~ Vnoja kapuçin kafes / Put the hat on the coffee


Any fool can initiate a movement, but only a master can keep the stillness.

Injoranti e merr pîk referente botën halâ pa e njôft vetën.

Osht sikur me tentû me mât distancën mes dy vendeve pa e dît se ku je.

Ignorant takes the world as a reference point even before knowing the self.

It’s like trying to measure the distance between two places without knowing where you stand.

Fêja osht strehuesja ma e madhe e paganve edhe dyshuesve t’Pérenîs.

Religion is the greatest shelter of pagans and doubters of the Lord.

The less social media, the more real life.

Face-Book, Feces-Book.

Krejt ymyti i politiqârit osht te injoranca, sepse vet osht kryet e nji strukture t’tîll.

All the hope of a politician in relied on mass ignorance, because he himself is the head of such structure.

Bindjet politike jon tentim-kompenzimi i mungesës t’théll-besimit esencial.

Political beliefs are an attempt to compensate the lack of essential trust.

Pýtjet q’i njêri i ditun ia bon vetes:

Çka po m’shtin n’lëvizje?

Çka po m’mân n’qetsî?

Çka po m’i jep te dyjat?

Aty osht Nji Pérenî.

Fools are to be forgiven.

Repetitive fools, are not.

No feast of any religion can be rationalized with Holy Scriptures.

These are but traditions. Tradition is the place where the light doesn’t have space.

You who have fasted, hopefully didn’t just keep your stomach empty.

FWIW, Religion is the greatest shelter of pagans and doubters of the Lord.

Asnji fêst e asnji fêje nuk mundet m’u arsyetû me shkrime t’shéjta.

Kto jon veç tradita. E tradita osht vendi ku mungon drita.

Ju q’i keni ninû, ishâlla s’e keni mâjt veç barkin thât.

Përndryshe, fêja osht strehuesja ma e madhe e paganve edhe dyshuesve t’Pérenîs.

Hipokritët ma t’mdhaj jon ata q’i shiten si t’mrrîm, a vet jon böthqa sistemi.

The Greatest hypocrites are those who keep themselves as complete, while being system wussies.

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If nothing of your judgment has changed from fasting, then you’ve fasted only from the food.

Nëse kurrgjo prej gjykimit tond s’ka ndryshû prej ninîmit, ather ke ninû veç prej ushqimit.

Deprogramimi osht puna ma e vlefshme e ma e çmueshme q’i mundet me bô njeri n’kët jêt.

Deprogramming is the most valuable and precious work a human can do in this life.

Conformist literally begs the society for acceptance, hoping to become part of a/some circles.

The true enlightened, does not give a screw for any of that. S/he kicks the foot in the bar style to present the own being.

Likes and dislikes do not matter.

What matters is to stay still in movement and move in stillness.

Those who have the inner guide will unplug from the circle.

And regain their own thrust independetly of society.

Fjâlt jon hija e t’ndriçûmit e fortifikimi i injorantit.

Words are the shadow of the enlightened and the fortification of ignorant.

Sa ma hipokrit, qaq ma shum thýmje t’mendimit prej zemrës deri te guha.

The more hypocrite, the more bouncing of thought from the heart to the tongue.

Individual is the cure of society, yet society is the killer of individual.

Society is a bunch of dissonant orchestras playing simultaneously wicked tunes which continuously break their instruments.

Me kujtû Zotin sa here e kujton FB-kin …

Had we remembered the Lord as much as we remember FB …

Your face in the book, your ass in the hook.

By hitting the herd, you shake the individual.

By calling the individual, you change the herd.

Politiqârt jon vârrmihësit e shoqnîs. Shteti osht vrasësi i saj.

Politicians are the gravediggers of society. State is its killer.

Sound editing is the Photoshop of music. It deals with the WISH of how one should have played.

Guess what? It remains – a wish.

Tjetërsimi osht procesi i shëndrrimit prej njêrit n’jonjêri.

….tan kohën n’maskën e njerzîs.

Alienation is the process of transformation from human to inhuman.

…all the time in the mask of humanity.

Conformist is a con artist bowing to the form.

“There’s too much information and information can’t lead to knowledge. You can gain knowledge, but you can’t gain consciousness.” ~ Keith Jarret.

Fools target the masses. And they fool each other for a while.

Wise targets the individuals. Or better to say, individuals find the wise.

Herds with herds. Birds with birds.

There are teachers who teach you to comb your hair.

And there are teachers who become your mirror, so you may find yourself.

Ka msûsa q’i t’msôjn m’i krêh flôkt.

Tani ka msûsa q’i bohen pasqyrja jote, n’mnŷr q’i ti me gjêt vetën.

Imagine how much more social you would be without the asocial networks.

Social networks are the make-up of personality.

There you find the edited representation of people.

A kind of reverse self-censure, where the deed usually does not follow the photo.

The only problem of society are wannabe humans.

Me tentû m’i shërû komplekset sociale me aspekt formal, osht sikur m’u mlû me jergon n’pîk t’verës.

Trying to heal social complexes with a formal aspect, is like covering yourself with a thick blanket in the middle of summer.

Formal aspect is whatever the society offers as a value.

Aspekti formal osht çkado q’i shoqnija e ofron si vlêr.

The less one knows the self, the more fearful he is.

Njeri, sa ma pak e njeh vetën, qaq ma shum tutet për jetën.

Deny the society, to find the individual humanity.

Mohoje shoqnîn për me gjêt si individ njerzîn.

2:186 Edhe nëse shërbyesit e Mi t’pŷsin për Mu, Un jom afër t’u iu përgjîgj thîrrjeve t’atyne q’i m’thrrâsin Mu. Kshtu le t’m përgjigjen Mu dhe besôjn n’Mu që me kôn udhzû.

“2:186 And if My servants ask you about Me, I am near answering the calls of those who call to Me. So let them respond to Me and believe in Me that they may be guided.” ~ translation by: Free Minds team.

Society needs slaves to conserve the own stupidity.

Essence begins when the first form is surrendered.

Narco-ideology pleases mediocrity.

…for a while.

Dyshimi osht baza e fês.

Jo besimi. Besimi osht maska.

Doubt is the basis of religion.

Not trust. Trust is the cover.

Truth narrows the congregation to the individual.

“25:44 Or do you think that most of them hear or comprehend? They are just like livestock. No, they are worse off.” ~ translated by Free-Minds.

25:44 Ose a po mendon q’i shumica ndigjôjn ose kuptôjn? Ata jon si gjôja. Jo, ata jon edhe ma zi.

World is the trap of fools, polygon of the learned and the toy of wise.

Bota osht kurthi i budâllve, poligoni i t’msûmve edhe lodra e t’ûrtve.

Have you recently heard the phrase: “It’s a free country” in a movie?

Of course not. Even hollywood has understood that it isn’t.

Word – Cappuccino – stems from Albanian: Kapuç – Hat.

Photo by: Bev Da Silva

Photo by: Bev Da Silva

And isn’t Cappuccino a coffee with hat?

Humility is the Shadow of one’s Greatness. (inspired by John Patitucci)

Change is the humble follower of the Changeless.

Kombi osht fêja e njêrzve t’cilët kufinin e kan zot.

Nationality is the religion of people whose god is their border.

Kosova is an unfortunate case of full-complexes wannabes.

When the spiritual growth doesn’t go hand-in-hand with professional development, monsters are created.

