~ Pasul / Bean


You can easily address things you are beyond from.

Science is the first misunderstanding of academics.

Inspiration is a saying without expiration.

State is a boat in the desert, filled with people who are told stories of a great storm outside.

Me t’rastîs m’i fôl përdôre naj politiqarit, duhet m’i lâ dûrt 7 here me sapun, edhe me harxhû 1 shishe anti-bakterial.

If it happens to shake hands with a politician, one must wash the hands 7 times with soap, and totally spend out 1 bottle of anti-bacterial.

Nuk osht marre mos me dît. Marre osht m’u bo kishe po din. E dyta osht mjeshtrija e shumicës t’njerzve t’shkollûm.

Not knowing is not shame. Shame is pretending to know. The latter is the mastery of the most schooled people.

Kontaminimi shoqnôr ka ârdh n’at nivel, q’i veç gaz-maskave iu ka ârdh réni m’i vnû.

Social contamination has reached such level, that only gas-masks have remained to be used.

Nji popull injorant përher e idealizon nji vend n’lindje a perëndim.

An ignorant populace always idealizes a place east or west.

A good work brings you home.

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Titles that the system gives you, make you heavy……..burden you……….until they drown you.

Titujt q’i t’i jep sistemi, t’rondôjn…….t’rondôjn……..derisa t’fundosin.

Today’s society needs to look more at animals, in order to restore the basics of life education.

Nuk mundesh me kôn ma i mîr se koftlargi n’lojën e tij. Prandaj, provo m’u bo njeri.

You cannot be better than the devil in his own game. Hence, try to become human.

Appreciate what you don’t understand.

When you live for illusions, you will be disillusioned.

School is the unspoken concensus to make everybody feel that they know something.

The most inhuman thing to do, is to call the person by the profession.

Njeri n’rreth q’i fôl për drejtsî, osht si bylbyli q’i knon n’kafaz.

A person within the circle who speaks about justice, is like the bird singing within the cage.

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Vetdija osht vazhdimsî e syhapjeve. Pasul

Awareness is a continuum of eye-openings.

Pjesa ma e mîr e monologut, osht dialogu me veten.

The best part of monologue is the dialogue with the self.

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You can run from all the world, but you cannot run from yourself.

Prej krejt dynjâs mundesh me îk, veç prej vetes nuk mundesh.

In a healthy society, enlightement is not exception, but rather a normal natural occurrence.

Kur mungon féllsija, çdo buxhîll e keqkupton për deti.

When one lacks deepness, every pond is mistaken for the sea.

If you can’t stand the truth, stay squatting……so when it hits you, can safely fall on your ass.

Nëse s’un e duron t’vërtetën, ulu galuc……..n’mnýr q’i kur t’qepon, mundesh me ra leht n’zuz t’böthes.

Nuk ka vetdije kolektive ma t’ult se nacionalizmi.

There is no lower collective consciousness than nationalism.

Rrethi osht e vetmja dukuní jonormale shoqnôre. Fatkeqsisht, ma e shpêshta.

Circle is the only abnormal social occurrence. Unfortunately, the most frequent.

Komplikimi osht e vetmja gjâ e cila e bon injorantin m’u nî i menqëm.

Complication is the only thing that makes the ignorant feel smart.

Deepness is immune to the time.

Kur nuk je vetja, kuptimi i jetës osht, keqkuptimi.

When you’re not yourself, the understanding of life is, misunderstanding.

Belief that “State” is self-correcting mechanism, has led all revolutionary men and women into self-slaughter.

E vërteta nuk i konvenon shumicës, sepse shumica jon t’korrumptûm.

Truth doesn’t suit majority, because majority are corrumpt.

The price of selling your soul in Capitalism, is the net value you get.

The price of selling your soul in Communism, is the ideology you buy.

The price of selling your soul in National-Socialism or National-Capitalism, is the flag you prostrate to.

When people talk about the people, are they sure they’re talking about humans?

Dy rregullat bâz t’suksesit absolut:

1. Mos përzîj m-t.

2. Mos rri aty ku përzihet m-t.

The two basic rules of absolute success:

1. Do not mix sh-t.

2. Do not stay where the sh-t is mixed.

The question is: Fuck or don’t fuck authority?!

Language is the shadow of light and the wall of darkness.

The newest definition of the schooled: Formal Fools – FF.

Those who do not have access to the mythological content, are absolutely blind to the systems they serve.

Ata q’i nuk kan qasje n’përmbajtjen mitologjike jon absolutisht t’verbt për sistemet t’cilave iu shërbêjn.

The system rewards the worthless. So the unconscious hint to those around looking is: Become a worthless fool and you’ll surely be rewarded well!

Well….time will tell who will be well and who will remain at the end of the well.

Praise be to GOD. The Lord of the worlds.


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The most important thing is Non-importance.

Circumcise yourself from the circumstances.

Noah was ridiculed in the beginning, but the end belongs to the righteous.

