Here you can find the books I have written during the years.

As the titles suggest, so are the languages in which they are written.

It may be that until now something may have changed and improved, but no doubt, the essence of all remains the same. These letters are just shadows in the endless screen of God’s wisdom.

Thank you, and may the knowledge serve you well, to the extent you serve the wellness of existence.

Peace, love and balance,

Rinon Hoxha

Ktu muni m’i gjêt librat q’i i kom shkrû gjat ktyne vjetve.

Nashta deri tash diçka prej përmbajtjes ka ndryshû e përparû për t’mîr, po padyshim esenca e krejtve osht e njejta. Kto shkronja jon veç përkulje n’ekranin e pafund t’ditunîs q’i vjen prej Perendîs.

Le t’iu sherbêj mîr kjo pûn, deri n’nivelin q’i ju i shërbeni mirësîs t’ekzistencës.

Paqe, dashnî e ballans,

Rinon Hoxha


Let me tell my Story Natural Time Measurement: A Unique and Universal Approach With Your Step Towards Your Liberty
Paperback $ 5.99
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Paperback $ 7.00
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Paperback $ 19.95
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