~ Pasul / Bean


You can easily address things you are beyond from.

Science is the first misunderstanding of academics.

Inspiration is a saying without expiration.

State is a boat in the desert, filled with people who are told stories of a great storm outside.

Me t’rastîs m’i fôl përdôre naj politiqarit, duhet m’i lâ dûrt 7 here me sapun, edhe me harxhû 1 shishe anti-bakterial.

If it happens to shake hands with a politician, one must wash the hands 7 times with soap, and totally spend out 1 bottle of anti-bacterial.

Nuk osht marre mos me dît. Marre osht m’u bo kishe po din. E dyta osht mjeshtrija e shumicës t’njerzve t’shkollûm.

Not knowing is not shame. Shame is pretending to know. The latter is the mastery of the most schooled people.

Kontaminimi shoqnôr ka ârdh n’at nivel, q’i veç gaz-maskave iu ka ârdh réni m’i vnû.

Social contamination has reached such level, that only gas-masks have remained to be used.

Nji popull injorant përher e idealizon nji vend n’lindje a perëndim.

An ignorant populace always idealizes a place east or west.

A good work brings you home.

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Titles that the system gives you, make you heavy……..burden you……….until they drown you.

Titujt q’i t’i jep sistemi, t’rondôjn…….t’rondôjn……..derisa t’fundosin.

Today’s society needs to look more at animals, in order to restore the basics of life education.

Nuk mundesh me kôn ma i mîr se koftlargi n’lojën e tij. Prandaj, provo m’u bo njeri.

You cannot be better than the devil in his own game. Hence, try to become human.

Appreciate what you don’t understand.

When you live for illusions, you will be disillusioned.

School is the unspoken concensus to make everybody feel that they know something.

The most inhuman thing to do, is to call the person by the profession.

Njeri n’rreth q’i fôl për drejtsî, osht si bylbyli q’i knon n’kafaz.

A person within the circle who speaks about justice, is like the bird singing within the cage.

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Vetdija osht vazhdimsî e syhapjeve. Pasul

Awareness is a continuum of eye-openings.

Pjesa ma e mîr e monologut, osht dialogu me veten.

The best part of monologue is the dialogue with the self.

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You can run from all the world, but you cannot run from yourself.

Prej krejt dynjâs mundesh me îk, veç prej vetes nuk mundesh.

In a healthy society, enlightement is not exception, but rather a normal natural occurrence.

Kur mungon féllsija, çdo buxhîll e keqkupton për deti.

When one lacks deepness, every pond is mistaken for the sea.

If you can’t stand the truth, stay squatting……so when it hits you, can safely fall on your ass.

Nëse s’un e duron t’vërtetën, ulu galuc……..n’mnýr q’i kur t’qepon, mundesh me ra leht n’zuz t’böthes.

Nuk ka vetdije kolektive ma t’ult se nacionalizmi.

There is no lower collective consciousness than nationalism.

Rrethi osht e vetmja dukuní jonormale shoqnôre. Fatkeqsisht, ma e shpêshta.

Circle is the only abnormal social occurrence. Unfortunately, the most frequent.

Komplikimi osht e vetmja gjâ e cila e bon injorantin m’u nî i menqëm.

Complication is the only thing that makes the ignorant feel smart.

Deepness is immune to the time.

Kur nuk je vetja, kuptimi i jetës osht, keqkuptimi.

When you’re not yourself, the understanding of life is, misunderstanding.

Belief that “State” is self-correcting mechanism, has led all revolutionary men and women into self-slaughter.

E vërteta nuk i konvenon shumicës, sepse shumica jon t’korrumptûm.

Truth doesn’t suit majority, because majority are corrumpt.

The price of selling your soul in Capitalism, is the net value you get.

The price of selling your soul in Communism, is the ideology you buy.

The price of selling your soul in National-Socialism or National-Capitalism, is the flag you prostrate to.

When people talk about the people, are they sure they’re talking about humans?

