~ State that People Ate


For the Ignorant, State is the all-capable black box.

If Kosova is so weak state, why the people cannot get rid from its slavery?

The answer is: There is no weak state compared to the people.

Strong state, weak people.

Strong People, functional state.

State is never the people. To say that state is the people, is like saying that the glass is the ocean.

Either strong state, or strong people.

Both cannot be.

In all strong states, the people are pegging out.

When the people are strong, state goes in shhhhh mode.

Shteti i fôrt, populli i dobt.

Populli i fôrt, shteti funksional.

Shteti kurr nuk osht populli. Me thôn q’i shteti osht populli, osht sikur me thôn q’i gota osht oqeani.

Ose shteti i fôrt, ose populli i fôrt.

Te dyjat s’mûjn me kôn.

N’krejt shtetet e fôrta, populli osht t’u côf.

Kur popullata osht e fôrt, shtetit nuk i nihet zôni.

In relation to the People, state is Always strong.

There is no such a thing as a “weak state”.

Kuptimi i pâr i fjâlës osht vet ajo fjâl.

The first meaning of the word is that very word.

Voting can bring change, but Never brings the Changeless.

Me fôl për sistemin e drejtsîs n’shtet, osht sikur me fôl për sistemin e pastërtîs n’nevojtore.

Talking about the system of justice in state, is like talking about the system of cleaning in WC.

Kërrkush nuk osht qysh shitet. E ata q’i jon, nuk shiten.

Noone is as they proclaim to be. And those who are, do not proclaim.

Krejt injorantët vûjn për autoritet. Qashtu i njeh kush jon.

All ignorants crave for authority. That’s how you spot them.

State is a predictable gambling machine where people bet unwillingly and politicians win willingly.

The pattern of lottery is that the winners become crazy.

In the state, they come as such.

Every wise man knows that the present is full of fools, and the future may be brighter.

Për intelektualin, shteti osht e mrrîmja ma e madhe. Problemi osht, intelektuali nuk osht njeri i mrrîm.

For the intellectual, state is the highest achievement. The problem is, intellectual is not an achieved man.

Perception is the leaven of reality.20170127_162033

Make-up doesn’t compensate the noor.

State is a puppy gone bad, that continuously bites the owner.

Vend i suksesshëm osht ai ku shteti osht veçse vegël pune e çdo individi t’asaj Shoqnije.

Successful place is one where the state is but a working tool of each individual of that Society.

To the blind, sing. To the deaf, paint.

Programmed people are not robots. They’re cattle.

Build-up over complexes – that’s what programmed people do the best.

Hypocrites are the first in politeness and good behavior.

Sillu si njeri!

- Njeri nuk sillet. Gjôja sillen. Bashk me robota.

Sillu mîr!

- Jo se kët pûn e bon njeri i padlîr. Ringishpill paditunije.

- Rri drejt – osht fjâla magjike.

Shteti osht ôndrra e budâllve, realiteti i t’poshtërve, e imagjinata e t’prishtve.

State is the dream of fools, reality of the wicked, and rotten’s imagination.

Shteti osht veçse fîrm e privilegjûme e cila keqpërdôr emnin e vendit për qëllime t’veta.

State is but a privileged business firm which misuses the name of the place for the own purposes.

Shteti osht mbishkrimi jonatyrôr përmbi sistemin natyrôr t’ekzistencës.

State is the un-natural overwrite upon the natural system of existence.

E vërteta nuk osht ide.

Truth ain’t idea.

Injoranca osht hija e pavetdîjes.

Ignorance is the shadow of unawareness.

History is the reverse weather report.

Now you know why it is innacurate.

State is the greatest misunderstanding in any society.

Shteti osht rasti i përkrým klinik i nji vendi.

State is the perfect clinical case of a place.

State is the only self-legalized criminal organization.

Kur t’prêk Pérenija me ditunî, nuk t’výn as shkôll, as shoqnî.

When you are touched with knowledge by All-Mighty, you don’t need school, nor society.

There’s a pattern that develops when enslavement goes on for too long: Slaves crave for slavery in the dawn of Liberty.

If anyone has contributed in the forming of your opinion, that opinion is not your own.

Trying to use politics for social change is like trying to use a toothpick for plowing the land.

Politics is not capable for social change.

It is only capable for social turmoils.

It’s silly even to think, how after tasting all recipes for social disaster, a nation doesn’t step up with the natural remedy.

Buttons of politics are the programs of the masses.

Përmbushet, ai q’i zbrazet.

The empty gets fulfilled.

Ideology is the highest form of idolatry.

Instead of sharing opinions, let’s share freedom.

Instead of sharing the world-view, let’s share Reality.

Instead of sharing limits, let’s share Liberty.

Praise be to God. One and Only All-Mighty.


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~ National-Capitalism


Don’t try to understand what you haven’t experienced. At best, you’ll distort it.

Debate is when the man on the hill tries to convince the man in the hole how beautiful the view is.

Politics it the attempt to use other’s resources for the own means.

Trumpi osht imperativi i vetdijes Amerikane. Sepse krejt kta para tij kan punû për ardhjen e tij.

Trump is the imperative of American consciousness. Because all those before him have worked for his coming.

Work on the own corrumption, and the one of Society will take care of itself.

Winners do not write the history. They overwrite it.

State is the perfect mechanism to enslave those with a lot of spare belief.

The word – IS – is the mirror of the one using it.

The meaning of the word – IS, is your filter. And if you have no filter, then is is what it is.

Three Modes of the State are:

1. Capitalism.
2. Communism.
3. National-Socialism.

Each of it, of course, is non-human.

While Communism and Capitalism are two sides of the same coin, the National-Socialism is its third face, the edge.

That coin is the currency which pays the price of human stupidity.

“It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere” ~ Voltaire.

State is the heaviest drug ever been used on the masses.

It makes religion look as a cigar.

Become the Air and the programming of Masses will not get to you.

Masses = People burdened with the weight of heavy programming.

The Meaning of Life is the Path from Robot to Becoming Human.

National-Capitalism is the child of National-Socialism.

Every political revolution is just another social constipation.

Change is real…….until you realize that Reality is the changeless.

America has entered in the phase of National-Capitalism.

The duty of every parent is to provide the Presence of God for the own children.

Ata q’i folin për “me forcû shtetin” përher jon t’u fôl për me dobsû popullin.

Shteti e mbrôn popullin sa kali q’i e mbrôn patkonin.

Those who speak for “strengthening the state” always are speaking to weaken the people.

State protects the people as much as the horse protects its horseshoe.

Tuta osht përher standard gjykimi te mjerimi.

Fear is always the judging standard of misery.

There is nothing like the State to amplify human sickness and stupidity.

May God turn us into people.


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~ Guha e Shpyrtit / The Language of the Soul


A man can understand only what he has already done.

The own deed is the measure of one’s understanding.

Inteligjencën s’muj m’ia u dhôn, po konceptet muj me ia u thý.

Intelligence I cannot give thou, but surely your concepts, I can break through.

If the Concept of “State” were inexistent, how many wars would Not have happened?

Krenarija osht maska ma e shpêsht ndaj dobsîs.

Proudness is the most common mask upon weakness.

The prouder, the weaker.

Sa ma krenâr, qaq ma i dobt.

Politika osht ambicja e njerzve ma t’paditun t’shoqnîs.

Politics is the ambition of the least knowledgeable in society.

A video is worth thousand pictures.

Circles of Society invade your being and Blind your seeing.

You don’t need just moral values. You need morally functional values.

Féja osht me bo qef me iluzionin e t’vërtetës.