Kur ngritja shpyrtnôre nuk e përcjêll zhvillimin profesional, krijohen përbîndsha.

Fêja osht kombi i njerzve t’cilët zotin e kan kufî.

Religion is the nation of people whose limit is their lord.

You know why Americans get lost?!

Because they call the straight, you’re Right!


And then they end up spinning against the left.

Go figure!

Rrethi yt osht projektim i përmbajtjes tonde.

Your circle is a projection of your own content.

Vota osht njehsija mâtse e injorancës.

Measuring unit of ignorance is the vote.

Parliament is not a place where the job gets done.

Parliament is a place where the already done deals are treated.

Kuvendi nuk osht vend ku kryhen pûnt.

Parlamenti osht vend ku trajtohen pûnt e krýme.

For most, God is the remembrance of vacation.

Your preoccupation is your God.

Për shumicën, Zoti osht kujtimi i kohës s’lîr.

Preokupimi yt, osht Zoti yt.

Njerzt e sistemit jon si thâst e boksit.

Kur t’merr malli me ushtrû, din ku duhet me qepû.

People of the system are like punching bags.

When you need practice, you know where to hit.

Politika osht droga ma e mîr për masat e gjôna popullore.

Politics is the best drug for the broad populace masses.

Individi osht zgjidhja e shoqnîs.

Individual is the solution of society.

Politika osht me ia mvêsh masës mungesën e individit.

Politics is covering the masses with the lack of individuality.

N’rreth jon veç dy mundsî, t’kombinueshme: Ja hundën n’zûz, ja kunxhin n’zûz.

Rrâtht shoqnôr jon koncentrik ku nji budâll i qendrës shkakton trazina t’perimetrit.

Society circles are concentric, where a fool of the centre causes turmoils of the perimeter.

Artisti q’i osht politiqâr osht si kerri me frénin e dorës t’ngreht.

Artist who is a politician is like the car with hand-brake on.

Kur sigurija çmohet ma shum se lirija, flamuri i jetës osht robnija.

When security is valued more than liberty, the flag of life is slavery

Puna e pâr e nji mashkulli osht m’i gjêt bolet.

The first duty of a male is to find the balls.

Motivi i njerzve t’pavërtêt osht buxhîll q’i shterret.

Prandaj ata mashtrohen VEÇ mas pares.

Motivi i njerzve t’vërtêt osht ujvâr Pérenije, e cila nuk nalet as atĥer kur frym-mârrja nalet.

Motivation of the untrue people is a pond that drains.

Hence they get fooled running ONLY after the money.

Motivation of the true people is Lord’s waterfall, which doesn’t stop even when the breathing stops.

Praise be to God, without beginning nor end.

Lavdû kôft Zoti, pa fillim as mbarim.

Paqe, Peace,

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~ Fjâl pa zarâr / Words without hard feelings


When Europeans began to conquer what is known today as America, they described the Native Indians as savages.

The facts were -and- are vice-versa.

Just look at the lifeless way of life.

VV me mûjt edhe ngjyrat e ylberit i hjekin, veç t’kuqen e lôjn…………….se t’zezën e bôjn vet.

…..e kta tjêrt pyf njifni.

Menqunija osht aleati i pâr i poshtërsîs.

Urtsija i rrutllon te dyja, sepse rrjêdh nga pastërtija.

Cleverness is the first ally of wickedness.

Wisdom defeats both, for it flows from purity.

Votuesi përher e ka nji zgjedhje:

- Poshtërsija e kujt pi flen ma shum n’hatër?

Voter has always only one choice:

- Whose wickedness pleases soul the most?

Nevoja për me t’qeverîs dikush, e kallzon ma s’miri dobsîn e mosrealizimin personal.

The need to be governed by someone, is the best pointer of the personal weakness and incompletion.

Nëse nuk t’pëlqen sistemi, kqyre veten.

If you don’t like the system, look at yourself.

Secili shprehet n’rrjetet sociale qaq sa ka potencial.

Për njerzî s’e lôjn…

Each expresses the self in social media according to the own potential.

It’s not about modesty…

Lutja q’i vazhdimisht përsëritet, nuk osht lutje. Ajo osht kasêt.

Prayer that gets continuously repeated is not a prayer, but cassette tape

Intellect is the greatest trickster of the senses.

Intelekti osht folliranti ma i madh i shqisave.

You can fool the brain a thousand ways. But the heart, never.

Trunin mundesh me mashtrû qysh t’dûsh. Zemrën, kurr.

Fools are like owls. Only darkness awakens them.

Budâllt jon si hutat. Veç terri i aktivizon.

Kosova = Wannabe-stan

Shkalla ma e nâlt e politiqârit osht – Shtetdiot.

The highest level of a politician is – Statediot.

Kryekriminêlt e shoqnîs i gjeni mes njerzve t’menqëm e t’poshtër.

Main criminals of society you’ll find in the midst of smart and wicked.

Arkitektura shtetnôre osht makêt për bubrrecat e shoqnîs.

State architecture is a mockup for the ants of society.

Idhujtâri e ka institucionin zot.

I ndriçumi, vegël.

Institution is a god of idolater, and a tool of enlightened.

Circle is a hole through which straightness penetrates easily.

Rrethi osht bîr n’t'cilën drejtsija hin e del pa problem.

Mediat publike jon qafore e njerzve ma t’korrumptûm t’vendit, e zinxhîr i popullatës.

Mainstream media are a necklace of the most corrumpt, and a chain of population.

Krejt akademikt e Kosovës m’i mblêdh, s’un e thôjn nji fjâl t’ûrt – n’vjet!!!

If you gather all academics of Kosova, they won’t be able to produce one single wise word – a year!!!

Shpresa e mediokrit osht lloji tjetër i mashtrimit.

Mediocre’s hope is the other kind of deceivement.

Nëse çka ke vepru osht ma pak se çka ke mûjt e s’ke vepru, ather ti je po aq i korrumptûm si ata q’i veprôjn e për ty s’mendôjn.

If what you did do is less than what you could do but didn’t, then you are as corrumpt as those who do and don’t care about you.

Shteti osht recikluesi ma i madh i budâllve t’shoqnîs.

State is the greatest recycler of the fools of society.

Rrâtht e shoqnîs jon recikluesit e llumit shoqnôr.

Circles of society are recyclers of social scum.

Edukimi formal ka kuptim veç kur edukimi esencial osht n’vend.

Formal education has meaning only when essential education is the basis.

Votimi osht loja “teze” e njerzve t’rritun pa-pjêk.

Voting is the backyard game of the immature grown-ups.

Aty ku ka shum politiqâr, ka shum korrumpsion.

There where a lot of politicians are found, much corrumption is present.

Trait of the corrumpt is that he addresses the corrumption elsewhere.

Vetija e t’korrumptumit osht se e lýp korrumpsionin dikun tjetër.

Sa ma shum deprogramohesh, qaq ma njeri bohesh.

The more deprogrammed you get, the more human thou become.

If you want to see how corrumpt people are, test their limits.

And most will react even before the testing begins.

Nëse doni me pâ sa t’korrumptûm jon njerzt, testojani limitet.

E shumica reagôjn halâ para se testimi me fillû.

Asnji shtet nuk osht i popullsîs.

Ky osht trick-i no1 i marketingut shtetnôr.

No state belongs to the people.

This is the no.1 trick of the state marketing.