Dy rregullat bâz t’suksesit absolut:

1. Mos përzîj m-t.

2. Mos rri aty ku përzihet m-t.

The two basic rules of absolute success:

1. Do not mix sh-t.

2. Do not stay where the sh-t is mixed.

The question is: Fuck or don’t fuck authority?!

Language is the shadow of light and the wall of darkness.

The newest definition of the schooled: Formal Fools – FF.

Those who do not have access to the mythological content, are absolutely blind to the systems they serve.

Ata q’i nuk kan qasje n’përmbajtjen mitologjike jon absolutisht t’verbt për sistemet t’cilave iu shërbêjn.

The system rewards the worthless. So the unconscious hint to those around looking is: Become a worthless fool and you’ll surely be rewarded well!

Well….time will tell who will be well and who will remain at the end of the well.

Praise be to GOD. The Lord of the worlds.


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~ State that People Ate


For the Ignorant, State is the all-capable black box.

If Kosova is so weak state, why the people cannot get rid from its slavery?

The answer is: There is no weak state compared to the people.

Strong state, weak people.

Strong People, functional state.

State is never the people. To say that state is the people, is like saying that the glass is the ocean.

Either strong state, or strong people.

Both cannot be.

In all strong states, the people are pegging out.

When the people are strong, state goes in shhhhh mode.

Shteti i fôrt, populli i dobt.

Populli i fôrt, shteti funksional.

Shteti kurr nuk osht populli. Me thôn q’i shteti osht populli, osht sikur me thôn q’i gota osht oqeani.

Ose shteti i fôrt, ose populli i fôrt.

Te dyjat s’mûjn me kôn.

N’krejt shtetet e fôrta, populli osht t’u côf.

Kur popullata osht e fôrt, shtetit nuk i nihet zôni.

In relation to the People, state is Always strong.

There is no such a thing as a “weak state”.

Kuptimi i pâr i fjâlës osht vet ajo fjâl.

The first meaning of the word is that very word.

Voting can bring change, but Never brings the Changeless.

Me fôl për sistemin e drejtsîs n’shtet, osht sikur me fôl për sistemin e pastërtîs n’nevojtore.

Talking about the system of justice in state, is like talking about the system of cleaning in WC.

Kërrkush nuk osht qysh shitet. E ata q’i jon, nuk shiten.

Noone is as they proclaim to be. And those who are, do not proclaim.

Krejt injorantët vûjn për autoritet. Qashtu i njeh kush jon.

All ignorants crave for authority. That’s how you spot them.

State is a predictable gambling machine where people bet unwillingly and politicians win willingly.

The pattern of lottery is that the winners become crazy.

In the state, they come as such.

Every wise man knows that the present is full of fools, and the future may be brighter.

Për intelektualin, shteti osht e mrrîmja ma e madhe. Problemi osht, intelektuali nuk osht njeri i mrrîm.

For the intellectual, state is the highest achievement. The problem is, intellectual is not an achieved man.

Perception is the leaven of reality.20170127_162033

Make-up doesn’t compensate the noor.

State is a puppy gone bad, that continuously bites the owner.

Vend i suksesshëm osht ai ku shteti osht veçse vegël pune e çdo individi t’asaj Shoqnije.

Successful place is one where the state is but a working tool of each individual of that Society.

To the blind, sing. To the deaf, paint.

Programmed people are not robots. They’re cattle.

Build-up over complexes – that’s what programmed people do the best.

Hypocrites are the first in politeness and good behavior.

Sillu si njeri!

- Njeri nuk sillet. Gjôja sillen. Bashk me robota.

Sillu mîr!

- Jo se kët pûn e bon njeri i padlîr. Ringishpill paditunije.

- Rri drejt – osht fjâla magjike.

Shteti osht ôndrra e budâllve, realiteti i t’poshtërve, e imagjinata e t’prishtve.

State is the dream of fools, reality of the wicked, and rotten’s imagination.

Shteti osht veçse fîrm e privilegjûme e cila keqpërdôr emnin e vendit për qëllime t’veta.

State is but a privileged business firm which misuses the name of the place for the own purposes.

Shteti osht mbishkrimi jonatyrôr përmbi sistemin natyrôr t’ekzistencës.