Religion is pleasure with the illusion of the truth.

Each State representative is a Pharaoh of a kind.

Enlightened people are the Air.

Reading a book doesn’t make you knowledgeable. It makes you a parroter.

Finding your access to the Source of All intelligence – that’s what makes you knowledgeable.

Wisdom is the path from believing to living in the knowing.

Artists are the Soul of Society. Hence, the state of Society is measured by the state of Artists.

Artist brings a glimpse of beyond to the insiders, who awaken to become beyonders.

When you don’t see yourself, and yourself sees you, then you can see things through.

The job of school is to create systemically unaware people.

What preoccupies your mind, has already taken over your body.

War makes money. Peace makes wealth.

Art is where the taste and the touch meet.

Prayer is the most intelligent thing a human can do.

The seen is post-festum of the unseen.

“Kapja e Shtetit” osht simptomi i fundit i nji Shoqnije t’paedukûme.

Prandaj fokusi aty, veç e rrît at mjerim.

“The hijacking of State” is the last symptom of an uneducated Society.

Hence the focus there, only increases that misery.

Mediokri nuk don zgjidhje. Ai don zgjidhje q’i mbshtetet n’problemin e tij.

Prandaj ata q’i kan ngjý e ngjýjn n’kanalizimin e politikës, nuk dôjn me ndâ edukimin prej politikës.

Mediocre doesn’t want solution. He wants a solution that relies on his problem.

That’s why those who have licked and lick in the black-waters of politics, do not want to separate education from politics.

Nji shqyptaro-veriôr me tentû me shprêh mendime t’fêlla me gjuhën aktuale protokollare, osht sikur me tentû me bo seks me 4 kondoma.

Forma ekziston, po lezeti i hûp asaj pune.

Gjuha protokollare eventualisht i knâq nevojat e përditshmënîs gazetareske.

Me thôn q’i “gjuha na bashkon” osht sikur m’i lîdh tôjat e patikave t’dy personave t’ndryshëm.

Sa her tentôjn me hêc, secili e shtin me mârr n’thû secilin.

Gjuha pra nuk na bashkon. Na bashkon veç njerzija, ku burim osht Pérenija.

To say “Language brings us together” is like tying the laces of two different person’s shoes.

Each time one tries to walk, the other stumbles badly.

Thus, the language does not unite us. Only humanity, where the source is the All-Mighty.

Shqyptârt jon shembulli ma i mîr q’i gjuha nuk i bashkon njerzit.

Albanians are the best example that the language does not unify people.

In the space between letters is the meaning of the word.

When programmed, body is the cage of the soul.

When freed, body is the instrument of the soul.

Today we are full of patriots and no matriots.

The most helpless situation is when individual or collective is proud with the problem.

If someone can push your buttons, you’re still a robot.

The common ground of religions and atheism, is paganism.

Gazeta osht humbje kohe për ata q’i shkrûjn, e edhe ma humbje kohe për ata q’i lexôjn.

Gazeta osht shembulli ma i mîr i pavetdijes kolektive.

Aty ku shkronjat e mbulôjn hipokrizîn.

E zhig-i i jetës nuk hjeket me artikuj.

Newspaper is a waste of time for those who write, and even more waste of time for those who read it.

Newspaper is the best case of collective unconsciousness.

There where the letters cover hypocrisy.

And the longing of life cannot be fulfilled with articles.

The consequence of speaking the truth is that you become – free.20161220_145256

Rilindje osht procesi i daljes përtej krejt rrâthve t’Shoqnîs.

Rebirth is the process of getting beyond all circles of Society.

Religious hypnosis is an awakening, compared to the State hypnosis.

Each State has the own Deep throat State.

N’Kosôv, adoleshentat i kan 60 vjet.

A pubertetlît e t’mendûmit, 50.

In Kosova, adolescents are 60 yrs.

While thinking pubertees, 50.

Guha osht gjethi i komunikimit.

E ai q’i rroket për guhe osht, gjedh.

Language is the leaf of communication.

And he who insists on language, is of a short gauge.

The Ultimate Manipulation is calling hallucination everything that is real and calling reality every hallucination.

Kush t’a mân ânën, t’a kân nânën.

Whoever holds your back, has your hole.

Your call is not a matter of choosing.

When it comes, you have to accept it.

I don’t do personal change. Only personal Liberation.

Në nivelin shpyrtnôr, ligjet e fizikës 3D ndryshôjn.

In the spiritual level, the laws of 3D physics change.

Bota t’respekton ma s’shumti kur je vetja.

The world respects you the most when you are yourself.

Theksi nëpër zânore, osht lezeti i guhës shpyrtnôre.

Jom njeri i lîr, i ktîj vendi t’mîr, me njerz t’padlîr.

Lavdu kôft Pérenija, Drita e Dashnija.


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~ Kick Ass Words


Principle is a leading thought or belief put before the others.

Hence, Prince-iple.

Parimi osht mendim a bindje e vendosun para të tjerave.

Prandaj, Pâr-im.

Noone can do a greater good than a true artist.

Nacionalizmi osht Patriotizëm i Retardûm.

Nationalism is a Retarded Patriotism.

When you see, you don’t have to think.

When you sense, you don’t have to see.

Kur sheh, nuk ki nevôj me mendû.

Kur ndjên, nuk ki nevôj me pâ.

Njerëzit e mëdhenj kënaqen duke bërë punë të vogla.

Great men enjoy doing tiny stuff.

If you want to understand the role of Spiritual Cleaning, physically, do not wash yourself for a month.

Instead of pushing your limits, drill them to penetrate their hole.

Burst ‘em like a balloon.

And you be free like the Air you don’t see.

Shkollimi n’rastin ma t’mîr prodhon böthqa t’zyreve.

Schooling in the best case produces office wussies.

In the Name of People seek to speak those who cannot speak in their own name either.

N’Émën t’popullit lypin me fôl ata q’i s’un folin as n’émën t’vetës.

If you want to find the true idiots of a society, seek in the midst of schooled.

Nëse doni m’i gjêt idiotat e vërtêt t’nji shoqnije, lypni n’mesin e njerzve t’shkollûm.

Sot budâll nuk ka. Veç t’poshtër e t’prisht.

Today there ain’t no fools. Only wicked and rotten.

There is a difference on being a free mind and free from mind.

Shteti osht msiti i dobt mes popullit edhe mîrqenjes.

State is the weak middleman between population and wellbeing.

Ka njerz q’i mendôjn, edhe ka njêrz q’i dîjn.

There are people who think, and there are people who know.

Those whon think that the State brings a better life, are the same as those who think that the middleman finds for them a better bride.

Ata q’i mendôjn se Shteti iu bjen jêt ma t’mîr, jon nisoj si ata q’i mendôjn se msiti iu gjôn nuse ma t’mîr.

State is the only Secular Religion.

Ata q’i bashkndjêjn problemet, bashkfundosen me to.

Those who sympathize the problems, drown together with them.

You cannot expect from pagan people to be thankful for Lord’s guidance.

Shteti nuk osht kurrgjo ma shum se poshtërsi e mbshtetun prej forcës.

State is nothing more than a wickedness backed up by force.

Shteti osht feja ma e përhapun n’mesin e paganve.

State is the most spread religion in the midst of pagans.

Believing in God is one thing and living His Presence quite another.

Belief in Him is a mean to arrive at His Presence.

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Rrethi i Shoqnîs osht bashkimi i njerzve n’bâz t’Antivlerave.

…q’i doken si vlera.

Circle of Society is togetherness of the people based on anti-values.

….which look as value!

The highest height of Ignorance is when people believe that life cannot happen or function without the State.

