~ State that People Ate


For the Ignorant, State is the all-capable black box.

If Kosova is so weak state, why the people cannot get rid from its slavery?

The answer is: There is no weak state compared to the people.

Strong state, weak people.

Strong People, functional state.

State is never the people. To say that state is the people, is like saying that the glass is the ocean.

Either strong state, or strong people.

Both cannot be.

In all strong states, the people are pegging out.

When the people are strong, state goes in shhhhh mode.

Shteti i fôrt, populli i dobt.

Populli i fôrt, shteti funksional.

Shteti kurr nuk osht populli. Me thôn q’i shteti osht populli, osht sikur me thôn q’i gota osht oqeani.

Ose shteti i fôrt, ose populli i fôrt.

Te dyjat s’mûjn me kôn.

N’krejt shtetet e fôrta, populli osht t’u côf.

Kur popullata osht e fôrt, shtetit nuk i nihet zôni.

In relation to the People, state is Always strong.

There is no such a thing as a “weak state”.

Kuptimi i pâr i fjâlës osht vet ajo fjâl.

The first meaning of the word is that very word.

Voting can bring change, but Never brings the Changeless.

Me fôl për sistemin e drejtsîs n’shtet, osht sikur me fôl për sistemin e pastërtîs n’nevojtore.

Talking about the system of justice in state, is like talking about the system of cleaning in WC.

Kërrkush nuk osht qysh shitet. E ata q’i jon, nuk shiten.

Noone is as they proclaim to be. And those who are, do not proclaim.

Krejt injorantët vûjn për autoritet. Qashtu i njeh kush jon.

All ignorants crave for authority. That’s how you spot them.

State is a predictable gambling machine where people bet unwillingly and politicians win willingly.

The pattern of lottery is that the winners become crazy.

In the state, they come as such.

Every wise man knows that the present is full of fools, and the future may be brighter.

Për intelektualin, shteti osht e mrrîmja ma e madhe. Problemi osht, intelektuali nuk osht njeri i mrrîm.

For the intellectual, state is the highest achievement. The problem is, intellectual is not an achieved man.

Perception is the leaven of reality.20170127_162033

Make-up doesn’t compensate the noor.

State is a puppy gone bad, that continuously bites the owner.

Vend i suksesshëm osht ai ku shteti osht veçse vegël pune e çdo individi t’asaj Shoqnije.

Successful place is one where the state is but a working tool of each individual of that Society.

To the blind, sing. To the deaf, paint.

Programmed people are not robots. They’re cattle.

Build-up over complexes – that’s what programmed people do the best.

Hypocrites are the first in politeness and good behavior.

Sillu si njeri!

- Njeri nuk sillet. Gjôja sillen. Bashk me robota.

Sillu mîr!

- Jo se kët pûn e bon njeri i padlîr. Ringishpill paditunije.

- Rri drejt – osht fjâla magjike.

Shteti osht ôndrra e budâllve, realiteti i t’poshtërve, e imagjinata e t’prishtve.

State is the dream of fools, reality of the wicked, and rotten’s imagination.

Shteti osht veçse fîrm e privilegjûme e cila keqpërdôr emnin e vendit për qëllime t’veta.

State is but a privileged business firm which misuses the name of the place for the own purposes.

Shteti osht mbishkrimi jonatyrôr përmbi sistemin natyrôr t’ekzistencës.

State is the un-natural overwrite upon the natural system of existence.

E vërteta nuk osht ide.

Truth ain’t idea.

Injoranca osht hija e pavetdîjes.

Ignorance is the shadow of unawareness.

History is the reverse weather report.

Now you know why it is innacurate.

State is the greatest misunderstanding in any society.

Shteti osht rasti i përkrým klinik i nji vendi.

State is the perfect clinical case of a place.

State is the only self-legalized criminal organization.

Kur t’prêk Pérenija me ditunî, nuk t’výn as shkôll, as shoqnî.

When you are touched with knowledge by All-Mighty, you don’t need school, nor society.

There’s a pattern that develops when enslavement goes on for too long: Slaves crave for slavery in the dawn of Liberty.

If anyone has contributed in the forming of your opinion, that opinion is not your own.

Trying to use politics for social change is like trying to use a toothpick for plowing the land.

Politics is not capable for social change.

It is only capable for social turmoils.

It’s silly even to think, how after tasting all recipes for social disaster, a nation doesn’t step up with the natural remedy.

Buttons of politics are the programs of the masses.

Përmbushet, ai q’i zbrazet.

