~ Vnoja kapuçin kafes / Put the hat on the coffee


Any fool can initiate a movement, but only a master can keep the stillness.

Injoranti e merr pîk referente botën halâ pa e njôft vetën.

Osht sikur me tentû me mât distancën mes dy vendeve pa e dît se ku je.

Ignorant takes the world as a reference point even before knowing the self.

It’s like trying to measure the distance between two places without knowing where you stand.

Fêja osht strehuesja ma e madhe e paganve edhe dyshuesve t’Pérenîs.

Religion is the greatest shelter of pagans and doubters of the Lord.

The less social media, the more real life.

Face-Book, Feces-Book.

Krejt ymyti i politiqârit osht te injoranca, sepse vet osht kryet e nji strukture t’tîll.

All the hope of a politician in relied on mass ignorance, because he himself is the head of such structure.

Bindjet politike jon tentim-kompenzimi i mungesës t’théll-besimit esencial.

Political beliefs are an attempt to compensate the lack of essential trust.

Pýtjet q’i njêri i ditun ia bon vetes:

Çka po m’shtin n’lëvizje?

Çka po m’mân n’qetsî?

Çka po m’i jep te dyjat?

Aty osht Nji Pérenî.

Fools are to be forgiven.

Repetitive fools, are not.

No feast of any religion can be rationalized with Holy Scriptures.

These are but traditions. Tradition is the place where the light doesn’t have space.

You who have fasted, hopefully didn’t just keep your stomach empty.

FWIW, Religion is the greatest shelter of pagans and doubters of the Lord.

Asnji fêst e asnji fêje nuk mundet m’u arsyetû me shkrime t’shéjta.

Kto jon veç tradita. E tradita osht vendi ku mungon drita.

Ju q’i keni ninû, ishâlla s’e keni mâjt veç barkin thât.

Përndryshe, fêja osht strehuesja ma e madhe e paganve edhe dyshuesve t’Pérenîs.

Hipokritët ma t’mdhaj jon ata q’i shiten si t’mrrîm, a vet jon böthqa sistemi.

The Greatest hypocrites are those who keep themselves as complete, while being system wussies.

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If nothing of your judgment has changed from fasting, then you’ve fasted only from the food.

Nëse kurrgjo prej gjykimit tond s’ka ndryshû prej ninîmit, ather ke ninû veç prej ushqimit.

Deprogramimi osht puna ma e vlefshme e ma e çmueshme q’i mundet me bô njeri n’kët jêt.

Deprogramming is the most valuable and precious work a human can do in this life.

Conformist literally begs the society for acceptance, hoping to become part of a/some circles.

The true enlightened, does not give a screw for any of that. S/he kicks the foot in the bar style to present the own being.

Likes and dislikes do not matter.

What matters is to stay still in movement and move in stillness.

Those who have the inner guide will unplug from the circle.

And regain their own thrust independetly of society.

Fjâlt jon hija e t’ndriçûmit e fortifikimi i injorantit.

Words are the shadow of the enlightened and the fortification of ignorant.

Sa ma hipokrit, qaq ma shum thýmje t’mendimit prej zemrës deri te guha.

The more hypocrite, the more bouncing of thought from the heart to the tongue.

Individual is the cure of society, yet society is the killer of individual.

Society is a bunch of dissonant orchestras playing simultaneously wicked tunes which continuously break their instruments.

Me kujtû Zotin sa here e kujton FB-kin …

Had we remembered the Lord as much as we remember FB …

Your face in the book, your ass in the hook.

By hitting the herd, you shake the individual.

By calling the individual, you change the herd.

Politiqârt jon vârrmihësit e shoqnîs. Shteti osht vrasësi i saj.

Politicians are the gravediggers of society. State is its killer.

Sound editing is the Photoshop of music. It deals with the WISH of how one should have played.

Guess what? It remains – a wish.

Tjetërsimi osht procesi i shëndrrimit prej njêrit n’jonjêri.

….tan kohën n’maskën e njerzîs.

Alienation is the process of transformation from human to inhuman.

…all the time in the mask of humanity.

Conformist is a con artist bowing to the form.

“There’s too much information and information can’t lead to knowledge. You can gain knowledge, but you can’t gain consciousness.” ~ Keith Jarret.

Fools target the masses. And they fool each other for a while.

Wise targets the individuals. Or better to say, individuals find the wise.

Herds with herds. Birds with birds.

There are teachers who teach you to comb your hair.

And there are teachers who become your mirror, so you may find yourself.

Ka msûsa q’i t’msôjn m’i krêh flôkt.

Tani ka msûsa q’i bohen pasqyrja jote, n’mnŷr q’i ti me gjêt vetën.

Imagine how much more social you would be without the asocial networks.

Social networks are the make-up of personality.

There you find the edited representation of people.

A kind of reverse self-censure, where the deed usually does not follow the photo.

The only problem of society are wannabe humans.

Me tentû m’i shërû komplekset sociale me aspekt formal, osht sikur m’u mlû me jergon n’pîk t’verës.

Trying to heal social complexes with a formal aspect, is like covering yourself with a thick blanket in the middle of summer.

Formal aspect is whatever the society offers as a value.

Aspekti formal osht çkado q’i shoqnija e ofron si vlêr.

The less one knows the self, the more fearful he is.

Njeri, sa ma pak e njeh vetën, qaq ma shum tutet për jetën.

Deny the society, to find the individual humanity.

Mohoje shoqnîn për me gjêt si individ njerzîn.

2:186 Edhe nëse shërbyesit e Mi t’pŷsin për Mu, Un jom afër t’u iu përgjîgj thîrrjeve t’atyne q’i m’thrrâsin Mu. Kshtu le t’m përgjigjen Mu dhe besôjn n’Mu që me kôn udhzû.

“2:186 And if My servants ask you about Me, I am near answering the calls of those who call to Me. So let them respond to Me and believe in Me that they may be guided.” ~ translation by: Free Minds team.

Society needs slaves to conserve the own stupidity.

Essence begins when the first form is surrendered.

Narco-ideology pleases mediocrity.

…for a while.

Dyshimi osht baza e fês.

Jo besimi. Besimi osht maska.

Doubt is the basis of religion.

Not trust. Trust is the cover.

Truth narrows the congregation to the individual.

“25:44 Or do you think that most of them hear or comprehend? They are just like livestock. No, they are worse off.” ~ translated by Free-Minds.

25:44 Ose a po mendon q’i shumica ndigjôjn ose kuptôjn? Ata jon si gjôja. Jo, ata jon edhe ma zi.

World is the trap of fools, polygon of the learned and the toy of wise.

Bota osht kurthi i budâllve, poligoni i t’msûmve edhe lodra e t’ûrtve.

Have you recently heard the phrase: “It’s a free country” in a movie?

Of course not. Even hollywood has understood that it isn’t.

Word – Cappuccino – stems from Albanian: Kapuç – Hat.

Photo by: Bev Da Silva

Photo by: Bev Da Silva

And isn’t Cappuccino a coffee with hat?

Humility is the Shadow of one’s Greatness. (inspired by John Patitucci)

Change is the humble follower of the Changeless.

Kombi osht fêja e njêrzve t’cilët kufinin e kan zot.

Nationality is the religion of people whose god is their border.

Kosova is an unfortunate case of full-complexes wannabes.

When the spiritual growth doesn’t go hand-in-hand with professional development, monsters are created.

Kur ngritja shpyrtnôre nuk e përcjêll zhvillimin profesional, krijohen përbîndsha.

Fêja osht kombi i njerzve t’cilët zotin e kan kufî.

Religion is the nation of people whose limit is their lord.

You know why Americans get lost?!

Because they call the straight, you’re Right!


And then they end up spinning against the left.

Go figure!

Rrethi yt osht projektim i përmbajtjes tonde.

Your circle is a projection of your own content.

Vota osht njehsija mâtse e injorancës.

Measuring unit of ignorance is the vote.

Parliament is not a place where the job gets done.

Parliament is a place where the already done deals are treated.

Kuvendi nuk osht vend ku kryhen pûnt.

Parlamenti osht vend ku trajtohen pûnt e krýme.

For most, God is the remembrance of vacation.

Your preoccupation is your God.

Për shumicën, Zoti osht kujtimi i kohës s’lîr.

Preokupimi yt, osht Zoti yt.

Njerzt e sistemit jon si thâst e boksit.

Kur t’merr malli me ushtrû, din ku duhet me qepû.

People of the system are like punching bags.

When you need practice, you know where to hit.

Politika osht droga ma e mîr për masat e gjôna popullore.

Politics is the best drug for the broad populace masses.

Individi osht zgjidhja e shoqnîs.

Individual is the solution of society.

Politika osht me ia mvêsh masës mungesën e individit.

Politics is covering the masses with the lack of individuality.

N’rreth jon veç dy mundsî, t’kombinueshme: Ja hundën n’zûz, ja kunxhin n’zûz.

Rrâtht shoqnôr jon koncentrik ku nji budâll i qendrës shkakton trazina t’perimetrit.

Society circles are concentric, where a fool of the centre causes turmoils of the perimeter.

Artisti q’i osht politiqâr osht si kerri me frénin e dorës t’ngreht.

Artist who is a politician is like the car with hand-brake on.

Kur sigurija çmohet ma shum se lirija, flamuri i jetës osht robnija.

When security is valued more than liberty, the flag of life is slavery

Puna e pâr e nji mashkulli osht m’i gjêt bolet.

The first duty of a male is to find the balls.

Motivi i njerzve t’pavërtêt osht buxhîll q’i shterret.

Prandaj ata mashtrohen VEÇ mas pares.

Motivi i njerzve t’vërtêt osht ujvâr Pérenije, e cila nuk nalet as atĥer kur frym-mârrja nalet.

Motivation of the untrue people is a pond that drains.

Hence they get fooled running ONLY after the money.

Motivation of the true people is Lord’s waterfall, which doesn’t stop even when the breathing stops.

Praise be to God, without beginning nor end.

Lavdû kôft Zoti, pa fillim as mbarim.

Paqe, Peace,

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~ Social Media


Social Media gets you by your eye-balls, and makes you forget the role of your balls.

All the seen is a post-festum of the unseen. We’re in fact commenting what we see.

Late bloomers instead of early flowers. We are Not Acting Before the seen happens.

This is a HUGE difference between those who do and those who remain commentators.

Therefore, Social Media is either your slave or your slave-owner.

The choice to that is whether you’re mainly sharing or sniffing?

Don’t hide behind your screen. It’s just another mask of you.

You. The Real You. The One that doesn’t care what others think of jerk.

The one that expresses the self as humanly as possible without the need to be recognized.

Without the hypocrisy of likes and the envy of hidden likes.

Without the endless ignorant gossiping from what people who you barely know share without thinking.

Without those whose repetition is the only creativity.

I bet, without any study, that most of the social media people fail miserably in the real life.

They replace dignity with appearance. Truth with gossip. Life with other’s representation of life.

Deed with not doing. All they will be remembered for, eventually, is that they left some kids behind.

Nothing more. Nothing else.

Your eye-balls are tools to emanate light, not to receive bullshit.

Anyone with balls?!


P.S. Praise be to the Source of All Intelligence and Doing.

