~ National-Capitalism


Don’t try to understand what you haven’t experienced. At best, you’ll distort it.

Debate is when the man on the hill tries to convince the man in the hole how beautiful the view is.

Politics it the attempt to use other’s resources for the own means.

Trumpi osht imperativi i vetdijes Amerikane. Sepse krejt kta para tij kan punû për ardhjen e tij.

Trump is the imperative of American consciousness. Because all those before him have worked for his coming.

Work on the own corrumption, and the one of Society will take care of itself.

Winners do not write the history. They overwrite it.

State is the perfect mechanism to enslave those with a lot of spare belief.

The word – IS – is the mirror of the one using it.

The meaning of the word – IS, is your filter. And if you have no filter, then is is what it is.

Three Modes of the State are:

1. Capitalism.
2. Communism.
3. National-Socialism.

Each of it, of course, is non-human.

While Communism and Capitalism are two sides of the same coin, the National-Socialism is its third face, the edge.

That coin is the currency which pays the price of human stupidity.

“It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere” ~ Voltaire.

State is the heaviest drug ever been used on the masses.

It makes religion look as a cigar.

Become the Air and the programming of Masses will not get to you.

Masses = People burdened with the weight of heavy programming.

The Meaning of Life is the Path from Robot to Becoming Human.

National-Capitalism is the child of National-Socialism.

Every political revolution is just another social constipation.

Change is real…….until you realize that Reality is the changeless.

America has entered in the phase of National-Capitalism.

The duty of every parent is to provide the Presence of God for the own children.

Ata q’i folin për “me forcû shtetin” përher jon t’u fôl për me dobsû popullin.

Shteti e mbrôn popullin sa kali q’i e mbrôn patkonin.

Those who speak for “strengthening the state” always are speaking to weaken the people.

State protects the people as much as the horse protects its horseshoe.

Tuta osht përher standard gjykimi te mjerimi.

Fear is always the judging standard of misery.

There is nothing like the State to amplify human sickness and stupidity.

May God turn us into people.


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