The beauty when you look with baby’s eyes is that grown-ups fill the diapers.

“Winners learn quickly how to get out of their own way.” – Allen Mulally, former president and CEO of Ford Motor Company

Metaphor is a natural part of deep communication.

For those who understand, words are carried with light. For those that don’t, they become a prison of the own reason.

Those who set up contexts are those who produce rebellions and rebels.

Fjâlt jon kujtimi për kuptimin.

Words are remembrance for the meaning.

Looking at it flattishly, the globe is a totally fetish concept.

No unconditional love to conditioned people.

Intellect considers, heart delivers.

Those who forget the light, chase the shadow.

“Inspiration comes only when your #mind #stops repeating the same thoughts over and over again.” ~ Rr. Xhaferi

What, ISIS failed?! – No No, ISS failed. Oh screw it, they were already flat on the ground.

Kur njerzve iu cenohet vlera ma e nâlt, bôjn reaksione jonormale.

When people’s highest value is threatened, they manifest abnormal behaviour.

Neither my way, nor highway, but, Lord’s way.

In battle wins one who has less idols.

If you weren’t able to talk (nor gesture), through what you would express yourself?

“Every election, in any country, is a choice between your freedom & those who seek to take it away.”~Fulton Huxtable.

Education can always correct politics. Politics always clouds education.

Bravery without intelligence is the definition of stupidity.

Nostra bellissima terra piatta.

“Being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and at the same time endlessly exposing them.” ~ Ganimete Pashoja-Myftiu.

When there’s freedom, peace needs no protection.

Wicked don’t judge with interest. Interest judges for them.

Most are afraid to become a criminal & rob their neighbor. So, they take the safe option: vote for a government that will do it for them. ~ Fulton Huxtable.

Most of enslavement methods haven’t changed. They have just been reframed.

The Best teacher of Education is Mosquito: Find your stream.

Civilizations are successive degradations one after another.

Whoever named “the Milky Way” has never cracked a glass with hand.

Kuptimi osht gjallnija e jetës.

Meaning is the aliveness of life.

Anyone who gets seduced from an institutional position, is a victim of politics.

Viktîm e politikës osht çdo njeri q’i joshet prej pozitës institucionale.

Truth is irresistible like air. It makes you breathe and opens your heart.

Truth is the air you have to breathe with your heart.

Globe is a spherical glove upon the flat earth. No gloves, pure touch, plain talk.

The beauty of global crisis is that it cannot exist. Because, the globe, does not exist.

There ain’t no hobby for the true man.

the Beginning of corrumption is when your achievements dictate the freedom of expression.

Fillimi i korrumpsionit osht kur t’arritunat t’a diktôjn lirîn e shprehjes.

Life is the Expression of Life, whatever form it takes.

In a police state, only the police-army works perfectly and all the rest fail miserably.

When you question the limits of a system/model, it becomes obvious who’s stuck in it.

Honor is the shadow of dignity.

If you hope in change, your hope will change.

Greed loops your feet.

Lakmija t’a vnon lakin.

The good news when everything fails is that you haven’t tried something new.

The only mastery of Albanians is – Amnesia.

Mjeshtrija e vetme e Shqyptârit osht – Harresa.

Idolatry is the intellectual crime appearing as knowledge.

Idhujtarija osht krimi intelektual i shfaqun si ditunî.

“Government is not the solution to our problem; government IS the problem.” ~Reagan

Circle is the non-intelligent structure of society.

Rrethi osht struktura jointeligjente e shoqnîs.

Moment is the absence of time.

It’s not the time. It’s the moment.

Those who can tell you where they see themselves in 11 years, have no clue where they are at the moment.

If you can be replaced at the job you’re doing, you’re not doing the job you’re meant to do.

Nëse punën q’i je t’u e bô, mundet me t’zavendsû dikush, s’je t’u e bô punën q’i je i marûm me bô.

Office, generally, is the place where people are turned off. Hence, Off-ice.

The virtue of a wannabe is that he’s surrounded with weak people.

…and that’s not virtue at all.

Semites are the anti-semites themselves.

“I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for
public office.” ~ H.L. Mencken

Society is the illusion that you have friends.

Wisdom and bravery: Virtues that go together.

Either insecurity or fear. That’s where (in)human systems are based on. Liberty screws both.

You’re not a joker. That’s why it’s called Joke-R.

Schooling is the path of keeping you content with who you aren’t.

Intelligence is the absence of wickedness, no more.

Trying to heal the educational system from the tertiary level is like trying to restore the cow from the sausage.

If you ask people of (in)human systems, what has changed during all these years? – The answer is, always, No-thing.

Universities instead of being Universes of knowledge, have become verse-less clinical cases.

“Let’s not burn the universities yet. After all, the damage they do might be worse.” – H. L. Mencken

Prayer is an integral part of knowledge, because through it open up gates of higher understanding.

Truth is like sunray which finds its way through the clouds.

When a politician aims to make a social change, it ends up being a psycho-social structure.