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~ Flowing Love / Rjêdh Dashnije


The Truth is inconvenient.

Get used to it!

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Those who are hurt by the truth are the fake only.

The rest, get healed.

Ata q’i lëndohen prej t’vërtetës jon veç fallci.

Tjêrt, shërohen.

A bit of craziness is the spice to wisdom.

Pak çmendî osht byberi për urtsî.

Zakonisht njêri kur s’ka vepër t’vetën, përfundon si navijaç.

Usually the man who lacks the own deed, ends up as a cheerleader.

Shtet i shnetshëm osht ai i cili tutet prej popullsîs.

Healthy State is that which fears the population.

Njerzt q’i kan punû kôh t’gât n’sistem, nuk kan gjâsa m’i adresu as muret e mbrendshme t’sistemit.

People who have worked a long time in the system, stand zero chance to address even the inside walls of the system.

Until we die, we are in the process of becoming human.

…and those who are reborn, are.

Na jemi n’proces t’bâmjes njerz derisa t’vdesim.

….e ata q’i kan rilînd, jon.

Edhe idhujtârt e para qindra vjete jon kôn po aq ngulmues ndaj ninimit.

When you open your eyes, there’s no more circular hogwash.

Kur t’i çêl sýt, s’ka mô hajgarallëk rrethôr.

Mrenda piramidës, qato q’i e lufton, qato e don.

Sepse pozita i afron.

Within the pyramid, one you fight is the one you love.

Becase the position is the cause and the soution of “the fight”.

The aware don’t need talk.

The unaware don’t heed talk.

The linguistic rules can be bent according to the meaning you want to send.

Rregullat gjuhsôre mûjn m’u lakû, varsisht prej kuptimit q’i don me përçû.

Politika e shëndrron njêrin prej shigjetës t’mpreht, n’plumb qorr.

Politics transforms the human from a sharp arrow, to a blind bullet.

Vend i suksesshëm osht ai ku inspirimi i Pérendîs osht fryma e shoqnîs.

Successful is the place where inspiration of the All-Mighty is the breath of society.

Çkado q’i ki n’zemër veç Pérenîs, bohet helmi yt e i shoqnîs.

Whatever you hold inside your heart except the Lord, becomes your poison and the world’s.

N’Kosôv nuk ka grupe inteligjente.

N’Kosôv ka grupe reaktive.

Grup inteligjent osht ai i cili kontura s’mundet me definû.

There are no intelligent groups in Kosova.

Only reactive groups exist in Kosova.

Intelligent is the group which the contour cannot define.

Kadareja e ka ciklin e menstrurtsîs çdo 4 vjet.

Pjesën tjetër osht i nxanun t’u e ôndrru nobelin.

Njeri i pamrrîm i sorton njerzt n’t'Mdhêj e t’vegjël.

Njêri i mrrîm: n’Njerz e Jonjerz.

The Incomplete man sorts the people into Great and small category.

The Complete: Humans and Inhumans.

Qysh mun me kôn politika zgjidhje kur ajo vet osht burimi i problemit?!

“Jo po na tjetër politîk”.

Jo po ju tjetër problem.

Ndrrîmi i repartit t’klinikës nuk osht gjetje e shërimit.

Changing the clinical pavilion is not finding the cure.

Nëse nuk ôndrron me kôn pjês e sistemit, osht shum leht m’u hallashtîs prej tij.

If you don’t dream to be a part of the system, it’s easy to say bye to it.

But it’s hard to say bye when you buy from it.

Philosophy is a cheap way to understand the life.

Fillozofija osht tentim i ligsht për me kuptû jetën.

Everyone wants peace……….after the war.

If you want meaning in your mind, open the windows of your heart.

Freedom is not a matter of thinking. DCXJnjWXoAE7tqn

It is the foundation of being.

Pa Lirî, qenja osht sikur lulja n’saksî.

Without Liberty, being is like the flower in the pot.

E keqja nuk largohet n’mnŷrën qysh jon pizât nji pjês e ksâj popullsije.

N’kët mnŷr, e keqja zavendsohet.

Iftijâqt e votës, s’ia dîjn rendin botës.

Simbolika osht pjesa ma e fuqishme e t’kuptûmit.

Symbolism is the most powerful part of understanding.

Njêri i programûm osht n’gjendje me luftû për programin e vet, po nuk osht n’gjendje me luftû programin e vet.

Programmed man is ready to fight for his program, but is not ready to fight the own program.

Çdo zgjidhje mrénda sistemit osht nji problem i ardhshëm për m’u adresû.

Any solution within the system is a future problem to be addressed.

VV ma s’shumti iu ka qît pûn intelektuâlve q’i s’dîjn me ndâ shapin prej sheqerit.

Vlerat nuk jon jergon m’u pshtjêll me to.

Values are not a blanket to cover with them.

Sistemi i padukshëm për sy nuk luftohet me trup.

Ai luftohet me thellsî t’shpýrtit.

The unnoticeable system for the eye cannot be fought with the body.

It is fought with deepness of the soul.

Intelektuali osht njêri t’cilit dikun për udhe iu ka kastrû shpyrti.

Intellectual is someone whose soul got castrated somewhere along the way.

Njêri, sa ma shum iftîjâq për shoqnî, qaq ma pak njeh Pérendî.

Man, the needier for society, the less knows the All-Mighty.

M’i trajtû çashtjet shoqnôre prej mrenda placentës t’mendjes osht sikur me lýp prej foshnjes me rilînd halâ pa lînd.

Addressing the social issues from within the placenta of mind, is like asking the infant to get reborn before s/he is born.

Wherever the word “politics” is found, it contaminates the whole sentence.

Kudo q’i fjâla “politîk” qëllon, krejt fjalîn e helmon.

There’s no better place than the linguistic rules to hide a wicked personality.

S’ka vend ma t’mîr se rregullat gjuhsôre për m’u mshêf nji personalitet i prisht.

Ai q’i e ka shtetin vlerën ma t’nâlt t’jetës, vet osht djep i t’pavërtetês.

He who keeps the state as the highest achievement, himself is a cradle of deceivement.

Shteti: Kur trauma kolektive bôhet trofê personale, aťher ai osht definicioni i çmendîs reale.

State: When the collective trauma becomes a personal trophe, then that’s the definition of a real dementee.

Xhemâti osht forca e t’pafuqishmit.

Congregation is the force of powerless.

You can hear the musician of truth in his tone: They have unmistakable character.

Politics is a fancy name for cheerleading.

Politika osht nji nôfk moderne për navijaçllëk.

Sikur çdo gjâ tjetër, shteti osht konceptû prej t’ûrtve, osht prîsh prej injorantve, e osht përcjêll prej budâllve.

As with anything else, state was concieved by the wise, ruined by ignorants, and followed by the fools.

Shumica jon t’programûm me mendû q’i pa shtet situata degradon.

N’fakt shteti osht degraduesi i situatës.

Most are programmed to think that the situation degrades without the state.

In fact the state degrades the situation.

“No great thing is created suddenly” -Epictetus.

N’fund, vlera jote matet me ate se kush t’rreshton.

In the end, your value is measured by who sides you.

The only chance to raise the level of political parties is to make an airplane with the voting paper.

E vetmja mundsî me ngrît nivelin e partive politike osht me marû nji aeroplan me fletën e votimit.

Only a Sincere Soul can do a Perfect Job.

Veç nji Shpýrt i Sinqêrt mundet me bô nji Pûn t’Përkrýme.

Shoqnija perfekte osht ajo natyrore.

Perfect Society is the Natural One.

~ Me Zémër

Me zémër veç fémnën q’i e don.

Me zémër veç muzikën e artin q’i e bon.

Me zémër, punën q’i e kî.

Me zémër, veç Nji Pérendî.

NEW Recording / Inqizim TAZE: Lavdu ko’ft Perendija / Praise be to the Lord: https://t.co/Wd99IHAOtk

The reason why we are in this world is because we have lessons to learn and ass to Kick.

- What’s the primary role of the bass Mr. young bass player?

The primary role of the bass is to screw the orchestra, bottom up!

…dear teacher.

Krejt qëllimi i edukimit t’vërtêt osht me parandalû prishjen e fmîjve.

The highest purpose of true education is to prevent the rotting of children.

Sistemi s’t'rrôk nëse ti nuk i bon Zotit shôk.

Budallakija osht smûndje ngjîtse t’cilës veç urtsîja i del hakësh.

Stupidity is a contagious disease which only wisdom can annihilate.

NEW: Basi Shqyptâr n’Muzikën Popullore / Albanian BaSs in the Popular Music: https://youtu.be/e0uWJN1-ouA

A e din kur ngûlen njêrzt ma s’shumti?!

- Kur e lypin edhe nji problem si zgjidhje.

You know when people are screwed the most?!

- When they seek another problem as a solution.

Politician, Foolitician.

Statediot is an advanced Foolitician.

Muzikantat jon bô fotograf.

Musicians have become photographers.

In reality most are system p………..wussies.

By most I mean 99.999999%

And add some more nines to it.

The primary role of prayer is to learn who you are and who do you serve.

The rest is history.

Roli i pâr i fâljes osht me msû se kush je edhe kûjt i shërben.

Pjesa tjetër osht tregim.

Tjetërsimi osht vula e sistemeve jonjerzôre.

Alienation is the seal of inhuman systems.

If you don’t look inside yourself, the world will bring it up for you.

Nëse s’kqýr mrenda vetës, bota ka me t’a nxjêrr n’shesh.

The ability to express yourself is directly related to the deepness you have accessed your soul.

Aftsîja për me shprêh vetën osht direkt e lidhun me thellsîn n’t’cilën iu ke qâs shpŷrtit.

Për me pâs gjykim tôndin, duhesh m’i pâs sýt e tu.

Për m’i pâs sýt e tu, duhesh me pâs qenjen tônde.

Për me pâs qenjen tônde, duhesh me pâs Zotin tond…

……..edhe têm………….edhe t’çdo gjaje q’i ka marû nën tôk e përmi qîll.

Lavdû kôft Zoti i mîr.

E RE / NEW – Video Albumi i Ri me Live BaSs / New Video Album with Live BaSs: https://t.co/xrLnNhbEVF

12 Tema / 12 Themes.

Lavdû kôft Pérenija, burimi prej kah vjen Frymzîmi.

Praise be to the Lord, the source from where the inspiration comes.

Sa ma shum ndërmjetsues, qaq ma pak kryhet pûn.

The more middle-men, the less job gets done.

Sa her t’i nîn muzikantat t’u fôl për “muzîk me koncept”, çoje kompjuterin n’zavendsim.

Each time you hear musicians talking about “music with concepts”, send the computer as a replacement.

Populli kurr nuk ka faj.

Individi, përher.

Population is never to blame.

Individual, always.

Autoriteti formal osht zavendsuesi i dështûm i mungesës t’autoritetit real.

Formal authority is the failed replacement of the real authority lacking.

M’u fry me drejtsî n’sistem t’padrêjt osht sikur me shku n’puf e m’u shît i shéjt.

Boasting with straightness in an unjust system is like going into whorehouse and appearing as a saint.

I always find fascinating how people with the most personal problems try to find social solutions.