Rrethi osht struktura ma jointeligjente e shoqnîs.

Circle is the most unintelligent structure of society.

Another Albanian Etymology: Structure – Strûk = A place to hide/shelter.

Not Latin: Struere. Because even that has the basic meaning in Albanian: Bedding.

Either the world is dictating who you are, or you bring yourself to the world.

And don’t give a fuck.

People of the system do not have access to intelligence.

They may try, but they don’t.

A good prayer is like a piece of art: You cannot stop looking at it, while its beauty merges you in the Divine.

Good prayer brings joy of aliveness back.

Koran is the mirror of your personality. Albeit, your flaws are all in it.

You don’t have to change the system. That’s utter BS mistake.

You have to Release you from the system, so you may get free and fly from it.

System cannot do without you.

You begin to THRIVE without the system.

If you want to improve your attitude, increase your altitude.

A good work is Praise to the Lord.

To make the moments count, you shouldn’t be counting.

Sissy is someone who tries all the life to prove the self in front of woman, in front of family, in front of the circle, in front of society.

Burrec osht njeri q’i tan jetën i jep zorr m’u dëshmu…..para grûs, para t’shpîs, para rrethit, para shoqnîs.

Man is interesting until you discover who he is.

Nëpër rrâtht e shoqnîs mungon Prezenca e Pérenîs.

The Presence of God AllMighty is absent within the circles of Society.

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No matter how good one is at camouflage……….it Will fail to uphold.

E vërteta osht hobi i hipokritve.

Truth is the hobby of hypocrites.

He who agrees with everyone, doesn’t know what agreement is anymore.

E mrrîmja ma e madhe e konformistit osht përkulja ndaj formës.

The highest achievement of conformist is bowing towards the form.

Weak musicians like to talk about music. The rest, play.

People want to Experience the Presence of God. And that’s what masters offer to them by their deed.

First find the Heaven, then do the Earthly work.

Njêti i mîr me Sistemin e Gabûm, osht Rezultati ma i Dështûm.

Fakt i Dëshmûm.

Good Intent with the Wrong System is the most Failed Result.

PISA n’t'vërtêt i ka çmû ekspertat e Arsimit, e jo nxansat e Kosovës.

Truth is like the lightning breaking the sky.

Then the rest may thunder.

E vërteta osht sikur rrufêja q’i e çân qiellin.

Tani tjêrt mûjn me murmurû.

The question that shatters every democracy: How many referendums are organized within a month?!

There is nothing democratic in democracy.

America is the easiest lab to study.

It’s not the rythm. It’s the Life that drives the rythm.

Knowledgeable man who’s not enlightened kills you more than the ignorant of darkness.

Njeri i ditun e i pandritun t’merr n’qâf ma shum se njeri i terrûm e i paditun.

S’mundesh m’u ngjît n’kodrën e njêjt e me pâs shikimin ndryshe.

Kto parti’t politike kurr s’un e kupto’jn.

You cannot climb the same hill and have different view.

That’s what political parties will never understand.

How can an untrue concept such as State, provide anything truthful?

If you can teach without authority, you have the authority to teach.

Shteti osht msîti i panevojshëm ndërmjet mîrqenjes edhe popullsîs.

State is the un-needed middleman between wellbeing and the population.

Tradition is the leaven upon the unleavened Scriptural bread.

May we meet in the space between all circles.

Referendum is the health of Republic.

Concepts are forms of thought, which either contain the thinker or are held on the palm of the observer.

Konceptet jon forma të t’mendûmit, të cilat ose e përmbâjn mendimtarin ose jon n’dorën e observuesit.

Formal school is a gradual process of bowing a straight human into prostration towards forms.

The highest title a human being can get is being human.

Listen to your deep silent voice.

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Man is either surrounded by sins or followed by light.

NEW Presentation – Voting / Votimi – https://t.co/6Y8q6dJgzj

Tell me in which circle you spin, I show you the radius of your intelligence.

Easy answers finds one who asks the tough questions.

Truth does not have congregation. It has human individuals.

Voting is the modern way of selling your own soul.

Those who ask for your vote, are asking for your blood, your sweat and your energy.

Don’t give it to ‘em.

When the mind rests in peace, the heart blossoms in heaven.

Ignorant, unconsciously manipulates the self, consciously manipulates the public.

Injoranti, pavetdîjsisht e manipulon vetën, vetdîjsisht e manipulon publikun.

If State is an intelligent concept, why the fools get stuck on it?!

State is as the wrecked car which needs constant push of the population.

Bashkimi, në të shumtën e rasteve e fuqizon budallakîn.

Togetherness, in most cases amplifies stupidity.

Whatever you look at, is the second.

For God is the First.

Referendumi osht buka e Republikës.

Referendum is the bread of Republic.

There are important people, and there are enlightened ones.

The important people, are drown by the weight of their importance.

Ka njerz t’rândsishëm, edhe ka njerz t’lehtûm.

Njerzt e rândsishëm, pesha e rândsîs t’vet i fundôs.

“A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar” ~ H. L. Mencken

He never lies…….exept when he talks.

- Instrumental Albanian Song – https://t.co/XxWStfQSTp

Praise be to God, alone.


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~ Necklace of Wisdom


The worst variation of human is smart and wicked.

Expression is an impression waited to be heard.

People who don’t have what to do with their lives, thrive dealing with problems.

Letters are pearls in the necklace of a wise sentence.

I’m always amused by religious people who put nothing before God, exept the government.

By not mixing with the crowd, you find purity. Then you may teach the crowd harmony.

Democracy is the art of fooling people democratically.

42% of Americans were bright. The rest were left and right.

Voting is permission to let people step over you.

America may have been founded by righteous people, but surely has been hijacked by foul ones.

Social matters are so attractive to the personally unaware.

Don’t expect a sane man serve insane system.

State is the first cause of Society’s disbalance.

State is a conceptual conditioning of society, which contracepts its development.

Whomever you fear besides God, is your god.

Kujtdo q’i i tutesh pervec Zotit, e ki zot.

Know what Joseph’s name given from Pharaoh means?

In Albanian – God came near us = Zoti-erdh-pran-ne.

State is the Greatest Thief of Society.


Definitions are models that serve understanding, yet not the exact understanding of things.

State is always a sickness. And how can a sickness cure anything?

The only Case Study question remains: How come the energy of a Nation remain in the hands of the few?

No matter how bad those few are. Because in the case of State, the goodness scale is inexistent.

Only the worst, worse and bad.

Fearful man is not capable of judgment.

Accepting the limits of Society is not Socialization. It is a programmed stagnation.

I shkrêt osht njêri i mîr e i pavým.

Language is the shield of the unaware …and the sword of the aware.

Been warning Kosovars about Soros’ puppies among Albanians for a long time. Now they may smell where do they dwell. Newsdiaper, TV, anyone?

These 17 yrs Kosovar Albanians were working all-together for repeating the past. So now their diapers need change from the own investment.

Funny listening supremacist Semites crying Anti-Semitism.

The system has power only upon those souls who have within them parts of that system.

Language is the color of the blind.

“Everything the government promises is an illusion. Everything it says is a lie. Everything it has, it has stolen.”~ Nietzsche.

Words are lenses.

Either light aligns the words, or the words distort the light.

Now you understand why the language is the color of the blind.

You know why politicians never mention real quality education?

- Because they’d be left without congregation.

State is a placebo drug which masses think they cannot live without.

Education is nothing else but getting conscious over the unconscious processes.

…until you surrender everything you thought you knew.

Edukimi nuk osht asgjâ tjetër veçse m’u bô i vetdîjshëm për proceset e pavetdîjshme.

