~ Pasul / Bean


You can easily address things you are beyond from.

Science is the first misunderstanding of academics.

Inspiration is a saying without expiration.

State is a boat in the desert, filled with people who are told stories of a great storm outside.

Me t’rastîs m’i fôl përdôre naj politiqarit, duhet m’i lâ dûrt 7 here me sapun, edhe me harxhû 1 shishe anti-bakterial.

If it happens to shake hands with a politician, one must wash the hands 7 times with soap, and totally spend out 1 bottle of anti-bacterial.

Nuk osht marre mos me dît. Marre osht m’u bo kishe po din. E dyta osht mjeshtrija e shumicës t’njerzve t’shkollûm.

Not knowing is not shame. Shame is pretending to know. The latter is the mastery of the most schooled people.

Kontaminimi shoqnôr ka ârdh n’at nivel, q’i veç gaz-maskave iu ka ârdh réni m’i vnû.

Social contamination has reached such level, that only gas-masks have remained to be used.

Nji popull injorant përher e idealizon nji vend n’lindje a perëndim.

An ignorant populace always idealizes a place east or west.

A good work brings you home.

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Titles that the system gives you, make you heavy……..burden you……….until they drown you.

Titujt q’i t’i jep sistemi, t’rondôjn…….t’rondôjn……..derisa t’fundosin.

Today’s society needs to look more at animals, in order to restore the basics of life education.

Nuk mundesh me kôn ma i mîr se koftlargi n’lojën e tij. Prandaj, provo m’u bo njeri.

You cannot be better than the devil in his own game. Hence, try to become human.

Appreciate what you don’t understand.

When you live for illusions, you will be disillusioned.

School is the unspoken concensus to make everybody feel that they know something.

The most inhuman thing to do, is to call the person by the profession.

Njeri n’rreth q’i fôl për drejtsî, osht si bylbyli q’i knon n’kafaz.

A person within the circle who speaks about justice, is like the bird singing within the cage.

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Vetdija osht vazhdimsî e syhapjeve. Pasul

Awareness is a continuum of eye-openings.

Pjesa ma e mîr e monologut, osht dialogu me veten.

The best part of monologue is the dialogue with the self.

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You can run from all the world, but you cannot run from yourself.

Prej krejt dynjâs mundesh me îk, veç prej vetes nuk mundesh.

In a healthy society, enlightement is not exception, but rather a normal natural occurrence.

Kur mungon féllsija, çdo buxhîll e keqkupton për deti.

When one lacks deepness, every pond is mistaken for the sea.

If you can’t stand the truth, stay squatting……so when it hits you, can safely fall on your ass.

Nëse s’un e duron t’vërtetën, ulu galuc……..n’mnýr q’i kur t’qepon, mundesh me ra leht n’zuz t’böthes.

Nuk ka vetdije kolektive ma t’ult se nacionalizmi.

There is no lower collective consciousness than nationalism.

Rrethi osht e vetmja dukuní jonormale shoqnôre. Fatkeqsisht, ma e shpêshta.

Circle is the only abnormal social occurrence. Unfortunately, the most frequent.

Komplikimi osht e vetmja gjâ e cila e bon injorantin m’u nî i menqëm.

Complication is the only thing that makes the ignorant feel smart.

Deepness is immune to the time.

Kur nuk je vetja, kuptimi i jetës osht, keqkuptimi.

When you’re not yourself, the understanding of life is, misunderstanding.

Belief that “State” is self-correcting mechanism, has led all revolutionary men and women into self-slaughter.

E vërteta nuk i konvenon shumicës, sepse shumica jon t’korrumptûm.

Truth doesn’t suit majority, because majority are corrumpt.

The price of selling your soul in Capitalism, is the net value you get.

The price of selling your soul in Communism, is the ideology you buy.

The price of selling your soul in National-Socialism or National-Capitalism, is the flag you prostrate to.

When people talk about the people, are they sure they’re talking about humans?

Dy rregullat bâz t’suksesit absolut:

1. Mos përzîj m-t.

2. Mos rri aty ku përzihet m-t.

The two basic rules of absolute success:

1. Do not mix sh-t.

2. Do not stay where the sh-t is mixed.

The question is: Fuck or don’t fuck authority?!

Language is the shadow of light and the wall of darkness.

The newest definition of the schooled: Formal Fools – FF.

Those who do not have access to the mythological content, are absolutely blind to the systems they serve.

Ata q’i nuk kan qasje n’përmbajtjen mitologjike jon absolutisht t’verbt për sistemet t’cilave iu shërbêjn.

The system rewards the worthless. So the unconscious hint to those around looking is: Become a worthless fool and you’ll surely be rewarded well!

Well….time will tell who will be well and who will remain at the end of the well.

Praise be to GOD. The Lord of the worlds.


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~ National-Capitalism


Don’t try to understand what you haven’t experienced. At best, you’ll distort it.

Debate is when the man on the hill tries to convince the man in the hole how beautiful the view is.

