds.

Even the most wicked are being surprised by the wickedness of their own system.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect” ~ Mark Twain

Long time weak educational system + corrumpt politics, what did expect, a Prophet?

Trump’s victory reminds me of the first Foreman-Frazier match.

When you build a house for crows, you can’t expect a singing bird to climb it.

Hillary Clinton unconsciously exposes Flat Earth: “Someone will break the highest glass ceiling”. The Dome.

As long as there is no way out, each and every state-system is a dictature on its own unright.

Since I can remember, the American public was obsessed with the word “Change”. Now they got Trump. He changed the expectations of most. Next time they should try for “Changeless”.

Iu ka qît pûn Trumpi poltronave t’Kosovës, me ndrrû dildon.

The system always sends its participants to the ultimate choice:

- Which sh!t smells less?

The system is never the problem. The presupossitions of the system, are.

If the presupossitions are the manger, the system is the grass and the majority, the sheep.

Individual is the best product the system can facilitate.

The system is the clothe of people’s unconsciousness.

All stories have as many sides as the storyteller has faces.

Do your stories define you or do you encompass your stories?

That’s the question.

Rrethi osht manifestimi ma i mîr i krizës t’identitetit.

Circle is the best manifestation of identity crisis.

People are looking to validate their values in the circles they spin. And when they can’t, they change circle. Usually from mud, to garbage.

Ditunija e shprehun n’nivel Artistik, osht Urtsî.

Knowledge expressed on the Artistic level, is Wisdom.

Circle is always the bush in which the idolater counts to hide.

Mîrsjellja nuk osht njerzî. Ajo osht sipërfaqja e njerzîs.

Politeness is not humanity. It is the surface of humanity.

Presuppositions of Reality are always crushed by Reality.

“Çashtja Madhore” osht distorzioni i njerit t’vogël.

“Great Cause” is the distortion of the small man.

Soon in Vegas each roulette is going to be replaced by a globe.

…so you can spin and bet bs all day and night long.

What do the Banking System and Astronomy have in common?

- Complicated bullshit to confuse the masses over the simple things.

The more you’re programmed, the easier you are enslaved.

There’s always a time between two wars.

State is the Religion of Soul-less Intellectuals.

Pomposity is necessity where the knowledge is not imperative.

The surest recipe for failing any Society is the combination of State + Banks.

State is a legislation passed by people who don’t know what they’re passing, enforced by people who don’t know what they’re enforcing, upon the people who don’t know whom they’re serving.

This world is a great incubator for those who are becoming humans and the greatest trap for those who look human, but aren’t.

History will remember America as the fastest civilization used to be.

Personal mask is the best deal between what you don’t want people to know about you vs. what they know about you.

To lead a successful Life you have to say Goodbye as much as you say Hello.

Shteti osht narko-mafija e ideollogjîs.

State is the narco-mafia of ideology.

Trust is the deepness of Experience.

Those who trust deeply, experience.

Experience is trust-deep-essence.

Besimi osht thellsija e Përjetimit.

Ata q’i thell besôjn, përjetôjn.

Përjetimi osht thell-besimi.

The less involvement with the circles of Society, the straighter the judgment.

Politics is the last symptom of a Society’s problems. That’s why politicians fail continuously.

Politika osht simptomi i fundit i problemeve t’nji shoqnije. Prandaj politiqârt vazhdimisht dështôjn.

Each Religion is a Sect on its own.

The beauty when you present something true is that people cannot follow you.

Matrix takes care that everyrything that is not normal or natural appears normal or even mandatory.

Shoqnija osht pengesa për zhvillimin e shoqnîs.

Society is the obstacle for developing the society.

Purity is when you don’t share anything with the world, save the Lord.

Njeri q’i s’i ka sýt e vet, s’ka as gjykim t’vetin.

Man that lacks the own eyes, lacks the own judgment.

Feedback-i ma i mîr i qenjes tonde, osht jeta jote.

The best feedback of your being, is your life.

Njerzt pa autoritet, vûjn për autoritet.

People without authority, crave for authority.

You cannot change the system, but you can save yourself from it.

Problemet e mâjn gjâll mediokritetin.

Problems keep mediocrity alive.

Nowadays the only place where you can’t see the globe painted is on the toilet paper…….there where it needs to be.

Voting is a process where sheep vote for the sheep, hoping that their fur won’t be sheared anymore.

Votimi osht proces ku delet votôjn për delet, me ymyt q’i mô nuk ia u rrûjn leshin.

State is always a matter of foolishness. No matter how academically you may want to wrap it.

Society is a puzzle with each piece seeking to find its place.

N’rastin ma t’mîr feja osht deformimi i fjâlës t’Zotit.

In the best case religion is the deformation of the word of God.

Nji hap i vërtêt osht sa dhetmîj hapa t’rrejshëm.

One true step is as ten thousand false ones.

The unaware about the own self can never understand the deepness of the Word of God.