…derisa t’a dorzon krejt cka mendon.

It’s not that the people do not believe the Scripture. It’s that they do not understand, to the point of believing it.

Ad hominem is a must when all they have is Ad populum.

You’ll know the enemy after you know yourself, and your friends too.

Long time Slavery leaves far more hope for a bit of its reduction than for Liberty.

When you invest in an one sided system, the other side of the same system rises parallely. What makes it apparent is its hit.

Let go your children in the love of God, and God shall bring them to you enlightened.

…as Moses’ mother did in the stream of water.

Let our deed be the bridge of our communication, and not our communication a talk of other’s deeds.

Even the most wicked are being surprised by the wickedness of their own system.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect” ~ Mark Twain

Long time weak educational system + corrumpt politics, what did expect, a Prophet?

Trump’s victory reminds me of the first Foreman-Frazier match.

When you build a house for crows, you can’t expect a singing bird to climb it.

Hillary Clinton unconsciously exposes Flat Earth: “Someone will break the highest glass ceiling”. The Dome.

As long as there is no way out, each and every state-system is a dictature on its own unright.

Since I can remember, the American public was obsessed with the word “Change”. Now they got Trump. He changed the expectations of most. Next time they should try for “Changeless”.

Iu ka qît pûn Trumpi poltronave t’Kosovës, me ndrrû dildon.

The system always sends its participants to the ultimate choice:

- Which sh!t smells less?

The system is never the problem. The presupossitions of the system, are.

If the presupossitions are the manger, the system is the grass and the majority, the sheep.

Individual is the best product the system can facilitate.

The system is the clothe of people’s unconsciousness.

All stories have as many sides as the storyteller has faces.

Do your stories define you or do you encompass your stories?

That’s the question.

Rrethi osht manifestimi ma i mîr i krizës t’identitetit.

Circle is the best manifestation of identity crisis.

People are looking to validate their values in the circles they spin. And when they can’t, they change circle. Usually from mud, to garbage.

Ditunija e shprehun n’nivel Artistik, osht Urtsî.

Knowledge expressed on the Artistic level, is Wisdom.

Circle is always the bush in which the idolater counts to hide.

Mîrsjellja nuk osht njerzî. Ajo osht sipërfaqja e njerzîs.

Politeness is not humanity. It is the surface of humanity.

Presuppositions of Reality are always crushed by Reality.

“Çashtja Madhore” osht distorzioni i njerit t’vogël.

“Great Cause” is the distortion of the small man.

Soon in Vegas each roulette is going to be replaced by a globe.

…so you can spin and bet bs all day and night long.

What do the Banking System and Astronomy have in common?

- Complicated bullshit to confuse the masses over the simple things.

The more you’re programmed, the easier you are enslaved.

There’s always a time between two wars.

State is the Religion of Soul-less Intellectuals.

Pomposity is necessity where the knowledge is not imperative.

The surest recipe for failing any Society is the combination of State + Banks.

State is a legislation passed by people who don’t know what they’re passing, enforced by people who don’t know what they’re enforcing, upon the people who don’t know whom they’re serving.

This world is a great incubator for those who are becoming humans and the greatest trap for those who look human, but aren’t.

History will remember America as the fastest civilization used to be.

Personal mask is the best deal between what you don’t want people to know about you vs. what they know about you.

To lead a successful Life you have to say Goodbye as much as you say Hello.

Shteti osht narko-mafija e ideollogjîs.

State is the narco-mafia of ideology.

Trust is the deepness of Experience.

Those who trust deeply, experience.

Experience is trust-deep-essence.

Besimi osht thellsija e Përjetimit.

Ata q’i thell besôjn, përjetôjn.

Përjetimi osht thell-besimi.

The less involvement with the circles of Society, the straighter the judgment.

Politics is the last symptom of a Society’s problems. That’s why politicians fail continuously.

Politika osht simptomi i fundit i problemeve t’nji shoqnije. Prandaj politiqârt vazhdimisht dështôjn.

Each Religion is a Sect on its own.

The beauty when you present something true is that people cannot follow you.

Matrix takes care that everyrything that is not normal or natural appears normal or even mandatory.

Shoqnija osht pengesa për zhvillimin e shoqnîs.

Society is the obstacle for developing the society.

Purity is when you don’t share anything with the world, save the Lord.

Njeri q’i s’i ka sýt e vet, s’ka as gjykim t’vetin.

Man that lacks the own eyes, lacks the own judgment.

Feedback-i ma i mîr i qenjes tonde, osht jeta jote.

The best feedback of your being, is your life.

Njerzt pa autoritet, vûjn për autoritet.

People without authority, crave for authority.

You cannot change the system, but you can save yourself from it.

Problemet e mâjn gjâll mediokritetin.

Problems keep mediocrity alive.

Nowadays the only place where you can’t see the globe painted is on the toilet paper…….there where it needs to be.

Voting is a process where sheep vote for the sheep, hoping that their fur won’t be sheared anymore.

Votimi osht proces ku delet votôjn për delet, me ymyt q’i mô nuk ia u rrûjn leshin.

State is always a matter of foolishness. No matter how academically you may want to wrap it.

Society is a puzzle with each piece seeking to find its place.

N’rastin ma t’mîr feja osht deformimi i fjâlës t’Zotit.

In the best case religion is the deformation of the word of God.

Nji hap i vërtêt osht sa dhetmîj hapa t’rrejshëm.

One true step is as ten thousand false ones.

The unaware about the own self can never understand the deepness of the Word of God.

Either inspired, or expired action.

The straight lets everyone become as the own original self, from the being to the seeing.

The corrumpt turns everyone around as the own corrumpt self, from the look to the movement.

Nëse nuk je luftâr s’kî çka me lýp n’kët bôt, sepse padyshim kî me përfundû si skllav.

If you’re not a warrior there’s no place for you in this world, for you’ll surely end up as a slave.

Rrethi osht bashkimi n’bâz t’vlerave t’korrumptûme.

Circle is the gathering based on corrumpt values.

Rrethi yt, kusuret e tua.

Your circle, your sins.

Most need a paragraph to say something smart, is like spending 70 bullets on a single target.

Shumicës për me thôn diçka t’mençme i vyn nji paragraf, osht sikur m’i gjujt 70 plumba për me rrôk nji shéj.

Fools want foolishness. Just more of it.

Awaiting to get PhD so you may do something is like waiting to get 60 to get married.

Me prît me bô PhD për me ia nîs me výjt diçka osht sikur me prît m’i bo 60 vjet për m’u martû.

Phd’s and Masters should be a byproduct of your work and not vice versa.

Because, the latter ain’t happening.

Pursuing titles and diplomas is akin to turning on the higher voltages in the Milgram experiment.

Another prostration to a silent ignorant agreement.

Ateizmi osht feja ma e përhapun n’mesin e injorantve.

Atheism is the most spread religion in the midst of ignorants.

State: Systemic idiots produced systematically from the system designed by idiots.

Shteti: Idiotet sistemik t’prodhûm sistematikisht prej sistemit t’dizajnûm prej idiotve.

Fake prestige is the currency that corrumpts far more than money.

The more circles you belong, the more centres you prostrate.

State is the blackbox of society, albeit painted with white.

Shteti osht forca ma e zêz e shoqnîs.

State is the darkest force of society.

Majority of people are unaware robots ready to be triggered by their programming.

Corrumpt Society consists of 95% Non-responsive fools, 4.9% of the ruling wicked and 0.1% of those who know and do.

State is an imposed unilateral agreement between the rulers and society.