The empty gets fulfilled.

Ideology is the highest form of idolatry.

Instead of sharing opinions, let’s share freedom.

Instead of sharing the world-view, let’s share Reality.

Instead of sharing limits, let’s share Liberty.

Praise be to God. One and Only All-Mighty.


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~ Releasing the Seen


People have problems not because they didn’t change, but because they did change.

….yet the main slogan of any ignorant is – Change.

You know a place is hopeless when its people are still in awe of politicians walking on the red carpet.

If you could unchange all the change you’ve gone thru in this life, what would it be like?

Unchange = Go in reverse.

There are people who anchor you, and there are those who liberate you from all anchoring.

Your focus determines which loop you’re gonna end with………or not, only with the straightness of all it.

Those with unsettled personal problems, have existential longing for social ones.

Spiritualists have only one issue: They can’t differ salt from sugar.

In to-day’s society, schooled people are the measurement of stupidity.

Every ignorant somewhere between the seen, has hidden the own statue.

Lennon had it right: “Psychopaths rule the world”……….but only the world within their tiny minds…….and their tiny followers.

Philosophy is a momentary job.

Sorry to burst your bubble but no-one is going to make America great again.

One of the greatest Lies ever sold is that Paganism has ended long time ago.

Philosophy without simplicity is just a complex mental masturbation, nothing more.

The greatest hypnotic abreaction is elicited when the flat Earth is presented.jfk

There are two types of infants in this world: Those that didn’t grow, and those who have come back to that state.

The latter are the wise.

You don’t need to change. You need to abandon all change that has happened to you.

So you may safely and surely return to Genesis.

Attitude comes by Straightening yourself in Solitude.

- Parable: The Lost and Found Hammer: https://t.co/r6U0XRthQ1

I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’m not here to please you. Eventually to release you……if so you wish.

Getting beyond the circles of Society to create another circle, is even greater mistake than staying in those circles.

You don’t know how good you can become until you walk with God alone.

Inhuman systems are so undignifying that their servants are racing to get levelled with the dog.

Most of the people are worthy to the population only as a number.

Philosophy is just intro to wisdom.

Njeri sillet qaty ku i ka kusuret, e rrin drējt aty ku e ka jetën

Man spins there where are his sins. And stays straight where his life is.

Religion and school drug the mind of their captives by giving them the illusion of being – Pro, while their deed continuously testifies the contrary.

Feja e shkolla e drogôjn méndën e t’zanunve t’vet t’u ia u dhôn iluzionin se jon – Pro – derisa vepra ia u dëshmon vazhdimisht t’kundërtën.

There is no intelligent circle.

Shteti osht spunti i cili nuk t’a kthen topin e jetës, e osht vrîm e zêz e t’vërtetës.

State is the pool’s rail that doesn’t bounce back the ball of life, and is a black-hole of truth.

Lumi q’i nuk i dorzôhet Oqeanit, bohet buxhîll.

River which does not surrender to the Ocean, becomes a pond.

There are not many Scriptures. There is One Scripture with many chapters.

The highest form of judgment is by the Scripture alone.

And that can achieve only the straight & formless masters of being.

Everyone judges. If they say they don’t they’re bullshitting you and themselves.

The only question remains, by what?!

Spiritualists promote non-judgmentality because they don’t accept the Scriptures.

Hence they remain as featherless birds.

Takimi ma i mîr me robt e rrâthve osht n’perimetër.

The best meeting with the captives of the circle is in perimeter.

Rrethi osht izolim prej sistemit t’Zotit.

Circle is isolation from the system of God.

Change is cheap…..only a few coins.

Changeless is the wealth of the heavens and the earth.

Revolucioni osht ondrra e papjekunîs.

Revolution is the dream of immaturity.

Instead of complaining about the darkness, remove the sunglasses.

Truth is short, simple, elegant and precise.

Every Society consists of a few puppets who own the puppet-owners.

School sells itself as a two-way ticket and delivers half of the way.

Maspari dorzoje te Perenija senin për t’cilin je ma s’shumti krenar.

First surrender to the Lord that which you are the most proud for.

My solutions include improvement of judgment and personality for all population.

If they’re too blind for it, so be it. Let them remain a collective tampon for the wicked few.

The only contribution for the circle is cutting its perimeter.

Then the cattle may leave the herd.

Kontributi i vetëm për rrethin osht kputja e perimetrit t’tij.

At-her gjôja mûjn me lshû kopên.

N’sistemin e njerit titulli ma i nâlt osht – kali.