Either inspired, or expired action.

The straight lets everyone become as the own original self, from the being to the seeing.

The corrumpt turns everyone around as the own corrumpt self, from the look to the movement.

Nëse nuk je luftâr s’kî çka me lýp n’kët bôt, sepse padyshim kî me përfundû si skllav.

If you’re not a warrior there’s no place for you in this world, for you’ll surely end up as a slave.

Rrethi osht bashkimi n’bâz t’vlerave t’korrumptûme.

Circle is the gathering based on corrumpt values.

Rrethi yt, kusuret e tua.

Your circle, your sins.

Most need a paragraph to say something smart, is like spending 70 bullets on a single target.

Shumicës për me thôn diçka t’mençme i vyn nji paragraf, osht sikur m’i gjujt 70 plumba për me rrôk nji shéj.

Fools want foolishness. Just more of it.

Awaiting to get PhD so you may do something is like waiting to get 60 to get married.

Me prît me bô PhD për me ia nîs me výjt diçka osht sikur me prît m’i bo 60 vjet për m’u martû.

Phd’s and Masters should be a byproduct of your work and not vice versa.

Because, the latter ain’t happening.

Pursuing titles and diplomas is akin to turning on the higher voltages in the Milgram experiment.

Another prostration to a silent ignorant agreement.

Ateizmi osht feja ma e përhapun n’mesin e injorantve.

Atheism is the most spread religion in the midst of ignorants.

State: Systemic idiots produced systematically from the system designed by idiots.

Shteti: Idiotet sistemik t’prodhûm sistematikisht prej sistemit t’dizajnûm prej idiotve.

Fake prestige is the currency that corrumpts far more than money.

The more circles you belong, the more centres you prostrate.

State is the blackbox of society, albeit painted with white.

Shteti osht forca ma e zêz e shoqnîs.

State is the darkest force of society.

Majority of people are unaware robots ready to be triggered by their programming.

Corrumpt Society consists of 95% Non-responsive fools, 4.9% of the ruling wicked and 0.1% of those who know and do.

State is an imposed unilateral agreement between the rulers and society.

Shteti osht marrveshja e njianshme e imponûme mes sundimtârve e shoqnîs.

Fighting the system after taking all the titles the system offers, is like asking for virginity back after you’re 60.

StuPhD? ……..yeah sure.

Only God can supply the truth.

Not religion, nor school, let alone state.

Free people say Goodbye easier than Hello.

The less you mix with people, the more human you are.

The foolish have been warned. Later, they’ll be alarmed.

When you have any original song, it’s waaay easier to sing other’s songs.

But when you don’t, then you become as religious people citing verses from Scriptures.

People do not enter Religion because they’re believers, but because they’re Sceptics and Doubtful.

….and so remain.

E keqja ma s’shpeshti mshefet n’émën t’mirës.

The name of goodness is where badness hides most often.

The first step to pursue the truth is to set all tradition to zero.

Religion is the cradle of the unaware.

Kosova osht minjêr e injorancës.

Kosova is a mine of ignorance.

Shpyrtnat e vjetër kur nuk jon n’modin e përparimit, jon n’modin e kamufllimit.

Ata i mshefin pjêst e papërparûme.

Old souls when not in the mode of improvement, are in the mode of camouflage.

They hide their unimproved areas.

School at best produces logical idiots.

Vlera ma e nâlt e injorantit përher osht fôrm.

The highest value of ignorant is always a form.

Kushdo q’i nuk i shërben Pérenîs, osht bërllog reciklues.

Whoever doesn’t serve the Lord, is a recycling trash.

Idhujtarija osht kur shqisat t’a bllokôjn zemrën.

Idolatry is when senses block your heart.

Nëse edukimi osht trupi i njêrit, shkolla eventualisht t’mson qysh m’i krêh flôkt.

If the human body is education, school eventually teaches you how to comb your hair.

People without intelligence talk in the name of institution.

Government is the Sleight of Hand: Dumb Education produces Numb Population.

…which is all they need.

Njerzt i njekin kusuret e veta.

Edhe kusuret e tyne i njekin njerzt.

People follow their sins.

And the own sins follow the people.

Formal education is the most unsuccessful tool to heal complexes.

In fact, it zooms them.

Praise be to God. The Healer.


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~ Shinning Falcon’s Pen.


What’s it like when you don’t remember anything anyone said?

Try it, you may spout a word on your own.

Disbelief is a belief put contrary to the God’s flow.

Media is the best hypnotic amplifier.

Idol is a belief that prevents the Light of God.

Identity is not sought in this world. This world is a shade of Identity.

Artist osht ai q’i t’bon me ndjê Perendîn.

Artist is the one who makes you experience The One.

You have only one mouth to say one truth which comes from one heart.

A pagan sees as a solution only another paganism for a pagan problem, to begin with.

Independent country is the place where its people are independent from that country.

Do you know such a place?