Proud and wicked. That’s the usual combination.

Politics is the skill of spinning within limits and pretending they don’t exist.

The weak has a need to be dominated. The strong has a need to be humiliated. Completion is beyond both.

I dobti nîn nevôj për sundim. I forti nîn nevôj për poshtnim. Kompletimi osht gjendja përtej te dyjave.

Government is never representative of people it thinks it represents.

The system of education teaches the leaves, but never does nurture the roots and the soil.

Love doesn’t do revolution. It just removes pollution.

Niveli terciâr osht asht i ngjiť keq, t’cilin me lehtsî mun’ me transformu veç Nj Perendî.

How can schooling help people do something when all of learning is done by sitting on the ass?

The only purpose of change is to find the changeless.

Those who want to change the system without knowing how to change themselves, are the true hypocrites.

“Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.” – H. L. Mencken

Praise be to God. The Lord of the heavens and the earth.


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Recent and Decent Sayings


Kurrgjo nuk e përforcon rrenën ma shum se krenarija.

Nothing amplifies the lie more than pride.

Talmud is not a scripture. It is a collection of those who have failed to uphold the Scripture. As it is the case with Hadith.

“Judge: a law student who marks his own papers.” – H.L. Mencken

Today is a perfect day to do what you say.

Scriptural is not religious. Religious is not scriptural.

Putting community ties before the Lord, will assure drowning from that very community.

In the path of wisdom, sacrifice of stupidity is mandatory.

Those who whine about corrumption are among the corrumpt, too.

Talmud is a Scripture as much as Hadith is.

Ignorants say: Believe in change. Wise say: Believe in The Changeless.

There are those who play, there are those who listen, and most are those who comment.

Critic is a hopeless man in finding solutions.

America, used to be.

Once you learn slavery, liberty seems enslavement.

In any educational system, the tertiary level is the most hopeless.

Hiding stuff underneath doesn’t make you a noblier man.

Legend: A lie that has attained the dignity of age. – H. L. Mencken

Silence is heaven itself.

Crutches for people with healthy legs. That’s what standards are.

Standardet jon patericat e njerit me kâmb.

He that doeth art has heart.

You cannot screw with all systems at once. Only a whore does so.

Shortcut through bullshit is, the function.

True enslavement is when one dreams the second slavery.

Robnija e vërtêt osht kur njeri e ândrron robnîn e dýt.

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” – H. L. Mencken

Origin cannot change. It is only a dream covered with the blankets of truth.

You cannot change yourself. You can only change what’s not you.

Police and Army are private soldieries financed with public money.

Policija e Ushtrija jon armata private t’financûme me paren publike.

“The Globe was inventend when the first con man met the first fool.” – Mark Twain.

Circles are dividers of human society…….into inhuman cages.

Rrâtht jon përgjysmuesit e shoqnîs njerzôre.

Prevention of the school ignorance is the best education.

Monthly payment is the wage for silence and conformity towards the failed forms of existence.

Pagesa mujore osht shpërblimi për qetsîn e konformitetin ndaj formave t’dështûme t’ekzistencës.

Slavery a la carte is when the slave views slavery as the correct path.

Robnija a la carte osht kur robit robnija i doket udha e mîr.

“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.” ~ Joseph Campbell

“Ask not what government can do for you … ask rather what government is doing to you.” – David Friedman

Truth needs no twist.

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” ~ Tacitus

To learn without unlearning is to gain without earning.

Msimi pa çmsim osht njeri pa pshtim.

“I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.” – H. L. Mencken

To get independent from evil, you must get independent from goodness.

Për me shpâll pavarsîn pi t’kqijave, duhesh me shpâll pavarsîn pi t’mirave.

If you can, do hundreds of jobs. But first do the stuff you’re meant to do.

When you have to choose between shit, you become so yourself.

What you seek with eyes, cannot please your eyesight. What you seek with ears, cannot please your hearing.

Whenever you hear about – Truth Movement, be still.

Truth is the wild horse that no-one can tame.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire

“Everything the government promises is an illusion. Everything it says is a lie. Everything it has, it has stolen.” – Cato Letters

“Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.” – H. L. Mencken

Die before you die….and live after you live.

Reality is whatever you cannot think it is.

Not even life before the Lord. That’s how you taste the truth of the world.

Para Perendîs mos e vno kërrkon, as jetën. Veç kshtu e shijon t’vërtetën.

“In order to be understood, one has to address the audience only one level above the pre-existing level of conscience.” ~ Rrezarta Xhaferi.

Globe is a trickster’s glove.

There are those who believe the earth is globe, and there are those who know the earth is flat.

Careful from people with limitations. They infect you without knowing that are doing so.

Dhuna osht mnyra jointeligjente për marrjen e pushtetit.

Violence is the non-intelligent way to get in power.

No matter the top of mountains or the lows of hills, all have a common plain earth ground.

Praise be to God. The Lord of the Heavens and the Earth.


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