Shteti osht marrveshja e njianshme e imponûme mes sundimtârve e shoqnîs.

Fighting the system after taking all the titles the system offers, is like asking for virginity back after you’re 60.

StuPhD? ……..yeah sure.

Only God can supply the truth.

Not religion, nor school, let alone state.

Free people say Goodbye easier than Hello.

The less you mix with people, the more human you are.

The foolish have been warned. Later, they’ll be alarmed.

When you have any original song, it’s waaay easier to sing other’s songs.

But when you don’t, then you become as religious people citing verses from Scriptures.

People do not enter Religion because they’re believers, but because they’re Sceptics and Doubtful.

….and so remain.

E keqja ma s’shpeshti mshefet n’émën t’mirës.

The name of goodness is where badness hides most often.

The first step to pursue the truth is to set all tradition to zero.

Religion is the cradle of the unaware.

Kosova osht minjêr e injorancës.

Kosova is a mine of ignorance.

Shpyrtnat e vjetër kur nuk jon n’modin e përparimit, jon n’modin e kamufllimit.

Ata i mshefin pjêst e papërparûme.

Old souls when not in the mode of improvement, are in the mode of camouflage.

They hide their unimproved areas.

School at best produces logical idiots.

Vlera ma e nâlt e injorantit përher osht fôrm.

The highest value of ignorant is always a form.

Kushdo q’i nuk i shërben Pérenîs, osht bërllog reciklues.

Whoever doesn’t serve the Lord, is a recycling trash.

Idhujtarija osht kur shqisat t’a bllokôjn zemrën.

Idolatry is when senses block your heart.

Nëse edukimi osht trupi i njêrit, shkolla eventualisht t’mson qysh m’i krêh flôkt.

If the human body is education, school eventually teaches you how to comb your hair.

People without intelligence talk in the name of institution.

Government is the Sleight of Hand: Dumb Education produces Numb Population.

…which is all they need.

Njerzt i njekin kusuret e veta.

Edhe kusuret e tyne i njekin njerzt.

People follow their sins.

And the own sins follow the people.

Formal education is the most unsuccessful tool to heal complexes.

In fact, it zooms them.

Praise be to God. The Healer.


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Pagan Bayram Feast


Before acting in the programmed mode:

1. He that sacrificed the animal first, was able to sacrifice the own child for the Lord.

How many of you have sacrificed something – anything, for the God, in daily life?!!!

2. Those who have sacrificed animals at that time, were people who have served – ONLY – One Lord.

How many of you serve – ONLY – One God?!

3. How do you know that exactly now is the time to sacrifice?!!

Questions for those who do not play as children in kindergarten.


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Pagan Bajram Festa


Para se vepru n’modin e programu’m:

1. Ai q’i maspari e ka sakrifiku kafshen, o ko’n n’gjendje me sakrifiku fmijen per Perendijen.

Sa prej juve keni sakrifiku dicka – ckado, per Zotin, n’jete t’perditshme?!!!

2. Ata q’i kan sakrifiku kafshe n’ate kohe, jon ko’n njerz q’i i kan sherby – VEC – nji Zoti.

Sa prej juve i sherbeni – VEC – nji Zoti?!

3. Qysh pe dini q’i bash qetash osht koha me sakrifiku?!!

Kto jon pytje per ata q’i s’lu’jn si fmija n’cerdhe.


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~ Releasing the Seen


People have problems not because they didn’t change, but because they did change.

….yet the main slogan of any ignorant is – Change.

You know a place is hopeless when its people are still in awe of politicians walking on the red carpet.

If you could unchange all the change you’ve gone thru in this life, what would it be like?

Unchange = Go in reverse.

There are people who anchor you, and there are those who liberate you from all anchoring.

Your focus determines which loop you’re gonna end with………or not, only with the straightness of all it.

Those with unsettled personal problems, have existential longing for social ones.

Spiritualists have only one issue: They can’t differ salt from sugar.

In to-day’s society, schooled people are the measurement of stupidity.

Every ignorant somewhere between the seen, has hidden the own statue.

Lennon had it right: “Psychopaths rule the world”……….but only the world within their tiny minds…….and their tiny followers.

Philosophy is a momentary job.

Sorry to burst your bubble but no-one is going to make America great again.

One of the greatest Lies ever sold is that Paganism has ended long time ago.

Philosophy without simplicity is just a complex mental masturbation, nothing more.

The greatest hypnotic abreaction is elicited when the flat Earth is presented.jfk

There are two types of infants in this world: Those that didn’t grow, and those who have come back to that state.

The latter are the wise.

You don’t need to change. You need to abandon all change that has happened to you.

So you may safely and surely return to Genesis.

Attitude comes by Straightening yourself in Solitude.

- Parable: The Lost and Found Hammer: https://t.co/r6U0XRthQ1

I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’m not here to please you. Eventually to release you……if so you wish.

Getting beyond the circles of Society to create another circle, is even greater mistake than staying in those circles.

You don’t know how good you can become until you walk with God alone.

Inhuman systems are so undignifying that their servants are racing to get levelled with the dog.

Most of the people are worthy to the population only as a number.

Philosophy is just intro to wisdom.

Njeri sillet qaty ku i ka kusuret, e rrin drējt aty ku e ka jetën

Man spins there where are his sins. And stays straight where his life is.

Religion and school drug the mind of their captives by giving them the illusion of being – Pro, while their deed continuously testifies the contrary.

Feja e shkolla e drogôjn méndën e t’zanunve t’vet t’u ia u dhôn iluzionin se jon – Pro – derisa vepra ia u dëshmon vazhdimisht t’kundërtën.

There is no intelligent circle.

Shteti osht spunti i cili nuk t’a kthen topin e jetës, e osht vrîm e zêz e t’vërtetës.

State is the pool’s rail that doesn’t bounce back the ball of life, and is a black-hole of truth.

Lumi q’i nuk i dorzôhet Oqeanit, bohet buxhîll.

River which does not surrender to the Ocean, becomes a pond.

There are not many Scriptures. There is One Scripture with many chapters.

The highest form of judgment is by the Scripture alone.

And that can achieve only the straight & formless masters of being.

Everyone judges. If they say they don’t they’re bullshitting you and themselves.

The only question remains, by what?!

Spiritualists promote non-judgmentality because they don’t accept the Scriptures.

Hence they remain as featherless birds.

Takimi ma i mîr me robt e rrâthve osht n’perimetër.

The best meeting with the captives of the circle is in perimeter.

Rrethi osht izolim prej sistemit t’Zotit.

Circle is isolation from the system of God.

Change is cheap…..only a few coins.

Changeless is the wealth of the heavens and the earth.

Revolucioni osht ondrra e papjekunîs.

Revolution is the dream of immaturity.

Instead of complaining about the darkness, remove the sunglasses.

Truth is short, simple, elegant and precise.

Every Society consists of a few puppets who own the puppet-owners.

School sells itself as a two-way ticket and delivers half of the way.

Maspari dorzoje te Perenija senin për t’cilin je ma s’shumti krenar.

First surrender to the Lord that which you are the most proud for.

My solutions include improvement of judgment and personality for all population.

If they’re too blind for it, so be it. Let them remain a collective tampon for the wicked few.

The only contribution for the circle is cutting its perimeter.

Then the cattle may leave the herd.

Kontributi i vetëm për rrethin osht kputja e perimetrit t’tij.

At-her gjôja mûjn me lshû kopên.

N’sistemin e njerit titulli ma i nâlt osht – kali.

In human system the highest title is the – horse.

The truth is that to become a Divine Servant, one has to walk alone.