Politics it the attempt to use other’s resources for the own means.

Trumpi osht imperativi i vetdijes Amerikane. Sepse krejt kta para tij kan punû për ardhjen e tij.

Trump is the imperative of American consciousness. Because all those before him have worked for his coming.

Work on the own corrumption, and the one of Society will take care of itself.

Winners do not write the history. They overwrite it.

State is the perfect mechanism to enslave those with a lot of spare belief.

The word – IS – is the mirror of the one using it.

The meaning of the word – IS, is your filter. And if you have no filter, then is is what it is.

Three Modes of the State are:

1. Capitalism.
2. Communism.
3. National-Socialism.

Each of it, of course, is non-human.

While Communism and Capitalism are two sides of the same coin, the National-Socialism is its third face, the edge.

That coin is the currency which pays the price of human stupidity.

“It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere” ~ Voltaire.

State is the heaviest drug ever been used on the masses.

It makes religion look as a cigar.

Become the Air and the programming of Masses will not get to you.

Masses = People burdened with the weight of heavy programming.

The Meaning of Life is the Path from Robot to Becoming Human.

National-Capitalism is the child of National-Socialism.

Every political revolution is just another social constipation.

Change is real…….until you realize that Reality is the changeless.

America has entered in the phase of National-Capitalism.

The duty of every parent is to provide the Presence of God for the own children.

Ata q’i folin për “me forcû shtetin” përher jon t’u fôl për me dobsû popullin.

Shteti e mbrôn popullin sa kali q’i e mbrôn patkonin.

Those who speak for “strengthening the state” always are speaking to weaken the people.

State protects the people as much as the horse protects its horseshoe.

Tuta osht përher standard gjykimi te mjerimi.

Fear is always the judging standard of misery.

There is nothing like the State to amplify human sickness and stupidity.

May God turn us into people.


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~ Words of Peressence


Anyone can Perform. Rare can Peressence.

The Real Performace is Peressence.

Perform is to get the intent stuck on the form.

Peressence (original word insterted by the author) is to get focused in the source of all forms.

Intellect wants to know. The heart says – Shhhh, keep quiet and follow what’s revealed to me.

Heartless education is full-brain deviation.

The question is not are you Left or Right, but Are You Straight Human?!

It is Everyone’s moral obligation Not to be part of anything that Spins.

Artist is no more and no less than a channel of truth.

Religion is the obstacle to the Lord.

School is the obstacle to Knowledge.

State is the obstacle to Liberty.

Praised be All-Mighty.

Feja osht pengesa për te Zoti.

Shkolla osht pengesa për te Ditunija.

Shteti osht pengesa për te Lirija.

Lavdû kôft Perendija.

Truth is a behaviour learned to be maintained in every moment.

Fear is Exclusive emotion Only for the Lord.

Shtet funksional osht ai q’i knon Soprano.

State that sings Soprano is a functional one.

Free People cannot be controlled in any way, other than by The Lord, alone.

Do you know anyone who has Stents inserted and is great-hearted?

Stent is the formal solution for the narrow heart.

A e dini najkon q’i ka vnû stênd e q’i osht zemërgjôn?

Stenda osht zgjjdhja formale për zemërngushtsî.

Bojkoti osht impotenca e veprimit.

Boycott is the impotence of deed.

Any fool can train the brain.

Rare can Open the Heart fully.

Artistic work is a massage for the Being……..and a message for the Soul.

Muhammad Ali, the Champ of Love, left to Rest with the Best.  2944a1c1-e045-4f1b-badb-d9c61fcbc624-1598x2040

Intellect is the Cover of Being.

Hipokrizija osht kur beson n’problem, e tenton me gjêt zgjidhje.

Hypocrisy is when you believe in problems while trying to find solutions.

The last fear of Mediocre: “But no one in the world has done that!”

…and the own parrot-mark as well.

…and the continous bark with smell.

…with them there’s no well.

Be well!

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Agenda is the Only thing you think you’re driving, while it is driving you.

Stupidity is Smartness without Wisdom.

True Man is the one who Calls on the BS of the own Circle first.

Those who complain about the State are those who are Incriminated by the State.

Do you know who get screwed the most?

- Those who want to screw with all.

Votimi osht Babadimni i t’Rrîtunve………….(me trup).

Voting is the Santa-Claus of the Grown-ups.

School produces Systemic Idiots of the System.

To be Fooled is the Unaware’s NEED.

Credible Politician’ slogan: “I promise that I’ll promise!”

Politician is the mirror of the masses and the scalpel behind them.

Newspapers are like rotten rice: You have to search much to find a (half) healthy grain.

Gazetat jon si orizi i prisht: Shum duhet me hallakât për me gjêt naj kokërr (gjys) t’shnôsh.

Donations Do the Nations.

Instead of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, clean your own shoes………..and wash your own feet.

All non-human systems are Ego-based systems. That’s why the higher in hierarchy, the more monstrous the person.