Vend i pamvarun osht ai vend njerzt e t’cilit jon t’pamvarun prej atij vendi.

A dini naj vend t’tîll?

Poem: ~ Vazhdoni… https://t.co/dCLGaZw1V2

“When I am outside of you, life is torment.” ~ Rumi.

FRESH: Lira’s Lullaby. https://t.co/cRFZCjC5rt

Paganism is the hopeless spinning towards the centre of a Society’s Circle.

State Pagan, Religious Pagan or School Pagan. The choiceless state for each member of Society’s mediocrity.

Don’t forget the possible combinations of the above.

Words are the shadow of our being.

Koran and Torah are two wings of the same Eagle.

Quality of work is the Signature of your Truthfulness.

The question – Who do you Serve? – uncovers far more about your being than – Who am I? or who am I becoming.

There are two groups of people who proudly do not want to open their eyes:

1. Academia,

2. Religious people.

And that’s a real paradox………if you think about it.

Koran 2:183 …fasting has been decreed for you as it was decreed for those before you, …

Who were before? – Christians and Jews.

How much do they fast? – Few number of days. At most 10.

Koran 2:184  A few number of days

Thus the matter is concluded.

Now if you wish, you can fast 6 months without stopping. Noone stops you in that.

But don’t say one month.

You have only one mouth to say one truth.

America is a prime example of a Non-human System.

Flamuri osht dildoja e Albinit.

Flag is the dildo of Nationalist.

The proportion between routine and creativity is the coefficient of truthfulness in life.

Proud & Fool…. that’s the usual combination.

Non-human systems have one goal: To make you busy with basic existential matters, so that you never find out who thou are and whom to serve.

Praying to Jesus instead of God is like thinking the window is the light.

Bayrams and Christmas are established Pagan parties.

Feja osht zgjidhje e përkohshme për ata q’i s’kan kôh me mendû.

Religion is a temporary solution for those who don’t have time to think.

7 Pytje per Muslimont e sodit:

1. Sa prej juve gjykoni me Kuran (si muslimon q’i jeni)?

2. Ku osht Bajrami si fêst n’Kuran?

3. Kur jon ditët e ninimit me Kuran edhe Tevrat?

4. Qysh matet koha me Kuran edhe Tevrat?

5. Sa dit jon për m’u ninû?

6. Kur ia fillon viti me Kuran edhe Tevrat?

7. Kur osht Nata e Madhe me Kuran edhe Tevrat?

7 Intelligence Questions for today’s claimed Monotheistic Religion:

1. How many of you judge by the Koran alone?

2. Where is Bayram as feast in Koran?

3. When are the fasting days in Koran and Torah?

4. How is the time measured by Koran and Torah?

5. How many days are dedicated to fasting?

6. When does the year begin with Koran and Torah?

7. When is the Great Night by Koran and Torah?

The answers you may find in this Book: the Natural Time Measurement.

Formal school is an empty gun, without aim.

The verse of Koran that exposes religious people:

12:106 And most of them will not believe in God except while setting up partners.

I’ve got no hobby. Everything I do professionally.

Post-war PhD’s in Kosova have reminded Pre-war PhD’s how fake they are.

When religious mass talks about remembering God, the rare who are lost in His Presence, are not seen.

We need heroes that are not trying to be heroes.

Arrogance is the antidote of massive ignorance.

Bank Robbery is a Reverse State Robbery.

Honest Politicians’ approach: “We promise that we won’t steal from you, other than what we have already stolen via taxes.”

State is a bunch of idiots sniffing hypocrisy of each-other’s ass.

“Shteti e zé leprin me kerr”…….leprin, po jo skyfterin.

“State catches the rabbit via car”…….rabbit, but not the falcon.

The reason why people don’t talk (let alone do) is:

1. FEAR.

2. Being part of the same manger.

OR Both Combined.

Your Life is as your content is. Empty your content, fulfill Your Life.

From all complexes, the Academic Complex is the worst. For they can sense that they don’t know, yet are dragged by their titles below.

In purity, the circle of Society exists to play but Not to mix or blend with it.

Flag is the greatest Seductress. It seduces people to get stuck on its peg.

I like the indefinitely definite articles. And the definitely indefinite as well.

State + Idiot = Statediot.

Zgjidhje osht ajo q’i funksionon pa u imponû.

When stuff works without imposing, that’s Solution.

Praise be to God. The Absolute Lord.


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~ Words of Peressence


Anyone can Perform. Rare can Peressence.

The Real Performace is Peressence.

Perform is to get the intent stuck on the form.

Peressence (original word insterted by the author) is to get focused in the source of all forms.

Intellect wants to know. The heart says – Shhhh, keep quiet and follow what’s revealed to me.

Heartless education is full-brain deviation.

The question is not are you Left or Right, but Are You Straight Human?!

It is Everyone’s moral obligation Not to be part of anything that Spins.

Artist is no more and no less than a channel of truth.