….which presupposes another set of balls.

Njeri formal osht havruz shoqnije.

The formal man is a potty poop of society.

Budâllt përher jon kôn shumîc.

Fools have always been majority.

Inhuman systems give you the illusion of working and the physical real fatigue.

Kombi i vetëm q’i funksionon osht kombi i njerzîs.

The only Nation that works is the nation of humanity.

- NEW Funky Hit – Kam Degjuar / I’ve heard that you kiss harshly: https://t.co/oAngXQFNtn

How can possibly a human ass create a functional system when he himself is a guest in this world?

All those who have tried have ended up as fictional.

Ku mundet prapanica e njerit me kriju sistem funksional, kur ai vet osht mysafir n’kët dynja?

Krejt ata q’i kan tentu kan përfundu si fiksional.

This is what happens within the circles of society.

This is what happens within the circles of society .

Trying to compensate the essential lack of being with formal way, is like mounting plastic breasts.

Looks good………until the touch gives the verdict.

Voting is the miniskirt of the tax.

The difference is that inside is the penis.

Votimi osht mini-fustani i tatimit.

Dallimi osht q’i mrena atij fustani ka penis.

When human gets straight, heaven and earth are brought together.

When human crawls among delusions of society, becomes a worm for chicken.

Seven Types of Corrumption:


All these are baits to serve inhuman systems, and sources of paganism.

America, from a free country, to a slave of security.

Gazetat e portalet jon vula e mediokritetit t’nji shoqnije.

Newspapers and portals are the seal of Society’s mediocrity.

Ever wonder – Why is the Globe so frequently appearing in every context of social conditioning?

- To enforce the lie. That’s why.

“Normality is a paved road, it’s comfortable to walk. But no flowers grow” ~ Vincent Van Gogh.

Servants of inhuman systems – Always – end up being sick. It begins as acute and ends up as a chronic state.

Only those who are fed up with human systems can serve God.

Those who are hungry for titles and positions, have their holes ready.

Zotit mûjn m’i shërby veç ata q’i jon ngî me sistem t’njerit.

Ata q’i jon t’ûnt për tituj e pozita, i kan birat çêl.

State, and party as well, is a shelter of people with ontological deficiencies.

They do not know the difference between the glass and water.

Hence neither do they drink, plus someone breaks their glass.

Shteti, si partija, osht strêh e njerzve me mangsî qenjësore.

Ata nuk e dîjn dallimin mes gotës e ujit.

Prandaj edhe nuk pîjn ûj, edhe ia u then gotën tjetërkush.

Për menaxhment ka nevôj aty ku nuk ka vetdije as ndërgjegje.

A place lacking awareness and conscience needs management.

Inhuman systems cannot be beaten with force. Only with Intelligence.

Seculars have only one ability: To chew and swallow what the others present.

Spherical Spinning Earth and the Big-Bang were Jesuit delivery. How’s THAT about the Catholic version of the truth?!!!

Need a Master Photoshop course?

- Go to NASA. They’ll paint your balls too.

The job from which no-one can fire you, is your purpose.

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Education instead of being a process of growing wings, has become a process of closing hearts.

No wonder, Ph-fuckin-D’s and FuckAdemics crawl instead of walk, let alone run.

And thus…..cripple the next generation too.

Who and what do you serve dictate the level of your knowledge and mastery.

The wicked always look for Power.

The Righteous look for Liberty.

I don’t wanna change anything in you. Just to remind you how far from the Unchangeable you have already been changed.

Politics is the last symptom of Society’s disease.

Hence, Politicians as the most superficial people, are the first to run after it.

Dorzoje Mendjen te Perendija, për me t’ârdh Ditunija.

Surrender the Mind to the Lord, so you may taste the Knowledge of the world.

It’s not important what is in your opinion. It’s worthy what’s Out of your opinion.

Opinion it’s just a temporary balloon of thought.

Concept is a limit encompassed by the human mind.

Hence, it cannot be talked about the concept of God.

Truth is Out of your Opinion.

Opinion is the Opium of the Truth.

Koncepti osht kufî q’i e përthekon mendja e njerit.

Prandaj s’mund t’flitet për konceptin e Zotit.

Scriptures are the reminder of the wise, and the blindness of the

~ Scriptural Study: Who Do You Serve?! https://t.co/a9dfDqZl2I

School in the best case, produces thunder.

The knowledgeable, is lightning.

Shkolla n’rastin ma t’mîr, prodhon murmurîm.

Njeri i ditun osht vettîm.

Expectation is the Shadow of Belief.

Praise be to God, the Light and Shadow of Life.


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~ Albanian tales 1 & 2


Contexts are yards of isolated values.

Statesmen are High-Class idiots.

A man without identity is a man without authority.

A man with fake identity is a dictator.

After Roma folks, Albanians are the Most Pagan people in Balkans.

Albania is a conglomerate of people among which a few are Albanians.

Shqypnijën nji Enver e ka trêdh, edhe nji Enver i výn me kfjêll.

Kosova is the Sahara of Knowledge.

Albania is the Jungle of Corrumption.

Either Ass-kisser or Ass-Kicker.

You choose………if you can.

Your highest value is your strongest statue.

Today’s Society is a bunch of corroded tools, fallen in the wrong hands, used for the wrong purpose.

Take away all the books of the world.

Only Scriptures leave to me.

And I’ll bring back all the books of the world again.

Njeri q’i nuk i shërben arsyjes t’ekzistencës nuk ‘des, ai côf.

Man who does not serve the reason of existence does not die, he pegs out.

Here’s the paradox: Religious people judge the least with the word of GOD, because they are busy with religious bs.

Seeking the State for solution is like seeking Black Water for purity.

Me lýp shtetin për zgjidhje osht si me lýp nevojtoren për pastërti.

If the centre of the circle isn’t a-live person, then it is a concept appearing as idol.

It requires intelligence to see things beyond the actual programming.

Before that it is required the Grace of God.

Only a belover can become believer.

The more you heal yourself from idolatry, the better the life becomes for you.

Me kon je i rrethûm, qashtu je.

Kon e përcjêll, qashtu ki qef m’u bô.

You are who you’re encircled with.

Who you follow, so you aim to be.

If Kosova has something Abundantly, that’s only Ignorance.

All States, with No Exception, are set Against the Lord.

Truth is the luxury of the few chosen.

A nuk mendoni, ata q’i qe 17 vjet jon mârr me çashtje politike e sociale n’kët vend, po t’kishin dît, nuk do t’kishin gjêt zgjidhje?!

- Po nuk dîjn, qaty o puna.

Amo….duhet m’u shît edhe naj dit n’tregun e injorancës, ku nepismenat i kan valût lapsat e letrat.

If there are failure people in Balkans, those are Albanians, because their history is a repeated continuity.

Nëse ka naj popull ngelq n’Ballkan, ata jon Shqyptârt, sepse, vazhdimisht iu përsëritet historija.

Media is the power upon those who trust in their senses.

Because those who trust the source of their senses are free from what they see.

The most Foolish of Society believe in State.

The most Ignorant believe in School.

The most idolatrous believe in religion.

The rest serve the Lord.

Honey of Society are those who are the bees of The Lord.

16:68 And your Lord inspired to the bees: “You shall take homes of the
mountains and of the trees and of what they erect.”

The first mistake ignorants make is by mistaking schooling with education.

The real education is escaping the collective mentality.

Nëse zgjidhet çashtja njerzôre, çashtja kombtare përcjêll si nji klysh i mîr.

If being human issue is solved, the national issue follows as a good puppie.

Në rrethana s’ka drejtsî, se rrethi s’njeh Perendi.