State is the un-natural overwrite upon the natural system of existence.

E vërteta nuk osht ide.

Truth ain’t idea.

Injoranca osht hija e pavetdîjes.

Ignorance is the shadow of unawareness.

History is the reverse weather report.

Now you know why it is innacurate.

State is the greatest misunderstanding in any society.

Shteti osht rasti i përkrým klinik i nji vendi.

State is the perfect clinical case of a place.

State is the only self-legalized criminal organization.

Kur t’prêk Pérenija me ditunî, nuk t’výn as shkôll, as shoqnî.

When you are touched with knowledge by All-Mighty, you don’t need school, nor society.

There’s a pattern that develops when enslavement goes on for too long: Slaves crave for slavery in the dawn of Liberty.

If anyone has contributed in the forming of your opinion, that opinion is not your own.

Trying to use politics for social change is like trying to use a toothpick for plowing the land.

Politics is not capable for social change.

It is only capable for social turmoils.

It’s silly even to think, how after tasting all recipes for social disaster, a nation doesn’t step up with the natural remedy.

Buttons of politics are the programs of the masses.

Përmbushet, ai q’i zbrazet.

The empty gets fulfilled.

Ideology is the highest form of idolatry.

Instead of sharing opinions, let’s share freedom.

Instead of sharing the world-view, let’s share Reality.

Instead of sharing limits, let’s share Liberty.

Praise be to God. One and Only All-Mighty.


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~ Bubbles of Society


The Divine Presence is Only for those Chosen by the Lord for it.

That’s why those who are not meant, cannot comprehend.

It’s like trying to explain orgasm to people before puberty.

The difference is that eventually all pass through it, while those who are not meant for the Divine Presence, NEVER get it.

They remain as the game snake in the old “Nokia” phone: Spinning within the walls of limitation.

And the best they can do in life is……poor imitation.

When people learn to swim in the mud is not a problem. The problem is when they live for that kind of swim.

Nuk osht problemi kur njerzt msohen me notû n’flliqnî. Problemi osht kur jetôjn për at not.

Freedom doesn’t hurt. Slavery hurts when touched by Freedom.

the Two Greatest Idols in Life are Religion and State…….then the School follows with smaller ones.

The more limitations, the more imitations.

Chocolate Mountain melts from the fire of Joy.

Try some Honesty and get some Mastery.

Only the bees of knowledge find the pollen of Wisdom.

The first mistake most people make is by thinking that Religion is Scriptures. In fact, Religion is Anything BUT the Scriptures.

Nearness of Sky depends on the Plainness of Earth.

Honesty Works Miracles.

People are layers of impurities covered with a good mask.

Once the process of being true starts, you’ll have to be patient for all the farts.

What you’ll find is what you wish people didn’t know.

That’s what unconsciously makes you bow.

No one pays you to be true. But, everyone pays you to remain false.

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Each should plow the own land, so that the Earth becomes beautiful again.

Bubbles of Society are fragile as Soap, for People with Hearts as Stone.ChCQxpPWIAAcc-u

Capitalism Never works. It – Seems – like it does.

Imagine what would be to imagine imagination.

What’s your favorite school Subject?

- The one without any Object in it!

Everybody wants Change, but few want the Changeless, who brings all the Change effortessly.

Working quality is the best pointer of human dignity.

Kualiteti i punës osht treguesi ma i mîr i dinjitetit t’njerit.

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People less than Straight, have sinusoidal fate.

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Stay Beyond the Context and you’ll find the right text.

God Willing.

Public Media are the Criminals of the Senses.

Drejtsija pa bole osht kotsî.

Justice without balls is vainness.

Reality is bitter…….for the bitter.

Sweet, for the tasteful.

Jewish people cannot uphold just Torah, let alone combined with Koran.

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Vendim-marrja e mîr vjen mas vendim-dorzimit t’mîr.

Good decision-making comes after the good-decision surrendering.

Ma mîr nji ego e lëndûme, se plot gjenerata t’paedukûme.

Better a hurt ego, than many uneducated generations.

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The greatest Catastrophe of Matrix is the illusion of working.