Religion is the obstacle to the Lord.

School is the obstacle to Knowledge.

State is the obstacle to Liberty.

Praised be All-Mighty.

Feja osht pengesa për te Zoti.

Shkolla osht pengesa për te Ditunija.

Shteti osht pengesa për te Lirija.

Lavdû kôft Perendija.

Truth is a behaviour learned to be maintained in every moment.

Fear is Exclusive emotion Only for the Lord.

Shtet funksional osht ai q’i knon Soprano.

State that sings Soprano is a functional one.

Free People cannot be controlled in any way, other than by The Lord, alone.

Do you know anyone who has Stents inserted and is great-hearted?

Stent is the formal solution for the narrow heart.

A e dini najkon q’i ka vnû stênd e q’i osht zemërgjôn?

Stenda osht zgjjdhja formale për zemërngushtsî.

Bojkoti osht impotenca e veprimit.

Boycott is the impotence of deed.

Any fool can train the brain.

Rare can Open the Heart fully.

Artistic work is a massage for the Being……..and a message for the Soul.

Muhammad Ali, the Champ of Love, left to Rest with the Best.  2944a1c1-e045-4f1b-badb-d9c61fcbc624-1598x2040

Intellect is the Cover of Being.

Hipokrizija osht kur beson n’problem, e tenton me gjêt zgjidhje.

Hypocrisy is when you believe in problems while trying to find solutions.

The last fear of Mediocre: “But no one in the world has done that!”

…and the own parrot-mark as well.

…and the continous bark with smell.

…with them there’s no well.

Be well!

NEW Instrumental Song: Like Eyes, Like Eyebrows / Si m’ke Sŷt m’i ke Vetllathttps://t.co/laqNKSiWps

Agenda is the Only thing you think you’re driving, while it is driving you.

Stupidity is Smartness without Wisdom.

True Man is the one who Calls on the BS of the own Circle first.

Those who complain about the State are those who are Incriminated by the State.

Do you know who get screwed the most?

- Those who want to screw with all.

Votimi osht Babadimni i t’Rrîtunve………….(me trup).

Voting is the Santa-Claus of the Grown-ups.

School produces Systemic Idiots of the System.

To be Fooled is the Unaware’s NEED.

Credible Politician’ slogan: “I promise that I’ll promise!”

Politician is the mirror of the masses and the scalpel behind them.

Newspapers are like rotten rice: You have to search much to find a (half) healthy grain.

Gazetat jon si orizi i prisht: Shum duhet me hallakât për me gjêt naj kokërr (gjys) t’shnôsh.

Donations Do the Nations.

Instead of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, clean your own shoes………..and wash your own feet.

All non-human systems are Ego-based systems. That’s why the higher in hierarchy, the more monstrous the person.

There’s no greater blessing than finding God through knowledge.

Gazeta osht ngushllîmi reciprok për Mediokritetin kolektiv.

Newspaper is a mutual condolence for the Collective mediocrity.

Edukimi Shpyrtnôr osht Frym-marrja e Ditunîs.

Spiritual Education is the breath of Knowledge.

Beauty is the sight of Truth…..and the blindness of false.

Nothing touches the Soul more than Honest Beauty.

Beauty is the vehicle of Truth.

Harmony is its cover.

NEW Video ~ Part 4: The Model of Functional Society (c)https://t.co/DaPEciUYsM

People are already United in the Presence of God, when not divided by the Circles of Society.

Someone asked: How do you know the Koran is from God?!

I answered: How do you know I’m wearing glasses?!

People are already United. Stop dividing them in the name of unification.

Real chaos is when the deluded comments another delusion.

Soul cleaning is like home cleaning: Don’t do it continously, get dusted fully!

Pastrimi shpyrtnôr osht si pastrimi i shpîs: S’pastrove vazhdimisht, t’mlon pluhni!

Stupid Spin the Stupid.

Non-human Systems are Victimizing systems: Slave is a victim of weakness, Pharaoh is a victim of power.

Sistemet Jonjerzôre jon sisteme Viktimizuese: Skllavi osht viktîm e dobsîs, Faraoni osht viktîm e fuqîs.

Any standard is a polygon towards Reality.

NEW Video ~ Part 3: The Model of Functional Society (c)https://t.co/E22hihqhSo

Circle is the Circus of Society.

Circle prevents Staightness.

Corrumpt Leaders invite: Let’s spin together.

The Upright: Let’s Straighten individually.

“…Certainly, the Remembrance of GOD is the Greatest….” ~ Koran 29:45

To Everything: Welcome All, Let go All.

Simplification is the Art of Mastery.

Shteti osht zajebencija ma serioze q’i ka ndôdh najher.

State is the most tragic comedy ever happened.

Either Suppress, or Express.

True Leader is the One whom the masses cannot follow.

Artist is anyone who can truly and honestly express the own self.

Programmed people cannot help but respond to the programming they have eaten during the life.

