~ State that People Ate


For the Ignorant, State is the all-capable black box.

If Kosova is so weak state, why the people cannot get rid from its slavery?

The answer is: There is no weak state compared to the people.

Strong state, weak people.

Strong People, functional state.

State is never the people. To say that state is the people, is like saying that the glass is the ocean.

Either strong state, or strong people.

Both cannot be.

In all strong states, the people are pegging out.

When the people are strong, state goes in shhhhh mode.

Shteti i fôrt, populli i dobt.

Populli i fôrt, shteti funksional.

Shteti kurr nuk osht populli. Me thôn q’i shteti osht populli, osht sikur me thôn q’i gota osht oqeani.

Ose shteti i fôrt, ose populli i fôrt.

Te dyjat s’mûjn me kôn.

N’krejt shtetet e fôrta, populli osht t’u côf.

Kur popullata osht e fôrt, shtetit nuk i nihet zôni.

In relation to the People, state is Always strong.

There is no such a thing as a “weak state”.

Kuptimi i pâr i fjâlës osht vet ajo fjâl.

The first meaning of the word is that very word.

Voting can bring change, but Never brings the Changeless.

Me fôl për sistemin e drejtsîs n’shtet, osht sikur me fôl për sistemin e pastërtîs n’nevojtore.

Talking about the system of justice in state, is like talking about the system of cleaning in WC.

Kërrkush nuk osht qysh shitet. E ata q’i jon, nuk shiten.

Noone is as they proclaim to be. And those who are, do not proclaim.

Krejt injorantët vûjn për autoritet. Qashtu i njeh kush jon.

All ignorants crave for authority. That’s how you spot them.

State is a predictable gambling machine where people bet unwillingly and politicians win willingly.

The pattern of lottery is that the winners become crazy.

In the state, they come as such.

Every wise man knows that the present is full of fools, and the future may be brighter.

Për intelektualin, shteti osht e mrrîmja ma e madhe. Problemi osht, intelektuali nuk osht njeri i mrrîm.

For the intellectual, state is the highest achievement. The problem is, intellectual is not an achieved man.

Perception is the leaven of reality.20170127_162033

Make-up doesn’t compensate the noor.

State is a puppy gone bad, that continuously bites the owner.

Vend i suksesshëm osht ai ku shteti osht veçse vegël pune e çdo individi t’asaj Shoqnije.

Successful place is one where the state is but a working tool of each individual of that Society.

To the blind, sing. To the deaf, paint.

Programmed people are not robots. They’re cattle.

Build-up over complexes – that’s what programmed people do the best.

Hypocrites are the first in politeness and good behavior.

Sillu si njeri!

- Njeri nuk sillet. Gjôja sillen. Bashk me robota.

Sillu mîr!

- Jo se kët pûn e bon njeri i padlîr. Ringishpill paditunije.

- Rri drejt – osht fjâla magjike.

Shteti osht ôndrra e budâllve, realiteti i t’poshtërve, e imagjinata e t’prishtve.

State is the dream of fools, reality of the wicked, and rotten’s imagination.

Shteti osht veçse fîrm e privilegjûme e cila keqpërdôr emnin e vendit për qëllime t’veta.

State is but a privileged business firm which misuses the name of the place for the own purposes.

Shteti osht mbishkrimi jonatyrôr përmbi sistemin natyrôr t’ekzistencës.

State is the un-natural overwrite upon the natural system of existence.

E vërteta nuk osht ide.

Truth ain’t idea.

Injoranca osht hija e pavetdîjes.

Ignorance is the shadow of unawareness.

History is the reverse weather report.

Now you know why it is innacurate.

State is the greatest misunderstanding in any society.

Shteti osht rasti i përkrým klinik i nji vendi.

State is the perfect clinical case of a place.

State is the only self-legalized criminal organization.

Kur t’prêk Pérenija me ditunî, nuk t’výn as shkôll, as shoqnî.

When you are touched with knowledge by All-Mighty, you don’t need school, nor society.

There’s a pattern that develops when enslavement goes on for too long: Slaves crave for slavery in the dawn of Liberty.

If anyone has contributed in the forming of your opinion, that opinion is not your own.

Trying to use politics for social change is like trying to use a toothpick for plowing the land.

Politics is not capable for social change.

It is only capable for social turmoils.

It’s silly even to think, how after tasting all recipes for social disaster, a nation doesn’t step up with the natural remedy.

Buttons of politics are the programs of the masses.

Përmbushet, ai q’i zbrazet.

The empty gets fulfilled.

Ideology is the highest form of idolatry.

Instead of sharing opinions, let’s share freedom.

Instead of sharing the world-view, let’s share Reality.

Instead of sharing limits, let’s share Liberty.

Praise be to God. One and Only All-Mighty.


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