Përher m’fascinôn fakti qysh njerzt me ma s’shumti probleme personale tentôjn me gjêt zgjidhje sociale.

30 seconds of reading is not the focus of the modern man, but rather of the modern idiot.

Passivists are citizens who are screwed actively.

Activists are citizens who are screwed passively.

Shoqnît mediokre jon magnet ideollogjije.

Kur ideja bôhet qendër, kopêja bôhet perimetër.

Mediocre societies are a magnet for ideologies.

When an idea becomes the centre, the herd becomes circumference.

Programming is a cyclical occurrence with eternal consequence.

Bërrllog Bini krekoset q’i nuk vjêdh sende fizike.

Po ai vjêdh gjâna ideollogjike.

Recycle Bin-i osht hajn ideollogjik.

Me ia hjêk çka ka vjêdh, jet veç Bin-kânt e zbrazt.

Ai osht si muzikântat mesatâr q’i i lûjn dobt etydat e tjêrve.

Pshtofshi e u ndriçofshi.

May you get saved and enlightened.

Praise be to the Lord. The Source of Enlightenment.

Lavdû kôft Pérenija. Drita e Dashnîja.

Paqe & Peace,

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~ Pre Festum


Voting is like lending your penis to someone for the next 4 to 8 years.

Guess where it’ll be directed first?

Me votû osht sikur me ia huazû huxhudin dikujt për 4 – 8 vjet.

Qëlloja kah ka m’u drejtû ai mapari?

Ata q’i lypin xhemât jon ma t’dobt se ata q’i përcjellin literr.

Those who ask for congregation are weaker than those who follow a literr.

Secili popull e ka saktsisht gjendjen q’i e meriton: Cent’m'cent.

E iftijâqt e politikës jon veç këmbimore e asaj valute.

Each people has the exact situation they deserve: Cent-by-cent.

While the needy-greedy politicians are only an exchange of that currency.

Tendenca e intelektit osht me dît krejt çka ka me ndôdh para se me ndôdh.

Prandaj intelektualët e huqin momentin……edhe çdo moment tjetër mas tij.

Tendency of the intellect is to seek to know everything that will happen before even beginning to happen.

That’s why intellectuals miss the moment……….and each and every moment afterwards.

System is a gambling machine.

People who vote essentially gamble their trust and hope.

Sistemi osht maqîn kumari.

Ata q’i votôjn lûjn kôck me besimim e shpresën e tyne.

Për m’u mârr me çashtje shoqnôre duhet me kôn Kryemjeshtër i çashtjeve personale.

To address social issues one must be a Grandmaster of personal ones.

Mos prit thellsî prej njêrit q’i ushqehet me gazeta.

Don’t expect deepness from someone who feeds the self with newspapers.

N’vend t’rregullimit shtetnôr, provone rregullimin natyrôr.

Instead of the state regulation, try the natural regulation.

I reject reality fabricated by the fools, and embrace the Reality fools cannot accept.

E refuzoj realitetin e fabrikûm prej budâllve, e e përqafoj Realitetin t’cilin budâllt s’mûjn me pranû.

Mythology is the Reality of the Wise, Imagination of the Mediocre and Fiction of the Fools.

Mitologjija osht Realiteti i t’Ûrtve, Imagjinata e Mediokërve dhe Trillimi i Budâllve.

I learn from fools the most: They continuously sharpen my mind.

Prej budâllve msoj ma s’shumti: Ata ma mprehin mendjen vazhdimisht.

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Sa ma shum politizohesh, qaq ma shum manipulohesh.

The more politicized, the more manipulated.

Emri taze i politikës:

- Olloshologjija.

Politics’ new name:

- Scumology.

Kur njêri voton, pavetdîjsisht e pranon q’i s’ka b-le me kry pûn vet.

…kshtuq’i e lyp nji msit me ia qeverîs trunin edhe veprën.

When a man votes, he unconsciously accepts that he lacks the balls to get the job done himself.

….thus seeks an intermediary to govern his mind and deeds.

“Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.” ~ Albert Einstein

Programimi osht bllokada e inspirimit.

Njeri si mos t’jên vazhdimisht i inspirûm, osht i programûm.

A pe kuptoni tash pse jemi ku jemi????!!!!!!

Sepse SHUMICA nuk jon qysh doken njerz.

Programming is the blockage of inspiration.

If not continuously inspired, the man is programmed.

Do you realize now why we are where we are????!!!!!

Because MOST are not humans as they appear.

Kallzom sa je i inspirûm, t’kallzoj sa je i programûm.

Tell me how much you’re inspired, I tell you how much you are programmed.

VVja jon pak ma t’pastër sa me hûp prej koftlargit n’lojën e tij, edhe qaq t’papastër sa me iu bashkangjît koftlargit n’lojën e tij.

Kjo i bjen double-fucked, sikur inicijalet e tyne.

Pritshmënija osht tregues i hallucinacionit mental.

Shpresa osht përfundimi i atij cikli……………….para rifillimit t’tij.

Historija përsëritet kur njêri n’rreth vërtitet.

E vetmja q’i hupet n’kët proces osht – zemra.

Expectation is a pointer of mental hallucination.

Hope is the end of that cycle………………….before its restarting.

History gets repeated in a swirl when the man spins in the circle’s whirl.

And the only one that gets lost in this process is – the heart.

There is no politician with heart, for his heart is surrendered onto a statue.

And that statue is the peg of the masses.

Nuk ka politiqâr me zemër, sepse ai zemrën e ka t’dorzûme statujë.

E ajo statujë, osht kunxhi i masave.

VV o bô si thesi i jevgit: Prej nacionalistave, deri te ata q’i kan hî për rehabilitim patriotik……..nërmjet naj kokërr wannabe sheherlî.

O ju q’i thuni “Ka fituar populli i Kosovës”:


Recycle Bin-i ideollogjik osht i vetmi q’i e beson sinqért idhullin e tij n’at parti.

N’çdo zgjedhje politike, i vetmi húmbs osht populli.

In every political election, the only loser are the people.

Ata q’i e kan dâsht najher Enverin, s’un i rezistôjn Albinit.

E vërteta e hidhur osht q’i populli Shqyptâr osht populli ma Pagan n’Ballkan.

Prandaj, na kan êth krejt kta tjêrt përskej.

N’betêj fiton ai q’i ka ma pak idhuj.

… e ju q’i jeni shumîc, vazhdone kullotën.

The bitter truth is that Albanian people are the most Pagan folks in the Balkans.

That’s why they have been continuously screwed by all their neighbors.

The battle is won by those with fewer idols.

… and you who are majority, may you graze happily.

All Great Scientists and Men of Art realized that dealing with people is merely a waste of time and effort.

Hence, they focused their energy on their work, and produced Great results.

Krejt Shkenctârt edhe Artistat e Mdhaj e kan pâ q’i m’u mârr me njerz osht veç humbje kohe e energjije.

Prandaj, ata e kan fokusû energjîn n’punën e tyne, edhe kan prodhû rezultate t’Mahnitshme.

Panjerzija e njerit matet me cenueshmënîn e tij ndaj manipulimit.

Paradoksi osht q’i ata q’i jon ma t’manipulûmt, doken njerzt ma t’mîr.

One’s inhumanity is measured by his vulnerability towards manipulation.

Paradox is that those who are manipulated the most, appear as the best humans.

Ka njerz q’i mendôjn, edhe ka njerz q’i shohin.

There are people who think, and there are people who see.

Realiteti prej mrenda rrethit shifet si idealizem.

Idealizmi prej jasht rrethit shifet si idhujtarî.

Ideali osht perimetri i rrethit shoqnôr.

From inside the circle, Reality is seen as idealism.

From outside the circle, idealism is seen as idolatry.

Ideal is the perimeter of the social circle.

S’ka tjetërsues qenjësôr si politika.

There is no ontological alienator like politics.

Those who know and don’t share are worse than those who share and don’t know.

If you are not ready to screw the system, the system will surely screw you.

Kadareja s’ka trû për çashtje sociale, përndryshe po t’kish pâs do t’kish shkrû.

Për bûrr t’mîr s’e kish lôn.

Politiqâri e sheh ndryshimin shoqnôr top-down prej majës t’piramidës te pôsht.

I ndriçûmi, e adreson tokën e temelin maspari.

Tani maja ndrrohet e shëndrrohet si t’u lûjt teze.

Politician sees the social change top-down, from the height of pyramid, downwards.

Enlightened addresses the land and the basement first.

Then the top can be changed as playing a backyard game.

Me tentû me ndryshú shoqnîn t’u hyp n’maje t’piramidës osht sikur me tentû me mrrî n’deti t’u e ngjît malin.

Trying to change the society by getting at the top of the pyramid is like trying to arrive at beach by climbing the mountain.

Nëse nuk shprazen prej mendve q’i i kan, qysh po thuni sot “boll mô me kta hajna”, nesër keni me thôn “boll mô me kta hajvana”.

Ma përpara suxhuki rikthehet n’lôp, sesa q’i përmîrsohet shoqnija prej majes t’piramidës.

Sooner the sausage returns into a cow, than the society gets improved from the top of the pyramid.

Intelekti e çon njerin naltsîve fallce.

Shpyrti e kthen njerin thellsîve t’çîltra.

Intellect sends the human at the false heights.

Soul brings the human at deep purities.

Politiqâri osht n’dukje njeri q’i ka dështû n’çdo lamî, për m’u rikthy e me mârr n’qâf nji kombsî.

Politician is an appearing human who has failed in every branch, in order to return and fail a nation to a trench.

Thôn shkurt: Njerzt e politikës nuk kan inteligjênc për me gjêt zgjidhje.

Prandaj e kan shpîk votimim si akshom pazâr pa vlêr.

In short: People of politics do not have intelligence to find solutions.

That’s why they have invented voting as a useless dusk market.

Kur literri q’i s’e njeh veten lýp ndryshim, ai e shtin popullin n’rrûg pa kthim.

When the self-unaware literr seeks change in his turn, he puts the nation on the path without return.

Qysh mun me lýp ndryshim social dikush q’i s’ka lidhje me ndryshim personal ?!

Veç kjo pýtje i qet n’zuz t’böthes aktivistat e pasivistat.

How can someone ask for social change whe he is totally unaware for the personal change ?!

This question alone knocks down the activists and passivists.

Po kalon koha kur xhematet mbledhen nëpër kopê.

The time is passing when the groups are gathered into herds.

Kur t’vjen puna me t’definû grupi, ti je ma gllupi.

When a group defines you, fools defy you.

Kta q’i po krekosen me rritje xhemati, pe harrôjn veç nji pýtje:

- T’cilit kualitet njerzôr?!

Kur ti nuk merresh me politîk, politika NUK merret me ty…

………përveç nëse ki ambicje politike mrenda vetës.

Ather jo q’i merret, po edhe t’ladron e t’shiton!

Se ajo osht soj me shejton.

Opposition is always ignorance being sold as a solution.

Opozita osht përher injorânc q’i shitet si zgjidhje.

Ata q’i kan pak tru e s’kan zemër, lypin zemër.

Ata q’i japin zemër pa mendû _______. :)

The more people nullify the system, the more people of the system get nullified.