There are only two groups of people:

- Those Capable, and

- Those Incapable of Truth.

No-one ever was ahead of time. But, few were beyond it.

America has become a place where the highest achievement is training Corporations.

Those who teach with Programs still ain’t free.

Solitude is the best company.

Bodyguards can protect your body, but can’t protect your soul.

Truth is beauty and harmony.

Slavery is a symptom of idolatry.

If you are a man of truth, wherever you dig, you’ll find the truth.

The best way to Change the System is to not participate in it.

Homework is Schoolwork not having been done.

Any fool can quote the others.

But, rare are those who can say anything Original and of value.

Competition and Rivalry are two Monster twins of Capitalism.

In the name of Truth, Lies flourish.

Bobby Fischer knew. Real, true and honest genius.

There’s no Science without Art. There’s no Art without Science.

Influence is really In-flow-ence.

You can easily checkout the society, after you thoroughly checkin’ yourself.

State is a whorehouse which sells itself as a church.

Non-human systems are based on complexes.

Hence, the criteria for height within.

Influence is missunderstood as calling the pond a waterfall.

Everyone wants to be influential, but asserting influence while you’re not in the Divine flow,

is trapping and prisoning everyone who is in the radius of your influence.

Influence without inflowence is getting stuck in the pool of ignorance,

to think you’re swimming in water, while you swim in each-other’s pee.

Hence, influence is the flu of Conscience.

It appeals to the ego, but kills the soul.

The greatest people ever walked above this earth – the Prophets – were not influential, they were in-flow-ential.

They didn’t care how to manipulate people to join them.

But they did dare to let go the limits of society.

And whoever had the waterfall of wisdom, did non get muddy in the pond of ignorance.

Inflowence is the glow of Conscience.

Relationship and Reciprocity are the shores of the river’s flow.

Right punch, from the right person, at the right time, is a blessing.

In between forms, you find the formless.

PERESSENCE – Add this word in your dictionary English speakers!

Praise be to the Lord. The Glory of the world.


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Wisdom Beyond Circle


Fanatizmi osht hija e injorancës.

Fanaticism is the shadow of ignorance.

See photos – The Metaphor of State: How it firstly appears to be complete……….towards how fucktually is.20160212_220856

Hapi i pâr i lajmaxhîve osht m’i ballansu lajmet e kqija me t’mira.

First step of newsmen is to balance the bad news with good news.

Heavenly altitude brings the right earthly attitude.

Attitude is the beauty of truth and freedom.

Blessed is the one who is free from what the eyes can see.

Speaking Academically, if you serve what can be conceived with mind, no doubt, you’ll get fucked by your own service.

The difference among the traditional leader and enlightened path opener is that people follow the first to get what they don’t have,…while the second, more of who they already are.20160212_221056

Enlightened people are the bridge between the world and Reality.

I’m literally pissed, and illiterately happy.

~ 10 Komandat e Perendîshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAwrpBCmG-I&feature=youtu.be

Philosophers suffered in their thinking. That’s why they remained philosophers.

Hiding things is a sure way to suffer in silence.

Experience is the twister of Expectation.

Linguists are like those who split every hair on the head, but lose the woman on date.

Hypocrite is always willing to be part of two whore-houses.20160212_221106

Show to the Jews & Christians Koran, to the Muslims Torah, and see what dissagreement about the same things is about.

God is everything you don’t understand, but Experience………………..that Brings understanding.

Zoti osht krejt çka s’kupton, po e Përjeton……………..edhe e bjen kuptimin.

Servants of the Matrix actually think they’re working! Isn’t that an ufortunate case for the whole plainness of the Earth?

The reason why we’re here is to, become human. And because of here, failure is a HUGE option.

Fascination of the intellect-stuck is on the brain. Fascination of the free souls is nearest to the heart.

School ought to be the most fun experience you ever had, yet is neither fun, nor experience.

…just ask any kid.

Truth is not sure. It is pure.20160212_221140

Mos e prish ato q’i e sheh, me ato q’i je t’u e mendû….as mos e ndreç.

Don’t ruin what you see with what you think….nor build it.

Ankesa osht kânga e viktimës.

Complaint is the victim’ song.

Vepra t’a shplon qenjen.

Deed uncovers the being.

NEW: Simple Song of Freedomhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gbxxWdrF2Y

State is the blackbox of society sold as concert hall ticket.

Corrumption begins when the silence covers the freedom.

As long as the best individuals are in function of the state, the state turns that function into a dysfunction for the own people.

I don’t play with people. I play with their idolatry.

School produced stress-masters incapable of any mastery.

Fear guards the truth. Love releases it.

The idea of free mainstream media to-day, is a successive, dependent, fear-based behaviour between the parts of the same enslavement chain.

Stupidity and fearfulness are the left and the right hand of ignorance.

I like basic questions. They always solve complex problems.

Truth is attained only when you surrender your mind, together with your senses.