Change the soil of the tree, where it grows free.

In the humiliated societies, the question – Who are you working for? – doesn’t exist.

Only the poor: Are you in working – sunk – relation-ship?

Revolucioni osht atrakcioni i pubertetlîve t’vonûm.

Kqyrne natyrën: A zhvillohet najhere me revolucion?

A ka far kuptimi revolucioni n’natýr?

Aty merrni shembëlltýr.

Revolution is the hope-remedy for those in late puberty.

Look at the nature: Does it ever develop by revolution?

Does revolution even make sense in the nature?

Revolucioni osht m’i mshu plages grusht me ymyt q’i sherohet.

Revolution is hitting the plague with punch, hoping it will get healed.

Leximi ngacmon ndërgjegje, për me gjêt përgjegje.

Reading teases the unconscious, to become conscious.

Koha osht shâns me arsyetû hapsînën.

Time is a chance to deserve the space.

There is No Evolution nor Revolution. Only re-Turn to Genesis.

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Problems do Not exist, if you in your own original way persist.

Problems do Not persist, if you in Your Original way Exist.

Greed is the soul-lessness of Capitalism.

The more idols, the less power.

Jewish community puts 2 things before the Lord: Money and the Own Circle.

The more wicked, the more diplomatic.

What’s considered a successful case in the Non-human systems, is a humiliated case in the Divine One.

There’s no need to fight the system. It’s enough to stop its feed, and it starves itself to death.

If a damn computer can be reset, why can’t a human be?

Brain is the instrument of the heart.

Pyramidal systems give to their slaves the illusion that they are earning the money honestly, while their source is totally dishonest.

Can a river have a drinkable water if its source is black-water?

Sistemet piramidale, ia japin iluzionin robve t’vet q’i paren jon t’u e fitu ndershëm, derisa burimin e kan t’pandershëm.

A mundet lumi me kôn i pijshëm derisa burimi osht kanalizim?

State is the People’s main enemy. And as long as the People are not its absolute emperor, the State shall be their slave-owner.

Shteti osht armiku kryesôr i popullit. Edhe përderisa populli nuk osht sundues absolut i tij, shteti ka me kôn skllavo-pronâr i tij.

The true knowledgeable are those who can express themselves artistically.

T’dîtunit e t’ndrîtunit e vërtêt jon ata q’i mûjn m’u shprêh n’nivel artistik.

If you want to know what a fucked-up, massive scale manipulation is, look at America.

To see the same manipulation in miniature, have a look at Kosova.

No matter the name, the servants of inhuman systems always end up as a heavily used menstrual pad.

Police and Army, are public Mercenaries.

Njiher mut sistemi, përher mut sistemi.

Once system’s shit, always shit of system.

State is a quarantine of Society.

And the source of sickness at the same time.

To set yourself free from the east and the west simultaneously, take a globe, and as you make it spin, pee on it.

Thus you do yourself a manifold favor.

The lesser time you have, the less human you become.

Freedom is the absence of mind statues.

State is the sum of Statues of a place. And that defines its Status.

See the idol?

Status = Statues = State.

No wonder slave servants are first class idolaters.

They salivate before the bell rings.

Shteti osht paraziti i vetëm i nji shoqnije.

State is the only parasite of society.

Religion is what’s left from the truth.

School is what’s left of the wisdom.

State is what’s left from liberty.

Just keep going – Leftover Society.

Skenderbeu nuk o kôn hero Nacional. Ai o kôn hero Univerzal.

Scanderbeg wasn’t a National hero. He was a Universal One.

Musical Theme: Skenderbeu / Scanderbeghttps://t.co/ptD1jtUTdG

Senses are interesting things: When you focus at their end, they’re not yours. When you focus at their beginning, they are.

There has not been a bigger experimental lab than America, last 200 years. Hence the diversity…..and the ever diminishing liberty.

Capitalism is the source of abnormal family units.

The bigger the circle of society, the dumber.

Any modern society consists of the majority of fooled, and a few wise wo/men.

State is the biggest circle of society………..and the dumbest.