There’s no greater blessing than finding God through knowledge.

Gazeta osht ngushllîmi reciprok për Mediokritetin kolektiv.

Newspaper is a mutual condolence for the Collective mediocrity.

Edukimi Shpyrtnôr osht Frym-marrja e Ditunîs.

Spiritual Education is the breath of Knowledge.

Beauty is the sight of Truth…..and the blindness of false.

Nothing touches the Soul more than Honest Beauty.

Beauty is the vehicle of Truth.

Harmony is its cover.

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People are already United in the Presence of God, when not divided by the Circles of Society.

Someone asked: How do you know the Koran is from God?!

I answered: How do you know I’m wearing glasses?!

People are already United. Stop dividing them in the name of unification.

Real chaos is when the deluded comments another delusion.

Soul cleaning is like home cleaning: Don’t do it continously, get dusted fully!

Pastrimi shpyrtnôr osht si pastrimi i shpîs: S’pastrove vazhdimisht, t’mlon pluhni!

Stupid Spin the Stupid.

Non-human Systems are Victimizing systems: Slave is a victim of weakness, Pharaoh is a victim of power.

Sistemet Jonjerzôre jon sisteme Viktimizuese: Skllavi osht viktîm e dobsîs, Faraoni osht viktîm e fuqîs.

Any standard is a polygon towards Reality.

NEW Video ~ Part 3: The Model of Functional Society (c)https://t.co/E22hihqhSo

Circle is the Circus of Society.

Circle prevents Staightness.

Corrumpt Leaders invite: Let’s spin together.

The Upright: Let’s Straighten individually.

“…Certainly, the Remembrance of GOD is the Greatest….” ~ Koran 29:45

To Everything: Welcome All, Let go All.

Simplification is the Art of Mastery.

Shteti osht zajebencija ma serioze q’i ka ndôdh najher.

State is the most tragic comedy ever happened.

Either Suppress, or Express.

True Leader is the One whom the masses cannot follow.

Artist is anyone who can truly and honestly express the own self.

Programmed people cannot help but respond to the programming they have eaten during the life.

There are only two groups of people:

- Those Capable, and

- Those Incapable of Truth.

No-one ever was ahead of time. But, few were beyond it.

America has become a place where the highest achievement is training Corporations.

Those who teach with Programs still ain’t free.

Solitude is the best company.

Bodyguards can protect your body, but can’t protect your soul.

Truth is beauty and harmony.

Slavery is a symptom of idolatry.

If you are a man of truth, wherever you dig, you’ll find the truth.

The best way to Change the System is to not participate in it.

Homework is Schoolwork not having been done.

Any fool can quote the others.

But, rare are those who can say anything Original and of value.

Competition and Rivalry are two Monster twins of Capitalism.

In the name of Truth, Lies flourish.

Bobby Fischer knew. Real, true and honest genius.

There’s no Science without Art. There’s no Art without Science.

Influence is really In-flow-ence.

You can easily checkout the society, after you thoroughly checkin’ yourself.

State is a whorehouse which sells itself as a church.

Non-human systems are based on complexes.

Hence, the criteria for height within.

Influence is missunderstood as calling the pond a waterfall.

Everyone wants to be influential, but asserting influence while you’re not in the Divine flow,

is trapping and prisoning everyone who is in the radius of your influence.

Influence without inflowence is getting stuck in the pool of ignorance,

to think you’re swimming in water, while you swim in each-other’s pee.

Hence, influence is the flu of Conscience.

It appeals to the ego, but kills the soul.

The greatest people ever walked above this earth – the Prophets – were not influential, they were in-flow-ential.

They didn’t care how to manipulate people to join them.

But they did dare to let go the limits of society.

And whoever had the waterfall of wisdom, did non get muddy in the pond of ignorance.

Inflowence is the glow of Conscience.

Relationship and Reciprocity are the shores of the river’s flow.

Right punch, from the right person, at the right time, is a blessing.

In between forms, you find the formless.

PERESSENCE – Add this word in your dictionary English speakers!

Praise be to the Lord. The Glory of the world.


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The Distance of the Sky


…look folks, these photos are taken in Queenstown, NZ.

Notice how low is the sky/clouds compared to anywhere in Europe/US.image-7d4b14cceb31b85c47b5f1247c6c76a2a33d0e89c94f8f64eb931be4093c71e5-V

My relative lives there, visited me today, and specifically I asked, is there any difference in the sky there (NZ) and here (Kosova, Eu)?

He said: The sky is much, much lower there than here. And, added, if you go to Queenstown, it’s even lower:

“When you are here (Kosova) you have to look up and thoroughly bend your neck to see the stars, while there in New Zealand, the sky is so low, is as it’s you can grab the stars with your hand.”

…by this example alone, the dome is existent.image-7d4b14cceb31b85c47b5f1247c6c76a2a33d0e89c94f8f64eb931be4093c71e5-V



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