Circle knows not the Lord, for there’s no straightness in circumstances of the world.

You cannot hurt with words one who is healed from the words.

Hurt from words is one who is stuck in the chest within worlds.

Njerin e lehtûm prej fjâlve, s’un e rôndon me fjâl.

Rôndohet veç ai q’i osht i fundost n’fjâlt e veta.

Qekjo osht e vërteta

The wicked wait for “their 5 minutes”.

With the Righteous is Eternity.

Truth ain’t hobby, nor part-time job.

People don’t want the truth. They want their interpretation about the truth.

Kush nuk i shërben veç Perendîs, bôhet viç i shoqnîs.

Whoever doesn’t serve only the Lord, becomes cattle of the world.

Man has only one obligation in life: To know the own self completely and detaily.

Religion produces two types of people:

1. Demagogues of implication.

2. Direct programmers of hallucination.

Today’s Nomads are those who change Working Places: From one Corporation to the other, from one Government to the other, from one NGO to the other.

Find me any circle’s member who is not inviting – come and be like us – whether directly or silently.

I cannot be polite with people who enforce or imply stupidity.

No circle keeps you because you’re a good man, but because they need your energy for their misery.

Politeness with everyone is as rudeness with everyone: A cover for underlying problems.

It’s easy to spot those who don’t know: They are running after the titles.

Those who do know, titles come to them.

To-day we don’t have people with titles. We have people dragged by titles.

Those who are corrumpt with money are honest in their deed.

Those who are corrumpt with prestige are the real wicked.

Jealosy is the odor-smell of Ambition.

The Deepness of the Word of God is the Speechless Experience of Human.

You cannot educate the surface if the deepness is rotten.

That’s why the stupid secular and religious schools fail.

Kurani osht fllad për shpyrtin.

Koran is the breeze of the soul.

Idolaters’ ideology is only validated within the kennel inside which they bark.

Ideollogjija e idhujtârve vlen veç mrenda kolibes n’t'cilën lehin.

Who would you work for if you didn’t have to work for anyone?

What would you do?

And how would you do it?

Fuckin’ DO IT!

In the poor societies the question ultimately becomes: Are you working?

Rarely, Who are you working for?

Let alone, Why are you working for who are you working for, instead of your cause?

When is the last time you did read something intelligent in a newspaper?

- That’s the definition of amnesia.

Do you know who the riffraff of society are?

Those who comment while drinking tea, while being kettle themselves.

A e dini kush osht llumi i shoqnîs?

Ata q’i komentôjn t’u pî çaj, e vet jon xhygyma.

Modern slavery is a repetitive work lacking any creativity.

Me nji vend ku mungôjn njerzt, sundôjn gjôja.

In a place lacking humans, the cattle rule.

Ambicja osht smundje t’cilën bota s’mundet me t’a shëru.

Ambition is a disease which you cannot heal through the world.

Robbery is forceful stealing, a-ka the Tax.

Inhuman systems intoxicate their participants until a few moments before a total disaster.

Then begins the hangover of agony.

And the meaning of too late to see.

Kosova is a failure because all those who try to find solutions are wannabe’s of the own existence.

…and the rest are happy by being screwed.

Njerzt q’i thirren me tituj t’njerzîs jon njerzt e paditunîs.

Qysh vet-quhet njeri me naj lami?

- Ngân e merr nji titull……..edhe i vnon nipâr syza t’dîllit.

Poashtu, njejt edhe vetq*het.

How is someone self-claimed for a field?

- Runs after a title………..and puts the sunglasses on.

Thus, self-screwed.

The more idols, the less realization of the self.

Reading without cleaning is stacking layers of ignorance.

Kushdo q’i ka ambicje për pu-shtet, osht qenjësisht i mangët.

Whoever has ambition for power, is ontologically retarded.

Evropa jon kanibal t’maskûm me qytetnim.

Europe are cannibals masked with civilization.

The idea that a small group can carry weapons while the majority of people are empty handed, …

…is not just frightening to death, it is death itself.

Secret is a fancy word for bullshit.

Everyone prostrates. The question is to whom or what?

Populations are nothing but a sheep, consistently frightened by a handful of wicked people.

School is the Secular Religion.

You are a true Master when even the enemy values and respects you.

~ Study: Waters – Separation – Firmament by Torah and Koran https://t.co/TDGs0HuOZG

The Earth is Stationary, but your mind is spinning.

Prism and angles are the barriers towards Reality.

Critic is the Solutionless Observant.

When ideology brings people together, pride goes thru the roof, mastery falls to the floor.

The more complexes, the less acceptance to become pupil again.

If there weren’t historians, half of wars would have never begun.

Thank God the Serb occupation didn’t last few more centuries in Kosova, for a good part of Albanians would fall in love with them as they did with Turks.

Pain is the only validating tool of victim mentality, hence they unawarely like it.

History books begin with beginning of pain, but no historian dares to ask: What did the Nations do years before the pain began?!

In which ways they deserved it?!

6:162 Say: “My contact prayer, and my rites, and my life, and my death, are all to God, Lord of the worlds.”

You cannot be a slave if you are free from your own thoughts.

State is the Prison of Society.

That’s why – Security – is the common aim of Prison and the State.

Security, the preferred theme of slaves.

Stop the money for the State, bring back the weapons to the population, and see how quickly the natural balance is restored.

Noone needs soldiers and police if every family unit has plenty of weapons.

State prevents the life of a land.

Monopoly is the prevention of the natural flow.

Circle’s sheep silently nurture wicked ideas.

…then publicly become victims of them.

~ NEW funk to the heaven: ~ Furtuna. https://t.co/JB5a83imSx

Ascending and descending in pyramid is no success. It is a scene and scheme of failure.

Ngjitja edhe zbritja n’piramîd nuk osht sukses. Ajo osht skên edhe skêm e dështimit.

It’s easy in a society of rats and moles:

- Just become an Eagle.

You know what’s irony?

- When a systemic slave tries to appear wise.

It’s a pitty seeing a middle aged man still pretending.

His words have no timbre. His voice has no soul.

His appearance in public is as a hair in pubic.

Albanians are like a rock: Tough, but anyone can throw them.

A rock from where the water does not gush.

Albanian wants progress, but denies success.

Albanian wants wellness, but is fan of stuckness.

Albanian wants goodness, but comforts in wickedness.

Wanna scare the shit of a slave?

- Tell ‘em the freedom is near.

Albanians are conditioned in slavery……for centuries, hence their primary fear is Liberty.

Silence of sickness is when you hold feedback for something you like.

That’s a primary Albanian Disease.

Hence the public misery.

The fuller of shit, the more of a slave.

The fuller of complex, the less response.

Public and Private Companies are places where you Don’t express yourself, hence you become a suppressed fool.

Security follows Liberty.

Liberty doesn’t give a shit about Security.

Security is the dream of the slaves.

Freedom is for humans.

Seriousness is the usual cover of immaturity.

Immature ……………..and serious. That’s the usual academic combination.

Deepness is what superficial people fear.

If you find yourself in place that you don’t like, find a place within yourself that you do like.

Elitism is the most Wicked category of Society.

Specifically General, Generally Specific.

NEW ~ Shqypnija e Mesme / Middle Albania https://t.co/r4Nuye1N9m

Don’t cite the Scripture if you don’t know what Inspiration is.

It’s as trying to fill water in a bottomless vessel.

Inspiration doesn’t come in bubbles. It comes in rays.

Praise be to God. The Source of All rays.Faleminderit Zot


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~ Flowing honey


Feja osht 80% kanalizim, 20% ûj t’pastër.