The truth is always right in front of you. And that’s its main paradox. You are hidden from it.

State authority is like those families who impose titles upon small children for the elder ones.

“Call him uncle, abey, bac,…” only to later see now how much full of bs they and you were together.

Religious people like to talk about God, but God rarely talks through them.

Idolatry is the answer.

Your deed uncovers the best how far or near to God you are.

When you realize that there’s no authority other than the Source of All Intelligence, then you’re free from all stupidity.

Praise be to God. The Lord of the worlds.


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Closed vs. Open System of Communication


Closed system of inter-human communication begins with a human, and end in another/group of people.

It has a limited start based on the content of the being, and because of that, a limited ending based on a group of people who share the same content.

A great baSs player – Marcus Miller once stated:

“I know that Music doesn’t start from me, but goes through me.”

For those of understanding, it presupposes that human, when in flow of God, is no more than an empty instrument through which flows the music, poetry, art, science and whatever inspirational doing of the same source.

Problems arise when human becomes pond, instead of waterfall.

Then the frame of thinking becomes: “This was a piece that flowed from me not towards me.”

Me – or the consideration of – Me, becomes the center. Which in Reality, isn’t.

There are many, many, many closed systems of communication, as many forms of limitations people share.

But, there is Only One System of Truly Open Communication, which source is One Lord and the end One Lord as well.

So……..you choose: Fog in the goose, or set it all loose!

Peace, and Praise be to God. The Lord of the worlds.


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Recent and Decent Sayings


Kurrgjo nuk e përforcon rrenën ma shum se krenarija.

Nothing amplifies the lie more than pride.

Talmud is not a scripture. It is a collection of those who have failed to uphold the Scripture. As it is the case with Hadith.

“Judge: a law student who marks his own papers.” – H.L. Mencken

Today is a perfect day to do what you say.

Scriptural is not religious. Religious is not scriptural.

Putting community ties before the Lord, will assure drowning from that very community.

In the path of wisdom, sacrifice of stupidity is mandatory.

Those who whine about corrumption are among the corrumpt, too.

Talmud is a Scripture as much as Hadith is.

Ignorants say: Believe in change. Wise say: Believe in The Changeless.

There are those who play, there are those who listen, and most are those who comment.

Critic is a hopeless man in finding solutions.

America, used to be.

Once you learn slavery, liberty seems enslavement.

In any educational system, the tertiary level is the most hopeless.

Hiding stuff underneath doesn’t make you a noblier man.

Legend: A lie that has attained the dignity of age. – H. L. Mencken

Silence is heaven itself.

Crutches for people with healthy legs. That’s what standards are.

Standardet jon patericat e njerit me kâmb.

He that doeth art has heart.

You cannot screw with all systems at once. Only a whore does so.

Shortcut through bullshit is, the function.

True enslavement is when one dreams the second slavery.

Robnija e vërtêt osht kur njeri e ândrron robnîn e dýt.

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” – H. L. Mencken

Origin cannot change. It is only a dream covered with the blankets of truth.

You cannot change yourself. You can only change what’s not you.

Police and Army are private soldieries financed with public money.

Policija e Ushtrija jon armata private t’financûme me paren publike.

“The Globe was inventend when the first con man met the first fool.” – Mark Twain.

Circles are dividers of human society…….into inhuman cages.

Rrâtht jon përgjysmuesit e shoqnîs njerzôre.

Prevention of the school ignorance is the best education.

Monthly payment is the wage for silence and conformity towards the failed forms of existence.

Pagesa mujore osht shpërblimi për qetsîn e konformitetin ndaj formave t’dështûme t’ekzistencës.

Slavery a la carte is when the slave views slavery as the correct path.

Robnija a la carte osht kur robit robnija i doket udha e mîr.

“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.” ~ Joseph Campbell

“Ask not what government can do for you … ask rather what government is doing to you.” – David Friedman

Truth needs no twist.

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” ~ Tacitus

To learn without unlearning is to gain without earning.

Msimi pa çmsim osht njeri pa pshtim.

“I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.” – H. L. Mencken

To get independent from evil, you must get independent from goodness.