Njeri q’i i përkulet formës osht idhujtâr.

Njeri q’i e përkûl formën osht, mjeshtër.

Man who bows to the form is idolater.

Man who bows the form is, a master.

Gjendja ndërmjet krejt rrâthve osht Lirija.

Aty ku osht Pérenija.

The state between all circles is Liberty.shyp

There where resides the All-Mighty.

Politiqâri osht njeri i cili mungesën e tij tenton me kompenzû me energjîn e tjêrve.

Politician is someone who tries to compensate his lacking with other’s energy.

Njeri i programûm osht si rrota e shpërthýme. Tamon mûshet me ajr jete, n’dhét metrat e pâr jet bandash i pavërtete.

Corrumpt society is a fertile ground of fools.

Ngjyra ma e mîr e politikës osht e përhimta.

The best color of politics is the gray.

Shoqnija e korrumptûme osht tôk e plleshme për budâll.

System cannot be changed without people getting cleared from the system that has introduced them in the game.

Sistemi nuk ndrrohet pa u pastrû njerzt prej sistemit i cili i ka shtî n’lôj.

Programmed man is like the leaking tire. The moment it gets filled with the breath of life, it gets flat rim the first ten feet.

Those who can push you button, can pull your butt on.

Whatever you admire is a reminder of your own content.

Whatever you hate is reminder of your discontent.

The sick cannot heal the sick.

I smûti s’un e shnôsh t’smûtin.

Çkado q’i admiron osht përkujtues i përmbajtjes t’knaqshme tônde.

Çkado q’i urrên osht përkujtues i paknaqsîs tônde.

Hipokrizija osht shtresëzim emocional i mbulûm me bindje kontradiktôre.

Hypocrisy is emotional layering covered with contradictory beliefs.

For those who may be wondering, quotes are fresh and spontaneous.

The already recorded ones you may find in my books on Amazon.

Për ata q’i kan kurreshtje, thanjet q’i p’i lexoni jon taze e spontane.

Ato t’mahershmet i kom nëpër librat e mi n’Amazon.

Shteti osht zajebencija ma e madhe q’i mundet m’i ndôdh nji popullate.

State is the greatest bitter joke that can happen to a populace.

“Vendi më i lumtur është ai ku ndjehet sa më pak dora e qeverisë” ~ Sami Frashëri.

“Happiest place is the one where the hand of government is felt the least” ~ Sami Frashëri.

Njeri i programûm mun me kôn i lîr sa kurva q’i mun me kôn e ndershme.

Po te dy pâlt deklarôjn se jon t’tîll.

Programmed man can be free as much as the whore can be chaste.

But both may declare that they are not waste.

Academic is someone who has failed to find his soul, hence remained a proud intellectual.

Akademiku osht njeri q’i ka dështû me gjêt shpýrtin, prandaj ka mbêt intelektual krenâr.

Njeri i pakompletûm osht shënjestër e koftlargit, sepse ai e cýt pîkrisht aty ku i ka mungesat.

Incomplete man is devil’s target, because he entices precisely where his lackings are.

Stupidity is an amplified limit, taken as an absolute truth.

Budallakija osht nji limit i amplifikûm, e absolutisht i besûm.

A gogla a dushk?

- Livadh!

Politika osht diçka q’i buron prej sirovinës t’shtresave shoqnôre, e i kthehet bûmerang sirovinës t’shtresave shoqnôre.

Osht rreth vicioz i vet-zgjedhun.

Politics is something that stems from the social scum, and returns as a boomerang to the social scum.

It’s a self-chosen dirty loop.

Politiqârt jon zgjatim i gjendjes t’miletit.

Si ameba.

Krejt n’modin pseudo.

Politicians are an extension of the population’s state.

Just like the amoeba.

All in pseudo-mode.

Njeri i pashlirûm osht i gatshëm me dhôn jetën për sistemin i cili ia merr jetën.

Unliberated man is ready to give the life for the system which takes his life.

Gjykimi i njerit osht skelja e skeleti i qenjes.ang

Man’s judgment is the scaffold and the skeleton of being.

Prej krejt tentim-zgjidhjeve shoqnôre, politika osht Përher ma e pasuksesshmja.

Of all attempts for social solution, politics is Always the most unsuccessful.

People of the system trade their freedom for fear and insecurity.

Njerzt e sistemit e këmbêjn lirîn e tyne për tût e pasigurî.

Manipulation is basically looking at the world with a dioptry that is not yours.

N’temel, manipulimi osht kur e kqýr botën me dioptri q’i s’osht e jotja.

When you don’t make any compromise with who you are and what you see, you are free.

Kur nuk e bon asnji kompromis me ato se kush je edhe qysh kqýr, je i lîr.

Xhemâti osht e vetmja shprês e injorantit.

Followers are ignorant’s only hope.

The less you mix up with people, the more human you become.

Sa ma pak përzihesh me njerz, qaq ma njeri bohesh.

I manipulûmi edhe manipuluesi nuk bôjn kurrgjo tjetër, veçse ia kujtôjn njoni-tjetrit programimin e përbashkët.

The manipulated and manipulator don’t do anything, save remind each other of the shared programming.

Masat nuk jon t’interesûme për t’vërtetën. Masat jon t’interesûme për rrénën e vërtêt.

Masses are not interested for the truth. Masses are interested for the truest lie.

Vota e msheft, problemi i msheft.

Hidden vote, hidden problem.

Set aside the world and find Reality.

Leje botën anash edhe gjeje Realitetin.

Cattle, in the pyramid.

Humans, according to the straight line.

Gjôja, n’piramîd.

Njerzit, sipas vijës t’drêjt.

Mediat jon lidhja mes t’korrumptûmve edhe t’manipulûmve.

Media is the connection between the corrumpt and the manipulated.

Nëse don m’i ndâ njerzt, gjûjau nji koncept.

Nëse don m’i bashkû, jepjau nji inspirim.

If you want to separate people, throw them a concept.

If you want to gather them, give them an inspiration.

Ideal does NOT mean Perfectly Natural.

The Natural Perfection happens when All ideals are thrown where they belong:

- In the unrecycled garbage.

Ideal NUK dmth Perfekt Natyral.

Natyralizmi perfekt ngjân kur krejt idealet gjuhen aty ku e kan vendin: N’bërrllog pa reciklim.

Vetdîja osht si hija: t’njêk veç kur e ki dritën.

Awareness is like the shadow: it follows only when you have the light.

Secili e përkrâh idên për zgjidhje….. përderisa nuk e kuptôjn q’i jon vet pjês e problemit.

..ather- insistôjn – me kôn pjês e problemit.

Everyone supports the cause for solution… until they realize that they are part of the problem themselves.

….then they – insist – on being part of the problem.

Zgjedhja n’Kosôv osht e qârt: veç njerz jo.

We as humans must aknowledge first what we take for granted, then challenge them to their inexistence.

Na si njerz duhet me kqýr çka kemi pranû si t’gatshme, tani m’i qepû asaj deri n’joekzistênc.

Injoranti osht njeri q’i pa problem hin n’follder, e nuk e din q’i osht ma i programûm se nji kompjuter.

Ignorant is someone who enters a folder without hesitation, while doesn’t know he is programmed more than a computer.

Inteligjenca osht dallimi mes formës edhe esêncës.

Intelligence is the difference between the form and essence.

When programming is tougher than awareness, man becomes half human, half robot.

