Hup-o-kriti / Hup-o-crite


~ Naked BaSs Medley –

Emocioni osht ngjyra me t’cilën e shkrûjm tregimin.

Emotion is the color which we write the story with.

Lirija osht gjendja ku jeta rrjêdh natyrshëm.

Freedom is the state where the life flows naturally.

“That’s how the system is” is a ready answer from war criminals, as well as from the aspirants of social positions.

Përgjigja “Qështu osht sistemi” osht e gatshme si prej kriminelve t’luftave, ashtu edhe prej aspirantve t’pozitave shoqnôre.

“Nowdays the academic world suffers mainly from the diseases of egoism and pride.” ~ Rrezarta Xhaferi.

Champions endure long stages.

Religion and the school also, leave a Huge place of misunderstanding on the role and function of the individual.

…which the rest of Society structures gladly misuse.

Smûndjet edhe ideollogjît përhapen. Shërimi i përmbýll plâgt.

Sicknesses and ideologies open out. Healing closes the wounds.

Feja si edhe shkolla, len vend t’Madh për keqkuptim në rolin edhe funksionin e individit.

….…t’cilin strukturat e Shoqnîs e keqpërdorin me qef.

Njerzt sipërfaqsôr tentôjn me përdôr kacîn e zâllit për fmîj, për me punû tokën.

Superficial people try to use kids’ beach shovel to work the land.

Truth is what you didn’t hear till now.

Every position the system offers is a false authority.

Don’t worry, statediots will take care of your sanity.

Pyt: A ka dikush q’i mundet me m’a shprâz mendjen, se me m’a mûsh po kqyrin me m’a mûsh krejt!

When everyone tries to fill your mind, it’s imperative that you empty it.

The present tells whose future has worked out.

E tashmja kallzon se e ardhmja e kujt ka funksionu.

Kur nepismenat e çashtjeve personale tentôjn m’u mârr me çashtje shoqnôre, ndôdh Kosova.

Kosova happens when the illiterate of personal matters try to deal with social issues.

If you got all the change you wanted, what is it like?

I forti don me t’u bô agresôr.

Viktima don me t’u bô parazit.

the Tough seeks to be your aggressor.

the Victim seeks to be your parasite.

Bashkimi osht simptom i natyrshëm i qenjeve përtej rrethit.

Togetherness is a natural occurrence of the beings beyond circle.

If you don’t surrender your mind, someone else will control it.

Programimi e korrodon qenjen.

Programming corrodes the being.

Titujt e sistemit jon amplifikues t’komplekseve, mbi të cilat jon ndërtû.

System’s titles are amplifiers of complexes, upon which they are built.

Shqyptâri shkathtsîn ma t’madhe e ka papagallîzmin, dukunîn ma t’shpêsht – komentin, edhe virtytin ma t’nâlt, ankesën.

The Greatest Albanian skill is parroting, the most frequent observation – commenting, and the highest virtue, complaining.

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” – Will Durant.

N’kët vend nuk jon problemi njerzt e kqîj, po ata q’i pretendôjn se jon t’mîr.

Bad people are not the problem of this place, but rather those who appear as being good.

Kusuri osht si llastëki: Sa ma shum tenton m’i îk, qaq ma shum t’rrôk.

Sin is like the elastic gum: The more you try to escape it, the more it hits you.

Police are the post-festum part of every problem.

True deed is in doing what the others cannot appreciate.

Ose shyt sistemi ose shit sistemi.

Kqýr esencialisht, 99% e mashkujve t’Kosovës s’výjn kurrgjo hiç, hiç shumimin.

Essentially looking, 99% of males in Kosova are worth nothing, except fertilization.

Paranoja osht simptom i tejvlersimit për vetën.

Paranoia is a symptom of overestimating the self.

“I edukûm; me edukât” kuptimin e vërtêt e ka “böthq” n’Kosôv.

…e q’i i supozon krejt llojet e përkuljeve edhe përuljeve.

“Educated; well mannered” originally means “wussy” in Kosova.

…which presupposes all kinds of bowings and prostrations.

Pranoji njerzt qysh jon, veç mos përzîj me ta.

Accept people as they are, just don’t mix black waters with them.

If you don’t want to help yourself, no one in the world can help you.

The only thing people hate the most is to see them as they are.

They’ll approve hypocrisy, they’ll kiss your ass for camouflage………just not address them as they are.

In reality, most are compromisers.

Dëshprimi osht përkujtues i besimit n’fôrm.

Desperation is a reminder of the trust in form.

M’u frý me rreth osht si m’u livdû me nevojtôre.

Boasting with circle is like bragging with WC.

Përderisa nuk e njeh përmbajtjen mitologjike, njêri përher ka m’i hôngër fjâlt e veta.

As long as unconscious of the mythological content, the man will always eat the own words.

Wannabe-t e ekzistencës jon baskija t’shtrémta: As nuk ngulen, as nuk shkulen.

……po shkulaven n’sistem.

Existential wannabes are bent nails: They can neither nail, nor stick out.

………but stuck in the system.

Nëse nuk pjekesh, plakesh me dhomt e tômlit.

If you don’t get mature, you grow old with milk teeth.

Mediokritetin e damton ma s’shumti kur nuk mirresh me to.

Mediocrity is harmed the most by ignoring it.

Kultura në idên e hipokritit osht mbindërtim përmbi dobsî.

Good behavior in the hypocrite’s idea is overbuilding upon weakness.

Wise is the one who can make the fool listen.

Hypocrites are so accustomed to the role playing that they get pissed when Reality drops their mask.

I drejti t’i thot t’njejtat gjâna, si me shkrim, si me fjâl goje, si me vepër: Te trijat konvergjôjn.

Të tjêrt, mas shpîne e hâjn njoni-tjetrin, e para syve e hâjn njoni-tjetrin përpara e përmas.

The straight says to you things the same, be it in writing, words of mouth, or via deed: All three converge.

The others, stab each other behind the back, and eye-to-eye eat each others low fronts and backs.

Me tentû me kuptu t’vërtetën t’u lexû libra, osht sikur me tentû me kuptû seksin t’u kqýr filma erotik.

Trying to understand the truth by reading books, is like trying to understand sex by watching erotic films.

See the actual etymology of the word “hypocrite”. Screenshot_2017-03-26-22-05-06

In the usual Greek-o-Latin show, it’s painfully castrating to see how the half of the word is eaten just to fit the up to date description.

The reality is otherwise:

In Albanian “Hup” means to lose.

“Kriter” means to judge.

Hup-o-krit = one who has lost the criteria of judging.

And isn’t the hypocrite precisely that?

Does not he judge as the context dictates?

Isn’t he a slave of the own senses?

Yep. He is. And he is not an actor. Because the actor has the choice to act, whereas the hypocrite is programmed to parrot whatever the senses provide.

Check the actual etymology of the “actor” as well to see the discrepancy between the “hypocrite” etymology and “actor” etymology.

So much for the Greek-o-Latin show.

Again, Albanian language is the mother of Indo-European languages.

Don’t invite Reality if you can’t stand the test of truthfulness.

Praise be to God, the Reality of the wise.


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