In human system the highest title is the – horse.

The truth is that to become a Divine Servant, one has to walk alone.

….which presupposes another set of balls.

Njeri formal osht havruz shoqnije.

The formal man is a potty poop of society.

Budâllt përher jon kôn shumîc.

Fools have always been majority.

Inhuman systems give you the illusion of working and the physical real fatigue.

Kombi i vetëm q’i funksionon osht kombi i njerzîs.

The only Nation that works is the nation of humanity.

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How can possibly a human ass create a functional system when he himself is a guest in this world?

All those who have tried have ended up as fictional.

Ku mundet prapanica e njerit me kriju sistem funksional, kur ai vet osht mysafir n’kët dynja?

Krejt ata q’i kan tentu kan përfundu si fiksional.

This is what happens within the circles of society.

This is what happens within the circles of society .

Trying to compensate the essential lack of being with formal way, is like mounting plastic breasts.

Looks good………until the touch gives the verdict.

Voting is the miniskirt of the tax.

The difference is that inside is the penis.

Votimi osht mini-fustani i tatimit.

Dallimi osht q’i mrena atij fustani ka penis.

When human gets straight, heaven and earth are brought together.

When human crawls among delusions of society, becomes a worm for chicken.

Seven Types of Corrumption:


All these are baits to serve inhuman systems, and sources of paganism.

America, from a free country, to a slave of security.

Gazetat e portalet jon vula e mediokritetit t’nji shoqnije.

Newspapers and portals are the seal of Society’s mediocrity.

Ever wonder – Why is the Globe so frequently appearing in every context of social conditioning?

- To enforce the lie. That’s why.

“Normality is a paved road, it’s comfortable to walk. But no flowers grow” ~ Vincent Van Gogh.

Servants of inhuman systems – Always – end up being sick. It begins as acute and ends up as a chronic state.

Only those who are fed up with human systems can serve God.

Those who are hungry for titles and positions, have their holes ready.

Zotit mûjn m’i shërby veç ata q’i jon ngî me sistem t’njerit.

Ata q’i jon t’ûnt për tituj e pozita, i kan birat çêl.

State, and party as well, is a shelter of people with ontological deficiencies.

They do not know the difference between the glass and water.

Hence neither do they drink, plus someone breaks their glass.

Shteti, si partija, osht strêh e njerzve me mangsî qenjësore.

Ata nuk e dîjn dallimin mes gotës e ujit.

Prandaj edhe nuk pîjn ûj, edhe ia u then gotën tjetërkush.

Për menaxhment ka nevôj aty ku nuk ka vetdije as ndërgjegje.

A place lacking awareness and conscience needs management.

Inhuman systems cannot be beaten with force. Only with Intelligence.

Seculars have only one ability: To chew and swallow what the others present.

Spherical Spinning Earth and the Big-Bang were Jesuit delivery. How’s THAT about the Catholic version of the truth?!!!

Need a Master Photoshop course?

- Go to NASA. They’ll paint your balls too.

The job from which no-one can fire you, is your purpose.

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Education instead of being a process of growing wings, has become a process of closing hearts.

No wonder, Ph-fuckin-D’s and FuckAdemics crawl instead of walk, let alone run.

And thus…..cripple the next generation too.

Who and what do you serve dictate the level of your knowledge and mastery.

The wicked always look for Power.

The Righteous look for Liberty.

I don’t wanna change anything in you. Just to remind you how far from the Unchangeable you have already been changed.

Politics is the last symptom of Society’s disease.

Hence, Politicians as the most superficial people, are the first to run after it.

Dorzoje Mendjen te Perendija, për me t’ârdh Ditunija.

Surrender the Mind to the Lord, so you may taste the Knowledge of the world.

It’s not important what is in your opinion. It’s worthy what’s Out of your opinion.

Opinion it’s just a temporary balloon of thought.

Concept is a limit encompassed by the human mind.

Hence, it cannot be talked about the concept of God.

Truth is Out of your Opinion.

Opinion is the Opium of the Truth.

Koncepti osht kufî q’i e përthekon mendja e njerit.

Prandaj s’mund t’flitet për konceptin e Zotit.

Scriptures are the reminder of the wise, and the blindness of the

~ Scriptural Study: Who Do You Serve?! https://t.co/a9dfDqZl2I

School in the best case, produces thunder.

The knowledgeable, is lightning.

Shkolla n’rastin ma t’mîr, prodhon murmurîm.

Njeri i ditun osht vettîm.