Kur programimi osht ma i fôrt se vetdîja, njeri bôhet gjýs insoni, gjýs roboti.

Njeri i programûm ka vetdîje veç sa me ekzekutû programin. Po qaq ka edhe roboti!

Programmed man has awareness only to execute the program. But so does the robot!

Votimi osht shitore e artikujve q’i s’t'výn, për me marû gjellën që nuk e han.

Voting is a market of the products you don’t need, to cook the food you don’t eat.

Njerzt me edukim formal jon prêja e pâr e politiqârve edhe viktimat e para t’tyne.

Formally educated people are the first prey of the politicians, as well as their first victims.

Video – Looper Jamming: Tash Pa Ego / Now No Ego https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZnz_CeiozI

The System is Wrong.

The only Correct Part of it is Its Failure.

Sistemi osht Gabim.

E Vetmja pjês Korrekte e tij osht Dështimi.

Zgjedhja aktuale “ma e mîr” n’Kosôv, osht kopje e dobt e ideollogjive t’dështume.

Kurrgjo e re, kurrgjo natyrore, kurrgjo kreative. Veç përtypsa t’librave q’i s’i kan kuptû, e me zor i kan msû.

Çvotimi osht e vetmja mnýr për m’u lirû prej votimit.

Unvoting is the only way to get liberated from the voting.

Lavdû kôft Zoti: I vetmi q’i mundet me kfjêll kët vend prej ktyne n’dôk t’njerit.

Praise be to the Lord: The Only Capable to Heal the world.

Peace & Paqe,

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~ Pshtêti


S’muj m’i kuptû budâllt e përsëritshëm!

I cannot understand repetitive fools!

Nëse shteti osht autobus, popullâta përher ka me kôn rrotat e tìj.

A ymytlîjt veç ndrrohen: Her pasagjér, her vollanxhî.

If the state is a bus, the population will always be its wheels.

And the needy of power: Either passenger, or driven driver.

Nëse shteti t’ka prû qëtu ku je, qysh po sheh ôndërr me t’nxjerr prej qëtu ku je?!

If the state has brought you in where you are, how the f… you’re dreaming to bring you out?!

The opposition always swears to use the same gun for a different target.

No matter how advanced it seems, this civilization is the last in the development.

The mind surrenders only when the programming ceases to be.

Dallimi mes sénit t’frymzûm edhe atij t’méndûm osht se séni i frymzûm ka frým.

The difference between the inspired thing and a thought thing is that the inspired thing breathes.

Before putting yourself in someone’s shoes, check if their socks smell too bad.

The representatives you’re trying to choose cannot represent even themselves.

Politician is someone who uses people’s face as the own mask.

Hence, a re-presentative.

Choosing your re-presentatives will surely put you in the position of their re-preservatives.

Dëshprimi osht shéj e besimit n’vendin e gabûm.

Dissapointment is a reminder that you’ve misplaced your trust.

The corrumpt say: Follow me.DAG0vSDUIAEZKUr

The wise say: Follow you.

Vepra osht përfaqsuesi ma i mîr i njerit.

Deed is the best representative of a man.

Instead of acting from freedom, most people are negotiating with their fear and doubt, hence the situation of devastation.

Kur emocionet t’i përkulin fjâlt, ato t’i përkulin edhe veprat.

When emotions bow your words, they bow your deeds too.

Noone likes the truth. Especially those who search for the truth.

The imprint of one’s character is in the own face.

Historija osht shum e vlefshme………….masi t’skjarohet e tashmja.

History is very valuable……….after the now is cleared.

Trauma e pâr kolektive Shqyptâre e ka emnin – shtet.

Edhe shërimin e pâr individual duhet me lýp pikrisht te koncepti – shtet.

N’aspektin formal, shumica jon t’suksesshëm.

N’aspektin sistemôr, shumica jon t’dështûm.

….prandaj t’dëshprûm.

In the formal aspect, most are successful.

Systemically, most are failed.


Facebook is an instrument: Either you use it, or it uses you.

Votimi osht si ushtrija. Dallimi osht q’i votuesi osht arma edhe municioni i t’votûmit.

Voting is like the army. The difference is that the voter is the weapon and the ammunition of the voted.

Ata q’i jon pjês e sistemit e fôlin për zgjidhje prej sistemit, jon sikur vagoni i fundit i trênit.

Njônën ân pamjen e kan t’mîr, n’ânën tjetër ngrêhen mîr.

Those who are part of the system and talk about solution from the system, are the train’s last railway carriage.

One side of their view is good, on the other side they are screwed good.

Vetija a pâr e hipokritit osht q’i ai pajtohet me krejt.

Hypocrite’s first attribute is that he agrees with all.

Sistemi osht placênt e cila nuk zhvillon fmî, po mýt shoqnî.

The system is a placenta that does not develop a child, but kills a society.

FB-ki osht si akuariumi i peshqve. Çka t’qitsh…….secili shkon niher n’sipërfaqe.

FB is like fish aquarium. Whatever you put……….each will go once at the surface.

Shteti osht sistem i përkrým për milet injorant.

State is a perfected system for an ignorant populace.

Kur korrumpsioni bohet natyrshmëri, njerzt nuk njohin Pérendi.

When corrumption rules the world, people do not know the Lord.

If my words do not sing and my instrument does not talk, let the doom be my stalk.

Annexation is the beast of taxation.

Fitore nuk osht me mârr energjîn e popullatës n’administrim. Ajo osht tjetërsim.

Taking the energy of population in administration is not winning. It is annexation.

Hipokrizija osht kur nji grup i politiqârve e akuzon grupin tjetër për vjedhje, a vet bon planifikim për plaçkitjen e popullsîs me tatim.

Hypocrisy is when a group of politicians accuses the other group for stealing, yet plans to continue robbing the population via taxation.

Nuk osht q’i shteti s’mun me jetu pa tatim, po popullata s’mun me lulzû me tatim.

It’s not that the state cannot survive without taxation, but the population cannot thrive with taxation.

You honor the politicians just by thinking about them.

Anything more is headsticking into their ass.

Politiqârin nderon veç me mendû për to.

Çdo gjâ ma tepër osht kryefutje n’prapanîc t’tij.

Muzika e mîr nuk osht kûrv q’i vjen për pare.

Inspirimi osht i pavarun ndaj shpërblimit.

Good music is not a whore which comes for money.

Inspiration is independent of the wage.

Komânda e pâr e Pérenîs e rrzon n’kokërr t’shpindës shumicën e njerzîs: Para Zotit mos e vno kërrkon as kurrgjo.

The first commandment of the Lord knocks down most people of the world: Do not put anything before God.

Usually universities are places of people not interested to learn, to become what they’re not interested to be.

What you observe, so you tend to become.

Hence, invite the Lord to clean your world.

Problem is a pagan reminder.

People don’t really want liberty. They just want to talk about it.

Those who do, are not talking.

Shoqnija kosovare ndahet leht n’tri taborre:

keqbâmsa kongruent, wannabe mirësije, veprimtâr dlîrsije.

I like Jews who read the Koran, Muslims who contemplate the Torah, and Christians who observe both.

Atheist philosopher’s best state of being is the self-doom.

3 motivet e muzikantit injorant:

1) Mu bô zvêzd.
2) Me zôn naj fémën.
3) Me ia “ftôf” dikujt.

3 motivations of an ignorant musician:

1) To become a star.
2) To get some chicks.
3) To impress someone.