Sa ma shum njerz q’i sistemin e anulôjn, qaq ma shum njerz t’sistemit kollabôjn.

The system takes you by your gut, and allows your mind to rationalize.

Sistemi t’hin n’bark, e t’a len mendjen me racionalizû n’qark.

Polarizimi para-zgjedhôr e kallzon ma s’miri çfar injorance ka ky milet.

Pre-Election polarization is the best pointer of this nation’s ignorance.

In reality, the pyramid is the place of those who lack purity.

N’realitet, piramida osht vendi i atyne q’i iu mungon pastërtija.

Lavdu kôft Pérenija.


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~ Cilën….. / Which…… ?


Delusion upon delusion, begins revolution……feeding illusion upon illusion.

Deluzion përmi deluzion, bohet revolucion…………i cili ushqen iluzion përmi iluzion.

Derisa ka dallim mes qysh ki qef m’u mâjt, edhe qysh je, halâ për s’dyti s’ke lê.

As long as there is a difference between how you want to appear and how you actually perform, you’ve yet not been reborn.

Zoti yt osht ajo për t’cilën mendon ma s’shumti gjat ditës.

Your Lord is what you think about the most during the day.

There is nothing like voting as repetitive foolishness.

S’ka budallaki përsërîtse si votimi.

What you do, and how you do it, portraits you the best.

Çka bon, edhe qysh e bon, t’përshkrûn ma s’miri.

Programimi osht mallkimi i njêrit.

Programming is the curse of human.

Feja osht maska ma e shpêsht e paganizmit.

Shkolla osht maska ma e shpêsht e paditunîs.

Kombsija osht maska ma e shpêsht e panjerzîs.

Religion is the most common mask of paganism.

School is the most common mask of ignorance.

Nationality is the most common mask of inhumanity.

Recycle-Bin-i ia kujton Kadarês mini-Enverin, klysh i t’cilit o kôn.

Qëllimi primâr i arsimimit injorant osht mungesa totale e edukimit sistemôr, gjâ q’i prodhon masa lehtsisht t’manipulueshme.

Siç edhe jemi dëshmitâr.

The primary goal of an ignorant schooling is the total absence of the systemic education, which produces easily manipulated masses.

As we are already witnessing.

Vota osht grrep për peshqit e (pa)fajshëm.

Vote is a bait for the (not) guilty fish.

Votuesi i lýp kusuret e veta te i votúmi.

…..t’paraqituna si virtyte.

Voter seeks the own sins in the voted.

…..appearing as virtues.

Politikani osht nënvizues i mediokritetit t’masave.

Politician is a marker of mass mediocrity.

Voting is nothing more than a perverse norm of judgment.

Votimi nuk osht asgja tjetër veçse nôrm perverze e gjykimit.

When a people bullshits the self for a long time, it becomes a norm of judging.

Kur nji popull e mashtron vetën për nji kôh t’gât, ajo bôhet nôrm e gjykimit.

The most perfidious tyranny is the one you support without knowing.

Tiranija ma perfide osht ajo q’i e përkrâh pa e dît.

Mediokri i vërtêt osht njeri formalisht i pregatitun e sistemikisht i qorrûm.

True mediocre is one formally prepared while systemically blind.

Popullata edhe kët her e ka nji zgjedhje shum t’shëndetshme:

Banditat e stërrvulost – a – Rastet klinike t’patrajtûme?

E përbâshkta e krejt ambiciozve t’shtetit osht: Energjija jote.

Pa to, ata s’vlêjn.

…as nuk mújn.

E kur ti ia dorzon ate, ather vet ti, as nuk vlên, as nuk mundesh.

The common thing of all state ambitious is: Your energy.

Without it, they are worthless.

….and incapable.

When you surrender it to them, then you yourself, are worthless, and incapable.

State is the black hole of society.

Shteti osht vrima e zêz e shoqnîs.

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Ma tinzârja osht shpresa e cila mshefet mas formave.

Sepse deri atĥer, e qet ftŷrën e zhgënjimit.

The sneakiest is the hope that hides behind the forms.

Because until then, appears its face of disappointment.

Puna e pâr e nji popullate t’suksesshme osht gjunjzîmi i shtetit.

The first job of a successful populace is kneeling the state.

Politiqârt duhet me bërtît.

Përndryshe qysh kan me krijû iluzionin q’i jon t’u thôn diçka?

Politicians must yell.

Otherwise how can they create the illusion of saying something?

If you want security, go in jail.

If you freedom, come into the nature.

Njêri q’i nuk ka dije për vetën, nuk mundet me pâs vetdije.

Man who is unconscious while awake, cannot be conscious and aware.

Trying to find yourself while reading books is like trying to swim in the sand of the beach.

Me tentû me gjêt vetën t’u lexu libra osht sikur me tentû me notu n’zâll t’pllazhës.

The common denominator of all politicians is that they don’t know who they are, hence they don’t know where they’re sending their followers.

Emnuesi i përbâshkt i krejt politiqârve osht se nuk e dîjn kush jon, prandaj nuk e dîjn se kah jon t’u i çû masat e tyne.

Ignorant seeks change out of the self, while becoming a useless dust on the shelf.

Injoranti e lýp ndryshimin jasht vetës, prandaj bohet spirânc e t’pavërtetës.

N’esênc, krejt politika osht zyrtarizim i paganizmit

In essence, all politics is making the idolatry official.

Nusja e re q’i po don me ârdh, ka me ia lý derën me mjâlt, po ftýrën me m-t.

Masat popullore jon gjithkah t’njejta. Ato e flasin t’njejtën gjûh: Ato t’injorancës.

Folk masses are the same everywhere. They speak the same language: That of ignorance.

Shqyptârt merren me probleme, jo me zgjidhje.

Albanians deal with problems, not solutions.

Me dallû gjykimin tônd prej atij t’programûm, duhet me mârr fshisën e me pastrû shpîn.

To discern your judgment from the programmed one, you must take the broom and clean the house.

99% e njerzve q’i votôjn s’kan as vështrim, as gjykim t’vetin.

(Edhe jom t’u u bô zemërgjôn për qat 1%).

99% of those who vote have neither a view of their own, nor judgment.

(And I’m being gracious for that 1%)

Pika referente t’a dikton shkallën e distorzionit.

Cilën prej t'kqijave e bon TI kabull?

Cilën prej t’kqijave e bon TI kabull?

Reference point dictates the scale of your distortion.

Njerzt dôjn drejtsî, po zgjedhin prej emocionit t’lakûm rrethôr.

People want straightness, but decide from the bent circular emotion.

Korrumpsionin personal zgjedhôr mundesh me tejkalû me pýtjen:

- Nëse i lô anash krejt ndjenjat e emocionet q’i i kom për njerzit q’i pata mendû m’i votû, qysh kisha me veprû?!

Fjala me zgjêdh dmth me hongër zgêdh.

Vota jote, kërpeshi i tyne.

Prishe votën, nale rrotën.

Break the vote, stop the wheel.

Pa nevojën për me navijât, injoranti s’ish kualifikû si i tîll.

Without the need of cheerleading, ignorant wouldn’t be qualified as such.

No matter what the jar is filled with, the masses are content if its surface is honey.

Pa mârr parasysh me çka osht musht têglla, masat jon t’knaquna nëse sipërfaqja osht mjâlt.

T’kish pâs robi ide çka osht lirija, s’ish kôn rob.

Had the slave the slightest idea what liberty is, he wouldn’t be a slave.

Lavdu kôft Zoti. Pronari i krejt injorantve e t’ndriçûmve.

Praise be to God. The Lord of ignorants and the enlightened.

Peace & Paqe,

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~ Çvotimi / Unvoting


(non-Albanian speakers, skip this quick story)

Ish kôn njoni t’u shît lule. Do iu kishin výshk e do i kish t’pllastikës.

T’vyshktave iu qitke ûj e t’pllastikës i lyjke me parfim.

Po afrohen dy myshterî edhe po vesin: Ka sa lulet?

Ky ia kthei: Qeto me ûj 3eu, e qeto me êr 3.5

Sa pi doni?

Jo jo than, veç po vesim. Edhe shkûn.

Ky e pa q’i s’po shiten, i murr lulet edhe i kombinoi.

Po vjen nji klient, a ki lule?

Po qe de pi thot ky.

Jo jo, pi thot ai, un lule mâj vet, edhe di m’i dallu prej largit cila osht výshk e cila osht e pllastikës.

Farat e mija i kom mbjêll n’tôk tjetër.

A kî lule përnime?!

Shîtsi u shukat.

Provoje n’mujsh me ia shît dikujna pa hûnd e pa sý!

Edhe ata le t’provôjn m’i mbjêll…….n’paçin tôk!

The only Problem of Society is the Society itself.

Problemi i vetëm i Shoqnîs osht vet Shoqnija.

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Politics appeals to the Unaware.

Politika i tërhêk t’Pavetdîjshmit.

Everything inhuman is politics.

Politika osht çdo gjà jonjerzôre.

Gazeta s’ka infrastruktûr me mbâjt t’vërtetën: Meniher ia lshôjn shtyllat mbâjtse.

Newspaper lacks infrastructure to hold the truth: Its holding pillars crumble immediately.

People see what they are programmed to see.

People feel what those programs allow them to feel.

People choose how they are programmed to choose.

The only question remains: Are they people?!

Njerzit shohin ato q’i jon t’programûm me pâ.

Njerzit ndjêjn ato q’i programi ia u mundson me ndjê.

Njerzit zgjedhin qysh jon t’programûm me zgêdh.

Pýtja e vetme mbetet: A jon njerz?!

I have compassion only for your human part, but not for the programmed part.

Un kom mshîr veç për pjesën njerzôre, po jo për ato t’programûme.

If you are human, all nations will respect you.

If you are a nationalist, your own nation will screw you the first in line.

Nëse je njêri, krejt kombsît kan me t’respektu.

Nëse je nacionalist, kombi yt i pari n’rend ka me t’a fút.

Programimi osht ditunî iluzore.

Prandaj, mosdija e tij osht nôna e ditunîs.

Programming is illusory knowledge.

Hence, not knowing it is the mother of knowledge.

e Vërteta e përkul, e poshtnon, e e shkatrron fallcin.

Truth humiliates, bows and devastates the false.

M’i thôn njerit t’programûm gjô, osht nënçmim për gjôjën.

M’i thôn njerit t’programûm robot, osht nënçmim për robotin.

M’i thôn njerit t’programûm njêri, osht nënçmim për njêrin.

Programimi osht nënçmimi ma i madh i atyne q’i shiten pa valût.

Calling a programmed man a cattle, is mispricing the cattle.

Calling a programmed man a robot, is mispricing the robot.

Calling a programmed man a human, is undervaluing the human.

Programming is the greatest disparage of those who are sold without a currency.

T’prishtit e preferôjn msheftsîn.Humble Proud

T’pastrit, çéltsîn.

Wicked prefer secretness.

Pure, the openness.

(Sidomos) Mediat e shkrûme (e shkrumûme) jon inkubatôr t’knojsve e pulave t’drzhavës.

Aty veç kualitet nuk ka, a për bollëk…….sa t’dûsh!