Religion is 80% black water, 20% pure water.

If any musical piece doesn’t have the purity of Classical music, it ain’t Mastery.

Circle is the shelter of the weak, which gives them the illusion of power.

People who remain stable and free no matter what happens to “their” State, are truly stable and free people.

State is a structure which is set in the name of the people, against the people.

Mastery is something you can only explain with Mastery.

The pattern of Matrix:flowing honey

1. Keep a good mask.

2. Pretend your work is valuable.

Before making any change, find the Changeless.

Change is the test to see what’s not real.

When you turn-off your senses and the mind, what’s the world like?

Border is the dream of Limited.

Fjâla e ûrt t’mshon n’krý e t’shnôsh n’zemër.

Wise word hits your head and heals your heart.

True sheep are those who have gone through the system of education.

Keep yourself busy by being free.

The question is not are you trusting God, but who or what else beside Him are you trusting?

State is a Colosseum with the people in Arena and with spectators politicians.

State is a nightmare appearing as beautiful dream.

Para se me integrû shoqnîn, duhet me derivu njerzîn.

Before integrating society, we must derive humanity.

State is nothing more than a concept, to fuck those who trust it.

Tatimi osht grrepi i manipulimit t’përgjithshëm.

…edhe kunxhi i nguljes individuale.

Tax is the bait of general manipulation.

…and the peg of individual nailing.

~ NEW Instrumental Erdh Pranvera / Spring has come https://t.co/MioCBmZj9r

The more you see, the less you mix.

Shteti osht trauma hipnotike përmi shoqnîn injorante.

State is the hypnotic trauma upon the ignorant society.

New Name for Kosova: Paganistan.

Tri përgjigjet e skllavit t’bindun:

1. Qështu osht sistemi.

2. Krejt pi ia bôjn qështu.

3. Kërrkun n’bôt s’ka kshtu!

Three answers of a convinced slave:

1. That’s how the system is.

2. Everyone is doing this.

3. Nowhere in the world is like this!

In the choice between friends and the truth, choose the truth.

For there is no better friend than the truth.

School’s approach to education is like women’s approach to getting slim.

4:79 Any good that befalls you is from God, and any evil that befalls you is from yourself.

If you don’t expose yourself how you truly are, someone will expose you how fake you are.

Sincerity is the key to open the heart.

Kânga e zemrës osht kuptimi.

Meaning is the song of the heart.

Human knows next to nothing.

Mîrsjellja përmi poshtërsî osht hipokrizîja e vërtêt.

Politenness upon wickedness is the true hypocrisy.

2 modes of communication: Either you’re filling the balloon, or bursting it.

To fill, you gotta be someone’s pump.

To burst, you gotta be sharp.

Praise be to the soul of David’s harp

2 modet e komunikimit: Ose je t’u fry ballon, ose t’u shpërthy.

Për me fry ballon duhesh me kôn pumpa e dikûjt.

Për me shpërthy duhesh me pâs mprehtsî.

Lavdû kôft Nji Perendî.

What do you do for living?

- I breathe!

All are complaining about the system, yet all are serving the system.

(Well not all, only above 99.99%)

Keeping silent is no maturity.

It is either co-corrumption,

Or fuckin’-fear to be exposed who you truly are.

Ateisti e idhujtari nuk jon larg njoni-tjetrit.

Atheist and idolater are not far from each other.

Bravery is the shadow of truthfulness.

Shteti osht shpresa e mediokritetit e poashtu edhe dëshprimi i tyne.

State is the hope of mediocrity and their despair as well.

Most get exhilarated from the title – Intellectual, yet at best it describes a crying bird inside the cage.

Freedom is the currency the banks cannot seize.

If someone can f*ck the limits of society, that surely got to be an artist.

You are free to the extent of what you do for free.

Feja edhe shkolla t’i zbukurôjn pendlat, po t’a marrin kângën.

Religion and school beautify your feathers, but take away your song.

The most wicked non-human systems screw the essence so badly, yet the surface seems so normal…….even well behaved.

Get the money out of equation and see who is bringing it back.

Each time I look at the nature, I know that the situation is already fixed.

NEW Instrumental: Mos u largo / Don’t Leave me: https://t.co/xeCTZQwg9L

Disaster is when a circle meets a circle.

The proportion of what you for money and what you do for free shows how human you are.

Idolater is one who trusts God a percentage, while the remaining percentage of trust has got busy with the own beliefs.

Idhujtari osht njeri i cili nji përqindje i beson Zotit, e përqindjen tjetër e ka t’zanun me bindjet e veta.

In every society there are two kinds of thieves:

1) The Aware thieves – the State.

2) The Unaware thieves – General public, who derive money from the aware thieves.

If the school is not treated like a punching bag, soon you’ll become one too!

If someone pulls the gun in your head and asks for your wallet, what do you call that gesture?

- …..


The Tax.

Academia is the religion of ignorance polished nicely with not-standing titles.

Making an academic do an original saying is like finding a child who doesn’t like playing.

Me shtî nji akademik me thôn nji mendim origjinal osht sikur me gjêt nji dru t’izolûm n’mal.

I think that thinking is not healthy, until a healthy person does it.

Academics make even your pubic hair go white.

If you don’t break your idols, someone else will do.

If you want to know what a soul-less intellectual is, find an academic.

….or was it fuckademic.

N’rastin ma t’mîr, feja sa ka sevâp ka edhe gjynah.

In the best case scenario religion has wellness as much as it has sin.

Jewish folks are like Albanians, only a few have value.

Human is a social being who has to get beyond society, to become human.

Njeri osht qenje shoqnôre i cili duhet m’i dâl përtej shoqnîs, për m’u bô njeri.

Fuckademic. That’s it.

~ NEW Piano Instrumental: O Lovely Sun  https://t.co/otg5W1igFJ

Artikull: Leter “Akademikve” t’FB-kut. https://t.co/Znc7SK9P8E

Article: a Letter to FB’s “Academics”. https://t.co/lqmTEkPpXa

When you are hungry, you eat.

When you are horny, you fuck (hopefully).

What do you do when you need to express yourself?

The brain-castration level of Kosovar wannabe intellectuals is seen when they take the Statue of Scanderbeg, for Scanderbeg himself.

Sa tru-trêdht jon wannabe intelektuâlt e Kosovës e sheh kur e marrin Statujën e Skenderbeut, për Skenderbeun.

Feja edhe shkolla jon glleti përmi injorânc.

Religion and school are the facade upon ignorance.

Mîrsjellja osht kurdeli i hipokrizîs.

Politeness is the ribbon of hypocrisy.

Pagan is a wo/man who bows to the own beliefs.

Pagan osht njeri q’i i përkulet bindjeve t’veta.

Etymology of “Secular” is not Latin, but rather Albanian – Saecula – Shekulla – Shekulli – A Period of Hundred Years.

Kush ô me Zotin osht leht me pâ: Kreativitet ka pa dâ.

Who is with God is easy to spot: Creativity flows non-stop.

Shteti osht budallakî kolektive e pranûme verbnisht si zgjidhje.

State is a collective stupidity accepted blindly as solution.

Institutions are seen as a chance to heal complexes…………….which only add upon them.

Institucionet shihen si shâns për m’i shnôsh komplekset…………..e q’i veç i shtôjn.

Perëndimi osht Lindje e pshtjellt me nji mâsk t’mîr.

West is an East covered with a good mask.

Religions glue their slaves to their perception about the Prophet, while creating a total amnesia about the way of The One.

Is it not that the devil’s party?

Peace, and may the angels surround you.

Praise be to God.

Thank you.


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