State is a falling house inviting the people to accommodate.

Shteti osht shpî t’u u rrzu q’i i thîrr njerzt m’u strehu.

Sa mundesh robotit m’i dhôn vetdije, qaq mundesh njerit t’programûm m’i dhôn drît.

As much as you can give consciousness to the robot, so much you can give light to the programmed man.

There’s a reason why the Prophets were disliked by the majority: Because they were NOT the majority.

Socially, the man of truth comes always in a tangent towards the circles of society.

Voting is the definition of the false choice.

Votimi osht shprês q’i zgât deri te kutija e votimit.

Voting is a hope that lasts until the polling place.

Politika osht fêja ma pagane n’ekzistênc.

Politics is the most pagan religion in existence.

Philosophy appeals to the smart, but not to the wise.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”. ~ Mark Twain

Atheists and Pagans are two classes of the same kindergarten.

You can always tell an atheist musician: They have no soul.

You can always tell a pagan musician: They have no groove.

Nëse voton, i len me t’shkêl për qefin tond.

Nëse s’voton, i len me t’shkêl për qefi t’vet.

Nëse e prîsh votën, e nâl rrotën.

If you vote, you let them tie you down according to you.

If you don’t vote, you let them tie you down according to them.

If you discard the vote, you say adios to the rope.

Kur e hûp shpýrtin, s’kî pse lufton për tokën.

Kur e gjôn shpýrtin, toka lufton për ty.

When you lose the soul, fighting for the land is in vain.

When you find the soul, the land fights for you.

Taborret shoqnôre jon si shpijat e marûme me zâll t’pllazhës…………deri sa t’vjen vâla e detit.

Society’s groupings are like houses made from the sand beach………………until the wave of sea appears.

The only advantage of politicians is that fools are majority.

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Shkurt, njeri i lîr s’i përgjigjet kujt, veç Nji Pérenije.

In short, the free man is not accountable to anyone, save the Lord.

Si t’a kuptojsh q’i shteti osht struktura e panevojshme e popullsîs, athere ki m’ia nî erën lirîs.

The moment you understand that the state is the unneeded structure of society, you’ll sense the smell of liberty.

Secili e bon ma t’mirën qaq sa limitet ia lejôjn.

Për bûrr t’mîr s’e lôjn.

Each one does the best according to the own limits.

It’s not about modesty.

Modest osht përhér ai q’i s’mundet.

E rrâllher ai q’i mundet.

He that cannot do is always humble.

And the one who can, rarely.

2:177 Drejtsî nuk osht m’i kthy ftŷrat kah lindja e perëndimi, po i drêjt osht ai q’i théll-beson n’Zot edhe Ditën e Fundit, edhe engjujt, edhe Librën, edhe profetët, edhe q’i jep paré n’farefisnî me dashnî, edhe jetimve, edhe nevojtârit, edhe udhtârit, edhe atyne q’i jon t’u kërkû, edhe skllâvt m’i lirû; edhe ai q’i e mân kontaktin me Pérenî, edhe kontribon n’pastërtî; edhe q’i i mâjn premtimet kur premtôjn, edhe ata q’i qëndrôjn kur vshtirsî përballôjn edhe n’vûjtje edhe kur jon t’rrezikûm. Ata jon ata q’i jon kôn t’vërtêt, edhe ata jon t’drejtûm.

Praise be to God. the Lord of the worlds.


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~ State that People Ate


For the Ignorant, State is the all-capable black box.

If Kosova is so weak state, why the people cannot get rid from its slavery?

The answer is: There is no weak state compared to the people.

Strong state, weak people.

Strong People, functional state.

State is never the people. To say that state is the people, is like saying that the glass is the ocean.

Either strong state, or strong people.

Both cannot be.

In all strong states, the people are pegging out.

When the people are strong, state goes in shhhhh mode.

Shteti i fôrt, populli i dobt.

Populli i fôrt, shteti funksional.

Shteti kurr nuk osht populli. Me thôn q’i shteti osht populli, osht sikur me thôn q’i gota osht oqeani.

Ose shteti i fôrt, ose populli i fôrt.

Te dyjat s’mûjn me kôn.

N’krejt shtetet e fôrta, populli osht t’u côf.

Kur popullata osht e fôrt, shtetit nuk i nihet zôni.

In relation to the People, state is Always strong.

There is no such a thing as a “weak state”.

Kuptimi i pâr i fjâlës osht vet ajo fjâl.

The first meaning of the word is that very word.

Voting can bring change, but Never brings the Changeless.

Me fôl për sistemin e drejtsîs n’shtet, osht sikur me fôl për sistemin e pastërtîs n’nevojtore.

Talking about the system of justice in state, is like talking about the system of cleaning in WC.

Kërrkush nuk osht qysh shitet. E ata q’i jon, nuk shiten.

Noone is as they proclaim to be. And those who are, do not proclaim.

Krejt injorantët vûjn për autoritet. Qashtu i njeh kush jon.

All ignorants crave for authority. That’s how you spot them.

State is a predictable gambling machine where people bet unwillingly and politicians win willingly.

The pattern of lottery is that the winners become crazy.

In the state, they come as such.

Every wise man knows that the present is full of fools, and the future may be brighter.

Për intelektualin, shteti osht e mrrîmja ma e madhe. Problemi osht, intelektuali nuk osht njeri i mrrîm.

For the intellectual, state is the highest achievement. The problem is, intellectual is not an achieved man.

Perception is the leaven of reality.20170127_162033

Make-up doesn’t compensate the noor.

State is a puppy gone bad, that continuously bites the owner.

Vend i suksesshëm osht ai ku shteti osht veçse vegël pune e çdo individi t’asaj Shoqnije.

Successful place is one where the state is but a working tool of each individual of that Society.

To the blind, sing. To the deaf, paint.

Programmed people are not robots. They’re cattle.

Build-up over complexes – that’s what programmed people do the best.

Hypocrites are the first in politeness and good behavior.

Sillu si njeri!

- Njeri nuk sillet. Gjôja sillen. Bashk me robota.

Sillu mîr!

- Jo se kët pûn e bon njeri i padlîr. Ringishpill paditunije.

- Rri drejt – osht fjâla magjike.

Shteti osht ôndrra e budâllve, realiteti i t’poshtërve, e imagjinata e t’prishtve.

State is the dream of fools, reality of the wicked, and rotten’s imagination.

Shteti osht veçse fîrm e privilegjûme e cila keqpërdôr emnin e vendit për qëllime t’veta.

State is but a privileged business firm which misuses the name of the place for the own purposes.

Shteti osht mbishkrimi jonatyrôr përmbi sistemin natyrôr t’ekzistencës.

State is the un-natural overwrite upon the natural system of existence.

E vërteta nuk osht ide.

Truth ain’t idea.

Injoranca osht hija e pavetdîjes.

Ignorance is the shadow of unawareness.

History is the reverse weather report.

Now you know why it is innacurate.

State is the greatest misunderstanding in any society.

Shteti osht rasti i përkrým klinik i nji vendi.

State is the perfect clinical case of a place.

State is the only self-legalized criminal organization.

Kur t’prêk Pérenija me ditunî, nuk t’výn as shkôll, as shoqnî.

When you are touched with knowledge by All-Mighty, you don’t need school, nor society.

There’s a pattern that develops when enslavement goes on for too long: Slaves crave for slavery in the dawn of Liberty.