State is the most unintelligent structure of any society.

That’s why they need intelligence agencies, to remind them what they lack.

To-day, every teacher of every educational level knows that getting titles and diplomas will not get you smarter nor wiser.

If that is so, why the f*** does school even exist?

Words are the shadow of experience.

The truth is the virgin experience of your being.

Schooled illiterate is the man who knows reading-writing, but does not understand anything said. That’s sad.

Nepismen i shkollûm osht njeri q’i din shkrim-lexim e s’kupton kurrgjo.

E vërteta nuk lypet me mendje. E vërteta lypet me zemer.

The truth is not sought with mind. The truth is sought with heart.

Wise words are streetlights…….of different streets.

Inspirations of the Prophets are the sun and the moon themselves.

“Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex” ~ Frank Zappa.

NLP as a model has failed since its beginnings, because it couldn’t replicate the essence of what was set to model.

Hence, it ended up producing much, much more monsters than humans. And for that, the credit goes to its founders.

Too many people spend time on what others are doing. Focus on what they’re not and there-in put your dot.

There’s no political philosophy. Anywhere where politics enters, it gets rotten-ity.

Hypnotist’s dilemma is when Awareness knocks the door.

My pen is music, my ink is love. Each word, a world………..all towards Reality.

When national enemies talk about international friends, one must stop and consider who is who.

Kur armiqt kombtâr fôlin për miqt ndërkombtâr, duhet m’u nâl e me shqyrtû se kush, kush osht.

Unfortunately for both, except the already dropped bombs and the fake independence, US cannot offer anything of value for Kosova.

All Kosova needs now is what America lacks, big time: True education and content people with decent living.

To remember humor and for the sake of humanity, every academic should be made for: 2 snorts, 1 fart and 2 loud belches in front of the audience.

Stupidity is contagious, wisdom is purifying, ignorance is terrifying.

Praise be to the Lord of all healing.


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~ The Story of the Letter


Let me tell you a story about a letter that didn’t fit in a word.

The word kept kept ranting over and over again how the letters within make sense only through it, yet it was that letter that was keeping everything intact.

It had a grace through which all the other letters shone as if the truth was holding onto it. VM

Howdy! ….said another sentence.

Why don’t you tell us your meaning dear word?

- That’s because I cannot hold the meaning, yet the meaning holds me, replied the word a bit humbled.

A word bragged and another was dragged by it. Both were thinking that they made the sentence smart, yet it was the wisdom that they were seeking, but not finding……yet.

It was hidden in between letters. It was precisely that wise letter that stood apart since beginning yet chose to remain hidden in between the rest.


“Stand up” said the meaning.

Get up and surrender the rest, that’s the best for you, if you knew.

The word stood silent for a while and the letter kept its mouth shut, while in between letters the meaning came nudging its purpose.

It was thinking whether to let go the word and pray to the Lord, or keep the word and brag about the world.

It was a tough decision. All of the life it has been swirling among those sentences which made one look dense, but kept things tense. That’s because rotten things cannot be mixed with good stuff. Like oil and water.

The dream of the letter to get mixed as the sesame and honey made it hope to believe that being and living were among those words. But, sentences and paragraphs kept pushing the fake stillness between the lost.

So lost that the needs and desires were mistaken for guidance.

So lost that the forests of beliefs were mistaken as forks of the railroad.

The letter kept remaining silent and pondering while wondering.

It had a little time to wander more, cause the life of these ages was pointing towards old time.

Old time and timeless grace. The letter’s shinning face kept blooming like spring’s waterfall.

It was resilient a bit whether to let go all and let G-d of all, or remain within the rest of meaningless sentences sounding as intelligent nonsense.

The timing keeps ticking, and every soul shall taste death.

To the rotten sentences the taste shall be bitter.

To the blessed words it shall be a delightful continuum.

And to the one trick pony letter, ……. well……….

It shall decide alone, after the Lord alone decides.

Peace, and Praise be to God.


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~ The edge of knowledge


Devastation is the path from limitation to limitation.

Dhurata ma e madhe q’i mundesh me ia bo fmîs, osht me investû n’Prezencën e Perendîs.

The greatest gift you can give to your child is investing it the Presence of God.

Ose mirresh me politîk, ose mirresh me edukim. Me te dyjat s’mundesh m’u mârr sepse bohesh pjesmarrës n’krim.

Either politics or education, those who do both are the source of devastation.

Only you can change yourself.

Shoqnija, sa ma e politizûme, qaq ma e paditun e e paedukûme.

Society, the more politized, the less knowledgable and the more uneducated.

Kur kryeministri kqyret me t’njejtin sy sikur puntôrt e komunës q’i e pastrôjn bërllogin, ai vend ka përparû.

Korrumpsioni osht struktûr qenjësore e formësûme sipas devijimit t’vlerave.

Corrumption is a stucture of being formed according to the deviation of values.