Her me puplâ t’bardha, her me péndla t’kuqe.

(Especially) the written Media are incubators of system’s chickens and cocks.

Where only the quality is absent, and as for the quantity………as much as you please!

Some with white feathers, some with red ones.

The only sole reason why the system exists is because they piggyback on you.

E vetmja arsyje pse ekziston sistemi osht se iu kcêjn n’shpînd.

Politicians are the most hopeless people of a place.

Their hope lasts only 4 to 8 years.

Politiqârt jon njerzt ma t’pashprês t’vendit.

Shpresa e tyne zgât veç 4 deri n’8 vjet.

Nëse me nji darsëm valltârt ndrrohen, po muzika osht e njejta, a osht halâ darsmja e njêjt?

Nëse me nji ringishpill, fmîjt ndrrohen, po loja osht e njêjt, a osht llunaparki i njêjt?!

Nëse n’nji sistem, delet ndrrohen, po blegrîma osht e njêjt, a osht sistemi i njêjt?

Çdo lloj votimi përveç Çvotimit, osht bekim për edhe dorzim te nji sistem i cilin osht t’u iu sîll qe 118 vjet.

…e kta q’i lypin me zemër, zemrën e kan hûp moti, e trunin s’e kan t’vetin.

Po për agjênd t’vetën e dôjn miletin.

Edhe mos e lutni Zotin për votim, se ai osht sistemi i Pâr kundër Zotit.

Lutne Zotin me ia u pastrû zemrën që me iu pa sýt.

Kandi i vështrimit zgjenohet sa ma nalt ngritet njêri. E dikur kandi mô nuk ekziston, e krejt çka mbetet osht hapsîna.

Angle of view increases the higher the man ascends. At some point, the angle exists not anymore, and all that remains is the complete space.

Politika osht si smûndja ngjîtse. Duhesh me kôn i pastër e i bekûm mos me t’rrôk.

Politics is as a contagious disease. You gotta be pure and blessed to Not get affected with it.

Prayer is the breath of the soul.

Lutja osht fryma e shpýrtit.

Abreaksioni osht esênca e njêrit t’pakompletûm, derisa formën e ka mîr t’maskûm.

Abreaction is the essence of the unrealized, while the mask-form is well organized.

Arsýja pse njerzit jon ngujú n’zgjedhjen ndërmjet sistemeve jonjerzôre osht se ata NUK besôjn q’i ka nji sistem ekzistence natyral, funksional e perfekt.

Prandaj, mbesin pa jetë aty ku vdesin pa jetû.

Pérendija kôft livdû.

The reason why people are stuck in choosing between inhuman systems is because they actually DON’T believe that there is a natural, functional and perfect system of existence.

Hence, they remain lifeless where they die without living.

Praise be to God. The Living, the Sustainer.

N’kohën e sotme m’u mârr me t’vërtetën osht lluks.

E ky osht nji bakshish prej sistemeve jonjerzôre.

Seeking the truth in the present time is a luxury.

And that’s a bonus of inhuman systems.

Zgjedhjet jon fast-food-i i shoqnîs.

Elections are the fast-food of society.

Zgjedhjet bîjn zgjidhje qaq sa zgjidhjet lypin zgjedhje.

Elections bring solutions as much as the solutions need elections.

When you know the truth, you can’t unknow it. And you don’t pendulate between reality and relativity.

All you ever need is your body in the Presence of the Infinite.

Krejt çka t’výn n’jêt osht trupi yt n’Prezênc t’Paskajshmënîs t’Pérenîs.

Zgjedhjet jon si artikujt ushqimôr q’i iu ka dâl afati: Ja helmim, ja jashtqitje.

Amo n’raft përher i ki!

Elections are like out of date food products: you get either poisoned, or diarrhea.

But they are always in stock!

Nuk mundesh me prîsh diçka q’i osht veç e prisht.


…kur prishet, neutralizohet.

Negacioni i negacionit osht pastrimi.

You cannot break something that’s already broken.

The Vote…

…when you break it, you neutralize it.

The negation of negation is purification.

Shteti osht nji filtër inverz social, ku çdo vlêr shëndrrohet n’anti-vlêr.

State is an inverse social filter, where each value is transformed into anti-value.

Problem osht mishnîmi me cilindo koncept t’njerit.

Zgjidhja osht, pastrimi.

Problem is the embodiment of any human made concept.

Solution is, cleaning.

I’m not in the Like business. For that, go to your favorite politician.

Mos harroni…….sa srcem!

Paqe & Peace,

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~ Fjâl pa zarâr / Words without hard feelings


When Europeans began to conquer what is known today as America, they described the Native Indians as savages.

The facts were -and- are vice-versa.

Just look at the lifeless way of life.

VV me mûjt edhe ngjyrat e ylberit i hjekin, veç t’kuqen e lôjn…………….se t’zezën e bôjn vet.

…..e kta tjêrt pyf njifni.

Menqunija osht aleati i pâr i poshtërsîs.

Urtsija i rrutllon te dyja, sepse rrjêdh nga pastërtija.

Cleverness is the first ally of wickedness.

Wisdom defeats both, for it flows from purity.

Votuesi përher e ka nji zgjedhje:

- Poshtërsija e kujt pi flen ma shum n’hatër?

Voter has always only one choice:

- Whose wickedness pleases soul the most?

Nevoja për me t’qeverîs dikush, e kallzon ma s’miri dobsîn e mosrealizimin personal.

The need to be governed by someone, is the best pointer of the personal weakness and incompletion.

Nëse nuk t’pëlqen sistemi, kqyre veten.

If you don’t like the system, look at yourself.

Secili shprehet n’rrjetet sociale qaq sa ka potencial.

Për njerzî s’e lôjn…

Each expresses the self in social media according to the own potential.

It’s not about modesty…

Lutja q’i vazhdimisht përsëritet, nuk osht lutje. Ajo osht kasêt.

Prayer that gets continuously repeated is not a prayer, but cassette tape

Intellect is the greatest trickster of the senses.

Intelekti osht folliranti ma i madh i shqisave.

You can fool the brain a thousand ways. But the heart, never.

Trunin mundesh me mashtrû qysh t’dûsh. Zemrën, kurr.

Fools are like owls. Only darkness awakens them.

Budâllt jon si hutat. Veç terri i aktivizon.

Kosova = Wannabe-stan

Shkalla ma e nâlt e politiqârit osht – Shtetdiot.

The highest level of a politician is – Statediot.

Kryekriminêlt e shoqnîs i gjeni mes njerzve t’menqëm e t’poshtër.

Main criminals of society you’ll find in the midst of smart and wicked.

Arkitektura shtetnôre osht makêt për bubrrecat e shoqnîs.

State architecture is a mockup for the ants of society.

Idhujtâri e ka institucionin zot.

I ndriçumi, vegël.

Institution is a god of idolater, and a tool of enlightened.

Circle is a hole through which straightness penetrates easily.

Rrethi osht bîr n’t'cilën drejtsija hin e del pa problem.

Mediat publike jon qafore e njerzve ma t’korrumptûm t’vendit, e zinxhîr i popullatës.

Mainstream media are a necklace of the most corrumpt, and a chain of population.

Krejt akademikt e Kosovës m’i mblêdh, s’un e thôjn nji fjâl t’ûrt – n’vjet!!!

If you gather all academics of Kosova, they won’t be able to produce one single wise word – a year!!!

Shpresa e mediokrit osht lloji tjetër i mashtrimit.

Mediocre’s hope is the other kind of deceivement.

Nëse çka ke vepru osht ma pak se çka ke mûjt e s’ke vepru, ather ti je po aq i korrumptûm si ata q’i veprôjn e për ty s’mendôjn.

If what you did do is less than what you could do but didn’t, then you are as corrumpt as those who do and don’t care about you.

Shteti osht recikluesi ma i madh i budâllve t’shoqnîs.

State is the greatest recycler of the fools of society.

Rrâtht e shoqnîs jon recikluesit e llumit shoqnôr.

Circles of society are recyclers of social scum.

Edukimi formal ka kuptim veç kur edukimi esencial osht n’vend.

Formal education has meaning only when essential education is the basis.

Votimi osht loja “teze” e njerzve t’rritun pa-pjêk.

Voting is the backyard game of the immature grown-ups.

Aty ku ka shum politiqâr, ka shum korrumpsion.

There where a lot of politicians are found, much corrumption is present.

Trait of the corrumpt is that he addresses the corrumption elsewhere.

Vetija e t’korrumptumit osht se e lýp korrumpsionin dikun tjetër.

Sa ma shum deprogramohesh, qaq ma njeri bohesh.

The more deprogrammed you get, the more human thou become.

If you want to see how corrumpt people are, test their limits.

And most will react even before the testing begins.

Nëse doni me pâ sa t’korrumptûm jon njerzt, testojani limitet.

E shumica reagôjn halâ para se testimi me fillû.

Asnji shtet nuk osht i popullsîs.

Ky osht trick-i no1 i marketingut shtetnôr.

No state belongs to the people.

This is the no.1 trick of the state marketing.

Njeri q’i i përkulet formës osht idhujtâr.

Njeri q’i e përkûl formën osht, mjeshtër.

Man who bows to the form is idolater.

Man who bows the form is, a master.

Gjendja ndërmjet krejt rrâthve osht Lirija.

Aty ku osht Pérenija.

The state between all circles is Liberty.shyp

There where resides the All-Mighty.

Politiqâri osht njeri i cili mungesën e tij tenton me kompenzû me energjîn e tjêrve.

Politician is someone who tries to compensate his lacking with other’s energy.

Njeri i programûm osht si rrota e shpërthýme. Tamon mûshet me ajr jete, n’dhét metrat e pâr jet bandash i pavërtete.

Corrumpt society is a fertile ground of fools.

Ngjyra ma e mîr e politikës osht e përhimta.

The best color of politics is the gray.

Shoqnija e korrumptûme osht tôk e plleshme për budâll.

System cannot be changed without people getting cleared from the system that has introduced them in the game.

Sistemi nuk ndrrohet pa u pastrû njerzt prej sistemit i cili i ka shtî n’lôj.

Programmed man is like the leaking tire. The moment it gets filled with the breath of life, it gets flat rim the first ten feet.

Those who can push you button, can pull your butt on.

Whatever you admire is a reminder of your own content.

Whatever you hate is reminder of your discontent.

The sick cannot heal the sick.

I smûti s’un e shnôsh t’smûtin.

Çkado q’i admiron osht përkujtues i përmbajtjes t’knaqshme tônde.

Çkado q’i urrên osht përkujtues i paknaqsîs tônde.

Hipokrizija osht shtresëzim emocional i mbulûm me bindje kontradiktôre.

Hypocrisy is emotional layering covered with contradictory beliefs.

For those who may be wondering, quotes are fresh and spontaneous.

The already recorded ones you may find in my books on Amazon.

Për ata q’i kan kurreshtje, thanjet q’i p’i lexoni jon taze e spontane.

Ato t’mahershmet i kom nëpër librat e mi n’Amazon.

Shteti osht zajebencija ma e madhe q’i mundet m’i ndôdh nji popullate.

State is the greatest bitter joke that can happen to a populace.