If anyone has contributed in the forming of your opinion, that opinion is not your own.

Trying to use politics for social change is like trying to use a toothpick for plowing the land.

Politics is not capable for social change.

It is only capable for social turmoils.

It’s silly even to think, how after tasting all recipes for social disaster, a nation doesn’t step up with the natural remedy.

Buttons of politics are the programs of the masses.

Përmbushet, ai q’i zbrazet.

The empty gets fulfilled.

Ideology is the highest form of idolatry.

Instead of sharing opinions, let’s share freedom.

Instead of sharing the world-view, let’s share Reality.

Instead of sharing limits, let’s share Liberty.

Praise be to God. One and Only All-Mighty.


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~ Kick Ass Words


Principle is a leading thought or belief put before the others.

Hence, Prince-iple.

Parimi osht mendim a bindje e vendosun para të tjerave.

Prandaj, Pâr-im.

Noone can do a greater good than a true artist.

Nacionalizmi osht Patriotizëm i Retardûm.

Nationalism is a Retarded Patriotism.

When you see, you don’t have to think.

When you sense, you don’t have to see.

Kur sheh, nuk ki nevôj me mendû.

Kur ndjên, nuk ki nevôj me pâ.

Njerëzit e mëdhenj kënaqen duke bërë punë të vogla.

Great men enjoy doing tiny stuff.

If you want to understand the role of Spiritual Cleaning, physically, do not wash yourself for a month.

Instead of pushing your limits, drill them to penetrate their hole.

Burst ‘em like a balloon.

And you be free like the Air you don’t see.

Shkollimi n’rastin ma t’mîr prodhon böthqa t’zyreve.

Schooling in the best case produces office wussies.

In the Name of People seek to speak those who cannot speak in their own name either.

N’Émën t’popullit lypin me fôl ata q’i s’un folin as n’émën t’vetës.

If you want to find the true idiots of a society, seek in the midst of schooled.

Nëse doni m’i gjêt idiotat e vërtêt t’nji shoqnije, lypni n’mesin e njerzve t’shkollûm.

Sot budâll nuk ka. Veç t’poshtër e t’prisht.

Today there ain’t no fools. Only wicked and rotten.

There is a difference on being a free mind and free from mind.

Shteti osht msiti i dobt mes popullit edhe mîrqenjes.

State is the weak middleman between population and wellbeing.

Ka njerz q’i mendôjn, edhe ka njêrz q’i dîjn.

There are people who think, and there are people who know.

Those whon think that the State brings a better life, are the same as those who think that the middleman finds for them a better bride.

Ata q’i mendôjn se Shteti iu bjen jêt ma t’mîr, jon nisoj si ata q’i mendôjn se msiti iu gjôn nuse ma t’mîr.

State is the only Secular Religion.

Ata q’i bashkndjêjn problemet, bashkfundosen me to.

Those who sympathize the problems, drown together with them.

You cannot expect from pagan people to be thankful for Lord’s guidance.

Shteti nuk osht kurrgjo ma shum se poshtërsi e mbshtetun prej forcës.

State is nothing more than a wickedness backed up by force.

Shteti osht feja ma e përhapun n’mesin e paganve.

State is the most spread religion in the midst of pagans.

Believing in God is one thing and living His Presence quite another.

Belief in Him is a mean to arrive at His Presence.

- NEW Presentation: Concepts, inside and Beyond them – https://t.co/NDcK6muSYZ

Rrethi i Shoqnîs osht bashkimi i njerzve n’bâz t’Antivlerave.

…q’i doken si vlera.

Circle of Society is togetherness of the people based on anti-values.

….which look as value!

The highest height of Ignorance is when people believe that life cannot happen or function without the State.

Rrethi osht struktura ma jointeligjente e shoqnîs.

Circle is the most unintelligent structure of society.

Another Albanian Etymology: Structure – Strûk = A place to hide/shelter.

Not Latin: Struere. Because even that has the basic meaning in Albanian: Bedding.

Either the world is dictating who you are, or you bring yourself to the world.

And don’t give a fuck.

People of the system do not have access to intelligence.

They may try, but they don’t.

A good prayer is like a piece of art: You cannot stop looking at it, while its beauty merges you in the Divine.

Good prayer brings joy of aliveness back.

Koran is the mirror of your personality. Albeit, your flaws are all in it.

You don’t have to change the system. That’s utter BS mistake.

You have to Release you from the system, so you may get free and fly from it.

System cannot do without you.

You begin to THRIVE without the system.

If you want to improve your attitude, increase your altitude.

A good work is Praise to the Lord.

To make the moments count, you shouldn’t be counting.

Sissy is someone who tries all the life to prove the self in front of woman, in front of family, in front of the circle, in front of society.

Burrec osht njeri q’i tan jetën i jep zorr m’u dëshmu…..para grûs, para t’shpîs, para rrethit, para shoqnîs.

Man is interesting until you discover who he is.

Nëpër rrâtht e shoqnîs mungon Prezenca e Pérenîs.

The Presence of God AllMighty is absent within the circles of Society.

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No matter how good one is at camouflage……….it Will fail to uphold.

E vërteta osht hobi i hipokritve.

Truth is the hobby of hypocrites.

He who agrees with everyone, doesn’t know what agreement is anymore.

E mrrîmja ma e madhe e konformistit osht përkulja ndaj formës.

The highest achievement of conformist is bowing towards the form.

Weak musicians like to talk about music. The rest, play.

People want to Experience the Presence of God. And that’s what masters offer to them by their deed.

First find the Heaven, then do the Earthly work.

Njêti i mîr me Sistemin e Gabûm, osht Rezultati ma i Dështûm.

Fakt i Dëshmûm.

Good Intent with the Wrong System is the most Failed Result.

PISA n’t'vërtêt i ka çmû ekspertat e Arsimit, e jo nxansat e Kosovës.

Truth is like the lightning breaking the sky.

Then the rest may thunder.

E vërteta osht sikur rrufêja q’i e çân qiellin.

Tani tjêrt mûjn me murmurû.

The question that shatters every democracy: How many referendums are organized within a month?!

There is nothing democratic in democracy.

America is the easiest lab to study.

It’s not the rythm. It’s the Life that drives the rythm.

Knowledgeable man who’s not enlightened kills you more than the ignorant of darkness.

Njeri i ditun e i pandritun t’merr n’qâf ma shum se njeri i terrûm e i paditun.

S’mundesh m’u ngjît n’kodrën e njêjt e me pâs shikimin ndryshe.

Kto parti’t politike kurr s’un e kupto’jn.

You cannot climb the same hill and have different view.

That’s what political parties will never understand.

How can an untrue concept such as State, provide anything truthful?

If you can teach without authority, you have the authority to teach.

Shteti osht msîti i panevojshëm ndërmjet mîrqenjes edhe popullsîs.

State is the un-needed middleman between wellbeing and the population.

Tradition is the leaven upon the unleavened Scriptural bread.

May we meet in the space between all circles.

Referendum is the health of Republic.

Concepts are forms of thought, which either contain the thinker or are held on the palm of the observer.

Konceptet jon forma të t’mendûmit, të cilat ose e përmbâjn mendimtarin ose jon n’dorën e observuesit.

Formal school is a gradual process of bowing a straight human into prostration towards forms.

The highest title a human being can get is being human.

Listen to your deep silent voice.