Gjuha nuk osht kuptimi. Ajo osht sipërfaqja e tij.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendî.

The language is the surface of meaning.

Sistemi i vërtêt vetvërtetohet.

True system self-prooves.

Fataliteti osht kur takohet rrethi me rreth.

Fatality is when a circle meets a circle.

Drejtza mrenda rrethit osht burg i vazhdueshëm.

The straight line inside the circle is a continuous prison.

Njeri, sa ma i paedukûm, qaq ma i politizûm osht.

Man, the less educated, the more politized.

Honesty of expression dictates the mastery of performance.

Kryesisht idhujtari nuk e din q’i osht idhujtâr, prandaj osht njeri i pavetdijshëm.

Mainly an idolater doesn’t know that is being so, that’s why he is unaware.

Ignorance is the imposed sum of un-needed limits in life.

Education is preventing the interference of ignorance.

Superioriteti përher burim e ka inferioritetin.

Inferioriteti përher osht simptom i dëshirës për me kôn superiôr.

Superiority has always as the source inferiority.

Inferiority always is a symptom of the desire to become superior.

Feja osht fabrika ma e madhe e idhujtarîs, mas shkollës.

Religion is the greatest fabric of idolatry, after the school.

When there is meaning, there is seeing.

Edukimi osht procesi i shërimit nga krejt smundjet e injorancës.

Education is the process of healing from all diseases of ignorance.

Shkollimi nuk osht model i suksesshëm i edukimit.

Schooling in no way is a successful model of education. On the contraty. Totally failed one.

The more educated one is, the more is aware of God.

Mjeshtër ditunije osht veç ai njeri q’i ka Prezênc Perendije.

Master of knowledge is only the person who is in the Presence of the Master of Existence.

Every beginning has an end and every end is a new beginning.

Praise be to GOD. The Lord of the worlds.


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~ Educational Aspect of the First Commandment


Among other benefits, the first commandment of the Lord is the key of accessing Infinite Creativity that created everything in the heavens and the earth.

Learning to focus on the God alone, gradually opens up the petals of the limits of the mind, and the bees of knowledge get inspired after the own pollen of wisdom.

Instead of worshiping forms, forms bow and become toys of endless new playings.

Most people kneel, bow and prostrate to the own limits.

Getting beyond them is not easy game, but worthy the meaning of Life.

- Do not set anything before the Lord.

Otherwise you become stupid.

Now the choice is yours. Be another doll in the fabric of dellusion, or be completely free and begin to do what you are meant to.

There’s no good work without freedom.

And there’s no freedom as long as statues and idols stand between you and the Lord of the heavens and the earth.

No good work has been ever done by an enslaved man. Every person who has left a legacy to the world, has been and is – Free.

Praise be to God. The All-Mighty.


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~ Wisdom of freedom


IMAG1872Tuta ma e madhe e njerzve t’pamrrîm osht mos pe merr vesh bota kush pernime jon.

Prandaj, desin për edhe prej maskave q’i i kan ndërtû.

Zoti kôft livdû.

Besimi osht i vetmi mjet manipulimi.

Whoever deviates the course of straightness, receives the curse of circle.

The circles become obvious, when you straighten yourself.

Ditunija osht e kufizûme qaq sa e kufizon njeri vetën me mendjen e tij.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendî.

Ditunija osht intuicioni, intelekti osht rezoni.

Truth cannot based upon conviction.

Conviction upon the truth, yes.

Truth stands on its own.

To the unaware: The question is not is there a God, but are you living in His Presence?

Kush ka ndërgjegje, ka edhe përgjegje.

Njeri i paditun, kur mrrîn te kufini, i dorzohet kufinit. N’vend se me dorzû kufinin.

As your judgment, so your life.

Problemi ma i madh i njerit osht kur mishnohet me rregullat e njerit.

Experience what you seek to understand.

Doubt always asks: Are you sure?

Pozitat e punës jon tentimi për shërim i njerzve me mungês autoriteti.

Pozita osht premtimi q’i nuk përmbûsh.

Njeri e don qato q’i e rahaton.

I dobti e mbron t’dobtin.

Nëse t’dobtin e mbrôn, atij ia përforcon dobsîn.

Nëse dobsîn ia qet n’pah, atëher eventualisht ia gjôn edhe terapîn.

Corrupt people follow corrupt systems.

The system is a match of human content 100%.

Komplekset jon kritere q’i klithin m’u plotsû.

Zoti kôft livdû.

I vetmi q’i mundet m’i shërû.

Katastrofa ma e madhe osht kur politeizmit i thuhet monoteizëm.

Njeri, sa ma infantil, qaq ma egoist. Sepse kur t’a mbûsh moshën fizike, kqyr përmes egos me kompenzû mungesën e pjekunîs.

E krejt çka ka n’dispozicion osht intelekti edhe puzzle-at e maskave.