Expectation is the Shadow of Belief.

Praise be to God, the Light and Shadow of Life.


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~ The Art of Free Expression / Arti i Shprehjes s’Lîr


Dȅshmija e edukimit t’nji njeri osht lirija e shprehjes s’tij.

The proof of one’s education is the freedom of his speech.

Nuk ka njerz “t’mit” e “t’ut”.

Ka njerz q’i e krŷjn punȅn me mjeshtrî, e q’i s’e krŷjn punȅn me mjeshtrî.

Lavdu kôft Zoti. Perendi.

There are no “my” and “yours” people.

There are only those who do the job with mastery and those who don’t.

The best moments in life are only for God and His servant.

Momentet ma t’mira n’jêt jon veç pȅr Zotin edhe shȅrbyesin e Tij.

N’vend se “me bo emȅn”, jeto n’emnin e Atij q’i i ka bo krejt emnat.

Veç qashtu t’pshton edhe emni yt.

Instead “making of a name”, live in the name of Him that has created all names.

That way, yours is saved too.

Reforma e vertêt osht esencializimi.

True reform is essentialization.

Meaning is the life of the moment.

Kuptimi osht jeta e momentit.

N’sistemet njerzore ekzistôjn veç dy lloj t’njerzve:

- Kuajt edhe ponit.

Zgedhen ia u maron tjetȅrkush.

Edhe territorin kah me vrapu.

Perendija kôft livdu.

In human systems exist only two kinds of people:

- Horses and ponies.

Someone else makes mangers for them, and dictates the running territory as well.

Praise be to God of wellness.

Nuk ka respekt ma t’madh, se mos me respektu budallakîn.

Nuk ka ditunî ma t’madhe, se me parandalu idhujtarîn.

There is no greater respect than not to respect stupidity.

There is no greater knowledge than to prevent idolatry.

Si kush gjykon, me qato hêc.

You walk with who you judge like.

Freedom is the choice whether to respect, or not.

Lirija osht zgjedhja a me respektu, a jo.

Fear is the path to Love.

Tuta osht udha pȅr te Dashnija.

Tani Lirija e spjegon sa e panevojshme o kôn ajo.

Zot pshtoje ket vend prej njerzve t’ktij vendi.

God save this place from the people of this place.

You are the Lord of grace.

Budallakija osht sinqeriteti brenda rrethit.

Ata manipulohen ma s’keqti prej atyne q’i e sillin rrethin.

Stupidity is sincerity within the circle.

Those get manipulated the worst, from those who spin the circle.

Arti osht niveli ma i nâlt i shkencȅs.

Art is the highest level of science.

Filozofija osht baza e secilit njeri.

Philosophy is the basis of each human.

Çkado q’i nuk funksionon, burim e ka korrumpsionin.

Whatever is dysfunctional, corrumption is at its source.

Edhe luftari me pervôj iu pȅrgjigj:

- Nese shpata t’rondon qaq sa mos me mûjt me livrît dorȅn, gjuje shpatȅn e lufto me dûr t’lira.

And the experienced warrior answered:

- If the sword burdens you to the point of not being able to move the hand, drop the sword and fight with your hands free.

Forja nuk osht me kry punȅn, forja osht me msu prej punȅs q’i je t’u e kry, derisa t’ia nîs vet m’u kry.

Lavdu kôft Nji Perendi.

The trick is not to get the job done, the trick is to learn from the job that you are doing, until it gets done by itself.

Praise be to the Self-sustainable One.

Bashkimi i grupacioneve idhujtare e rrît fuqîn e budallakîs, q’i n’fakt osht – dobsija e njerzîs.

Merging of idolater groups raises the power of stupidity, which is in fact – the weakness of humanity.

Shtresa ma problematike e shoqnîs osht “medjuzona”.

Ata mundet m’i udhzû edhe qeni i sharrit, po me iu grah edhe ujku.

The most problematic part of society are “those between borders”.

They can easily be guided by the shepherd dog, or manipulated by the wolf.

Pȅr kufi lufton njeri pa Perendi.

Idolater fights for the border.

Nuk mund t’drejtohesh nese nuk pastrohesh.

You cannot get straight without getting pure first.

Don’t talk in the name of shame, for you will not be without blame.

Institutions have become idols of the modern era.

People running to job and getting nothing done.

Shoqnija akademike osht maja e temelit t’paditunîs t’nji shoqnije.

Academic society is the peak of the not knowledgeable ground of society.

Kallzom argat i kujt je, t’kallzoj çfar inteligjence ki.