New recording – Endrrat / Dreams – https://t.co/ONqP3v33YW

Man is either surrounded by sins or followed by light.

NEW Presentation – Voting / Votimi – https://t.co/6Y8q6dJgzj

Tell me in which circle you spin, I show you the radius of your intelligence.

Easy answers finds one who asks the tough questions.

Truth does not have congregation. It has human individuals.

Voting is the modern way of selling your own soul.

Those who ask for your vote, are asking for your blood, your sweat and your energy.

Don’t give it to ‘em.

When the mind rests in peace, the heart blossoms in heaven.

Ignorant, unconsciously manipulates the self, consciously manipulates the public.

Injoranti, pavetdîjsisht e manipulon vetën, vetdîjsisht e manipulon publikun.

If State is an intelligent concept, why the fools get stuck on it?!

State is as the wrecked car which needs constant push of the population.

Bashkimi, në të shumtën e rasteve e fuqizon budallakîn.

Togetherness, in most cases amplifies stupidity.

Whatever you look at, is the second.

For God is the First.

Referendumi osht buka e Republikës.

Referendum is the bread of Republic.

There are important people, and there are enlightened ones.

The important people, are drown by the weight of their importance.

Ka njerz t’rândsishëm, edhe ka njerz t’lehtûm.

Njerzt e rândsishëm, pesha e rândsîs t’vet i fundôs.

“A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar” ~ H. L. Mencken

He never lies…….exept when he talks.

- Instrumental Albanian Song – https://t.co/XxWStfQSTp

Praise be to God, alone.


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Pagan Bayram Feast


Before acting in the programmed mode:

1. He that sacrificed the animal first, was able to sacrifice the own child for the Lord.

How many of you have sacrificed something – anything, for the God, in daily life?!!!

2. Those who have sacrificed animals at that time, were people who have served – ONLY – One Lord.

How many of you serve – ONLY – One God?!

3. How do you know that exactly now is the time to sacrifice?!!

Questions for those who do not play as children in kindergarten.


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Pagan Bajram Festa


Para se vepru n’modin e programu’m:

1. Ai q’i maspari e ka sakrifiku kafshen, o ko’n n’gjendje me sakrifiku fmijen per Perendijen.

Sa prej juve keni sakrifiku dicka – ckado, per Zotin, n’jete t’perditshme?!!!

2. Ata q’i kan sakrifiku kafshe n’ate kohe, jon ko’n njerz q’i i kan sherby – VEC – nji Zoti.

Sa prej juve i sherbeni – VEC – nji Zoti?!

3. Qysh pe dini q’i bash qetash osht koha me sakrifiku?!!

Kto jon pytje per ata q’i s’lu’jn si fmija n’cerdhe.


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~ Shinning Falcon’s Pen.


What’s it like when you don’t remember anything anyone said?

Try it, you may spout a word on your own.

Disbelief is a belief put contrary to the God’s flow.

Media is the best hypnotic amplifier.

Idol is a belief that prevents the Light of God.

Identity is not sought in this world. This world is a shade of Identity.

Artist osht ai q’i t’bon me ndjê Perendîn.

Artist is the one who makes you experience The One.

You have only one mouth to say one truth which comes from one heart.

A pagan sees as a solution only another paganism for a pagan problem, to begin with.

Independent country is the place where its people are independent from that country.

Do you know such a place?

Vend i pamvarun osht ai vend njerzt e t’cilit jon t’pamvarun prej atij vendi.

A dini naj vend t’tîll?

Poem: ~ Vazhdoni… https://t.co/dCLGaZw1V2

“When I am outside of you, life is torment.” ~ Rumi.

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Paganism is the hopeless spinning towards the centre of a Society’s Circle.

State Pagan, Religious Pagan or School Pagan. The choiceless state for each member of Society’s mediocrity.

Don’t forget the possible combinations of the above.

Words are the shadow of our being.

Koran and Torah are two wings of the same Eagle.

Quality of work is the Signature of your Truthfulness.

The question – Who do you Serve? – uncovers far more about your being than – Who am I? or who am I becoming.

There are two groups of people who proudly do not want to open their eyes:

1. Academia,

2. Religious people.

And that’s a real paradox………if you think about it.

Koran 2:183 …fasting has been decreed for you as it was decreed for those before you, …

Who were before? – Christians and Jews.

How much do they fast? – Few number of days. At most 10.

Koran 2:184  A few number of days

Thus the matter is concluded.

Now if you wish, you can fast 6 months without stopping. Noone stops you in that.

But don’t say one month.

You have only one mouth to say one truth.

America is a prime example of a Non-human System.

Flamuri osht dildoja e Albinit.

Flag is the dildo of Nationalist.

The proportion between routine and creativity is the coefficient of truthfulness in life.

Proud & Fool…. that’s the usual combination.

Non-human systems have one goal: To make you busy with basic existential matters, so that you never find out who thou are and whom to serve.

Praying to Jesus instead of God is like thinking the window is the light.

Bayrams and Christmas are established Pagan parties.

Feja osht zgjidhje e përkohshme për ata q’i s’kan kôh me mendû.

Religion is a temporary solution for those who don’t have time to think.

7 Pytje per Muslimont e sodit:

1. Sa prej juve gjykoni me Kuran (si muslimon q’i jeni)?

2. Ku osht Bajrami si fêst n’Kuran?

3. Kur jon ditët e ninimit me Kuran edhe Tevrat?

4. Qysh matet koha me Kuran edhe Tevrat?

5. Sa dit jon për m’u ninû?

6. Kur ia fillon viti me Kuran edhe Tevrat?

7. Kur osht Nata e Madhe me Kuran edhe Tevrat?

7 Intelligence Questions for today’s claimed Monotheistic Religion:

1. How many of you judge by the Koran alone?

2. Where is Bayram as feast in Koran?

3. When are the fasting days in Koran and Torah?

4. How is the time measured by Koran and Torah?

5. How many days are dedicated to fasting?

6. When does the year begin with Koran and Torah?

7. When is the Great Night by Koran and Torah?

The answers you may find in this Book: the Natural Time Measurement.

Formal school is an empty gun, without aim.

The verse of Koran that exposes religious people:

12:106 And most of them will not believe in God except while setting up partners.

I’ve got no hobby. Everything I do professionally.

Post-war PhD’s in Kosova have reminded Pre-war PhD’s how fake they are.

When religious mass talks about remembering God, the rare who are lost in His Presence, are not seen.

We need heroes that are not trying to be heroes.

Arrogance is the antidote of massive ignorance.

Bank Robbery is a Reverse State Robbery.

Honest Politicians’ approach: “We promise that we won’t steal from you, other than what we have already stolen via taxes.”

State is a bunch of idiots sniffing hypocrisy of each-other’s ass.

“Shteti e zé leprin me kerr”…….leprin, po jo skyfterin.

“State catches the rabbit via car”…….rabbit, but not the falcon.

The reason why people don’t talk (let alone do) is:

1. FEAR.

2. Being part of the same manger.

OR Both Combined.

Your Life is as your content is. Empty your content, fulfill Your Life.

From all complexes, the Academic Complex is the worst. For they can sense that they don’t know, yet are dragged by their titles below.

In purity, the circle of Society exists to play but Not to mix or blend with it.

Flag is the greatest Seductress. It seduces people to get stuck on its peg.

I like the indefinitely definite articles. And the definitely indefinite as well.