Problemi me kredit osht përhere te ata q’i nuk ia dorzôjn kreditin Zotit. Atyne, ose iu vjedhet krediti, ose i myt krediti i vet.

Circumstances are circles that are ready to spin whoever is not upright and straight. Circum … Circle.

Circumstances dictate the being of those who have not circumcised stupidity.

Po bone me t’poshtrin kompromis, përfundon ma i poshtër se ai.

Veç kush o 0 mundet me përjetû numrin 1.

The mastery is not in hitting the target, but in straightening the eye.

Logic is the shadow of knowledge.

Geniuses open the doors, the rest walk in and out.

Njeri osht i bukur, qaq sa mirret me gjana t’bukura. Njeri osht i mîr, qaq sa mirret me gjana t’mira.

Me çka merresh, qato e jep.

Vepra nuk matet sipas “njetit”, po sipas rezultatit.

Injorantit përher sukseset i bohen bârr. Edhe i shkaktôjn vârr. Edhe nëse s’ka fiqir, e çôjn n’vorr.

Njeri q’i s’t'jep jêt kur t’ia lshon syt, ai osht njeri i dekt për s’gjalli.

What I do and say is not perfect, but it’s perfectly me.

It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly me.

Ai q’i kthehet n’gjenezën e krijimit, e pret rahat diten e gjykimit.

Kur puna përdoret si mehlem për kompleks ather ajo osht e pavlefshme.

Kokfortësija n’funksion t’zemërbutsîs, osht e vlefshme.

Sistemi hyjnôr i edukimit, tokat i bon hyje, me zbukurim Perendije.

Cilado çashtje osht e vogël n’Prezencën e Zotit t’madh.

Conviction is no substitute for the truth, but rather a mean to arrive to it.

Koftlargi i ka qef kornizat e kufizûme, q’i m’i mshêl aty robt e tij.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendî.

Don’t say “Come to the truth”, but – allow the truth to come to you.

Only God, with NO AND and NO END.

Secili nivel n’piramîd, llupën e deluzionimit e ka ma t’trâsh se tjetra.

Prandaj maja e saj osht deluzionimi suprem i asaj strukture.

Me nji vend mundesh me gjêt ma shum dijamanta se sa njerz q’i i shërbêjn Zotit.

Injorantët jon uzurpatôr t’fjâlve. Edhe uzurpohen prej tyne.

Nuk ka vend ma t’mîr se muzika, për me ia nî zemrën e njerit.

Derisa fêt jon çashtje lokale, e vërteta osht çashtje univerzale.

Real education focuses on how not to think, rather than how to think.

Ata q’i ngriten prej pozitës, ngulen prej asaj pozite.

Surrender everything you know, and let your soul glow.

Being smart is not interesting anymore. It is time to become wise.

Shkrimet e shéjta jon ABCja e gjykimit.

Noone can teach you the truth. That you have to find yourself.

Rrezja feedback: Ti sa here t’prêk i prêk ekstremet, edhe vetes ia then rekordet.

Njeri pshton qaq sa Zotin e kujton.

Njeri herëdokûr ka m’i adresu dobsît e veta. N’pleqnî osht vakti ma i shtîr. N’rinî osht vakti ma i mîr.

Sistemet rrethore nuk jon zgjidhje drejtsije.

Kallzon çfar problemi ki, t’kallzoj çfar niveli je. ~ Rrezarta Xhaferi

The problems you have dictate the level you are. ~ Rrezarta Xhaferi

Njerzt e vegjël i zmadhôjn gjanat. Njerzt e mdhej, i zvoglôjn ato.

School is the systematic production of unaware people.

Meaning is the cursor of seeing.

The less idols, the nearer to the truth.

Njeri kupton veç çka i intereson.

Modernizimin e muzikës nuk mundet me bo ai q’i nuk osht mjeshtër i burimit t’asaj muzike.

Njeri nuk mun me kôn kreativ, po përçues i kreativitetit, q’i osht Perendija.

Historija osht feedback-i ma i mîr i t’tashmes edhe i t’ardhmes t’nji populli.

Qysh ëndrron kurva për respekt, qashtu njeri i paditun ëndrron për autoritet.

True system is not build, but it is found. Because it is already built in the genesis of Creation.

The own mindset, the own mindfuck.

You are the meaning of your deed.

Krejt çka don me mrrî n’jêt e ki mrenda vetës.

Lavdû kôft Zoti i t’vërtetës.

Trying to find the truth with an isolated scripture is like trying to paint with single color of the rainbow.

The world is full of lies to support your true bullshit.

Çka t’sillet mrenda t’shtin m’u sîll jasht.

Kuptimi osht kompletimi i veprimit.

Meaning is the completion of doing.

Me dôr t’hekurt e mban pozitën njeri i ndryshkt.

Nuk osht problemi m’i pâs ondrrat e parealizume. Problemi osht m’i pâs ondrrat e diktûme.

Lavdû kôft Zoti. Realiteti.


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