~ Sissytems


Don’t get used to drink water from other’s hand palms.

Find your own spring!

And then become a waterfall of inspiration.

Slavery is not about dumbing down the masses, but about numbing down the masses.

Basically, each structure of society is here for your own screwing.

Ata q’i jon n’gjum nuk dôjn m’i çu pi gjumit, po m’i përkûnd, q’i m’i shtî n’gjum edhe ma t’fêll.

Those who are asleep do not want to get awakened, but to swing them, so they may get in even deeper sleep.

Njerzt e pakompletûm lypin kopê për strehim.

Incomplete men seek herds for shelter.

You know what’s fun? -To put the self claimed masters in the kindergarten.

Those who think that reading a book is all there is to be known.

Books are an instrument, which become an orchestra the deeper the heart you reach.

Çdo rreth shoqnije osht struktûr poshtërsije.

Every circle of society lacks sobriety.

Schooling system is driven by the incomplete men: The fabric of crippling generations.

System is fought within yourself.

The extent where the man can go to appear knowledgeable is staggering:

- To read books just so the others may not put them in the position of the pupil!

Për çashtje madhore duhet gjykimi i fmîs.

For grandiose issues you need the judgment of child.

Burgu osht kur je në mshîrën e kufijve.

Prison is being in the mercy of limits.

Terapija ma e mîr për shërimin personal osht ninimi prej shoqnîs.

The best therapy for personal healing is fasting from society.

Sistemi përher tenton me t’manipulû në mangësît e tua.

System always aims to manipulate you in your lackings.

Edukimi i vërtêt ka t’bâj me variantën tonde ma t’mîr q’i gjenet t’a ofrôjn.

True education has to do with the best variation of you that your genes provide.

“Truth does not become error just because nobody believes it”. ~ Ghandi

History is a movie played from the half, where those who respond are sold for those who cause.

Historija osht film i lshûm pi gjysës, ku ata q’i përgjigjen shiten për ata q’i shkaktôjn.

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” ~ George Orwell

Since non-intelligence agencies can listen through your devices anytime, find your balls and go publicly with what you honestly feel.

Ka njerz q’i punën e kan zot, edhe ka njerz q’i jon t’zotët e punës.

Ky osht dallimi mes skllavëve edhe mjeshtërve.

There are people whose work is their master, and those who are masters of their work.

This is the difference between slaves and senseis.

N’rreth nuk ka miq. Aty ka armiq t’pashpallun, t’mbshtjellun me maskën e miqve.

Krejt çka duhet osht dikush me ia u gjûjt nji asht.

There are no friends in the circle. Only undeclared enemies, covered with the mask of friend.

All that’s needed, is someone to drop a bone.

Deprogramimi osht kushti i nevojshëm e i mjaftueshëm për m’u bo njeri.

Deprogramimi, jo riprogramimi!

Deprogramming is the needed and sufficient condition to become human.

Deprogramming, not reprogramming!

Njeri i programûm osht i pafuqishëm ndaj programimit t’tij.

…..përderisa nuk shlirohet prej tij.

Programmed man is helpless towards his programming.

….unless he is liberated from it.

Geniuses weren’t asocial. They just observed how stupid the rest of society is.

Karakteri osht tansija e elementeve prej shpyrtit deri te intelekti.

Character is the sum of elements from the soul to the intellect.

Kapitalizmi osht shum i përshtatshëm për ata q’i e kan hûp shpyrtin, edhe për ata q’i jon n’rrûg për me hûp shpyrtin.

Captalism is very comfy for those who have lost the soul and for those on the way to losing their soul.

Bankat edhe shteti jon puf i përbashkët moral.

Banks and the state are a common moral bordel.

Kibla e kapitalizmit osht bankomati.

Capitalism’s kiblah is the ATM.

Në sistemet jo-njerzôre ngritja osht shkâll-shkâll, po râmja osht e lîr.

In the nonhuman systems climbing is a ladder, while going down is free fall.

N’Kosovën e prej luftës, sa ma shum banka erdhën, qaq ma shum u varfnû popullsija.

In the from war Kosova, the more banks came, the poorer the population became.

Bankomati punon veç kur s’ka rénd para tij.

Atm works only when there’s no crowd line in front of it.

Kapitalizmi e shëndrron pâren prej nji haleti për me jetû, n’zot q’i s’t'len me jetû.

Capitalism turns the money from a tool to live, to a master who doesn’t allow you to live.

The last generation of politicians in Kosova have resisted the bullet and the temptation of baklavah, but have kept the baking-pan where they’ve put their ideology.

Gjenerata e fundit e politiqârve n’Kosôv i ka rezistû edhe plumbit edhe bakllavës, po e kan mâjt tepsîn, ku e kan vnû ideollogjîn.

Capitalism is a sophisticated Criminal system.

fresh music – My Friend / Shoku Im: https://t.co/fAXV5xSMut

Philosophy is the cradle of atheists………..where they remain babies.

Për Shqyptârt kahdo q’i jon:

Dijagnoza – Idhujtarija.

Terapija – Pérendija.

For Albanians wherever they may be:

Diagnosis – Idolatry.

Therapy – The All-Mighty.

Multiple personality is nothing more than a sincere hypocrisy.

BaSs Medley from a Clarinet theme: https://t.co/9LyGQdrjX3

Praise be to the Lord, alone.


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