Për me shpâll pavarsîn pi t’kqijave, duhesh me shpâll pavarsîn pi t’mirave.

If you can, do hundreds of jobs. But first do the stuff you’re meant to do.

When you have to choose between shit, you become so yourself.

What you seek with eyes, cannot please your eyesight. What you seek with ears, cannot please your hearing.

Whenever you hear about – Truth Movement, be still.

Truth is the wild horse that no-one can tame.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire

“Everything the government promises is an illusion. Everything it says is a lie. Everything it has, it has stolen.” – Cato Letters

“Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.” – H. L. Mencken

Die before you die….and live after you live.

Reality is whatever you cannot think it is.

Not even life before the Lord. That’s how you taste the truth of the world.

Para Perendîs mos e vno kërrkon, as jetën. Veç kshtu e shijon t’vërtetën.

“In order to be understood, one has to address the audience only one level above the pre-existing level of conscience.” ~ Rrezarta Xhaferi.

Globe is a trickster’s glove.

There are those who believe the earth is globe, and there are those who know the earth is flat.

Careful from people with limitations. They infect you without knowing that are doing so.

Dhuna osht mnyra jointeligjente për marrjen e pushtetit.

Violence is the non-intelligent way to get in power.

No matter the top of mountains or the lows of hills, all have a common plain earth ground.

Praise be to God. The Lord of the Heavens and the Earth.


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The Meaning of Thunder (c)


There is no sound without a drum. There is no beat without heat.

Yesterday, prior to this Third Resting Day of the 6th Natural Month there was rain, lightning and thunder at the seaside.

I was swimming in rain, noticing the concentric circles spread in the form of the plain earth. There is a special experience swimming in the sea during rain time. What makes it more special is when you see lightning, wait a bit and hear the thunder. Yet continue to swim.

This time was much more special, cause I was really listening: Thunder came from the heaven as a steel drum hit combined with another drum of deeper sound. Naturally, after enjoying the plain view of the calm sea prior days, it hit me as another revelation:

The pressure of the air is hitting the Dome!!! That’s why the sound of deep drum combined with steel.

Now, comparing with today’s definition: “Thunder is caused by lightning. When a lightning bolt travels from the cloud to the ground it actually opens up a little hole in the air, called a channel. Once then light is gone the air collapses back in and creates a sound wave that we hear as thunder.”

However, noticing a bit more of the phenomena one can quickly see that this is eventually a part of the complete story: When the lightning hits the ground, be it an object or anything else, the lightning does its job yet the thunder remains above the sky, from where the sound trembles from the hit of the Dome.

The lighting phenomena can be reproduced from Tesla’s time, yet no thunder from it. Because the Drum-Dome that creates the sound is above the sky.

Lightning is the stick of the Dome and Thunder beats and rumbles from God, Alone.

Praise be to God. The Lord of the Worlds.

Rinon Hoxha – Copyrighted Material.

22nd Day of the 6th Natural Month, 2nd Natural Year.


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Why telescopes have a dome?!


“Ground-based observatories, located on the surface of Earth, are used to make observations in the radio and visible light portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most optical telescopes are housed within a dome or similar structure, to protect the delicate instruments from the elements. Telescope domes have a slit or other opening in the roof that can be opened during observing, and closed when the telescope is not in use. In most cases, the entire upper portion of the telescope dome can be rotated to allow the instrument to observe different sections of the night sky.” ~ wikipedia.

So…..even unconsciously, or consciously telescope makers know the sky to be a dome, hence the mirror to the instrument design.

… to protect the delicate instruments from the elements.

2:22 The One who has made the earth a resting place, and the sky a shelter,
and He sent down from the sky water with which He brought out
fruits as a gift to you. So do not set up any equals with God while
you know.

21:32 And We made the sky a protective ceiling; and yet, from its signs
they are turning away!

In my observation, rainbow form included, the sky is dome upon dome. Heaven upon heaven, and above all the All-Knowing who has given the blessings to see and under-over-stand.

Peace, and Praise be to God. The Lord of the worlds.


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