Tell me who you serve, I tell you the sense of your nerve.

Kudo q’i politika futet, e korrumpton çashtjen n’t'cilën osht fût.

Wherever politics gets involved, the case gets corrumption evolved.

Akademija e shkencave osht muze i paditunîs.

Shkrimi akademik osht mjet pune. Mjeshtrija osht kur gjanat e komplikûme i shprehim thjêsht. Për kto nevojitet thellsî e t’kuptûmit dhe aftsî e t’shkrûmit. Ndërsa, rregullat e standardet jon veçse poligon trajnimi në udhën e gât të edukimit.

Academy of science in Kosovo is the museum of knowledge-less.

Academic writing is a working tool. The mastery is to express complicated things in simple manner. For this, is needed deepness of understanding and capability of written expression. Whereas, rules and standards are only a training polygon in the long journey of education.

Bravery follows straightness.

Straightness, purity.

Purity, the All-Mighty.

Praised be God. The Liberty.

Guximi e përcjêll drejtsîn.

Drejtsija, pastȅrtin.

Pastȅrtija, Perendîn

Lavdu kôft Zoti, q’i e fâl mjeshtrîn

Paqe, Peace,


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EBL – Speech of Freedom -


This was originally intended to be a Project Proposal for a EU Call regarding freedom of speech/Investigative Journalism, however after drafting the concept note and it’s goals, I noticed that most of the things that are presented here are not applicable to the EU member states either :)

So, it was no point to ask the doctor to heal a disease that he did not treat in himself first.

- Interesting life, eh?

Nevertheless, it is a good concept on how the really free people should operate at any country. Read and ponder.

Check the Book section of the blog and find the link: EBL – Speech of Freedom -




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~ Shoqnija, ndamja e bashkimi / Society, dividedness and togetherness


Sikur elektronet e lira, edhe njerzt e lîr e bôjn lëvizjen vitale t’shoqnîs.

Just like free electrons, free people are the vital movement of society.

Circulation – from circle – movement in circle – circular.

From wikitionary: lation = local motion.

Hence, Circle + lation = local circular motion.

Qarkullim = qark + rrotullim, lëvizje qarkore – n’rreth.

Rrethi osht përher lokalizëm.

Circle is always local issue.

Shteti osht nji ndër fantom-konceptet ma s’shpeshti t’keqkuptûme.

Prandaj edhe përdoret si vegël për manipulim masiv.

State is one of the phantom-concepts most often misunderstood.

Hence it is used as a tool of massive manipulation.

N’kët vend nuk osht q’i s’ka sistem funksional t’ekzistencës, po q’i sistemet aktuale jon barriera ndaj Tij.

Lavdû kôft nji Perendî.

It’s not that here isn’t a functional system of existence, but that the actual systems are barriers against it.

Praised be to Lord who enlightens the world.

Shoqnija aktuale osht e ndame n’shum rrâth, t’cilët ia bllokôjn jetën e ia nâlin fuqîn.

Prandaj shqyptârt jon kôn edhe jon lehtsisht t’pushtueshëm, sepse secili prej shumicës osht argat i burgit t’vet.

Bashkimi e bon fuqîn kur rrâtht e gjôjn lirîn.

Actual society is divided into many circles, which block it’s aliveness and stop it’s power.

Real power is found when individuals meet beyond all circles of society. There’s no disharmony. Only liberty and creativity in the Presence of All-Mighty.

Nacionalisti osht njeri ma anti-kombtâr.

Nationalist is the worst enemy of the own ethnicity.

Lirija osht hapsina ndërmjet rrâthve.

Liberty is the space between circles.

Praise be to the Lord of space and grace.


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~ The Power and Intelligence Nearby


All the power and intelligence that’s available to you, comes from the contact with the Lord.

And that kind of freedom, no circle of society wants you to have. Starting with schools, religion, government and any other structure created by the limits of human mind.

Serve the Lord and be free from the world.

Serve circles and you’ll end up as an used tyre. Soon another season of stupidity arrives, and you are worthy no more. Because you have never been, to begin with.

As the meaning of the river is the source, so the meaning of man is the Lord.

Praise be to the Lord of beginning and the end without end.


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~ Shattering and building / Prishja e ndreqja


Njeri duhet m’i gjêt dy arsyje n’jêt:

1) Arsyjen e Injorancës, edhe

2) Arsyjen e Ekzistencës

Man has to find 2 reasons in life:

1) Reason of the own Ignorance, and

2) Reason of the own Existence

Ata q’i s’ia prishin kërrkujt, përfundôjn t’prisht prej krejtve.