“Vendi më i lumtur është ai ku ndjehet sa më pak dora e qeverisë” ~ Sami Frashëri.

“Happiest place is the one where the hand of government is felt the least” ~ Sami Frashëri.

Njeri i programûm mun me kôn i lîr sa kurva q’i mun me kôn e ndershme.

Po te dy pâlt deklarôjn se jon t’tîll.

Programmed man can be free as much as the whore can be chaste.

But both may declare that they are not waste.

Academic is someone who has failed to find his soul, hence remained a proud intellectual.

Akademiku osht njeri q’i ka dështû me gjêt shpýrtin, prandaj ka mbêt intelektual krenâr.

Njeri i pakompletûm osht shënjestër e koftlargit, sepse ai e cýt pîkrisht aty ku i ka mungesat.

Incomplete man is devil’s target, because he entices precisely where his lackings are.

Stupidity is an amplified limit, taken as an absolute truth.

Budallakija osht nji limit i amplifikûm, e absolutisht i besûm.

A gogla a dushk?

- Livadh!

Politika osht diçka q’i buron prej sirovinës t’shtresave shoqnôre, e i kthehet bûmerang sirovinës t’shtresave shoqnôre.

Osht rreth vicioz i vet-zgjedhun.

Politics is something that stems from the social scum, and returns as a boomerang to the social scum.

It’s a self-chosen dirty loop.

Politiqârt jon zgjatim i gjendjes t’miletit.

Si ameba.

Krejt n’modin pseudo.

Politicians are an extension of the population’s state.

Just like the amoeba.

All in pseudo-mode.

Njeri i pashlirûm osht i gatshëm me dhôn jetën për sistemin i cili ia merr jetën.

Unliberated man is ready to give the life for the system which takes his life.

Gjykimi i njerit osht skelja e skeleti i qenjes.ang

Man’s judgment is the scaffold and the skeleton of being.

Prej krejt tentim-zgjidhjeve shoqnôre, politika osht Përher ma e pasuksesshmja.

Of all attempts for social solution, politics is Always the most unsuccessful.

People of the system trade their freedom for fear and insecurity.

Njerzt e sistemit e këmbêjn lirîn e tyne për tût e pasigurî.

Manipulation is basically looking at the world with a dioptry that is not yours.

N’temel, manipulimi osht kur e kqýr botën me dioptri q’i s’osht e jotja.

When you don’t make any compromise with who you are and what you see, you are free.

Kur nuk e bon asnji kompromis me ato se kush je edhe qysh kqýr, je i lîr.

Xhemâti osht e vetmja shprês e injorantit.

Followers are ignorant’s only hope.

The less you mix up with people, the more human you become.

Sa ma pak përzihesh me njerz, qaq ma njeri bohesh.

I manipulûmi edhe manipuluesi nuk bôjn kurrgjo tjetër, veçse ia kujtôjn njoni-tjetrit programimin e përbashkët.

The manipulated and manipulator don’t do anything, save remind each other of the shared programming.

Masat nuk jon t’interesûme për t’vërtetën. Masat jon t’interesûme për rrénën e vërtêt.

Masses are not interested for the truth. Masses are interested for the truest lie.

Vota e msheft, problemi i msheft.

Hidden vote, hidden problem.

Set aside the world and find Reality.

Leje botën anash edhe gjeje Realitetin.

Cattle, in the pyramid.

Humans, according to the straight line.

Gjôja, n’piramîd.

Njerzit, sipas vijës t’drêjt.

Mediat jon lidhja mes t’korrumptûmve edhe t’manipulûmve.

Media is the connection between the corrumpt and the manipulated.

Nëse don m’i ndâ njerzt, gjûjau nji koncept.

Nëse don m’i bashkû, jepjau nji inspirim.

If you want to separate people, throw them a concept.

If you want to gather them, give them an inspiration.

Ideal does NOT mean Perfectly Natural.

The Natural Perfection happens when All ideals are thrown where they belong:

- In the unrecycled garbage.

Ideal NUK dmth Perfekt Natyral.

Natyralizmi perfekt ngjân kur krejt idealet gjuhen aty ku e kan vendin: N’bërrllog pa reciklim.

Vetdîja osht si hija: t’njêk veç kur e ki dritën.

Awareness is like the shadow: it follows only when you have the light.

Secili e përkrâh idên për zgjidhje….. përderisa nuk e kuptôjn q’i jon vet pjês e problemit.

..ather- insistôjn – me kôn pjês e problemit.

Everyone supports the cause for solution… until they realize that they are part of the problem themselves.

….then they – insist – on being part of the problem.

Zgjedhja n’Kosôv osht e qârt: veç njerz jo.

We as humans must aknowledge first what we take for granted, then challenge them to their inexistence.

Na si njerz duhet me kqýr çka kemi pranû si t’gatshme, tani m’i qepû asaj deri n’joekzistênc.

Injoranti osht njeri q’i pa problem hin n’follder, e nuk e din q’i osht ma i programûm se nji kompjuter.

Ignorant is someone who enters a folder without hesitation, while doesn’t know he is programmed more than a computer.

Inteligjenca osht dallimi mes formës edhe esêncës.

Intelligence is the difference between the form and essence.

When programming is tougher than awareness, man becomes half human, half robot.

Kur programimi osht ma i fôrt se vetdîja, njeri bôhet gjýs insoni, gjýs roboti.

Njeri i programûm ka vetdîje veç sa me ekzekutû programin. Po qaq ka edhe roboti!

Programmed man has awareness only to execute the program. But so does the robot!

Votimi osht shitore e artikujve q’i s’t'výn, për me marû gjellën që nuk e han.

Voting is a market of the products you don’t need, to cook the food you don’t eat.

Njerzt me edukim formal jon prêja e pâr e politiqârve edhe viktimat e para t’tyne.

Formally educated people are the first prey of the politicians, as well as their first victims.

Video – Looper Jamming: Tash Pa Ego / Now No Ego https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZnz_CeiozI

The System is Wrong.

The only Correct Part of it is Its Failure.

Sistemi osht Gabim.

E Vetmja pjês Korrekte e tij osht Dështimi.

Zgjedhja aktuale “ma e mîr” n’Kosôv, osht kopje e dobt e ideollogjive t’dështume.

Kurrgjo e re, kurrgjo natyrore, kurrgjo kreative. Veç përtypsa t’librave q’i s’i kan kuptû, e me zor i kan msû.

Çvotimi osht e vetmja mnýr për m’u lirû prej votimit.

Unvoting is the only way to get liberated from the voting.

Lavdû kôft Zoti: I vetmi q’i mundet me kfjêll kët vend prej ktyne n’dôk t’njerit.

Praise be to the Lord: The Only Capable to Heal the world.

Peace & Paqe,

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Noiseless Quotes / Thanje pa zhûrm


Solely by what one has achieved in the past, you can easily see what he’ll decide in the future.

Veç me çka ka mrrî dikush n’t’kalûmen, mundesh leht me pâ qysh ka me vendôs për t’ardhmen.

State is basically the replacement of the natural system with a wicked one.

N’temel, shteti osht zavendsim i sistemit natyrôr me nji sistem t’prisht.

State gives you an ID but takes away your liberty.

…..and calls it democracy.

Shteti t’a jep ID-n, po t’a merr lirîn.

…..edhe thot e keni demokracîn.

The first compromise one makes when choosing any govern-ment is replacing who you are with who they want you to be.

Kompromisi i pâr q’i dikush e bon kur zgêdh çfaredo qeverije, osht zavendsimi i asaj se kush je, me ato se kush ata dôjn ti me kôn.

Truth is so far Big Brother’r reality that most will choose the TV.

E vërteta osht qaq larg realitetit t’Big-Brother-it, q’i shumica e zgedhin TV-n.

Shark capitalist and any politician share the same program: Just leave the money to me and you can have everything else.

Kapitalisti i egêr edhe cilido politiqâr e kan t’përbashkt t’njejtin program: Veç lemi paret mu, edhe ti mundesh m’i pâs krejt tjerat.

Where is a program, there’s a robot.

Ku ka program, ka robot.

I am a friend of yours……….just one who doesn’t accept any kind of bullshit.

Un jom dosti jot…………………veç ai q’i s’pranon kurrfar bullshit-i.

The primary role of the govern-ment is to govern the mentality of the population.

Roli primâr i qeverîs osht me qeverîs mentalitetin e popullatës.

When you are yourself, you are irreplaceable.

In every other case, you’re expendable.

Kur je vetja, je i pazavendsûshëm.

N’çdo rast tjetër, je material shpenzues.

Ideology is built.

Truth, is uncovered.

Ideollogjija ndërtohet.

E vërteta, shplohet.

Everyone is surrendered. Some towards the material, some to the unseen.

The first, hit and are hit by the material. The second, the unseen breathes through them.

Përgojimi osht simptom i papuntorsîs.

Gossiping is a symptom of non-workingness.

The first purpose of every human made system is to screw up and down your values.

Qëllimi i pâr i çdo sistemi t’marûm pi njerit osht shkërdhîmi i vlerave.

If you can resist the society, you will unleash your creativity.

Nëse mundesh m’i rezistû shoqnîs, kî m’i gjêt dýrt e lirîs.

Shoqnìja osht armiku ma i madh i konformistave, e miku i vonûm i njerzve t’lirîs.

Society is conformist’s greatest enemy, and the late-bloomer friend of the people of liberty.

What can you expect of a conformist, other than ass-kissing and butt licking.

Un nuk jom n’FB. Ai osht veç nji prej haleteve t’mija.

I am not in FB. It is only one of my tools.

It’s not that people do not want to remember the Lord. It’s that they can’t………because of their programming.

I sing with my letters and talk with my tones.

Unity is a Natural part of Infinity.

Tregimi osht niveli artistik i dhânjes t’mesazhit.

Storytelling is the artistic level of giving the message.

Asnji partî politike nuk kandidon për me ndrrû sistemin, po për me zavendsû njona-tjetrën n’t'NJEJTIN verem sistem.

No political party runs to change the system, but to replace one another in the SAME insane system.

False is everything that does not stem from your soul.

Fallc osht çdo gjá q’i nuk buron prej shpýrtit.

Fjâlt jon simptomi i qenjes.

Words are a symptom of being.

Truth cannot be put into a frame.

…..as much as the nature.

E vërteta s’mundet m’u vnû n’kornîz.

…..qaq sa natyra.

Motivet për t’cilat jeton t’a përcaktôjn se kush je.

Your motivations dictate who you are.

Performimi osht hija e motivit.

Kur osht motivi i ult, performimi osht edhe ma i ult.

Performance is the shadow of motivation.

When the motivation is of the low, performance is even lower.

People are politicians’ joker and carpet.

Mileti osht xhokeri edhe tepihi i politiqârve.

Ask: If you are such a good man or woman, then why do you need my energy to show your goodness?!

Who is stopping you to do good things without my money?!

This is what every voter must ask.

Pyt: Nëse je qaq bûrr i mîr, a grû e mîr, çka po t’výn energjija jem me kallzú mirsîn tonde?!

Kush po t’nâl me bô pûn t’mira pa paret e mija?!

Kjo osht çka duhet çdo votues me pýt.