State + Idiot = Statediot.

Zgjidhje osht ajo q’i funksionon pa u imponû.

When stuff works without imposing, that’s Solution.

Praise be to God. The Absolute Lord.


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~ Words of Peressence


Anyone can Perform. Rare can Peressence.

The Real Performace is Peressence.

Perform is to get the intent stuck on the form.

Peressence (original word insterted by the author) is to get focused in the source of all forms.

Intellect wants to know. The heart says – Shhhh, keep quiet and follow what’s revealed to me.

Heartless education is full-brain deviation.

The question is not are you Left or Right, but Are You Straight Human?!

It is Everyone’s moral obligation Not to be part of anything that Spins.

Artist is no more and no less than a channel of truth.

Religion is the obstacle to the Lord.

School is the obstacle to Knowledge.

State is the obstacle to Liberty.

Praised be All-Mighty.

Feja osht pengesa për te Zoti.

Shkolla osht pengesa për te Ditunija.

Shteti osht pengesa për te Lirija.

Lavdû kôft Perendija.

Truth is a behaviour learned to be maintained in every moment.

Fear is Exclusive emotion Only for the Lord.

Shtet funksional osht ai q’i knon Soprano.

State that sings Soprano is a functional one.

Free People cannot be controlled in any way, other than by The Lord, alone.

Do you know anyone who has Stents inserted and is great-hearted?

Stent is the formal solution for the narrow heart.

A e dini najkon q’i ka vnû stênd e q’i osht zemërgjôn?

Stenda osht zgjjdhja formale për zemërngushtsî.

Bojkoti osht impotenca e veprimit.

Boycott is the impotence of deed.

Any fool can train the brain.

Rare can Open the Heart fully.

Artistic work is a massage for the Being……..and a message for the Soul.

Muhammad Ali, the Champ of Love, left to Rest with the Best.  2944a1c1-e045-4f1b-badb-d9c61fcbc624-1598x2040

Intellect is the Cover of Being.

Hipokrizija osht kur beson n’problem, e tenton me gjêt zgjidhje.

Hypocrisy is when you believe in problems while trying to find solutions.

The last fear of Mediocre: “But no one in the world has done that!”

…and the own parrot-mark as well.

…and the continous bark with smell.

…with them there’s no well.

Be well!

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Agenda is the Only thing you think you’re driving, while it is driving you.

Stupidity is Smartness without Wisdom.

True Man is the one who Calls on the BS of the own Circle first.

Those who complain about the State are those who are Incriminated by the State.

Do you know who get screwed the most?

- Those who want to screw with all.

Votimi osht Babadimni i t’Rrîtunve………….(me trup).

Voting is the Santa-Claus of the Grown-ups.

School produces Systemic Idiots of the System.

To be Fooled is the Unaware’s NEED.

Credible Politician’ slogan: “I promise that I’ll promise!”

Politician is the mirror of the masses and the scalpel behind them.

Newspapers are like rotten rice: You have to search much to find a (half) healthy grain.

Gazetat jon si orizi i prisht: Shum duhet me hallakât për me gjêt naj kokërr (gjys) t’shnôsh.

Donations Do the Nations.

Instead of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, clean your own shoes………..and wash your own feet.

All non-human systems are Ego-based systems. That’s why the higher in hierarchy, the more monstrous the person.

There’s no greater blessing than finding God through knowledge.

Gazeta osht ngushllîmi reciprok për Mediokritetin kolektiv.

Newspaper is a mutual condolence for the Collective mediocrity.

Edukimi Shpyrtnôr osht Frym-marrja e Ditunîs.

Spiritual Education is the breath of Knowledge.

Beauty is the sight of Truth…..and the blindness of false.

Nothing touches the Soul more than Honest Beauty.

Beauty is the vehicle of Truth.

Harmony is its cover.

NEW Video ~ Part 4: The Model of Functional Society (c)https://t.co/DaPEciUYsM

People are already United in the Presence of God, when not divided by the Circles of Society.

Someone asked: How do you know the Koran is from God?!

I answered: How do you know I’m wearing glasses?!

People are already United. Stop dividing them in the name of unification.

Real chaos is when the deluded comments another delusion.

Soul cleaning is like home cleaning: Don’t do it continously, get dusted fully!

Pastrimi shpyrtnôr osht si pastrimi i shpîs: S’pastrove vazhdimisht, t’mlon pluhni!

Stupid Spin the Stupid.

Non-human Systems are Victimizing systems: Slave is a victim of weakness, Pharaoh is a victim of power.

Sistemet Jonjerzôre jon sisteme Viktimizuese: Skllavi osht viktîm e dobsîs, Faraoni osht viktîm e fuqîs.

Any standard is a polygon towards Reality.

NEW Video ~ Part 3: The Model of Functional Society (c)https://t.co/E22hihqhSo

Circle is the Circus of Society.

Circle prevents Staightness.

Corrumpt Leaders invite: Let’s spin together.

The Upright: Let’s Straighten individually.

“…Certainly, the Remembrance of GOD is the Greatest….” ~ Koran 29:45

To Everything: Welcome All, Let go All.

Simplification is the Art of Mastery.

Shteti osht zajebencija ma serioze q’i ka ndôdh najher.

State is the most tragic comedy ever happened.

Either Suppress, or Express.

True Leader is the One whom the masses cannot follow.

Artist is anyone who can truly and honestly express the own self.

Programmed people cannot help but respond to the programming they have eaten during the life.

There are only two groups of people:

- Those Capable, and

- Those Incapable of Truth.

No-one ever was ahead of time. But, few were beyond it.

America has become a place where the highest achievement is training Corporations.

Those who teach with Programs still ain’t free.

Solitude is the best company.

Bodyguards can protect your body, but can’t protect your soul.

Truth is beauty and harmony.

Slavery is a symptom of idolatry.

If you are a man of truth, wherever you dig, you’ll find the truth.

The best way to Change the System is to not participate in it.

Homework is Schoolwork not having been done.

Any fool can quote the others.

But, rare are those who can say anything Original and of value.

Competition and Rivalry are two Monster twins of Capitalism.

In the name of Truth, Lies flourish.

Bobby Fischer knew. Real, true and honest genius.

There’s no Science without Art. There’s no Art without Science.

Influence is really In-flow-ence.

You can easily checkout the society, after you thoroughly checkin’ yourself.

State is a whorehouse which sells itself as a church.

Non-human systems are based on complexes.

Hence, the criteria for height within.

Influence is missunderstood as calling the pond a waterfall.

Everyone wants to be influential, but asserting influence while you’re not in the Divine flow,

is trapping and prisoning everyone who is in the radius of your influence.

Influence without inflowence is getting stuck in the pool of ignorance,

to think you’re swimming in water, while you swim in each-other’s pee.

Hence, influence is the flu of Conscience.

It appeals to the ego, but kills the soul.

The greatest people ever walked above this earth – the Prophets – were not influential, they were in-flow-ential.

They didn’t care how to manipulate people to join them.

But they did dare to let go the limits of society.

And whoever had the waterfall of wisdom, did non get muddy in the pond of ignorance.

Inflowence is the glow of Conscience.

Relationship and Reciprocity are the shores of the river’s flow.

Right punch, from the right person, at the right time, is a blessing.

In between forms, you find the formless.

PERESSENCE – Add this word in your dictionary English speakers!

Praise be to the Lord. The Glory of the world.


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