Those who agree with all, get disagreed by all.

Pa e prîsh budallakîn, s’un e gjôn ditunîn.

Without shattering stupidity, you cannot find wisdom.

Ata q’i s’prishin, nuk e lôjn për burra t’mîr, po për t’dobt.

Those who do not challenge ignorance, do not do it because of their goodness, but because of their weakness.

Ara q’i s’prishin, s’ndreqin.

Maspari duhet me luftû dreqin.

Jo m’i shpâll dashnî.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendî.

Pozît e lakmueshme osht ajo q’i s’ka asnji lakmî.

Desirable position is one who is without desire.

N’rastin ma t’mîr sekti prodhon mirësi jofunksionale. N’rastin ma t’keq, poshtërsi funksionale.

At its best a sect produces dysfunctional wellness. At the worst, it produces functional wickedness.

Me vizatu t’folmen, secili e kupton se ku osht.

Provoje niher edhe kqyre ku je.

Anyone would understand the own position if takes the time to draw the speech.

Try once and see where you stand.

Piramida shafitet prej bazës. Sepse baza osht shtresa ma e lîr e piramidës.

Rrethi shlirohet prej perimetrit. Sepse perimetri osht ndikimi ma i vogël i qendrës.

The base is the most free part of the pyramid.

The perimeter is the least influenced part of the circle.

Majat e piramidave edhe qendrat e rrâthve jon shurdh-verbnija e shoqnîs, me aftësi manipuluese e sillëse.

The top of pyramids the centers of circles are deafness and blindness of society, with manipulating skills according to the highness of the pyramid and the radius of the circle.

Shërbimi ndaj Perendîs matet me origjinalitetin e veprës.

Service towards the Lord is measured with originality of the work.

Rrâll ka naj njeri t’fês q’i osht origjinal. Sepse feja moti e ka hûp origjinën. Si edhe shkolla.

Rarely you find a religious person who is original. Because religion has lost the origin long time ago. Just like the school.

There have never been so many schools and so little knowledgeable people.

Kurr ma shum s’ka pâs shkolla, kurr ma pak s’ka pâs njerz t’ditun.

Kreativiteti nuk osht lluks. Ai osht standard natyrôr.

Origjinaliteti, poashtu.

Creativity is no luxury. It is a natural standard.

Likewise originality.

Kualiteti i veprës osht tregues i t’vërtetës.

Quality of deed is a pointer of the truth.

Sa ma i vërtêt njeri, qaq ma mjeshtër i veprës osht.

The truer the person, the nearer to mastery of doing.

Standardet jon kompromisi njerzôr me natyrën origjinale.

Ato jon limitet jonatyrore, t’cilat i bôjn njerzt jonjerzôr.

Standards are human compromise with the original nature.

They are un-natural limits, which make humans inhuman.

Fjâlt e shkrûme jon pasqyra e vërtêt e karakterit edhe ditunîs.

Lavdû kôft Zoti. Mjeshtri i begatîs.

Written words are the true mirror of one’s character and knowledge.

Rrâtht e shoqnîs përkujdesen q’i mos me pâs drejtza t’lirîs.

Circles of society take care of not allowing straight lines of liberty.

Drejtza e lîr e ka rrethin bîr.

Circle is the hole of the line.

Raportet e mira vetndërtohen kur njeri osht mîr i ndërtûm.

Kur s’osht i ndërtûm mîr, njeri osht si ashti i ngjitt keq.

Good rapport is self-built when the man is built correctly.

When not correctly built, man is like the badly merged bone.

Inteligjenca osht qarkullimi ndërmjet formave.

Intelligence is the flow between forms.

Njeri graviton aty ku beson.

Man gravitates there where he believes.

One man makes the difference, when One God wants to be so.

Lie is a temporary truth.

Mîrsjellja edhe drejtqëndrimi osht uji e burimi.

Kur mîrsjellja osht pa drejtqëndrim, uji osht pa qarkullim.

Good behavior and straightness are the water and it’s source.

Where good behavior lacks straightness, the water lacks the flow.

Zakonisht mîrsjellja osht maska e naj dobsije a panjerzije.

Usually good behavior is the mask of some weakness or inhumanity.

Standardet medoemos duhet m’u tejkalû.

Zoti kôft livdû.

Standards are to get beyond them.

Praise be to the Lord beyond any conception.

Paqe, Peace,

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