Aspirantat e pozitave t’ktîj sistemi mûjn me ndrrû sistemin qaq sa mûjn m’u kthy n’placênt.

Positional aspirers of the system can change the system as much as they can get back into placenta.

It doesn’t take eyes to see the foolishness………but it takes heart to reject it.

Fear is normal. Bowing to the fear is abnormal.

The most well mannered you’ll find among the hypocrites.

Njerzt ma t’edukûm i gjôn n’mesin e hipokritve.

You know the corrumpt by their silence………not by their speech.

Këmbimi i vetëm i sistemit jon titujt edhe pozitat q’i t’i ofron, me ymyt q’i shoqnija t’respekton.

The only trade the system offers is the titles and positions, which you hope the society respects you for.

Pa mârr parasysh pozitën, sistemi t’shfrytzon shum ma shum, se sa ti q’i e shfrytzon sistemin.

No matter the position, the system uses you much, much more than you use the system.

Zgjidhja prej sistemit bôhet kur ti e zgjîdh veten prej sistemit.

The solution of the system is when you unknot yourself from the system.

If you are the catch, don’t blame the string.

Nëse je shtipâlk, mos e fájso telin.

Nëse s’e keni dît, akademikt jon arsýja – Kryesore – pse jemi ku jemi!

If you didn’t know, the academics are the – Main – reason why we are where we are.

Njehsija mâtse linguistiko-shkencoro-shpýrtnore e akademikve t’Kosovës osht – gazeta.

The liguistical-scientific-spiritual measuring unit of Kosova’s academics is – the newspaper.

N’kôh si kjo akademikt shkëlqêjn ma s’shumti: Çohen me sabah pîjn çaj me filtera, marrin nëpër gôj sikur grât te dera.

….edhe vazhdôjn me bô ato q’i e bôjn ma s’miri: Kurrgjo.

In times like this the academics shine the most: They get up in the morning to drink filter tea, and gossip like the women of impurity.

…and continue to do what they do the best: Nothing.

Akademija osht vendi ku n’mnýr t’qêt merren n’qâf gjenerata e gjenerata t’popullatës.

Academy is the place where generations and generations of the population are silently sacrificed.

Scriptural education is the foundation of everything else.

Akademiku osht njeri i cili deluzionin e ka profesion, e iluzionin vepër.

Ngelqa t’jetës t’pshtjellt me letra t’pavërtetës.

Academic is someone who’s profession is delusion and the deed, illusion.

Failures of life covered with titles of untruthfulness.

If you don’t hit stupidity, it WILL hit you!

Nëse s’i qepon budallakîs, ka me t’qepû ty!

Hear those who trouble your view.

Then with the new awareness, peace will arise.

Ngoji ata q’i t’a lkundìn shikimin.

Tani kur kthehet vetdija, do t’vjen qetsija.

Your senses are instruments, the body is orchestra, which is played by the soul – conductor.

Any programmed man is a potential hook of the dark.

Seek liberation, escape devastation.

Until you Experience Inspiration, you may only Perspire in Thinking.

Derisa nuk e Përjeton Inspirimin, veç mundesh m’u djersît t’u e sîll mendimin.

In the time of election, the wise selects what’s not on the menu.

N’kôh t’zgjedhjeve, i urti zgjêdh çka s’ka n’meny.

There are Infinite ways to surrender the mind. One of them is to just surrender it.

Ka Pakufî mnyra për me dorzû mendjen. Njona prej tyne osht veç me dorzû ato.

“Fortune does favor the brave” / “Fati i favorizon guximtârt” ~ Judith Kusel.

In my life I have Never met a dignified Jew.

Kurr n’jêt s’e kom zatêt naj Jahudî me dinjitet.

Manipulation is the fabric of forging perceptions.

Truth is the needle of popping them.

Manipulimi osht fabrika për farkimin e përceptimeve.

e Vërteta osht gjylpôna për m’i shpërthý ato.

The beauty of the truth is that it comes for free…………which the fools cannot appreciate.

Bukurija e t’vërtetës osht q’i vjen fâl…………………t’cilën budâllt s’mûjn me çmû.

Do not fear the change.

Even towns can be beautiful when human noise is not present.

Even towns can be beautiful when the human noise is not present.   (c) RH

Fear the changeless.

Mos iu tut ndryshimit.

Tutju t’pandryshûshmes.

Me kon krahasohesh, qashtu je.

Who you compare with, so you are.

Truth is different.

Waaaaay different.

Mediocre society is a bunch of people trying to get validation from each other.

Shoqnija mediokre osht truq i njerzve t’u e lýp pohimin e njoni-tjetrit.

When citing other’s quotes be careful not to lose their meaning.

Otherwise you’ll end up like a broken glass trying to fill the water.

Kur i citon thanjet e hûja, sigurohu mos me ia hûp kuptimin.

Përndryshe përfundon si gota e thýme q’i ujin e lshon.

To prevent the mediocre backbiting, learn to fly with the wise.

Për me parandalû skrrapin e mediokritetit, msohu me fluturû me t’urtit.

State is a hallucination imposed upon the land.

…..albeit a tough one.

Shteti osht nji hallucinacion i imponûm n’tôk.

…..bezbeli, prej t’shtîrve.

Budâlla, t’vërtetën e sheh si ideollogjî, lulen e sheh si thêrr………edhe jet pa mârr êr.

the Fool, sees the truth as ideology, the flower as thorn……….and remains newborn.

Rrethi osht vendi ma i mîr për m’i dêrgj deluzionet.

Circle is the best place to drain delusions.

Kosova o kôn vendi ma i mîr kur s’i ka pâs banôrt ktu.

Kosova was the best place when it lacked its inhabitants.

Identitet osht çkado q’i s’mundesh me përthekû me mendje.

Identity is whatever you cannot conceive with your mind.

Ka muzikanta q’i bôjn muzîk, edhe ka muzikanta q’i t’a hjekin zhig-in e muzikës.

There are musicians who play music, and there are musicians who completely satisfy your musical need.

It ain’t music if your instrument isn’t telling a story.

Muzikanti ateist pi thot muzikantit besues: Vërtetoma ekzistencën e Zotit!

- Prit pak, pi thot i dyti.

Edhe po shkon pe gjôn nji total anti-talent për muzîk.

Qe jaran: Msoje kët djalin me bo muzîk, tani un t’a vërtetoj ekzistencën e Zotit!

Atheist musician challenges his colleague believer: Prove me the existence of God!

- Wait a sec, says the latter.

And goes and finds someone, a complete anti-talent for music.

Here dude: Teach this guy to play music, and I will prove to you the existence of God!

Votimi osht vendi ku njerzt e pavlêr shiten për valût t’devalvûme.

Voting is the place where the worthless people are sold for a devalued currency.

Hoping to change the system with the same tools it was created, is like climbing the same hill and expecting to see a different view.

Me shpresû me ndrrû sistemin me t’njejtat vegla me t’cilat osht krijû, osht si me ngjît kodrën e njêjt e me shpresû q’i pâmja ka me kôn tjetër.

Ondrra e politiqârit osht reforma, sepse krejt çka ka osht forma.

The dream of politician is the reform, for all he has is a form.

Fallcin përher e rrôk inflacioni.

False is doomed to be inflated.

Kur t’komplimenton muzikanti i dështûm thot: Shum mîr po t’nîhet instrumenti.

Kur t’komplimenton muzikanti i vërtêt: Shum mîr – p’i bjen instrumentit!…………..t’lumshin gishtat.

When a wannabe musician compliments you, says: Your instrument sounds very good.

While a true musician compliments: You play reeeallly good!

Reforma osht ndrrim i programimit, e húqje e vazhdûshme e inspirimit.

Reform is a change of programming, and a continuous missing of inspiration.

Respekti nuk fitohet me forma.

Ai natyrshëm e përcjêll esencën.

Respect is not earned through forms.

It naturally follows the essence.

Don’t seek for perfection. Seek for naturalness.

Mos lyp perfeksionizëm. Lyp natyrshmënî.

Njêri dyshues kurr s’mundet me kôn i sinqêrt.

The doubtful man can never be sincere.

Nacionalistat jon njerzt ma jointeligjent t’nji shoqnije.

Nationalists are the most unintelligent people of society.

Kujdes prej njerzve q’i bôjn show t’vazhdueshëm. Ato e përdorin për largim t’vëmendjes prej qëllimit t’tyne t’vërtêt.

T’rrâll jon ata q’i bôjn show veç për show…….qaq sa jon ata q’i bôjn muzîk veç për muzîk.

Careful from people who make a continuous fun-show. They use it as a sleight of hand from their true intent.

Rare are those who make fun just for fun………as are they who play music just for music.

Njeri popullôr del prej popullit, kthehet n’popull, edhe osht i lîr prej popullit.

Njeri popullist, e përdôr popullin si fishek, n’funksion t’ideollogjîs t’tij.

A popular man stems from the people, goes back to the people, and is free from the people.

A populist man, uses the people as ammunition, in the function of his ideology.

It doesn’t really matter what you think.

But it really does matter how things are.

S’ka randsî çka mendon, po ka shum randsî qysh gjanat jon.

True scientists and artists are nothing more than divers of consciousness.

They bring stuff on the surface for the people to enjoy.

Artistat edhe shkenctârt e vërtêt jon veçse zhytësa n’vetdije.

Ata bîjn n’sipërfaqe gjâna q’i tjêrt m’i shijû.

There’s an inherent beauty of not comparing yourself to anyone:

1. You become yourself.

2. You don’t know you have left them far behind.

Vota osht me ia dorzû vullnetin tond nji njeri t’pavullnetshëm.

Vote is surrendering your will to an involuntary wo/man.

The difference between what you think and how things are, is called mind.

Dallimi mes çka mendon për edhe qysh jon gjânat, quhet mendje.

People who do not persist in finding the truth, are precisely those who actively persist in BS-ing you.

It’s far easier to validate your corrumption than to become human.

Osht shum ma leht me bô kabull korrumpsionin tond se sa m’u bô njeri.

If you like what I say, good. If you don’t like it – Even BETTER.

Nëse iu pëlqen çka po thom, mîr. Nëse s’iu pëlqen – Edhe MA MÎR.

Shteti osht e mrrîmja ma e madhe e njerit t’kufizûm.

State is the highest achievement of the limited man.

Test of truthfulness – Ask yourself: How many of the things you endorse and write while hidden behind your device, you would say – publicly alive?!

Testi i vërtetsîs: Sa prej gjanave do t’kishit m’i thôn live publikisht, krahasû me ato q’i i shkrûni e i përkrahni derisa jeni t’msheft mas pajisjes?!

Profesioni i pâr i njerit t’ndriçûm osht: Idhullthyes.

The first profession of an enlightened man is: Idolbreaker.

Politika osht aty ku nuk jon njerzit e ditunîs.

Politics is there where people of knowledge are not.

Kufîni mes lindjes e riLindjes osht injoranca.

The border between birth and reBirth is ignorance.

Me kqýr njerzîn përmes kombsîs osht sikur me kqýr dîllin për bîre t’çêlsit.

To look humanity through nationality is like looking at the sun through the key hole.

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Praise be to God. The Lord of the Worlds.


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~ Pshtêti


S’muj m’i kuptû budâllt e përsëritshëm!

I cannot understand repetitive fools!

Nëse shteti osht autobus, popullâta përher ka me kôn rrotat e tìj.

A ymytlîjt veç ndrrohen: Her pasagjér, her vollanxhî.

If the state is a bus, the population will always be its wheels.

And the needy of power: Either passenger, or driven driver.

Nëse shteti t’ka prû qëtu ku je, qysh po sheh ôndërr me t’nxjerr prej qëtu ku je?!

If the state has brought you in where you are, how the f… you’re dreaming to bring you out?!

The opposition always swears to use the same gun for a different target.

No matter how advanced it seems, this civilization is the last in the development.

The mind surrenders only when the programming ceases to be.

Dallimi mes sénit t’frymzûm edhe atij t’méndûm osht se séni i frymzûm ka frým.

The difference between the inspired thing and a thought thing is that the inspired thing breathes.

Before putting yourself in someone’s shoes, check if their socks smell too bad.

The representatives you’re trying to choose cannot represent even themselves.

Politician is someone who uses people’s face as the own mask.

Hence, a re-presentative.

Choosing your re-presentatives will surely put you in the position of their re-preservatives.

Dëshprimi osht shéj e besimit n’vendin e gabûm.

Dissapointment is a reminder that you’ve misplaced your trust.

The corrumpt say: Follow me.DAG0vSDUIAEZKUr

The wise say: Follow you.

Vepra osht përfaqsuesi ma i mîr i njerit.

Deed is the best representative of a man.

Instead of acting from freedom, most people are negotiating with their fear and doubt, hence the situation of devastation.

Kur emocionet t’i përkulin fjâlt, ato t’i përkulin edhe veprat.

When emotions bow your words, they bow your deeds too.

Noone likes the truth. Especially those who search for the truth.

The imprint of one’s character is in the own face.

Historija osht shum e vlefshme………….masi t’skjarohet e tashmja.

History is very valuable……….after the now is cleared.

Trauma e pâr kolektive Shqyptâre e ka emnin – shtet.

Edhe shërimin e pâr individual duhet me lýp pikrisht te koncepti – shtet.

N’aspektin formal, shumica jon t’suksesshëm.

N’aspektin sistemôr, shumica jon t’dështûm.

….prandaj t’dëshprûm.

In the formal aspect, most are successful.

Systemically, most are failed.


Facebook is an instrument: Either you use it, or it uses you.

Votimi osht si ushtrija. Dallimi osht q’i votuesi osht arma edhe municioni i t’votûmit.

Voting is like the army. The difference is that the voter is the weapon and the ammunition of the voted.

Ata q’i jon pjês e sistemit e fôlin për zgjidhje prej sistemit, jon sikur vagoni i fundit i trênit.

Njônën ân pamjen e kan t’mîr, n’ânën tjetër ngrêhen mîr.

Those who are part of the system and talk about solution from the system, are the train’s last railway carriage.

One side of their view is good, on the other side they are screwed good.

Vetija a pâr e hipokritit osht q’i ai pajtohet me krejt.

Hypocrite’s first attribute is that he agrees with all.

Sistemi osht placênt e cila nuk zhvillon fmî, po mýt shoqnî.

The system is a placenta that does not develop a child, but kills a society.

FB-ki osht si akuariumi i peshqve. Çka t’qitsh…….secili shkon niher n’sipërfaqe.

FB is like fish aquarium. Whatever you put……….each will go once at the surface.

Shteti osht sistem i përkrým për milet injorant.

State is a perfected system for an ignorant populace.

Kur korrumpsioni bohet natyrshmëri, njerzt nuk njohin Pérendi.

When corrumption rules the world, people do not know the Lord.

If my words do not sing and my instrument does not talk, let the doom be my stalk.

Annexation is the beast of taxation.

Fitore nuk osht me mârr energjîn e popullatës n’administrim. Ajo osht tjetërsim.

Taking the energy of population in administration is not winning. It is annexation.

Hipokrizija osht kur nji grup i politiqârve e akuzon grupin tjetër për vjedhje, a vet bon planifikim për plaçkitjen e popullsîs me tatim.

Hypocrisy is when a group of politicians accuses the other group for stealing, yet plans to continue robbing the population via taxation.

Nuk osht q’i shteti s’mun me jetu pa tatim, po popullata s’mun me lulzû me tatim.

It’s not that the state cannot survive without taxation, but the population cannot thrive with taxation.

You honor the politicians just by thinking about them.

Anything more is headsticking into their ass.

Politiqârin nderon veç me mendû për to.

Çdo gjâ ma tepër osht kryefutje n’prapanîc t’tij.

Muzika e mîr nuk osht kûrv q’i vjen për pare.

Inspirimi osht i pavarun ndaj shpërblimit.

Good music is not a whore which comes for money.

Inspiration is independent of the wage.

Komânda e pâr e Pérenîs e rrzon n’kokërr t’shpindës shumicën e njerzîs: Para Zotit mos e vno kërrkon as kurrgjo.

The first commandment of the Lord knocks down most people of the world: Do not put anything before God.

Usually universities are places of people not interested to learn, to become what they’re not interested to be.

What you observe, so you tend to become.

Hence, invite the Lord to clean your world.

Problem is a pagan reminder.

People don’t really want liberty. They just want to talk about it.

Those who do, are not talking.

Shoqnija kosovare ndahet leht n’tri taborre:

keqbâmsa kongruent, wannabe mirësije, veprimtâr dlîrsije.

I like Jews who read the Koran, Muslims who contemplate the Torah, and Christians who observe both.

Atheist philosopher’s best state of being is the self-doom.

3 motivet e muzikantit injorant:

1) Mu bô zvêzd.
2) Me zôn naj fémën.
3) Me ia “ftôf” dikujt.

3 motivations of an ignorant musician:

1) To become a star.
2) To get some chicks.
3) To impress someone.

State is a falling house inviting the people to accommodate.

Shteti osht shpî t’u u rrzu q’i i thîrr njerzt m’u strehu.

Sa mundesh robotit m’i dhôn vetdije, qaq mundesh njerit t’programûm m’i dhôn drît.

As much as you can give consciousness to the robot, so much you can give light to the programmed man.

There’s a reason why the Prophets were disliked by the majority: Because they were NOT the majority.

Socially, the man of truth comes always in a tangent towards the circles of society.

Voting is the definition of the false choice.

Votimi osht shprês q’i zgât deri te kutija e votimit.

Voting is a hope that lasts until the polling place.

Politika osht fêja ma pagane n’ekzistênc.

Politics is the most pagan religion in existence.

Philosophy appeals to the smart, but not to the wise.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”. ~ Mark Twain

Atheists and Pagans are two classes of the same kindergarten.

You can always tell an atheist musician: They have no soul.

You can always tell a pagan musician: They have no groove.

Nëse voton, i len me t’shkêl për qefin tond.

Nëse s’voton, i len me t’shkêl për qefi t’vet.

Nëse e prîsh votën, e nâl rrotën.

If you vote, you let them tie you down according to you.

If you don’t vote, you let them tie you down according to them.

If you discard the vote, you say adios to the rope.

Kur e hûp shpýrtin, s’kî pse lufton për tokën.

Kur e gjôn shpýrtin, toka lufton për ty.

When you lose the soul, fighting for the land is in vain.

When you find the soul, the land fights for you.

Taborret shoqnôre jon si shpijat e marûme me zâll t’pllazhës…………deri sa t’vjen vâla e detit.

Society’s groupings are like houses made from the sand beach………………until the wave of sea appears.

The only advantage of politicians is that fools are majority.

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Shkurt, njeri i lîr s’i përgjigjet kujt, veç Nji Pérenije.

In short, the free man is not accountable to anyone, save the Lord.

Si t’a kuptojsh q’i shteti osht struktura e panevojshme e popullsîs, athere ki m’ia nî erën lirîs.

The moment you understand that the state is the unneeded structure of society, you’ll sense the smell of liberty.

Secili e bon ma t’mirën qaq sa limitet ia lejôjn.

Për bûrr t’mîr s’e lôjn.

Each one does the best according to the own limits.

It’s not about modesty.

Modest osht përhér ai q’i s’mundet.

E rrâllher ai q’i mundet.

He that cannot do is always humble.

And the one who can, rarely.

2:177 Drejtsî nuk osht m’i kthy ftŷrat kah lindja e perëndimi, po i drêjt osht ai q’i théll-beson n’Zot edhe Ditën e Fundit, edhe engjujt, edhe Librën, edhe profetët, edhe q’i jep paré n’farefisnî me dashnî, edhe jetimve, edhe nevojtârit, edhe udhtârit, edhe atyne q’i jon t’u kërkû, edhe skllâvt m’i lirû; edhe ai q’i e mân kontaktin me Pérenî, edhe kontribon n’pastërtî; edhe q’i i mâjn premtimet kur premtôjn, edhe ata q’i qëndrôjn kur vshtirsî përballôjn edhe n’vûjtje edhe kur jon t’rrezikûm. Ata jon ata q’i jon kôn t’vërtêt, edhe ata jon t’drejtûm.

Praise be to God. the Lord of the worlds.


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The Castle and the Land


                                 by Rinon Hoxha


I’m replacing the dusk prayer time with this story:

There was a known man in a village. He went lurking from home to home borrowing stuff and promising to get them back on time. The villagers kept giving, he kept taking. At a point he got so rich and wealthy that he isolated himself in a castle and built high walls between himself and the village.

People kept pounding at the gates, and the gates would not open.

People went even worse…..some towards starving…….and returned back to the gates to pound in a more sound way, they took giant wooden pegs…….and kept pounding……..pounding……again.


Damn, the people were frustrated. They wanted a solution. The castle was high, the ground was low. The fight wasn’t an option for they’d be wiped in a blow.

Is there any sane man who can guide us?  asked a wise woman.

Silence. Those who were counted for being smart were close friends of the man inside the castle. They were his gloves and umbrella………………..silence.

Is there anyone who did not mix the grains with the man inside the castle? Asked again the same woman.

Silence. All were part of his plan. All were fooled with the own will. And yet, no-one was willing to open the mouth, for each of their word was a rock of his castle.

Whew!! …went the old lady.

Folks, I see you as one, for what you have given can’t be forgiven. You have trusted the one who promised you. Instead he pro-missed you, and look now we look at what we can’t even approach.

So, since there is no pure and sane among you, I have a plan: Let’s migrate to another land, where we won’t help the wicked with the own hand. Who is with me?!!

The man inside the castle had one ear to the walls. He sent a slave of his voice and announced: Who is staying with me for a high place in a palace?!!

The people listening began to move like an unquiet herd of sheep. Most were tempted to follow the castle. They knew what fortune it had inside.

Yet, a few were sharp to see at its foundations. They remembered that the land upon which was built was not stable. They remembered the ancient story how once a similar building had fallen all by itself: One blow from below and above, and it was gone like it never existed!

We come with you dear wise lady, the few announced firmly.

The sheep went in the castle. The wise found another land.

Soon, the castle got swallowed by the earth went in the la-la land.

The question remained: Who was the borrowing man?!

Peace, and Praise be to the One.

© Rinon Hoxha.

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